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Renovation is perfectly possible Nature is unrelenting. That applies to everything and everyone. For example, over the years, medicine has succeeded in extending the life expectancy of a human being. However, we’re not yet immortal. Even with the necessary maintenance and products, a wooden terrace will need a thorough renovation at some point. There are some products for that, but the terrace renovation machines which are on offer today make the renovation of outdoor parquet a piece of cake. The purchase of such machines can open the way up for floor fitters on the renovation market where they can earn a lot of profit. Since these machines have come on the market only recently, we can assume that there is a big market waiting on the outside. The Overmat Terrace Renovator is a machine which renovates and maintains the wooden terrace. With the help of the Renovation cylinder in this machine, the terrace can be sandpapered very lightly. This Renovation cylinder is designed in such a way that it even cleans terrace parts with a groove. The machine then sprays the oil onto the terrace parts via a pressure casket and makes sure with a special brush that the oil is massaged into the wood. Specially for renovating, cleaning, and treating small or difficult-to-reach places of wooden terraces, there is a hand sanding machine, the Terrace Edge Renovator from Overmat! Apart from those machines mentioned above, Overmat also offers the Multi-talent Airtec ES-200. The various brushes which are available mean that there is a solution for just about all work. Apart from renovating terraces, this Swiss quality machine can also be deployed, amongst other thing, for roughening up concrete, stripping epoxy, removing coatings, cutting out parquet and wood, and fine-milling smooth surfaces.

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Special Terrace renovation machines

Terrace cleaner are an efficient means of preventing the build up of moss and dirt. They can be deployed on all sorts of tropical wood. Most cleaners are diluted with water and applied with a brush.

Intensive cleaning and refreshing The intensive cleaning and refreshing of greyed wooden decking is easy: The Osmo Decking Cleaning Machine used in combination with the Wood Reviver Power Gel removes even the most stubborn soiling and green growth from all types of decking profiles. The natural character and colour of the wood is then restored, leaving it looking fresh and radiant, to keep it looking this way we recommend that, after the wood has been cleaned and refreshed, it be finished with one of the Osmo Decking Oils, these are available in a variety of natural wood tones.


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Osmo The Quad Sander is designed to complete JANSER´s product range of Machines and Equipment for terrace renovation and maintenance. The QUAD is designed to work on small to medium sized areas and along edges. The dual brush system and the well-balanced chassis allow to work highly gently and precisely across the surfaces. The brush pressure can be adjusted individually by the operator in order to get the required performance and best results. A dust extractor can be attached to the Quad to allow a dustfree working environment. A handle for upright operation as well as special brush covers for oiling applications are available as accessories to the machine. Thanks to its special brushes, this tool can be used on all surfaces, whether or not they are structured. There are two basic applications provided. When new terraces are laid, the terrace boards are finely sandpapered to obtain a perfectly smooth surface. This gives the terrace an exclusive premium look and is pleasant to walk on. The other application is geared to renovation. To that end, the machine has five brushes: three sandpapering brushes (46/60/120), a polishing brush, and a stainless steel brush for thorough cleaning. With this equipment the QUAD can be deployed to renew and restore worn terraces so that they look brand new. Together with the TSM Terrace Renovator for area application, a manual sanding machine for the edges (HSM) and a corner sander with a triangular brush system, the QUAD forms the Janser Terrace Renovation System.


FFI 67 May 2014  

FFI 67 May 2014

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