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The asbestos is a silky natural mineral fibre, that can be used in several products (pipe and duct insulation, building insulation, ceiling panels, roofing materials, asphalt products, brake pads and lining, gaskets, special textiles, reinforced plastic materials, cements etc.), mainly for its resistance qualities to the fire, to the chemical and biological attack, lightness and durability. Taking into consideration that: - the asbestos is a proven cancerous substance in any one in its forms; - the asbestos is a devastating public health problem; - the Global Asbestos Congress 2004 in Tokyo (GAC2004) appealed all countries to ban the asbestos use;

We hereby certify that our products contain no asbestos at all. Additionally, we do not remove, trade or recycle any product containing asbestos.

Rio Meテ」o, 7 February 2006

Paulo Rocha Product Manager

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