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Sundries to help you create those special floral designs


Wedding Sundries Information Items and prices in this catalogue are for guidance and are available for pre-order subject to stock availability. Please note, prices are for indication only and subject to change without notice. We will be pleased to confirm order enquiries and cost with delivery charges. Please email your list of requirements to for a free quotation, please include your delivery address and the date your order is required. Payment can be made online with a credit/debit card or bank transfer. Our standard deliveries are 2/3 days from despatch, urgent next day deliveries are available on request subject to timescale constraints. Please be assured of our personal attention at all times. Thanks. Floral Mechanics.


Lady 3000 Bouquet Holder Pack of 6 £30.75


Slender, unobtrusive handle. The floral foam provides a water source for flowers to ensure that flowers remain fresh the entire day.

Oasis Wedding Belle 5cm Wet (4) 11-00055 Oasis Wedding Belle 7cm Wet (4) 11-00053 Oasis Wedding Belle 5cm Dry (4) 11-00056 Oasis Wedding Belle 7cm Dry (4) 11-00054 From £19.75. 4

Please enquire of our huge range of ribbons available for every aspect of your wedding, from organza/chiffon, taffeta with wired edges to satins and poly, mesh, hessian or velvet all in a choice of colours.

Our picture opposite shows double faced white satin ribbon. 50mm wide x 20 meters. No. 455113. £11.50 per roll. 75p per metre.


Excitement Hair Band Dazzle No.Ex1103 £14.25


Diamante Hair Clip No.62511 £6.95


Classic Corsage Bracelet Black Iridescent R106 £3.95



Classic Corsage Bracelet Black R110 £3.95

Classic Corsage Bracelet Gold R108 £3.95


Classic Corsage Bracelet Iridescent R101 £3.95

Classic Corsage Bracelet Silver R107 £3.95


Classic Corsage Bracelet White R112 £3.95

Dainty Corsage Bracelet Silver Da1203 £8.95


Dancing Butterflies Corsage Bracelet Db1211

Dancing Butterflies Corsage Bracelet Db1211 £6.75


Delicate Corsage Bracelet Cream (childrens) Dl1211 £3.95

Delicate Corsage Bracelet White (childrens) Dl1212 £3.95


Empress Corsage Bracelet White Em3012 £6.25

Gum Drop Corsage Bracelet 42-00152 £3.95


Ivory Large Pearl Corsage Bracelet 62405 £4.50

Ivory Small Pearl Corsage Bracelet 62402 £3.25


Lauren Corsage Bracelet White La1312 £4.95


Little Lady Corsage Bracelet Iridescent (2) Ll1503 £5.95

Little Lady Corsage Bracelet Silver (2) 6cm Ll1507 £5.95


Mini Dazzler Corsage Bracelet (6cm) Md1303 £8.50


Narrow Classic Corsage Bracelet Cream Nc1211 £3.00

Narrow Classic Corsage Bracelet Black Nc1210 £3.00


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Narrow Classic Corsage Bracelet Iridescent Nc1203 £3.00

Narrow Classic Corsage Bracelet Silver Nc1207 £3.00

Narrow Classic Corsage Bracelet White Nc1212 £3.00


Rock Candy Corsage Bracelet Iridescent Rc207 £10.95

Rock Candy Dazzle Bracelet 62415 £10.95


Rock Candy Slim Corsage Bracelet 62513 £6.75


Sarina Corsage Bracelet White Sa1212 £9.50

Sarina Corsage Bracelet Cream Sa1211 £9.50


Sophisticated Lady Corsage Bracelet Iridescent No. Sl1007 £5.95

Sophisticated Lady Silver Corsage Bracelet No.Sl1003 £5.95


Silver Wristlet Bracelet (6) no. 42-62206 £15.75

Velcro Wrist Corsage Bracelet X2 No.62201 £1.95


Fluffy Feathers are perfect for adding into fascinators, hair pieces or table decorations. Can be trimmed to create gorgeous feathered corsages. Please note these items are not colour fast. 6 stems of Fluffy Feathers per colour/pack, 24cm long £8.50.

Fluffy Feathers Hot Pink FL1619

Fluffy Feathers WhiteFL1612

Fluffy Feathers Black FL1610

Fluffy Feathers Purple FL1605

Fluffy Feathers Red FL1609

Fluffy Feathers Cream FL1611

Fluffy Feathers Pale Pink FL1602 27

Flutters Feathers Purple FL1205

Flutters Feathers Black FL1210

Flutters Feathers White FL1211

Flutters Feathers Light Pink FL1202L

Flutters are a great addition to any Arrangement, Corsage or Table Centre. Incorporating feathers and diamantes its the perfect finishing touch. Please note these items are not colour fast. Feather and Diamante Spray. 3 sprays per colour/pack 15cm long £7.50.

