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you are reading the second issue of mojomag. welcome to hungary.

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Earlier in 2012, a few Budapest-raised international students decided to bring some extra flare to the lives of nonnatives coming to learn, work, and party in this fun filled city. That’s us, and here we are now – you’re reading the 2013 February issue of Mojomag, a lifestyle magazine that initiates you into this lovely new environment in a different way than your tourist guidebooks and universities. We’ve worked together with universities, ESN sections, organizations, and a bunch of young and talented people to bring content we hope you’ll find interesting. Everything from cover to cover has been curated in your interest. Even the advertisers have been hand-picked by our small staff, recommending you services and products any of us would happily consume. enjoy mojomag, and enjoy your stay in hungary!

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budapest in n bridges

megyeri, északi vasúti összekötő, árpád, margit, széchenyi-lánc, erzsébet, szabadság, petőfi, rákóczi,

million inhabitants

geothermal springs

the world’s largest thermal water cave system

largest synagogue in the world

largest parliament in the world

ranked city (out of 65 cities) on mastercard’s emerging markets index, considered a financial hub in central europe

most beautiful city


(1,729 ft) above sea level, the highest point of the hills and of budapest is jános hill

in the world by ucityGuides

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n numbers monuments metres

in worldwide alcohol consumption

(315 ft) the lowest point is the line of the danube


liters beer consumption

in a hungarian’s life, 17th in the world

of hungary’s population

lives in budapest. so, every 5th person in hungary is a ‘budapester’

holy place of islam is in budapest

tram 4-6 passenger traffic per day universities in budapest

facebook accounts live in budapest

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pizza Pizza is a controversial topic. is the dough too thick, too thin, or spot-on? is the tomato real, or is it just a load of ketchup? what’s up with the cheese? is it a quality ingredient? we’ve collected some of the best pizza places from where you can order.

from italy, with love!

Italy in Budapest. Thanks to the venues listed below, you can feel the Dolce Vita at home as if you were chilling in a Sicilian village on a sunny afternoon. These top-notchestaurants prefer authentic Italian ingredients and also deliver pizzas all the way to your doorstep. They are not the cheapest eateries in town, but quality has never been cheap.

porcellino grasso II. Ady Endre utca 19., +36 20 310 1553 Open: 12:00-24:00 Porcellino Grasso delivers food for free within a 5-kilometre radius. If you live further than that, you’ll be charged for 400huf. Their Margherita costs 1490huf; a prosciutto Parma is 2190 huf, the one with mozzarella and eggplant shortens your budget by 2590 huf. Even if you order for the very first time, you’ll be rewarded with a coupon granting a 10% discountin Porcellino and 57 Restaurant. As for the selection, your can choose from 15 pizzas.

il terzo chercio VII. Dohány utca 40., +36 1 354 0788 Delivery: 11:00-22:45 When it comes to authentic Italian restaurants, this fella definitely belongs to the cream of the crop. Il Terzo delivers to the 5th, 6th, 8th, and 9th district for free, though your order must exceed 1000 huf. To tell you the truth, meeting those expectations won’t be as tough as scoring a goal against an Italian soccer team, since even a Margherita costs 1650 huf. A Prosciutto di Parma is sold for 2450 huf, and Maialona, our favorite (with mozzarella, bacon, ham, frankfurter, and hot salami), will land on your plate for 2350 huf. The selection is remarkable, and consists of 22 pizza masterpieces.

trattoria venezia VIII. József körút 85., +36 1 235 0955 Open: 11:30-24:00 Trattoria Venezia’s friendly-priced pizzas roll to your home for free – if you happen to reside in the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 11th or the13th district. Those living in the calm, cool, and collected Buda side will have to suffer a minor punishment of a 300 huf delivery charge. But it’s all dandy and fine, because a Margherita only costs 1090 huf, while a Prosciutto gets 1290 huf out of your proverbial piggy bank. 10 types of pizza are available, including a delicious specialty with porcini, Venice sausage, buffalo mozzarella, and mushroom cream.

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pizza manufaktúra IX. Erkel utca 9.
 +36 1 210 1267, +3620 374 0198
 Open: Mon-Sat: 10:30-21:30, Sun: 17:00-21:30

Once upon a time, pizza used to be an Italian curiosity, but has quickly become the most popular delivery food on the planet, which resulted in a nearly infinite number of local variations. In Budapest, there are dozens of restaurants offering pizza-like creations, though these tend to neglect traditional Italian recipes.

