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A World of Flavour Flora BIJA® Exotic Teas

Inspired by the four cornerstones of ancient herbalism, Flora’s BIJA® Exotic Teas celebrate the diversity of the health-promoting cultures of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tibetan Medicine and the First Nations Healing Arts of aboriginal North Americans. Each society developed its own holistic philosophy that relied on the efficacy of time-honored herbs to achieve wellness long before the advent of modern medical science. Today, Flora proudly emulates the wisdom of the ages with the finest herbal teas that nature has to offer. From the Ginseng and Ginger used in China for more than 5,000 years and the Holy Basil prized by the royalty of India to the Elderberry and Chamomile of the European herbal tradition and the Rooibos and Hoodia stimulants of Africa to the Echinacea and Yerba Maté of the Americas, Flora’s BIJA® brand brings a world of flavour to every soothing, satisfying cup of tea.

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Flora formulates and manufactures BIJA ® Exotic Teas from select ingredients. We use organically grown herbs, spices and tea leaves whenever possible, and as always, we employ the highest standards of quality control. We are pleased to announce that the time has come for the BIJA ® line to join our family of proprietary Flora™ products that also include Uratonic, Stomach and Rheumadix teas. Over the next few months, our exclusive brand of BIJA® teas will be repositioned in the marketplace. The actual product offerings will remain the same, but will be incorporated into our house brand and marketed under the label of Flora Exotic Teas, available at your local health food store. Enjoy a delightful and invigorating cup of our delicious herbal tea today.

Try all 22 varieties to experience a world of flavour!

• Cold Stop • Cranberry with Rooibos • Deep Cleanse • Deep Defense • Double Ginseng • Double Ginger • Echinacea Elderberry • Green Tea Chai • Heart Hawthorn • Holy Basil • Hoodia Slimming

• Imperial Black • Imperial Green • Laxative • Lemon Ginger Echinacea • Pure Peppermint • Rooibos Chai • Rooibos Rejuvenating • Sleep Well® • Sweet Fennel • Soothing Chamomile • Yerba Maté

Available at health food stores nationwide. Visit and join Flora’s Sharing Health Community 1•888•436•6697 50% Recycled Paper 15% Post-consumer


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