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December 2010

FALCON EXPRESS FLORANADA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 5251 NE 14th Way Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334 (754) 322-6350 Principal, Keith Peters Assistant Principal, Dr. Sheila Lewis

High Expectations, Achievement, Excellence

Dates To Remember Mon, Nov. 29- Thur, Dec. 2- BAT 2 Grades 3, 4, 5 Only Thur, Dec. 2- Fri, Dec. 3- Billie Swamp 5th Grade Field Trip Fri, Dec. 3-

2nd Grade Field Trip

Fri, Dec. 3-

4th Grade Honor Roll Assembly, 8:15

Mon, Dec. 6- 5th Grade Honor Roll Assembly, 8:15 Tues, Dec. 7- Interim Reports Issued Fri, Dec. 10- Wed, Dec. 15PTA Holiday Shop Tues, Dec. 14- Super Citizen Assembly, 8:15 Mon, Dec. 20- Fri, Dec. 31- NO SCHOOL Mon, Jan. 3- SCHOOL RESUMES

Principal’s Message Greetings Floranada family members! It is hard to believe that we are already into the last month of 2010. As we enter into the month of December and continue toward the Holiday Break, we need all of you to help keep our students focused on their academics. We have so much work to accomplish here at Floranada and we need each of our students to do their part. The holiday season is a wonderful time where we spend time with our family and friends and enjoy a much-needed break. However, I am counting on you to help keep your child’s mind sharp by having them read each day during the break, minimally 20 minutes a day. Why not make a visit to your local library during the break? I would like to wish each and every one of you a wonderful holiday break. I hope that your time with your family is joyous. Let’s all relax and renew and come back in 2011 with the positive frame of mind to achieve our goal of making Floranada an “A” school once again! Mr. Peters Principal

The School Board of Broward County, Florida, prohibits any policy or procedure which results in discrimination on the basis of age, color, disability, gender, national origin, marital status, race, religion, or sexual orientation. Individuals who wish to file a discrimination and/or harassment complaint may call the Director of Equal Educational Opportunities at (754) 321-2150 or Teletype Machine TTY (754) 321-2158. Individuals with disabilities requesting accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) may call Equal Educational Opportunities at (754) 321-2150 or Teletype Machine TTY (754) 321-2158. The opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of Floranada Elementary or Broward County Public Schools

And the Winners Are‌ Anti-Bullying Week 2010 was observed during the week of November 15-19. As part of the week, our students participated in an essay-writing contest. Not only were they able to practice their writing skills, they were able to express their ideas about bullying. The first place entries are published below. All 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place writers were also awarded lunch with Mr. Peters! Way to go Floranada writers!!

Roshan Gomes (2nd Grade -Ms. O'Hara) One day I was riding my bike at night to a store, and I took a short cut down a dark alley. When I was in the middle of the alley I saw a kid that my friends said was the biggest, meanest bully in school! I tried to ignore him and ride my bike past him, but he chased me! When he was chasing me he was yelling, "help!". I had no idea why he was yelling "help!", so I stopped to help even though I was extremely scared. He told me that those stories were not true. He also told me that just because someone is big, it doesn't mean they're a bully. He told me that he was the one getting bullied! We decided we should be friends and make a no-bullying team. The next day we told Mr. Peters our idea. He said, "That works for me!" And the Floranada No-bullying team was formed.

Manaia Rewi (3rd Grade- Mr. Bub) A bully is someone mean. I will tell you someone who's a bully and tell you how you can help this person be nice. Bullies are mean people. My cousin is a bully to me. One time when I went to her house she yelled at me and kicked me. I would always say stop but she would not stop kicking me and yelling at me. So I said, "if you keep on doing that at school and at your house you are not going to have any friends and no one is going to want to hang out with you because they are so scared that you well beat them up. So you really need to stop." And now I see her at school and she has five friends around her because she stopped bullying. In addition, another way to stop bullying is call 754-321-0911 and a person will pick up and tell your problem and solve it. You can also just walk away and don't hang out with them. In conclusion, I am proud of myself because I made a bully become a nicer person.