Pizzas are divided into 4 categories: Spicy Hot, Seafood, Fruits, and the imaginative other. It’s not overly complicated to figure out the gist of each group. Spicy Hot is about scorching hot paprika and chili; Seafood concentrates on sea creatures, we wouldn’t recommend the oddity topped with Cthulhu’s tentacles; fruity ones are a tad weird, nevertheless tasty; and, last not least, Other contains everything else. A Margherita costs 590 huf, and with a few chunky slices of ham, the price jumps up to 650 huf, while more exquisite and more expensive pizzas can be found in the Seafood category. A sneaky extra fee of 90 huf is charged for the pizza box, and delivery is said to take no more than 40 minutes.

pizza forte

kocka pizza

Free and faster-than-a-Ferrari delivery sounds awesome, though if you scan through the menu, you’ll notice that gas expenses are included in the prices. A 32 cm Margherita costs 1300 huf, and there’s a wide selection of so-called Chicago pizzas with extra thick dough. The Chicagos come in the same varieties as the ones with thin dough, but they’re a tad more expensive with prices ranging from 1600 to 1800 huf.

We couldn’t really fathom the concept of a pizza baked in any other shape than a disc – until Kocka Pizza (literally Cube Pizza, but let’s just go with Square Pizza) popped up on the scene. These Detroit-style specialties are available in two sizes (32 and 52 cm), with prices ranging from 1000 to 2450 huf, although the final amount might crawl into the low 3000s depending on the chosen extra toppings. The most intriguing pizzabooster is, without a doubt, the Big O. It has nothing to do with nba legend Oscar Robertson, and has everything to do with a crust stuffed with mozzarella and sausages.

pizza, coke and fries +361 388 8888, Delivery: 10:00-23:15 +36 30 365 6449, Delivery: 10:00-23:00

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Hungarians enlisting all the prolific individuals who’ve come and gone throughout hungary’s 1100-year-long history would take at least another millennium, so believe us, selecting a top 6 wasn’t as easy as stealing candy from willy wonka.

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józsef lászló bíró

katalin karády

Bíró was born at the very end of the 19th century, in 1899. While working as a journalist, he spotted that the ink used in newspaper printing produces less messy results than a fountain pen’s ammo. Bíró teamed up with his chemist brother, György, and together they developed what’s known today as a ballpoint pen, or the “biro”. Bíró died in Buenos Aires at the age of 86, and, since 1986, Inventors’ Day is celebrated on his birthday in Argentina.

Denoting Karády as the Hungarian Ava Gardner might not do justice either for her mesmerizing beauty or her immense talent. She was born in Budapest in 1910, and, after spending five years in Switzerland and the Netherlands, and following her studies in marketing, she took a dive into the world of acting in 1936. Her first movie role was in a flick entitled Halálos Tavasz (Deadly Spring), and she instantly became a star and a sex symbol thanks to her deep, bluesy voice and her femme fatale-image. Hungary’s German invasion halted the ascension of Karády’s career: her songs were banned, her films were cancelled, and she was arrested and almost beaten to death. She left Hungary in 1951, and never looked back. Karády finally settled down in New York in 1968, where she operated a hat saloon until her death in 1990.

jános irinyi János Irinyi, born in 1817, was a renowned chemist who’s more than worthy of being regarded as the Prometheus of inventors. Without him, lighting a candle could be more dangerous than playing tag with cheetahs, since the formula for producing the noiseless and non-explosive match popped out of his mind at the tender age of 19.

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jenő rejtő

ernő rubik

Jenő Rejtő, born in 1905, was a journalist, a playwright, and a pulp fiction writer, although the oftendegrading “pulp” epithet is more than deceiving in Rejtő’s case. His brilliantly humorous novels written under the alias P. Howard and inspired by his travels take place in the French Foreign Legion, on the seas, in sailor joints, on remote islands, and in mob hideaways. His unforgettable characters include Piszkos Fred (Filthy Fred), a longbearded troublemaker who’s always two steps ahead of everyone else, and Troppauer Hümér, a Hulklike legionist writing childishly sentimental poems. According to an urban legend, Rejtő used to pay with manuscripts in his favourite café, a story is commemorated with a mural on Mika Tivadar Pub’s building.

