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Tips for conserving water in our pots Depending on the type of flowers and plants that we have in our home will have to spend more time watering them or not (each species has different needs in terms of drainage and moisture). When we buy a small plant we must inform us very well about what is the best place to locate it, how many times per week need watering (and how much), fertilizer needed, if it requires fertilisers or what kind of pests and diseases may suffer during your stay in our House.

The issue of irrigation is usually the simplest but we must bear in mind that the amount of water they need our flowers is not the same in summer than in winter (against more heat more hydration do need and therefore more water and dedication for our part time). If we don't want to suffer because our seedlings or flowers pass thirst during the time of heat (because we're going to be a few days away from home, we believe that you can spend us irrigation more abundant or simply by staying somewhat calmer) can follow a few small tricks that will make that our plants are necessary to be healthy and beautiful water.

-Water storage figures: in any shop of decoration, gardening and even in a bazaar of all 100 can be found beautiful and fun figurines of clay for our pots. They usually have a very similar to the of a cone shape and have a small opening at the bottom that allows that when it rains or we reguemos plants fill the figurine, and through this go releasing small amounts of water when the land requires it. It is without doubt a comfortable and easy way of having our plants and flowers hydrated and also helps to that pots are much more beautiful and above all original (can find figurines shaped dwarfs, frogs, Suns, etc.)

-Cotton string: A form of help drinking water our flowers is by inserting one end of cotton within the Earth and another string in a bottle or bucket with water. In this way whenever the plant thirsty it sucks the moisture through the chalk and is hydrated enough.

-Saucers under pot: it is the more traditional method of all and is to put a plate that normally we can already buy game with the maceta(es importante que ĂŠsta tenga agujeritos en su base) and fill it with water to keep the soil moist and that it can absorb it when our flowers are thirsty.

Tips for conserving water in our pots