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12 - Reversible connecting solution

Invention, development and design, RWTH Aachen University

Reversible construction in tectonic design Research and design seminar, RWTH Aachen University

Transfer of wood technology

Research and design seminar, RWTH Aachen University

Additive manufacturing in furniture production Research and design seminar, RWTH Aachen University

Ontop - Building extension design

Research and design seminar, RWTH Aachen University

own work

project work


Urban planning / housing design, Bonn

University Bremerhaven

Project, Bremerhaven

IFG Bremen Project, Bremen

Gerling Areal

Extension and refurbishment design, Köln

Access building Cathedral Cologne Project, Köln

Pump station facade Project, Köln

Access situation HOCHTIEF

Refurbishment / extension / interior design, Essen

Borowitzkaja office / hotel / museum Design study, Moscow

House H-M

Project study Lupsingen, CH

14 16 18 20 24 22 30 26 38 28 40 32 42 34 46 36 48 44 50

Erich Kästner Gymnasium (High School) Competition, Köln

Palazzo Provinciale Bozen Competition, Bozen / Südtirol, IT


Competition, Naters, CH

lightstructure / mbox Competition, Zollverein, Essen

Urban Plug In | MicroCyte© Urban Concept, Paris


Urban Design, Hamburg

Drivin’ Art

Museum Design, Schwäbisch-Hall

Z - Stehpult

Furniture design journeymans piece, Kiel

Other projetcs

Concepts and designs


Curriculum vitae - innovative reversible construction solution

Invention, development and design | Scientific project leader | 2015-16 | RWTH Aachen University


During a seminar an innovative frame connection and a point-to point connection for hardwood applications had been developed. The prototypes are configured as a space divider and as a stool, aiming at the field of home and office furniture and display purposes. Simple and fast assembly and disassembly without additional tools are the key issues of this self-jigging design. A multiple setup and reconfiguration with space-saving attitudes in storage, transport and distribution of furniture components could provide future potential for the furniture market. The wooden framework of the prototypes are CNC-manufactured with self-mounting connections following the spirit of traditional wood connections. The joint is locked and released with a plastic clip slipping in its position. The connecting principle has been registered as a patent by RWTH Aachen University for PCT-States. (Pat.No. DE 10 2015 013 229.6) Supported by the RWTH Aachen University Innovation Fund and Technology Transfer. Technology marketing by ProVendis GmbH

4 | rwth aachen university

Joint principle frame

Furniture parts | rwth aachen university


Reversible construction in tectonic design

Research and design Seminar | Lecturer | Dep. for Building Construction and Design | 2015-16 | RWTH


A research by design course. The task was to develop a geometric principle for an assembly system for light building structures. The geometries had to be developed as a customized component for linear and planar structure sytstems in real scale. In the design process Ultimaker 3D-printers had been used for rapid prototyping. The final parts had been manufactured on a professional Stratasys Dimension 3D-printer and an Objet 260. Further parts had been tested as a commercial laser sintering process with polyamid as material.


reversible construction | rwth aachen university

Joint principle scale 1:10, 1:1

Structural node scale 1:1

reversible construction | rwth aachen university


Transfer of wood technology - RWTH Aachen University

Research and design seminar | Lecturer | Dep. for Building Construction and Design | 2014-16 | RWTH

Pictos setup

A research by design course. The problem defintion was to develop a geometric principle for an attachable system which could be mounted as add-on to different wall types without affecting the basic construction principles which are normally used in wood workshops. The geometry had to be manufactured on a 3-axis CNCmill, which is most common in medium to large wood manufacturing workshops in Germany. The application is meant to be used with a design for a temporary building with two or more levels which could be used as a spacial extension e.g. to schools, office buildings or exhibition constructions. The wooden connection is manufactured free from additional metal parts and is held through wooden bolts without use of glue or screws.


transfer | rwth aachen university

Joint principle

Wall positions transfer | rwth aachen university


Additive manufacturing in furniture design - RWTH Aachen University Research and design seminar | Lecturer | Dep. for Building Construction and Design | 2014 | RWTH

Geometric variants

A research by design course. The task was to develop a geometric principle for a furniture assembly system. The geometries had to be developed as a customized component. In the design process MakerBot 3D-printers had been used for rapid prototyping. The final parts had been manufactured on a professional Stratasys Dimension 3D-printer and an Objet 260. One of the designs not shown here is reported as an invention to the RWTH Department of Technology Transfer and is officially supported to be patented.