Daniel Skrecz (4th Grade- Ms. Lallande) There are two ways I can help bullies stop bullying. One way that I can help them stop bullying is by ignoring whatever the bully says or does to me. Another way I can help a bully to stop bullying is that I can tell an adult the bully is bullying me or someone else. The first way I can help a bully stop bullying me is to ignore whatever the bully says or does to me. One day a bully and some of his friends walked up to me looking like they could rip off my head in one punch. The leader stated, "Either you punch that guy over there or I punch you!" I just walked away, so he came over right behind me and started taunting me, "Ugh! Who cut the cheese? Or is it just you? You're the ugliest thing I've ever seen!" I just kept walking. "Man, can this guy ever be taunted?" the bully whispered to his friends. "Might as well not waste our time with him then," answered one of his friends. They stopped bullying me and walked away. The second way I can help a bully to stop bullying is that I can tell an adult the bully is bullying me or someone else. One day at recess I saw a guy picking on one of my friends. I went over to where my teacher was and told her, "That guy over there is picking on my friend James." My teacher and I walked over to where James and the bully were and my teacher started to talk to the bully. "Why were you scolding him?" she asked. "I was doing it for fun," he answered. "How do you think it's fun?" she questioned. "I don't know," he replied. "I don't know is not an answer! You're going to the principal's office for bullying him!" my teacher yelled. When I got back to class my teacher came up to me and thanked me for telling her that guy was bullying James and I may go to the treasure box. That was two ways you could help a bully stop bullying people. Continued on the next page

Continued from previous page

Madeleine Driscoll (5th Grade- Mrs. Gaus) "Hey, Allie!" Sarah Andrews ran to catch up with me. Brace yourself the words you are about to hear are the beginnings of a horrible, monstrous, tale. Sarah finally arrived at my side, "we have a new kid in our class". I looked at her blankly. "She's the biggest, meanest, bully ever, she's this high!" She raised her hands as high above her head as she could, "and she can beat up anybody!" Sarah went on; I wondered if all of this was true, if this new girl was as big and tall as Sarah said. "Ring" the loud bell went off and we headed to class. When I walked through the door I saw everything Sarah had described. The huge girl towered over us. I looked at the classroom atmosphere...nobody was talking to her. They were all talking about her; I heard a constant gossiping and whispering throughout the class. I felt a knot in my stomach. Finally, Mrs. English asked the new girl to come to the front of the class and introduce herself. "Melissa, is there something you would like to tell us about yourself?" She shook her head no. Anna whispered in to my ear, "Don't talk to her, she punches hard!" The knot in my stomach got tighter. That night I was walking home from a movie, through a dark alley. That's when it happened. I heard someone crying so I squinted to see right. Just by the light of the moon, I was able to make out the tear stained face of...Melissa! I hesitated but sat down next to her on a wooden crate. I asked her what was wrong. "Nobody likes me; they just assume I'm mean!" I told her that it was because she was new and no one knew the real her yet, she just had to show them that she's not mean. I actually enjoyed the conversation because Melissa was such a nice girl. The most important thing was that I learned not to judge a book by its cover.

Illnesses Please remember to keep your student home if he/she is ill. Sick students can easily infect others. If a child becomes ill at school, and after a period of rest in the clinic, cannot return to class, you will be notified to pick up your student. Children cannot remain at school when ill. Any student having or suspected of having a communicable disease will not be permitted to attend school. Any student returning to school after having a communicable disease must provide a doctor’s note indicating that return to school is safe.

Character Education During the month of December students, faculty and staff will be practicing the character trait "Kindness”. Kindness means being helpful, thoughtful, caring, compassionate, and considerate. One Super Citizen student will be selected from each of our classrooms. These students best display the trait of “Kindness” and will be honored in an assembly on Tuesday, December 14.

