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Week 9 Studio Journal

In the week 9 studio class, we were asked to draw our section detailed plan into 3D format. We used the actual drawing plans and tried to find the materials and size of the elements on the plan, then used the details as reference for drawing the plan in 3D format. The tracing paper was used and the 3D drawing was developed on it. The picture below shows the 3D drawing. It is the section of the north roof in the function room.

This is the ceiling.

This is the purlin, which holds things up here.

Here is the sealant. Here is the Universal Beam. This part is a flashing.

The flashing here can be a waterproofing element of this section; it is used to resist water as this drawing shows a section of a roof. Also, the sealant used could be another waterproofing element. It seems that the sealant used can prevent that part from leaking. The twisted lines part above the ceiling part is used to prevent from the heat. Pros: It is great that this roof part has waterproofing element as most of the frames of the

building are timber. Cons: with the twisted lines part, the materials are used to prevent from the heat. However, this type of material is not cheap, which would increase the constructing cost. Economic implications of decisions: Again, some materials used for water proofing and heat proofing are not cheap. However, timber frames are cheaper than other materials. Furthermore, some steel frames and columns used can be recycled materials. Sustainability and environmental analysis: again, timber are mainly used as frames in this building, its embodies energy will be lower than using other materials. Also, it produces less carbon dioxide which means producing less air pollution to the environment. Where and why things go wrong: nothing goes wrong at this stage as the building is still under construction.

Reference: University of Melbourne Projects 2013, University of Melbourne, Parkville viewed 26 September 2013 <>

Week 9 studio journal  

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