additive manufacturing in furniture production | rwth aachen university

Large scale prototype developments additive manufacturing in furniture design | rwth aachen university


Ontop building extension design - RWTH Aachen University

Research and design seminar | Lecturer | Dep. for Building Construction and Design | 2012-14 | RWTH

Example student project

A research by design course. In this analytic design course the development of a twostorey building extension design for three types of scientific buildings with different structure systems had to be solved. Wood as material had to be used for the basic structure with a strong focus on manufacturing possibilities, transport and assembly due to specific site conditions in the center of the urban RWTH University area in Aachen. The interdependencies between the existing structure, material and design possibilities had to be analyzed and a building extension design strategy and construction strategy were meant to be developped.


ontop | example project | rwth aachen university

Detail facadeconstruction

Exploded view

ontop | example project | rwth aachen university


Erich Kästner Gymnasium (High School) Cologne Honorable mention Interdisciplinary competition | Client City of Cologne | Köln 2011

Perspective view

Building extension of a school area with classrooms, cantine, auditorium and inside sport facilities. Low-energy concept with solar-heating and -cooling. The spatial concept allows a use of external sport and cultural events. Total GFA 6700 m2 Total cost building construction and building services - 9,2 mio Euro Cooperation with Zafer Bildir, PBS& Partner and flux.dieterle landschaftsarchitektur


erich kästner gymnasium | köln

Floorplan +0.00

Standard floorplan

erich kästner gymnasium | kÜln


Palazzo Provinciale Bolzano, Tyrol Competition | Bozen, South Tyrol / Italy | 2011

Perspective view

Close to the center and the train station in Bozen, a building for office and administration purposes for regional affairs will be realised. A high densitiy program on a small scale plot characterises the main challenge in the integration of the space required in relation to the density and diversity of the urban surrounding. Total GFA approx. 6710 m2 Cooperation with Zafer Bildir


palazzo provinciale | bozen

Floorplan +0.00

Standard floorplan

Street view palazzo provinciale | bozen


RheinEntrée, Bonn-Rüngsdorf

Residential project | Götzen Architekten BDA / Interboden Group | Bonn 2010

Perspective view

Development and planning of nine residential buildings with an underground parking garage on the plot of the former French Embassy close to the river Rhine. Preliminary planning and final design. Approx.. 5o dwellings ca. 8500 m2 GFA ca. 6100 m2 living area (netto) Plot ratio 0,29 (acc. GRZ) Floor space index 0,79 (acc. GFZ) Completion 2010 - 2014


rheinentrée | bonn


Standard floorplan house 9

rheinentrĂŠe | bonn


University of Bremerhaven, 6th phase of construction Execution and detail drawings | kister scheithauer gross architekten | 2009


6th phase of construction of the University of Bremerhaven. Building project with auditorium, lecture halls and spaces for research and administration. Execution and detail drawings of facade construction and entrance area. GFA 4860 m2 Completion 2010-12.


university bremerhaven | bremerhaven

View towards auditorium entrance

Floorplan +0.00

university bremerhaven | bremerhaven


IFG laboratory building University Bremen

Execution and detail drawings | Bremen | kister scheithauer gross architekten und stadtplaner | 2009


A building for research, simulation, non-destructive testing and process technology of the BIAS (Bremen Institute for applied Beam Technology). Execution and detail drawings of facade construction and entrance area. GFA Completion 2010-12


ifg | bremen

5200 m2

Elevation south

Detail planning groundfloor entrance area

ifg | bremen


AletschCampus, Naters Competition | Naters, CH | 2009

Perspektive view

Inspired by alpine forms and structures, the building complex is implemented at the edge of the rural settlement area as a symbol and an identification for the Swiss region of Valais. The monolithic appearance of all buildings in the same material is part of the connecting concept between the variety of functions required. The whole complex is a mixture of museum and exhibition spaces, research spaces, a daycare center, administration, offices, hotel and residential spaces with a subterranean parking garage. GFA

approx. 22500m2

Cooperation with Gudrun Warnking


aletschcampus | naters


Floorplan +0.00 aletschcampus | naters


Gerlingareal “Globale und Hufeisen” buildings, Cologne

Sub-project leader | Köln | kister scheithauer gross architekten und stadtplaner | 2008-09