Planning Lunch with Your Student? Parents are requested to notify the front office staff 24 hours in advance of when they plan to eat lunch with their child. Due to the large number of students served by the food service program, we ask that you eat with your child on special occasions only. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

50 Read-A-Thon Students were challenged to read 50 books or 50 chapters in 50 days and boy did they ever! The following students completed the challenge and turned in their signed reading logs before the deadline and were rewarded with a uniform-free day! Way to go Floranada readers! Kindergarten

First Grade

Mrs. Nocera

Mrs. Gronsky

Mrs. Boardman

Mrs. Black

Adam Nobles

Brian Gjyli

Thatcher Harrison

Johnathan James

Kelsie Yon

Arthur Verhoeven

Gabriella Becker

Parker Hilts

Mrs. Coulter

Mrs. Blanchette

Nicholas McGuinness

Jeremiah Molina

Inis Garcia

Ms. Ogle

Nicole Peterson

Lindsay Hill

Stephen Brzybek

Ms. O’Hara

Margaret Pasqualetti

Quin Biron

Enide Clerizier

Charles Li

Gianna Marchant

Caio Calixto

Seth Gordon

Roshan Gomes

Daniel Shaffer

Alexandra Medrano

Lucas Calixto

Ms. Massa

Catherine Puentes

Emilio Avendano

Francesca Parodi

Aiden Corcoran

Rochenet Thelusmar

Rylee Sullivan

Fiorella Davila

Joshua Heidebrandt

Mrs. Cary

Ms. Steffes

Ms. Shon

Vinnie McGuinness

Alec Mercado

Nicholas Manchant

Kayeana Cedano

Matthew Pearson

Bianca Conley

Marina Bray

Mrs. Ortiz

Danielle Damian

Malik Miller

Alexa Gonzalez

Kaden Coppolella

Sarah Spina

Adam Michael Vazquez

Michelle Klendworth

Camila Bray

Mrs. Sterrenberg Olivia Coyle

Ms. Crunkleton Kristina Morales Danielle Jost

Mrs. Whittenberg

Joanna Molfetto

Caesar Coteron

Erick Zepeda

Chasden Johns

Sarah Schonis Adam Martinez

Samantha Peterson Alex Marquard

Second Grade Ms. Allen Madahi Corpus Karis Bettis

Mr. Steinmetz Anyeska Florencio Jessica Mercer Aaliyah Gualberto

Ms. Goldman Denisa Stavri

Amber Sharma Will Geiger

Third Grade

Ms. Fonda

Fourth Grade

Ms. Szpak

Mr. Bub

Scott Lanzetta

Ms. Curtis

Antonio Adolph

Stephanie Medina

Kyler Johns

Allahma Haque

Arlene Izquierdo

Manaia Rewi

Alex Crowe

Lindsey Londono

Dylan Jost

Ms. Lallande

Gabriel Guedez

Lormicia Morose

Tiffany DeFaria

Sameer Akhtar

Sarina Gomes

Darian Cheung

Ms. Weinshenker

Joseph Olano

Amanda Lapadula

Bailey Campbell

Lizzie Dost

Ryan Lansdale

Taylor Yon

Victor Ribeiro

Olivia Forman

Sophia Marquard

Camila Castellano

Fifth Grade

Paal Skjefstad

Cali Canaval

Zachary Rasor

Mr. Armstrong

Gabriella Pineiro

Diego Avendano

Amy O’Connor

MacKenzie Wilbanks

AJ Futo

Camille Benson

Tayven Mark Kaitlyn Bergeron

Ms. Cummings

Mrs. Foresi

Allie Tomaini

Amaylia Minters

Andre Mercado

Jenna Saulnier

Jack McGuinness

Nataly Chalco

Karlyn Underhill

Steve Vento

Maia Botek

Gaby Molina Cassie Baumgartner

Andrew Antonelli

Mrs. Barclay

Mrs. Lavere

Gracie Lorber

Fabian Martinez

Jameson Etienne

Isabel Babun

Mr. Desky Sabana Hung

Mrs. Prospere

Jack Gonzalez

Riley Hardacre

Ryan Barr

Daniel Skrecz

Mr. Burns

Jonathan Zouari

Elisabeth MacLeod Kimberly Nicholson

Mrs. Rowe

Siana Rau

Ms. Scott

Melissa Pearson

Omar Azad

Victoria Jovanovic

George Mueller

Emma Hoffman

Olivia Jovanovic

Kailah Price Isabelle Munar

Ms. Stumper Mrs. Smith Mason Hunter William Harvey Ruth Noel

Holden Melrose

Hunter Melrose

Mrs. Gaus

Grismery Andrade

Joseph Li

Mr. Handanyan

Brendan Bewll

Daniela Schonis

Hanna Campbell

Brandon Williams

Anthony LaPadura

Juan Cabrera

Samamtha Spada

Tiffany Smith

Madeline Skjefstad

Jackeline Casco

Cody Lawson

Samantha Bergeron

Diana Florencio

Luiza DeRezende

Jae Xiong

Candice Puentes

Sierra Harding

Jamie Black

Tiffany Schita

