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Fillmore makes name for herself on court 4I]ZMV-[\M[



Who are your favorite teams How long have you and/or players to watch? Why? been playing basket-


Sophomore post player Nichelle Fillmore was expected to fill big shoes after last year’s all-GSC first team post Niala Harris graduated. Fillmore has done just that after averaging 10.5 points and 6.8 rebounds per game.

A: “My favorite team to watch is the ball? Do you play

Boston Celtics. My favorite players are any other sports? Kevin Garnett and Tina Charles.”

A: “I have only

been playing organized basketball since the sevQ. Who/what helped initiate your start in playing enth grade, and I never basketball? wanted to play any other A: “My dad got me started playing basketball be- sport.” cause he played when he was younger and it was something we could do together.”

Q. If a director decided to make a movie about your life, who would they cast to play you? Why that person? A: “That’s a hard question, but I would probably say Sanaa Lathan just because she played in my favorite movie ‘Love and Basketball.’”

A: “My pre-game routine is usually just listening to music, going over the scouting report (for that game), and going over in my head what I expect to do in the game.”

Q. What are the team goals for the rest of the season?

Q. You’re from Bir-

A: “We want to come together and mingham and graduatfocus on winning the rest of our games, and ed from Fairfield High also do well in the tournament.” school, but give the readers some background informaQ. What about as an individual? What do tion about you, brothers/ sisters ... that type of thing? you want to see yourself accomplish?

“Yeah, I’m from BirQ.What is your pre-game routine? A: mingham, and I have four

Do you have any superstitions you stick to each game day?

photo by DARRICK DAWKINS I Staff Photographer

brothers and three sisters. And I’m the youngest of all the girls.” Q. Burger King or McDonald’s? Why?

A: “I want to keep being a presence on the offensive and defensive end of the court, and to keep the team motivated, because we can’t do anything if we don’t do it together.”

Q. If we turned on your car radio right now,

what would we hear playing? Likewise, what kind of music/artists do you listen to in order A: “McDonald’s. I don’t like to help you get ready for a game? Q. What’s your favorite move on the how the burgers are cooked A: “You would probably hear Future or Two court? at Burger King. They taste Chainz playing in my car, but before the game, A: “I love the right hook over my left shoul- funny. I’m picky!” I listen to everything from Gucci Mane to Lil der.” Wayne.”

UNA to add two new sports <WUUa*WT\WV


UNA has completed all but two of the five benchmark requirements for NCAA Division I, according to UNA President Bill Cale. As of now, UNA still needs to be admitted into an athletic conference, but after a review of potential sports, Athletic Director Mark Linder recommended adding women’s indoor and outdoor track to go into next year’s athletic budget. Adding these sports will make a posi-

tive contribution to the university’s compliance with Title IX, Cale said. “I am quite excited about the addition of women’s indoor and outdoor track,” Cale said. “These sports will create new opportunities and strengthen our existing sport of cross country. I think the athletic department has reached an excellent decision on how to expand our varsity sports program.” These two sports can be added within the existing budget of the Department of Athletics. Linder will make an announcement of the two new sports and also hopes to begin competition by next year.

February 2nd, 2012 Issue  

Read the latest issue of the Flor-Ala to see coverage of the Miss UNA 2012 contest, THE FRIEND ZONE, and Q&As with UNA sports faculty and a...

February 2nd, 2012 Issue  

Read the latest issue of the Flor-Ala to see coverage of the Miss UNA 2012 contest, THE FRIEND ZONE, and Q&As with UNA sports faculty and a...