Perspective view Hildeboldplatz

Replanning, extension and renovation of a historic urban building complex of the 50s and 60s in the heart of Cologne. Alternative structural scenarios with different possible funtional programs and facade reconstruction. Preliminary designs for hotel and restaurant use in combination with residential and office spaces. Final design, building permission application, production information and execution drawings. Completion 2010 - ? Sub-project Globale Sub-project Hufeisenbauten Sub-project Jahrhundertsaal


gerling areal | köln

7600 m2 GFA 14500m2 GFA 5200 m2 GFA

Example florrplan upper levels - variation for doorman-living

Aufstockung Bestand

Example florrplan groundlevel - variation for doorman-living gerling areal | kรถln


Access building Cathedral of Cologne

Executional drawings | Köln | Kaspar Kraemer Architekten BDA | 2008

Photo competition model

Implementation of a new access to the south part of the cathedral with the integration of a kiosk and a museum part, distribution level for a parking garage and sanitary facilities. Production information, execution drawings and detail planning for part of the project. Completion 2009. Total cost approx. 5 mio €


sub-entrance cathedral | köln

View from Papstterasse

Detail section facade

sub-entrance cathedral | kรถln


lightstructure / mbox, Zollverein Essen Two-phase competition | Essen | 2008


Perspective view

Two-phase competition - 1. prize Development and design of stackable, mobile modules. Wood and steel construction. Preliminary design, final design, execution drawings Completion stopped due to uncertain contract status. Cooperation with Projekt Holzbau, Rodeca und Contec with Daniel Lauber und Alexander Kunter


lightstructure / mbox | zollverein essen

Schematic floorplan +0.00

Detail section

lightstructure / mbox | zollverein essen


Pump station facade Schönhauser Straße, Cologne

Final proposals to completion | Köln | Kaspar Kraemer Architekten BDA | 2007

Nightscene in blue

New building of a pump station ath the riverside of the river Rhine for the City of Cologne. Final proposals, building permission and production information, execution and detail drawings up to scale 1:1 for completion of the steelwork construction and facade. Completion 2008.


pump station schönhauser straße | köln

Detail facade

Steel - grid envelope

Detail sections

hochwasserpumpwerk schรถnhauser straรŸe | kรถln


HOCHTIEF Essen, Entrance Steinstrasse

Final design to completion | Essen | Kaspar Kraemer Architekten BDA | 2007

Perspective view

Extension and renovation of existing buildings on the plot of the headquarter of HOCHTIEF corporate group as an entrance situation with facilities and common areas for the car service. Steel construction of the roof. Completion September 2007. Final design, building permission application, execution drawings, assisting award process and construction to completion. Total cost 2,7 mio Euro


entrance hochtief | essen

Detail section steel construction roof

entrance hochtief | essen


Borowitzkaja office / hotel / museum, Moscow Design study | Moskau | Mueller Architecture | 2006


Design study in the city center of Moscow close to the Kremlin. The building complex is configured for office, hotel and museum use on a two-storey subterranean parking garage. Design study and preliminary design. Plot area 12950 m2 GFA Museum 15540 m2 GFA Hotel 8530 m2 GFA Office 37800 m2 Total cost approx.123,5 mio Euro


borowitzkaja | moscow

Perspective view


Level +1

borowitzkaja | moscow


Urban Plug-In | MicroCyteŠ Urban concept | Paris | 2006


Between the historic area of the Paris World Exhibition from 1937 from the Palais de Tokyo to the area on the opposite riverside of the Quai de Branly an interconnection of surrounding urban space is meant to be established. The conversion of the urban and the building space focusses on creating a connection with more attractive urban areas. The main aspect of the concept is a connection device as urban furniture and light element and several types of small urban structures working as urban plug in. As microsites, they are following the spirit of the nearby stands of the bouquinistes de Paris, creating an attraction and a multifunctional possibility for events in urban space. The plug-ins are meant to be temporary spaces.