Ernő Rubik was born into a family of intellectuals in 1944. Rubik graduated as an architect, continued his studies in sculpting and interior architecture, and became a professor at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design at the end of the 70s. He came up with the world-famous Rubik’s Cube in 1975, which turned out to be an instant sensation and blossomed into an essential element of pop culture.

ferenc puskás Ferenc Puskás, born in 1927, was one of the greatest football players of all time. He had a legendary left foot, a rare-as-ice-in-the-Sahara feel for the game, and unparalleled smarts. In 1958, two years after the Hungarian Revolution, he emigrated to Spain and became an icon at Real Madrid, where he won three European Cups. Puskás scored 598 goals in 614 matches, was a World Cup silver medalist in 1954, and was recognized as the century’s top scorer in 1995. Hungary’s biggest stadium, located in the 14th district, and fifa’s most beautiful goal award are named after him.

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     

High quality medical care Well equipped facilities On-site diagnostics English speaking professionals Direct billing to insurance companies Student discount FIRSTMED–FMC KFT.

Hattyúház, 5th floor, Hattyú utca 14., H–1015 Budapest 24-Hour Hotline: (+36-1) 224-9090 Website:

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the phenomena known as ruin pubs have taken over the nightlife of budapest a few years back, and established a pattern for success. nonetheless, worn-down pieces of furniture, psychedelic interiors, and a bunch of hipsters are not enough to create a popular spot; a certain kind of charm is also needed. as for the best ruin pubs of budapest, this essential charm changes from venue to venue, and guarantees an enviable assortment. if you’re thirsty for a local curiosity, head over to one of downtown budapest’s cheap pubs. these novel-worthy drinkeriesconstitute an essential part of budapest’s nightlife, and offer several liquid opportunities to warm up an evening of heavy partying. since some of these joints are rather hard to find, and the ones you might bump into may not worth either your time or your money, we’ve collected the best cheap pubs of downtown budapest. prepare your liver, and check them all out!

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2/1/2013 12:48:48 AM


SzimplaKert, situated on Kazinczyutca, one of the busiest party streets of downtown Budapest, is the mother of all ruin pubs. The interior, courtesy of contemporary artists, looks like as if it was put together from the selection of a second hand shop selling electronic devices, prehistoric toys, old bikes, and even vintage Russian cars. Szimpla’s crowd of regulars is almost exclusively made up of foreigners, Hungarians are as rare as sharks in a glass of wine. The booze sortiment holds no surprises, while the menu consists of bar dishes. Perfect place to get to know heaps of exciting people during an all-nighter.


DürerKert has become one of the most renowned party spots during the last couple of years, housing bands and musicians such as Rise Against or Chuck Regan. Due to its youthful, friendly atmosphere, Dürer attracts the urban youth like Mick Jagger attracts women, mainly because of its diverse genre-palette and its gravelly garden suited for world-changing chats over a few beers. Concerts are also held on the garden stage, so you can basically dance wherever you want to. The only disadvantage we can mention regarding DürerKert is its location, since it is quite far away from the downtown area.


Not so surprisingly, EllátóKert is located on Kazinczyutca, right at the Drinking District’s never-resting heart. The regular crowd is made up of twentysomethings, thirtysomethings, bikers, skaters, tattooed musicians, pierced chicks, and dogs coming in all shapes and sizes. Spicy-hot Mexican dishes satisfy you post-booze hunger, which will surely strike down upon you with furious anger on Fridays, when there’s a huge beer discount. To literally top it all off, Ellátó is roofed during the winter months.

szimpla café

Although it might seem light Szimpla Café is the little brother of SzimplaKert, looks are once again deceiving: the former inspired the latter, and thus served as the first step on the path of success for these trendsetting drinkeries. Szimpla Café offers the same vibe and atmosphere as SzimplaKert, although, due to the space being significantly smaller, the lack of a garden, and the zigzaggy cellar, it is rather romantic and homely. If you’d like to impress your date, or would just throw in a coffee while reading a book, you’ve just found the ideal scene!

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Don’t let the name (Fogasház means House of Teeth) fool you, this ruin pub-pioneer has no relation whatsoever to neither the Twilight-saga nor to less cheesy vampire flicks. During its initial years, Fogasház functioned as a hub for arts and a gathering place for contemporary artists. After having been rebuilt in the fall of 2010, the altered concept and the revamped design resulted in a major popularity spurt. The interior is stylishly dilapidated, the prices are not too high, and the dance floor cures your boogie-fever. Don’t dare to leave without having a slice of Margarita pizza!


