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Apps Alert No. 15 02 October 2013

Free or Lite indicates that the app is free today. Some apps may be for Android devices, as well as for iPads. Editor: Florence Longhorn

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Please send an email to if there are any particular areas of apps of interest to you. I am happy to research and produce such a list, not only for you, but for other readers to use as well.

This week, a set of sensory / visual stimulation / tap apps that are all free at the moment - so hurry! Sensory Just Touch

• • • • •

Phew! The screen shows 4 squares, each with a very different reaction when the red plus is touched: The black and white image box is extraordinary, as it changes into an infinity hole worthy of Dr Who. Touch the vivid windmill and the kaleidoscopic colours swirl and swim. The face box immediately shows YOU with lots of distortion. What a shock! The coloured green box turns into a bullseye that will bedazzle any onlooker. Bluetooth switch access box

Sensory Splodge 1 A choice of 4 screens: • • • • •

The octopus reveals a black screen with quivering fish. Tap and they appear - then disappear! The bear balloon opens to a blue screen. Touch and large clear objects move slowly across the screen. Touch again and they ‘pop’ and disappear. The butterfly box opens to a sky where butterflies pop up, quiver and disappear when touched. The yellow blodge reveals splodges which ‘boing’ with crazy noises on a black or checkered background. Bluetooth switch accessible

Sensory Imeba This is a black screen with abstract puffs of coloured smoke. There are a number of buttons around the edge of the screen which produce a weird set of spooky sounds when pressed. A useful app to encourage use of buttons and it is Bluetooth switch accessible.

Sensory Magma Magma generates lava style slow moving effects, which, when combined with music from the iPhone or iPad Music player, can be relaxing and stimulating. Beaming Magma to a TV via Apple TV fills the room with the slow, lava effects. Touch the screen to change Magma effects: • Tap to change direction of flow • Hold to change colour • Pinch to change size of magma blobs

Sensory Electra Electra responds to taps and up to 3 finger simultaneous touch movements. Tap to change the effects, which look like electric shocks. It is a similar effect seen in 'plasma globe' but across a screen. Touch with 1, 2 or 3 fingers to (simulate) shock!

Switch Accessible Apps - Untested by Me!

Switch Accessible Puzzles Switch Accessible Puzzles has been tested and will work with the AbleNet Blue2 Bluetooth Switch, Pretorian Technologies interfaces, and RJ Cooper Bluetooth Switch Interface. The App will also work with a Bluetooth wireless keyboard. There are quite a few puzzles with this app, so this may justify the higher price. They include: Food Toys Animals Matching

Colours Wooden shapes Numbers Photo objects School Colours & position upper to lower case Letters

Upper case English alphabet Lower case English alphabet Matching pictures to words

Jane Farrell, a speech pathologist in Australia, has produced an excellent list of apps (2012) that are switch accessible. The list below is in two parts. The first list is apps that are not primarily for (AAC) communication. The second list is for communication apps. Get the lists at this URL:

Touch Me Hokus Pokus Compatible switch adapters: Blue2, APPlicator, Switch2Scan, SimplyWorks (Enter or Space) The app gives the user the opportunity to create pictures with switches. The game itself is quite easy and motivating. Pressing an external switch or the screen will create a picture, step by step. Once one part of the picture is displayed, the children get curious. What is it? Which detail has been added now? When the picture is complete, a short animation is played. The app contains 30 different pictures with three different levels of difficulty/details.

Pinterest website has a wide-ranging list of apps and switches and accessories that can be used with the iPad. Really up to date and useful. 'Switch Accessible Apps and iPad Compatible Switch Accessories'

And for a bit of silly fun! Silly Monsters Fun - Brilliant!   Absolutely adorable Silly Monsters! Each Silly Monster is an interactive character that comes with a musical instrument, making funny faces and sounds. You can play music by touching its musical teeth, have a laugh poking his eyes, pulling whiskers or squeezing his nose! Also, it's unique 'Silly Mode' and a pair of party music loops to play over your melodies!

Apps Alert No. 15  

Weekly Apps Alert No. 15 for 2 October 2013 by Flo Longhorn, Info Exchange magazine

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