Harrison Waterway

Nick Mattei

Maddie Driscoll

Evan Ragon

Derek Ragon

Kevyn Cochubey

Nia Beckett

Julia Robinson

THIS JUST IN… The window to apply for magnet middle schools or the NOVA schools opens on Wednesday, December 1, 2010 for the 2011-12 school year. Parents will need their student’s Broward County Student Identification number to complete an application. If you need your child’s Broward County Student Identification number, please contact the front office. If you have any questions regarding the magnet schools, the NOVA schools, or the application process please contact Magnet Programs 500 SE Third Avenue, 4th Floor Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 Phone: (754)321-2380 Or visit their website:

The deadline to apply for a magnet school or the NOVA schools is February, 16, 2011.

News from the Classrooms Kindergarten

Third Grade

Second Grade

Happy December from Kindergarten!! We have really been learning a lot about family traditions. We will continue our lessons on family traditions throughout the month. We are also having a lot of fun in math practicing with numbers 11-20. Here’s wishing all our Floranada families an enjoyable winter break! See you next year!!

Can you believe it? Third Grade went on a field trip and never left the building. What’s the “MATTER” with us, you might ask? Nothing - “Matter” is what we have been studying in science. Hightouch - Hightech came to us for a “GREAT” science learning experience in the classrooms. Our Spelling Bee before Thanksgiving was buzzing with excitement! We would like to say thanks to our guest judges, Mrs. Chelton and Mrs. Miner. As you can see, we are BUSY, BUSY,BUSY!!!!!! And before you know it, we’ll be leaving for the Winter Break.

Tis the Season to be… Sensational 2nd Graders!!!! We were in "field trip heaven" the last couple of weeks visiting the Broward Center for the Performing Arts on Nov. 18th and the Museum of Discovery & Science on Dec. 3. How we adore the arts!!! In addition, we kicked off our KAPOW Program (Kids and the Power of Work). During the course of this year, each class will pair up with a business to acquire an awareness of the workplace as well as to learn the important character traits of perseverance, dedication and responsibility. We cannot believe the first half of the school year is almost over. We wish all of our friends and loved ones a healthy and happy holiday season, but most importantly, a fabulous vacation!

Media We have just finished an extensive study of the authors who wrote the Sunshine State Readers for 2010. Students researched all 15 authors, then choose 5 of their favorites and created a concept web using Inspiration/Kidspiration. One of the books, 11 Birthdays, focused on the main characters’ hometown. We expanded on that idea and learned through guided research interesting information about Ft. Lauderdale. Next up? We will use the Sun-Sentinel Newspaper in Education Program (NIE) to practice Functional Reading. I think the students will enjoy starting with the Sports section, as we will be going on a scavenger hunt. They will be following directions to find very specific information.

Cluster November was another fabulous month in Ms. Lavere's class. We "digested" the end of the first quarter while learning about the systems of the human body. We cruised along the Atlantic Ocean from England to Massachusetts on the Mayflower. We are now ready for a 3-week exploration across the world. We plan to study the various cultures we meet and look forward to learning about their celebrations and traditions. But before we venture off, we want to congratulate Isabela Garabedian for being our class, "Terrific Kid" this quarter, Dylan Galiana for being our November Super Citizen!