Located on Nagymezőutca – also known as the Broadway of Pest -, a beloved spot of party animals, Instant is a T-Rex-sized ruin pub complex occupying a whole building. The thematized dance floors guarantee that you will find the songs you’d like to shake it to like a Polaroid picture, while multiple counters and an awesome crowd ensure that you won’t leave neither sober nor before sunrise. The psychedelic interior features highlights such as a boar-shaped disco ball, glowing butterflies, and humping foxes.


Grandio is an urban jungle full of plants and crazy foreigners, so you might bump into Mike Tyson’s tiger. We’re only kidding, of course, though Grandio, which also serves as a party hostel, is a regular scene of wild all-nighters, so anything can happen. You can quench your thirst with the usual drinks, while your groaning belly is silenced by grill dishes. Although the place has a Mediterranean feel to it, it’s not low-key at all, and the vibe urges you to release your inner rock star.


Királyutca’sKuplung is a real curiosity and an underground shrine. Hidden by a gateway right next to Ceasar’s Pub, it is housed by an old courtyard, which used to be covered with graffitis and other mind-boggling pieces of urban art. After the whole spot has been renovated and refurbished, the underground vibe and the urban art-infusion still remained intact, but was sprinkled with pieces of trendy-ish furniture and minimalist design elements. Drink discounts are aplenty, just as football game broadcasts, parties, and people of all styles and ages.

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Kőleves (stone soup, which might not be that tasty), situated on the corner of Dob utca and Kazinczyutca, provides a silent snug among the hustling and bustling venues of the Drinking District. It looks like a dime-adozen, though homely restaurant, but it’s spiced up by a garden hiding right behind it. Colored chairs, metal tables, romancing couples, and chatting university students characterize this gravelled garden bar.

the concerts are free, there’s a bunch of bike storage racks, tasty grill dishes, cute dogs, and colorful fairy lights.

morrison’s 2


The name (csendestárs means silent companion) says it all. Located at the entrance of KárolyiKert, an urban garden frequented by class-skipping university students and kids from nearby kindergartens, CsendesTárs is a chilled café at day, and a candle-lit date spot at night. When it comes to drinks, your favourite silent companion offers a surprisingly varied wine sortiment, refreshing spritzers, and simple dishes to gobble after you’ve had a few glasses.

Although the Morrison’s franchise doesn’t strictly belong to the circle of the famed ruin pubs – undoubtedly, Morrison’s 2 has become one of the most popular party places of Budapest’s nightlife and deserves a honorable mention. With a massive (partly underground) maze, five dance floors, five music styles, enormous drink promotions and vibrant atmosphere, it attracts a mixture of locals, tourists, and students all year round. Unlike elsewhere, there are full-house parties happening every day of the week – right, including Sundays and Mondays. Lovers of garden bars don’t need to wait until the warm season either: the courtyard is heated throughout winter and is open-air every other season. As an added bonus, a karaoke room is at the service of the undiscovered singing talents. If you feel like going fancy once in a while seeking grandiose parties, Morrisons Liget might also fit your taste, although it’s a short cab ride away from the city center.


Kertem is like Rambo in the jungle: it’s hiding between the bushes. This spacious garden bar can be found in Városliget – City Park, the seccond biggest park in Budapest –, a few minutes away from Hősöktere (Heroes’ Square). Despite being big enough to house most of the animals of nearby Budapest Zoo, Kertem gets really crowded at night, turning it into a cool place to hang out and get to know new people. The drinks are cheap,

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2/1/2013 12:49:36 AM

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charlie attariani charlie attariani, who hails from sweden and has persian origins, is an extremely busy man. he’s preparing to graduate as a dentist, he’s the head instructor of semmelweis university’s tae kwon do program, and, most importantly, he’s the chairman of isas, the international student association of semmelweis university, giving us plenty of things to talk about.

how did you get involved with isas? I became the ISAS Treasurer in my second year, due to my previous event marketing experience. However, initially I mainlyworked on the ISAS profile, the ISAS Card, and the homepage. what else do you do in your free time? Obviously, dentistry requires that I study a lot, so I do not have much spare time. In the first year, I started up the Semmelweis University Tae Kwon Do program, of which I am now the head instructor. We offer weekly lessons for 64 students.

what is the main objective of isas? The main objectives of ISAS are to create a community that cultivates success and security for students. Our main goal is to provide support in academics, conflict resolution, and also enable students to become apart of the university’s community. what sort of matters do you have to deal with as the chairman of isas? As Chairman, I supervise and coordinate the functions of all Team isas members, including Student Affairs, ISAS Card, ISAS events, and the homepage.I deal with

