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Floor Stickers Floorstoppers is 100% wholly owned by MagiqADs Sdn Bhd, a full service media marketing and management firm that specializes in in-store retail media and is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Floor Advertisements

Our mission is to focus on the development and design of our core business involving 3D flat surface images, while setting our goals on expansion and diversification.

Our corporate values and principles is to be achieved through a mix of unbridled creativity, customer oriented solutions, efficiency, maximization of resources and teamwork.

3D Floor Stickers We produce 3D Floor Advertising Media and Animated 3D Floor Advertisements utilizing our patented Vertical Illusion Technology. In a nutshell, a Floorstopper sticker is essentially a flat surface sticker which, when looked at from a specific distance and height, will appear to be threedimensional (3D). Based on Renaissance era Anamorphic Art techniques, our 3D Engineers have created a revolutionary design process to measure, model and rescale any image into a stunning 3D Vertical Illusion.

Our Objectives  Consistently evolve and be at the forefront of the limits of 3D design & Advertising.  Increase market share within our Retail, Out-Of-Home, and Televised Event Media Channels.  Build the Floorstoppers brand into a global 3D creative media firm.

3D Floor Media

Call : +603 7495 3338 We are 3d Advertising Media specialists, we focus on creating high reach and high impact 3D Floor Advertising and Media.

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