urban plug in | diplom | paris

Situation Palais de Tokyo / Musée du Quai Branly

MicroCyte© Quai Branly in the direction of Pont d’Iéna


urban plug in | diplom | paris

a museum walk


HarbourCity Hamburg

Student competition | Hamburg | 2002


Landscape as urban concept

Natural influences from tide and water in the riverscape of the river Elbe and future dependencies of a rising sea level with the upcoming necessity of flood protection is subject of a conceptual proposal of renaturation and restoration of a natural landscape belt in the city of Hamburg. In contrast to this landscape thematically differentiated urban platforms are implemented, establishing a closer and intensified contact for leisure and activities in the city. Cooperation with Annette Geiselhardt


harbourcity | urban design | hamburg


Magdeburger Hafen in the direction to the river Elbe

harbourcity | urban design | hamburg


Drivin’ Art

Project design | Schwäbisch Hall | 2001

Photosequence from the outside / inside

Constrained by the plot area of a parking space, exhibition and parking purposes for a regional bank are connected in a single building structure. The spaces for the art collection of the bank and the parking spaces are combined in a shell and core principle, organised conceptually like membrane layers from inside to outside. The in-between zone of the museum separating the parking space includes all technical and sanitary functions and is key to the circulation within the building.


drivin’ art | museum | schwäbisch hall

Level +0,00

Cross section

Longitudinal section

drivin’ art | museum | schwäbisch hall


House H-M

Lupsingen (CH), 2004 Coworking design project Luca Selva Architekten, ETH BSA SIA

Model 1:20

Project design for a house in Lupsingen near Basel (CH). House with a patio, living areas and an art- and sound studio. Geometric and spatial development in model, scale 1:20. Coworking until final design, scale 1:100. Geometric studies, facade studies, studies for construction. Construction concept roof structure. Published in Werk, Bauen + Wohnen 1-2 | 2006


house h-m | designproject | lupsingen

Outside view

Upper floor

Patio from the inside


Patio from the outside

house h-m | designproject | lupsingen


Z - Standing desk

Journeymans piece | Muhlack Kiel | 1998

The construction of the standing desk is characterised by two laminated wooden z-shaped frames with double bridle joints connected by an upper carcase and a lower open carcase. The frame material is cherry wood for the frames and cherry veneered boards for the carcase. As part of the upper carcase a lockable drawer with a tiltable worktop is included. The lower carcase can be used for the storage of magazines.


z- standing desk | journeymans piece

Construction drawings 1:1 / 1:10

Tiltable worktop

z- standing desk | journeymans piece


project list



Palais Oppenheim, Office and administration building Refurbishment of a historic mansion, Cologne Kister Scheithauer Gross Architekten und Stadtplaner GFA ca. 18.000 m2 Project study


Villa Langen Residential building complex, Kรถln-Marienburg Preliminary design, final design Kister Scheithauer Gross Architekten und Stadtplaner GFA 1000 m2 service phases 1-3


RWE Trading Floor New Office building with trade floor for RWE Trading, Essen. Co-working building permission application, execution and detail drawings focussed on steel- and facade construction. Kaspar Kraemer Architekten BDA GFA total 18.750 m2 GFA Trade floor 2000 m2 service phases 4, 5


St. Leonhards Garten Urban design, Braunschweig Kaspar Kraemer Architekten BDA 2007 Competition

Project phases according german HOAI Service Phases 1 Establishing the basis of the project 2 Preliminary design 3 Final design 4 Building permission application 5 Execution drawings 6 Preparation of contract award 7 Assisting award process 8 Project supervision 9 Project control and documentation




Jakimanskaja Residence Residential building / reconstruction facade, Moscow Execution drawings, tender documentation Mueller Architecture Köln/Moskau GFA ca. 4500 m2 service phases 5, 6


Aston Martin Showroom Design study, Moscow Mueller Architecture Köln/Moskau service phases 1,2 Businesscenter Maslovka Design study, Moscow Mueller Architecture Köln/Moskau co-working service phases 1,2



NIKE Play Award | SPACEBASE© Design Study


Refurbishment vicarage Roman-Catholic Church Basel Co-working execution drawings, tender documentation, project supervision Luca Selva Architekten ETH BSA SIA service phases 5, 6, 7, 8


House Buess, Basel Residential project Co-working execution drawings, tender documentation Luca Selva Architekten ETH BSA SIA service phases 5, 6, 7


Sports building Wegmatten, Basel Locker rooms Co-working execution drawings, Luca Selva Architekten ETH BSA SIA service phases 5, 6, 7


Europan 7 Eckbolsheim / Strasbourg, 2003 NeidlingerCommessie Architects Competition