18 mm_issue_2_D.indd 18

2/1/2013 12:49:43 AM

Semmelweis University’s first and official international student magazine, The ISAS Review. I also serve as the primary link between students and the administrative body, and thus I am responsible for dealing with university officials. I work on a day to day basis with my Vice-Chairman, Daniel Domijan , and student affairs coordinator, Ehsan Kani, as well as the rest of the team (Julie Fodor, Yoav Litani, Issa Pour-Ghaz Rudi Paula, Fekete Zsuzsanna and Kari Tveit ) when completing ISAS objectives. It’s a pressing job, and I require all my fellow members to work hard to get only the best results. I can be quite demanding, but at the end of the day, we get it done and I am proud of our team. What are the main advantages of joining ISAS? The main advantages of joining ISAS include being a part of the greater international student community within Semmelweis, which assists networking and cooperation among students. Furthermore, ISAS initiatives such as the ISAS Card, the ISAS Review student paper, and ISAS events broaden the scope of the Semmelweis experience,while also enriching the social lives of our students. Being part of the ISAS team gave me the opportunity to meet many fellow students who share the same passions as I do, and after all these years, many have become close friends. You also develop a stronger bond with your university, and gradually feel a part of it.

ence new cultures, and broaden our horizons. I love meeting new people, so I would have to say this played a very big part in me choosing to commit to this university. why do you thinks has semmelweis university become so popular among international students? The popularity of Semmelweis University among international students can be attributed to its uniqueness in Europe. It is a modern, yet at the same time classical form of medical education. It is also in Budapest, which in my opinion is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe; coincidentally a very fun and active place to study. how would you describe sote’s university life? sote university life is about establishing a community. When we study, we all study. When we party, we all party. This community makes it easier to establish a good balance in our lives. initially, have you experienced any hardships in budapest? The language can be quite frustrating to learn, it is unlike the ones that I currently know. You often have to ask an English speaking Hungarian friend to help you with tasks, since learning English in schools is not enforced. Other then that, I feel at home after all these years, and hope to visit often after I have graduated. what was the strangest thing you had to get used to in hungary? There is nothing in my world I would name ‘strange’. I prefer the expressions ‘new’ and ‘different’. Perspective is very important. I like to see myself as a sponge. I try to soak up novelties, so I can experience and learn from them. ‘Strange’ things can help one develop. The plethora of new experiences inspire me to keep going.

what inspires you on a daily basis? My family, my lovely girlfriend, my friends, the ISAS team and making the most out of everyday.

what was the craziest story you’ve come across as an isas-member? Come to one of our meetings, its always crazy.

why did you choose semmelweis university? I chose Semmelweis University because of its international environment. It is a wonderful opportunity to mingle with students from all over the world, experi-

what are your plans for the future? I look forward to graduating, and the new challenges this will pose in my life. I hope that the new Chariman or the new Team ISAS will take ISAS to the next level.

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Budapest’s Thermal ever since the first inhabitants, the soldiers of the roman empire set foot in hungary, and founded aquincum – today’s óbuda -, the area has been famous for its hot springs. hungary’s thermal water reserve is one of the largest in the world, thus it’s not overly surprising that budapest is rich in world-class baths. here are the best of the best, from us, to you.

budapest is the only capital in the world with real healing water flowing beneath the layers of concrete. when it comes to per capita thermal water on the whole planet, hungary ranks second trailing only to iceland. to go into further details, the water’s temperature welling up from below is between 21 °c and 76 °c. when it comes to the complexes themselves, six out of budapest’s eleven baths have a history dating back to hundreds of years, serving both as sources and keepers of bath traditions. before you make your decision regarding thermal baths, it is essential to consume all the information you can regarding the given bath’s habits and rules, so scan through the list below before packing your slippers and towels.

gellért thermal bath

Gellért, established in the 15th century, and characterized by Art Nouveau grandeur, is arguably the most famous among the historic baths of Budapest. During the Ottoman occupation, it was extremely popular among Turkish residents, mostly because of its size and its enviable supply of warm thermal water. Gellért provides separate male and female baths, indoor pools, a huge outdoor pool, relaxing possibilities, and medical treatments.

széchenyi thermal bath

Nothing compares to diving into the outdoor pool of Széchenyi Bath in a snowfall. Since Széchenyi, which happens to be the largest thermal bath in Budapest, is open all year long, you can experience the characteristics of all four seasons while relaxing in soothing thermal water. You can also play chess with the regulars, get various medical treatments, sweat it out in the sauna, and even purchase healing water capable of improving your skeletal and respiratory system, while also curing stomach and kidney problems. Széchenyi has something to offer even for party people, since it houses the renowned events of Cinetrip.

