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Consumer Health Newsletter

[Summer – Issue 9 Volume 2]

Get Organized for back to school We all know that back-to-school planning takes a lot of time and effort. First, there’s the school supplies shopping, then there’s the clothing shopping, add to that the meal planning, plus the scheduling of your families' activities. We want you to be able to enjoy the last weekend of summer, so here are some tips for getting organized for back-to-school:

• Create a ‘command centre’ where you can post your families’ activities on a giant calendar and keep everything together and organized.

• Take stock of what everyone has. No sense buying what you’ve already got. Go through leftover school supplies & check closets to make sure you know what’s needed.

• Make lists before you head out the door. Plan what to buy and where to go before you head out the door. Being organized ensures you don’t forget anything.

Back To School Tip

Create a ‘Command Centre’ so everyone in your family knows what activities are planned for what days. Organization is the key to success.

Give your children a head start with Efalex® Clinically-proven Efalex® is a unique formula of long-chain fatty acids confirmed helpful for enhancing your child’s:

• Problem-solving abilities • Concentration and focus

• Manual dexterity, balance and coordination • Visual acuity

Efalex® works because it helps relieve some symptoms of learning and behaviour disorders including: Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, & Attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD)

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Consumer Health Newsletter

[Summer – Issue 8 Volume 2]

Ideas for your kids’ lunch boxes No one wants to eat the same boring lunch every day. Here are some nofuss ways to mix things up and ensure your kids are getting the nutrients they need. Spend a little extra time Sunday evening cutting and prepping snacks for the whole week to make weekdays less stressful. For even more ideas, check out our Pinterest board at "http://"

• Nix a sandwich in favour of a skewer

(pointy end cut off ). Alternate bread pieces with cherry tomatoes, cheese and meat of choice. Or make a fruit skewer of banana and strawberry slices for dessert.

• Swap out waffles for bread, then

spread nut butter and add banana slices for a ‘waffle-wich.’

• Core and slice an apple, use 2 slices to create an apple sandwich filled with nut butter and mini chocolate chips.

• For picky eaters, sneak celery and

tomatoes into their lunch with a Tuna Pita Pocket.

• Surprise them with breakfast for lunch. Home-made ‘Egg McMuffins’ are sure to be a hit.

• Make a large batch of pasta salad

with cucumber, peppers, feta cheese and more and portion out for the week for a fun and easy lunch that’s not a PB & J sandwich.

Kid-Approved Breakfast Smoothie No time for a sit-down breakfast? We get it; mornings can be crazy! Ensure everyone starts the day with a nutritious breakfast with this smoothie. Time-saver tip: pre-blend large batches of oats ahead of time.

• 1/2 cup filtered water • 1 banana • 1/2 cup seasonal fruit • 1/4 cup pre-blended oats • 1 tsp Efalex® Lemon and Lime Flavour

• 1 tsp Kindervital

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To ensure your children are getting everything from their diets, incorporate Salus® Kindervital for bone and immune health, & help build: • Strong bones: Kindervital provides highly absorbable liquid calcium gluconate and vitamins A, D and C for ensured calcium absorption.

• Powerful immune function: Your child’s immune system will thrive from the essential nutrients that also function as strong antioxidants.

• A healthy appetite: Parents find that their children’s appetites and digestion improve from the all-natural whole-food and herb formula, in a fruit juice base.

Kindervital is

• Free of dairy, lactose & non-GMO • Free of heavy metals, additives and preservatives

• Great tasting! | 1.888.436.6697

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Tips on how to get organized for back to school. Kid approved Breakfast smoothie recipe. New ideas for your kids' lunch box.