Fourth Grade The 4th Grade teachers would like to congratulate all of the students chosen for Super Citizen this month. It was a tough decision in each class as we have so many kind students! Adlin Hechavarria (Ms. Curtis) Gracie Lorber (Ms. Lallande) Clay Eggan (Ms. Rowe) Stephanie Dimatteo (Ms. Stumper) Danielle Dessoye (Ms. Szpak) Jakia Johnson (Ms. Weinshenker) Curtis Thomas (Ms. Lavere)

Helping Reading Comprehension Emerge What Parents Can Do… Here are 10 simple tips. 1.

Read regularly (at least daily) to your children and talk about the things that you read.


Try to read the book with emotion, with invented sound effects, with different voices for characters and the narrator, changes in voice volume and tone - much meaning is communicated this way.


Support their emerging understanding of what they read or hear by encouraging them to look at pictures and images and relate these to the words that you read. Emphasize key words or repetitive patterns in the book “But don’t forget the bacon”, “But where is the Green Sheep?”


Encourage them to relate ideas, language and knowledge that a book introduces to other areas of learning or life – “You’ve got a teddy too”; “His puppy is like Darren’s puppy”: “We saw an elephant like this one at the zoo.”


Encourage them to draw, sing, talk about, act out, make things, dress up and so on, in response to the things that you read to them or they read themselves (creating meaning in response to books).


Encourage them to use other tools to make meaning (playdough, toy animals, dress-ups, Thomas trains, drawing, craft etc) and relate these as appropriate to books (creating meaning leads to books).


Encourage them to memorize and learn things from the books they read or listen to. You can’t read “Wombat Stew” without reciting over and over again “Wombat stew, Wombat stew, Gooey, brewy, Yummy, chewy, Wombat stew!”


Encourage them to make connections between the things they read, view and experience – “This story is like in the television show Shaun the Sheep when he…..”.


Read varied books – different story types, factual books as well as fiction, poetry and prose, different forms of illustrations and so on.

10. Watch TV shows, videos and movies with your children and talk about them, explain things, try to make connections with stories they have read, encourage response with art, drawing, play dough, puppets, dressing up, acting out and so on.

Summing Up Comprehension is ultimately the highest goal of reading. We read to understand things, to work things out, and to make meaning. Its foundations are laid in the first 5 years of life, not through structured activities, but through the use and experience of language and in particular, story. Comprehension emerges over time, as children are encouraged to encounter and use written language and to integrate this with other avenues they have for making meaning.

Attention all 5th Grade Parents It’s time to start thinking about where your child will attend middle school. Crystal Lake Middle School in Pompano Beach offers 3 nationally recognized, academically challenging, award winning Magnet Programs. Qualified students may apply for Science/Pre-Engineering, International Affairs & Business or T.E.E.N.S. Parents should plan on attending the “Magnet Programs Showcase” at the Broward County Convention Center on December 8, 2010 from 5PM – 9PM. Crystal Lake will host their Magnet Programs Open House on Thursday, January 6, 2011 at 7PM. Please contact Ms. Lenecia McCrary, Magnet Programs Coordinator, at Crystal Lake Middle for more information at 754-322-3150.

Character Matters! It's all about the character traits that go along with Super Citizen... Cooperation Responsibility Citizenship Kindness Respect Honesty Self-Control Tolerance Come on out and see the Diversity Theater Group's production of Character Matters. We will be performing Wednesday, December 15th at 6:30 p.m.

PTA News The PTA, staff and parents of Floranada are extremely grateful to Dr. Freeman and his staff for their generous donations that made our Spaghetti Dinner a huge success! "Thank You" to Dr. Freeman and the friendly staff of Freeman Orthodontics for taking the time to serve a delicious dinner to our families! Fri., 12/3, 4:30 - 7:00 p.m. - PTA's Hospitality Committee is hosting a Get Together for New Families to get to know each other. This will be held at Bayview Park. "Old" families certainly are invited, too! If you have any questions, see the flyers hanging up around the school or call the school and leave a message for the Chairperson of the Hospitality Committee. Fri., 12/10 @ 12:15 - The BMX bike stunt show for students who sold 10 or more Fall Fundraiser items. The Top Selling student will be presented with a BMX bike, which is being donated by Leann Barber of Edward Jones Investments. 12/10 - 15 - Holiday Shop is open during school hours.

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