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2/1/2013 12:49:57 AM

rudas thermal bath

Rudas Thermal Bathwas built during the Ottoman rule of Hungary. This state-of-the-art complex has been operating since the beginning of the 16th century, and offers an eye-pleasing scene for swimming and tuning out the city’s noise. Due to an old tradition, there are separate days for men and women during the weekdays. Weekends are open for both genders, and are saved for night-time bathing. Moreover, thanks to a drinking hall, you can taste the water of all three springs – Hungária, Attila, and Juventus – bubbling beneath Rudas.

center of Budapest’s homosexual community, although heterosexuals are also welcome, as well as women on certain days.

veli bej bath

Despite its history and quality of services, Veli Bej is one of the least well-known baths in Budapest, so we can easily denote it as a hidden treasure. It certainly won’t be a shock when we tell you that Veli Bej was built and established during the Ottoman occupation. Over the course of the years, the bath has gone through some

lukács thermal bath

tough times, but has been beautifully renovated over the previous decade. Architects and archeologists taking part in the renovation process restored as much of the original, multiple century-old constructions as humanly possible. As for the services, besides the expected high-end possibilities, pools of water rich in calcium carbonate await those with rheumatic problems or post-surgery symptoms.

király thermal bath

useful websites

Lukács Thermal Bath was established by the knights of Saint John’s order, who settled in the area with the aim of curing the sick. Later on, orders from Rhodes and Malta took over what’s known today as Lukács Bath, and established their own monasteries with the same purpose – healing, that is. In 1880, the first spa hotel was erected, then, in 1937, a drinking-water hall was added to this state-of-the-art complex. As for its recent history, Lukács was wholly modernized and renovated in 1999, mixing innovation with tradition, and attracting even more guests of all ages and nationalities.

Király Thermal Bath was also built during the Ottoman rule of Hungary, so the noticeable Turkish-infusion in its architectural makeup is not a coincidence. In the 18th century, after the König family (hence the name “Király”, which means “king” in Hungarian) acquired the bath, a number of facilities were added, creating an unmatchably eclectic atmosphere, and an artistic cocktail of styles and ages. As for today, Király serves as a

gellért: széchenyi: rudas: lukács: király: veli bej:

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sziget festival

5 August 2013 – 12 August 2013 Sziget festival is one of the largest festivals in Europe and undoubtedly the biggest in Hungary. Its story started back in 1993 when punks, mohawks and cheap wine were the main attraction at Diáksziget (Student Island) that, by today, has grown into an international success. Half of the festival’s visitors come from other countries (most of them from the Netherlands and the UK) every year in order to see some of the almost 1000 concerts from many different genres. People like it so much that every year brave festivalgoers try to swim across the Danube but it never worked. It’s not a surprise though. The island provides an irresistible atmosphere of being far from the rules of society in a place where everything is possible. Sziget is almost like a litte town within the city; it has a hospital, a police station, mobile charging station, restaurants, exhibitions, theaters and of course campers

who come here every year to have fun. At the entrance you may even bump into those Irish fellas who were your tent neighbors last year and rest assured that they will recognize you. Nobody can forget such awesome days.


25 June 2013 – 30 June 2013 In 1976 350 students from 25 universities met in Abaliget to make friends, discuss important issues and probably to drink beer. Their descedents an many other, namely 67 000 people, still get together every year in order to do the same thing while emphasizing the importance of freedom, alcohol, love and happiness. Efott is the most rapidly growing festival in Hungary with concerts, sports, pools and lots of fun right after the exam period. Efott is like a circus; the organizers change the location every year so it’s not just a festival but also a sightseen tour throughout the country mixed

22 mm_issue_2_D.indd 22

2/1/2013 12:50:10 AM

with a college house party lasting for 4 + 1 days. In 2013 students will set their tents in Zánka, one of the most beautiful places around of lake Balaton.