Flutters Feathers Royal Blue FL1201R

Flutters Feathers Hot Pink FL1202

Flutters Feathers White FL1212

Flutters Feathers 28 Turquoise FL1201

We have a large selection of wedding pins available. Shown here are Cream Pearl Headed Pins 5mm (144) Cp0511 £4.95.

Others options are: Clear Diamante Pin 4mm 4cm Pins (72) Pn1085 £15.00. Diamante Pin Clear 6mm 62300. £4.10. Diamante Pins Clear 8mm (100) 62301. £6.95. Iridescent Diamante Pins 4mm 4cm Pin (72) Pn1086. £14.75. Ivory Round Headed Pearl Pins 4mm (144) 62253. £3.75. Red Diamante 4mm Pins (72) Sfp02-04r. £17.30. Round Headed Black Pearl Pins 4cm (144) Pn1005. £3.50. Round Headed Teal Pearl Pins 4cm (144) Pn1004. £3.10. Round Headed White Pearl Pins 5cm (144) Pn1015. £5.00. White Pearl Headed Pins 4cm (144 Pins) Pn1000. £3.75. White Round Headed Pearl Pins 4mm (144) 6225. £3.75. White Round Headed Pearl Pins 5mm (144) 6226. £6.30.


Other colours of rose petals are: Black Rose Petals Wed102. Deep Purple Rose Petal Wed111. Grey Mix Rose Petals Rp1207. Lilac Rose Petals Wed108. Lime Rose Petals Wed103. Pink Rose Petals Wed101. Teal Rose Petals Sfm670t. £4.25 per colour/pack. Cerise Rose Petals Wed105 £4.25 per pack.

Approximate guide 150 petals per pack.


Rose Petals Red (1000pcs). No.Wed130. £16.95


Bottle Clip Cups Add a subtle touch to your wedding breakfast tables. The perfect finish to most drinks bottles. No.BCC180606 £1.50 each.

Cut a small piece of floral foam to fit the cup and using proportionate flowers and foliage create your arrangement, when complete simply slide the clip over the bottle. 32

Oasis Corsage Magnets 1cm. Pack of 30. No.6095. £26.50.

Corsage Magnets. Pack of 10 no.Fl2950. £9.10.

Tape or glue one magnet to the surface of a stem of a corsage and attach the design to a surface such as clothing, handbags and hats by using another magnet behind the surface.

Caution: Do not use near electrical devices including pacemakers. 33

Oasis Table Design Neo 11-00047 £12.95 per pack of 6.

Oasis Table Design Viva 11-00048 £12.95 per pack of 6


Netted Garland

A length of 12 pre cut cylinders of OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife that are joined together by a netted material to create a garland. Length 2.6m Each Cylinder: W:13 x 0:5cm 12 Cylinders per garland.

Create flower arrangements and adornments where the foam provides support and a water source for the stems inserted into it. Lightweight netting adds security for flowers and hanging. Can be easily cut to required length.

Netted Garland no.3076 £29.30 per pack 35

Mini Deco A pack of 12 pieces each 5x4cm. Small rounded piece of OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife attached to a strong plastic base that has a sticky adhesive pad on its underside. Ideal for creating small flower arrangements to decorate cakes, bottles and gifts.

No. 11-03230 £25.75 per pack


Le Klip

A generous igloo of caged OASIS® Floral Foam mounted on a Le Klip base. A great way to create stunning pew ends, doors and tables. Can be adjusted to vary the attachment. Overall 6 x 15cm. No.8138. Per pack of 6 £38.25.




Plastic Tape on a roll for taping wires and stems of corsages. Stretches and secures extremely well. Clean and very easy to work with. 13mm x 22m. Green no.1004054. £2.50 per roll.

Colourfast, self sealing, paper based waxed tape. Inconspicuous in your designs, works when wet. Used for taping/wrapping wires and stems of corsages and bouquets. 13mm x 27.5m. Moss no.1004047. £1.00 per roll.


Hand Tied Bouquets Secure your bouquets with jute string to compliment the natural beauty of your flowers and foliage

Natural Jute Twine 3 ply for tying larger bouquets. Approx 470g No. FM21806. £9.50.

Green Jute String Lightweight string for smaller bouquets. Approx 80g No.8457. £1.65 39

Still can’t find what you need to create that special floral arrangement or finishing touch to make the perfect day? Tell us what you need, our email address is on the next page. Simply drop us a line we’ll be pleased to help.


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