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Basic tips to take care of our flowers and plants Having a few pots of flowers and plants in our home does not mean that we have to spend great deal of time and patience in their care since the majority of flowers that are a home conform to four basic pampering for their proper growth and survival above all. And it is that it is not necessary that we have a large sunny area or a hose emanating a liters of water for irrigation, just that I follow four simple tricks and above all fast and our flowers are the most beautiful neighborhood. -Pick the best place for your pot: when you buy a plant, or a set of flowers have to know what kind of lighting need is not the same place them in an area where the Sun directly, do it in an illuminated space sheltered from rays or put it in a place of complete shadow. -Water it repeatedly: one of the most common risks faced by our flowers and plants is the misuse of water since if they do not receive enough they die of thirst or heat and conversely if stored too much water on their land this may cause that drowned or victims of mold and mildew die. -Have handy insecticides and pest treatments: insects and diseases can cause our flowers and plants to suffer, lose their leaves, and even die without you we can do anything. This is why the most advisable is to have hand treatments that help alleviate these diseases and attacks from the moment in which we realize that something is not going as it should. -Use manure and fertilizers more appropriate: and is that there are flowers and plants that need that we abonemos them with a special type of soil and nutrients, therefore when buying it don't forget to ask which is the most suitable.

-Treat them with care: If we will change pot or pruning must be careful not to damage their roots, leaves and stems since they may be sensitive to human hand and any tap or stretch can put an end to them and cause us to stop having beautiful flowers with colorful petals and bright leaves.

Basic tips to take care of our flowers and plants