22 August 2013 – 26 August 2013 szin (The Youth Days of Szeged) is a festival with the oldest traditions in Hungary. It’s story dates back to 1965 when it became clear that the riverside beach in Szeged goes very well with drinks and music. After a little break the festival restarted in 2003 and quickly became popular among the youth of Hungary. It is considered one of the best ways to say goodbye to the summer and have a drink or two to a new September. The festival is located only 5 minutes away from the center of the town Szeged, a perfect place for relaxing and having the best party of the year. SZIN is also committed to sustainability and cares a lot about the environment. It has been given the Green Festival Award for its efforts.

Thanks to Tokaj’s postcard-worthy scenery full of flora and fauna, Hegyalja has an old school vibe to it, maybe even worthy of denoting it as a tad hippyish with all the tents and artsy cats, though it’s only peaceful during the day when everyone’s lazing or strolling around nurturing their hangovers. Nights are reserved for concerts, drinking sprees, and crazy parties, so when the festival’s done and over with, leaving Tokaj behind might be tougher than convincing a self-appointed metalhead teenager that Metallica is not the best thing since sliced bread. Although some people say that talking about music is like dancing about architecture, we can’t resist the temptation to mention a number of bands who’ve sent the crowd into a frenzy during the last couple of years. So, here it goes: Motörhead, Bloodhound Gang, Asian Dub Foudnation, Kosheen, Clawfinger, EZ Rollers, Freestylers, Sepultura, Pendulum, The 69 Eyes, Caliban, Faithless, Machine Head, Slayer, Biohazard, Hatebreed, and, last not least, the creme of the crop of Hungarian bands. For further info on 2013’s line-up, check out Hegyalja Festival’s website and Facebook page!

rockin’ and rollin’ in tokaj – hegyalja festival 25 June 2013 – 30 June 2013

sophisticated summer nights - szeged open-air festival 5 July 2013 – 17 August 2013

Rakamaz Camping, neighbouring Tokaj, the home of world-renowned wines and vineyards so rich in quality grapes that even hearing about them would make most wine producers cry, has been giving home to Hegyalja Festival for a dozen years. Initially, it used to be a smalltime gathering centered around environmental protection, but has blossomed into a major player among Hungary’s festivals.

Szeged Open-Air Festival has a history dating back to 1926, which definitely plants the suspicion in one’s mind that we’re not dealing with a drink-’til-you-drop type of summer joint. The festival’s programmes will take place at two spots, one of them being Dóm tér (Dóm Square), a piece of Venice in the middle of Hungary’s most sunshiny city famous for its enviable

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acoustics and Fogadalmi templom (Votive Church), the fourth largest church in Hungary; while the other scene is Újszeged Stage, housed by Újszegedi Liget, a spacious park. Dóm Square’s line-up is centered around the colorful traditions and the significant historical events of various nations, including the American Civil War sprinkled with a love story, Chinese martial arts with aerial acrobatics, and the cultic rock opera entitled István, a király (Stephen, the King) depicting the establishment of Hungary and the life of Saint Stephen. Verdi’s and Wagner’s masterpieces, Gone with the Wind’s musical interpretation, and light operas also contribute to Szeged Open-Air Festival’s multifarious repertoire.

deep house on the beach - balaton sound 11 July 2013 – 14 July 2013

Balaton Sound, the beachy, electro-craving little brother of Sziget Festival kicked off its success story in 2006, and became an overnight sensation. Despite the instant success, the festival’s concept has been altered, and the Chuck Taylors and flipflops slowly but surely vanished to give room to high heels and classy kicks. Of course, taking the last sentence word by word is not advised, it’s only a symbol demonstrating the fact that Balaton Sound is now mainly aimed at electro-maniacs capable of spending more cash than the average festival-goer.

sunbathing on the beach, and gazing at the postcard sunrise after the pounding rhythms gone silent is also a possibility. As for the line-up, superstars such as Jamiroquai, David Guetta, Fatboy Slim, Massive Attack, Armin van Buuren, Kraftverk, Beastie Boys, Basement Jaxx, The Brand New Heavies, Moby, Snoop Dogg, and Portishead have performed at Balaton Sound, so rest assured that this year’s repertoire will turn out to be exquisite, and will cover genres from world music to deep house.

volt festival

3 July 2013 – 6 July 2013 Just like Balaton Sound, VOLT Festival can also be characterized as the little brother of award-winning Sziget, although in this specific case, no extra epithets are needed, the vibes, the crowds, and the quality of the line-ups are esentially the same. VOLT’s name derives from a Hungarian popculture magazine that used to attract readers during the early 1990s the way food porn attracts Instagram-junkies. Ever since the event’s pilot in 1993, VOLT has been taking place in Sopron, though it used to go down around Easter in the city’s Sports Hall. If the VOLT of yesteryear was a stumlbing-fumbling child putting on ice skates for the very first time, today’s VOLT would be Wayne Gretzky in his prime. The festival gradually outgrew itself and morphed into a world-class appetizer for Sziget, covering dozens of genres and attracting festival-hoppers from all over the globe. This year’s band repertoire is spearheaded by five big-timers: Queens of the Stone Age, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Example, Jamie Woon, and Parov Stellar.

