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Apps Alert No. 29 6 March 2014

Free or Lite indicates that the app is free today. Some apps may be for Android devices, as well as for iPads. Editor: Florence Longhorn

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Please send an email to if there are any particular areas of apps of interest to you. I am happy to research and produce such a list, not only for you, but for other readers to use as well.

From next week, the weekly App Alert will become an App Alert with a Sensory Zap!

There will be sensory ideas with all the latest information about multi sensory approaches included.

The best of both worlds each week!

Communication Apps of Interest The Call Centre in Scotland has a very interesting case study about Ella and the search for a useful communication aid for her including the use of an IPad and apps. Ella is described as: 'Ella is a 5 year old girl who communicates using a combination of vocalisation, gesture, pointing to symbols, and her own gestures / signs. However, it is very difficult to understand her communication out of context.' The apps she has been trialing are:

• • •

Scene Speak Proloquo2go Go Talk Now

Read the short study at: There are a further 5 case studies on the website and a timely reminder that communication needs lots of different approaches to meet a precise requirement. iPads are great but here are other excellent resources to contemplate as well. I bet we all wish we had an amazing place like the Call Centre, Edinburgh, to meet communication needs as well as they do-including a loan library. Further information on these apps:

Scene Speak See the video clip on YouTube at:



Short YouTube video of a youngster, Caleb, showing his iPad loaded with Proloquo2go. He likes ketchup!

And Max doing a good job at:

Matt and his iPad communicating with Proloquo2go. He likes trains!

For 'Knock, knock jokes 'using Proloquo2go, see:\

Go Talk Now

See a lovely clip of Elliannna using this app in a school setting on YouTube at:


Sounding Board - Communication App - Free See the Youtube video from giving a good overview of Sounding Board at:

Dapper Soundboard HD Free When you launch Dapper Soundboard HD, the iPad is filled with frames of pictures that illustrate the sound you will hear. Simply touch the frame and a clear sound is heard. There are over 50 sounds. It's free and in HD with sounds including burps, farts, screams and explosions. The most realistic are a crying baby, a church bell, doorbell and crickets.

Apps Alert No. 29  

Flo Longhorn's Apps Alert for 6 March 2014 from the Info Exchange online magazine