Depot for locomotives | Deutsche Bahn Cargo Maintenance building, Nürnberg Design Proposal



Florian Henniges, Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Chamber of Architects Northrhine-Westfalia 39867 Christophstr.31 50670 Köln, Germany tel +49.173.2416805



Work Experience


Diploma graduation (Dipl.-Ing.) Faculty of Architecture, University of Karlsruhe / Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)


Vordiplom (Intermediate diploma graduation) University of Karlsruhe

1998 - 2006

Architectural studies at University of Karlsruhe / Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

1995 -1998

Apprenticeship as a carpenter and a cabinet maker at Muhlack Kiel (D) focussed on furniture, interior design work, exhibition construction, shop fitting

1984 - 1993

Gymnasium Altenholz, Abitur

2010 - 2016

Teaching Assistant / Research Fellow RWTH Aachen University Dep. for Building Construction and Design Prof. Hartwig N. Schneider


Workshop “Optopping” with Kristine Sundahl and Prof. Anne Beim at CINARK / KADK, Royal Danish Academy for Architecure, Copenhagen (DK)

2010 - 2013

bfr / büro für raumdefinitionen, owner


Project Architect at Interboden Urban Development, Ratingen (D)

2008- 2010

Project Manager at Kister Scheithauer Gross Architekten und Stadtplaner, Köln (D)

2007 - 2008

Project Architect at Kaspar Kraemer Architekten, Köln (D)

2006 - 2007

Project Architect at Müller Architecture Cologne, Moscow (D)


Student Assitant at Institute ORL Dep. for Urban Design, Prof. Markus Neppl, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

2004 - 2005

Student Assitant at Dep. for Scenography Professor for Temporary Architecture and Urbanism, Gesa Mueller von der Haegen, HfG Karlsruhe (D) State University for Art and Design

2003 - 2004

Student Architect at Selva Architekten ETH BSA SIA, Basel (CH)


Student Architect at Neidlinger Commessie Architectes, Strasbourg (F)

2001 - 2003

Student Assitant at Institute ORL Dep. for Housing, Urbanism and Design Prof. Dr.-Ing. Günther Uhlig, University of Karlsruhe / Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)


Work Experience

Academic work

Workshops Symposia Excursions

Awards and Prizes

1999 - 2001

Light engineering at Jam Event Engineering, Karlsruhe (D)

1999 - 2000

Carpenter at Amolsch Carpentry, Karlsuhe (D)


Carpenter / cabinet maker at Muhlack Kiel (D)

1994 - 1995

Internship at architectural office AC Schäfer/Agather, Kiel (D) Boat building work at Outward Bound, Königsburg (D) Shipyard work at Eberhardt Bootswerft, Arnis (D) Internship at Muhlack, Kiel (D)

2014 - 2016

Invention and development of - Innovative reversible connecting solution for hardwood applications Patented by RWTH University (Germany and PCT-States)

2015 - 2016

Project study and publication “Potentials and framework conditions of rooftop extensions” for the german Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development and the german Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety

2012 - 2014

Development and implementation of research series “ontop” densification potentials on building strucutres


Study trip focussed on Wood Building Technology in South West Germany, Vorarlberg/ Austria, Blumer Lehmann, Switzerland


Participation Sympsoium Urbaner Holzbau, University of Stuttgart, Prof. Cheret


Participation INDESEM - International Design Seminar 2000, TU Delft / Berlage Institut, Rotterdam


Honorable mention - Competition Erich Kästner Gymnasium, Köln (D) 1.Prize - Competition Mobile Working Spaces, Zeche Zollverein Essen (D) 1.Prize - 4th. Bülow-Competition Hamburg (D) European Students Talent Award, EU (connected to the Bülow Competition) 2.Prize journeymans piece Chamber of Crafts, Carpenters Guild, City of Kiel

2008 2003 2003 1998

German, native English, medium French, basic

Language Skills

IT Skills

DTP CAD AVA Video Office Web OS

Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Freehand, AutoCAD Architecture, Rhino, Vektorworks, SketchUp, Archicad, Nemetschek Allplan, Cinema 4D Orca AVA, Memphis Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Studio Word, Excel, Project Pro, Powerpoint, Filemaker Pro Wordpress, Macromedia Flash, Adobe Golive Mac OS, Windows, Basic Unix Network architecture Mac OS 51

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Portfolio 2016  

/ updated academic and project work //

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