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Polished Concrete


The Ultimate in Modern Flooring Modern,stylish and low-maintenance, polished concrete flooring combines a durableand practicalsurfacewith theaesthetic appeal of natural stone. Thecontemporary alternative to traditional tiled or timber floors,polished concreteis madefrom naturalmaterials, ishard-wearing, low-maintenance, dust-free, and most importantly, looksspectacular.

Talkto theExperts At Concrete ResurfacingSystems,we're the industry leaders when it comes to quality concrete resurfacing and polishing systems. We'vefine-tuned ourgrinding and polishing process uses the latest technology and best materials. The result is spectacular floors, which are classic and contemporary. Wework with our clients - from home owners, interior designers and architects, to commercial and construction professionals to find innovative flooring solutions for their project.

The Grinding and Polishing Process Polishedconcreteis ground back toexposeits naturalcharacteristics andappeal,then polished to createanenhancedandattractivefinish. Thegrinding process reveals varyingdegrees of thenaturalaggregateand minerals withinthe concrete.Dependingon thefinishthat youprefer, wecangrind todifferentlevels within theconcrete fromlightto mediumoraheavygrind,which will varythelevelofaggregateexposure. CRS offera rangeoffinishes thatallprovide beautiful results. Fromthetraditional process ofgrinding backandsealing thesurface with carefullyselected resin basedsealers to the latest inconcrete polishingtechnology,asystemthat polishes and treats thesurfaceto producea floor withthesameappealandfeelofthe highest quality polishedstone.

Flexible Design Youdon'tneedtosettleonthegreyshadesof polished concrete.By utilising different mixes, aggregates andcoloured oxides awiderangeof finishes can beachieved. Choosing a polished concrete floor means you have creativecontroloverthefinallook, meaning youget thefinishtosuityourtastes andstyle.

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Polished Concrete  
Polished Concrete  

CRS is the specialist in making polished concrete floors in Melbourne. They provide various services like commercial concrete flooring, poli...