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Flowers and witchcraft

The flowers are used for much more besides to decorate our homes and undoubtedly one of practices more shocking and rare that there is the do magic with flowers, but rather we can say that witchcraft is done with them.

Since ancient times, witches have used flowers (as well as other elements such as pieces of hair, photographs, personal effects, dolls, needles, potions, etc.) in order to make spells that pursue a particular purpose.

It is important to know that the flowers are not always used to perform negative spells since also you can try to fall in love with someone they (have to take into account people who does not believe in witchcraft and related topics does not mean that the flowers or anything else to be responsible for the future of the people).

We list some of the flowers that are used in witchcraft to achieve a goal, either positive or negative.

-Roses: No doubt this species is more related to sentimental and loving subjects and is the most widely used when we want to make a gift to the beloved person, give us a sensual bath with petals or use a massage oil with essence of it. Roses is to attract the person with which we want to be.

-Lotus Flower: is most used to get the eternal life and therefore the longevity. Its use is more common in the far East, where considered this species as a magical flower.

-Margaritas: These innocent and harmless flowers so we ask in love are the most used by witches to deal damage to those women who hate or have envy.

We are believers or not, the truth is that there are many people who think that witchcraft, equal to divination and other paranormal stories exist and therefore do not hesitate to spend money paying witches used potions, flowers, budu and all kinds of actions to try to achieve the goal of your customer (or for its money simply).

The truth is that we create or not believe in witchcraft, flowers play a very important role in our lives, and if it is true that the rose is the flower of love it is because it is the most demanded by love, not by witches to perform spells, therefore, if we rely on statistics we can say that it is true that flowers are used to achieve a goal, albeit not necessarily through a spell already that if We want to ask forgiveness, improve a relationship or prove our love most is to buy flowers for that person.

Flowers and witchcraft