Balaton Sound’s scenes are provided by Zamárdi, a peaceful village situated on the Southern shore of Lake Balaton, so there definitely is a vivid contrast between Zamárdi’s chilled atmosphere and the festival’s party’til-your-feet-can-vibe. Thanks to the Hungarian Sea, you can cure the symptoms of wild all-nighters while

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budapest, also known as paris of the east is a city where you’ll find every convenience you need at a student-friendly price. we’ve collected some of the more important ones.

bottle of water: huf 150 bread: huf 250 milk: huf 240 big mac: huf 680 candy bar: huf 220 can of cola: huf 200 bus ticket: huf 350 museum ticket: huf 1500 movie ticket: huf 1300 taxi (/km): huf 210 gym membership: huf 8000 coffee & cake: huf 800 lunch menu: huf 1200 pizza delivery: huf 1300 glass of beer: huf 350 bottle of cheap wine: huf 800 bottle of better wine: huf 2500 club entrance: huf 500 - 2000 night at a hostel: huf 8000

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Where to when you’re abroad the whole world seems to be just about parties and adventures. most of the time you may even think that the whole planet is revolving around you. the truth is, that you are right; the time has finally come for you to care about nothing at all except having fun and enjoying life.

world class health academy

The famous European chain represents high quality of service and a friendly environment in Budapest too. World Class has first class facilities for building muscles, improving stamina and condition. It’s staff are educated trainers, offering professional instructions and help while the five-star health academy provides the best possible background: group sessions of every kind, wellness facilities including massage, and cozy locker rooms. In World Class you can only buy membership for a whole year, which allows you to have guest entries, consultations with a personal trainer and 10 entries in any other centers all over the world.

astoria fitness

Being a university student is not easy; all that studying, sitting, worrying and partying can definitely wear out the body. Astoria Fitness is one of the most studentfriendly gyms in town, located close to some of the biggest universities in the city. Besides the basic services it offers many extras too like group sessions, bicycle parking, locker renting, healthy fitness buffet and solarium and personal training. The prices are relatively cheap here especially with a student ID.

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work out but most people, trapped in a pink cloud, tend to forget about their health. we know that it’s hard to let the beer bottle go, but you must not forget to go to the gym from time to time. to make it easier for you we have collected some of the popular places in budapest hoping that your body will get what it needs.

lite wellness

Lite Wellness is dedicated to making life better and preventing the development of diseases. This gym is equipped with the most modern machine park supported by a technology with which trainings can be registered and later personally evaluated. The staff consists of professional dieticians, physiotherapists and well-trained instructors in order to assure the achievement of your personal goals. Lite Wellness membership comes with many advantages: you get free towels and sauna sheets, SportMax swimming pool discount, squash discount, free usage of child care during the day and you can even suspend our membership for 2 or 4 weeks if your schedule becomes too crowded all of a sudden.

roxan fitness club

This wellness island in Budapest near the Parliament offers its guests a cycling hall, a well-equipped machine park and a professional team who will be glad to help you with your training program. The atmosphere in Roxan is natural and friendly designed in order to make you feel comfortable even if you have never been to a gym before. It’s guaranteed that here, everyone will remember your name and it won’t matter what you wear during training.Here you can get body building, fitness, group fitness and combine memberships depending on your personal needs and goals.

sun place

World Class Health Academy and Sun Place used to be the same but they have decided to say goodbye to each other and walk on different paths. Sun Place is located in the third district offers its customers, a big selection of products and services. If you are a member you get access to the gym, the pool, the sauna, the jacuzzi, aerobic training, cycling, massage and therelax longue and free Wi-Fi on Sun Place’s 2100 square meters.

life 1 wellness

The 3-story complex offers its customers fitness and wellness services including modern equipment, group sessions, a spinning room and a pool section. Most of the times local residents and college students occupy Life 1 Wellness’ 3000 square meters enjoying the natural liveliness of the club. Among the gym’s extra services there are children’s room, bio buffet, wave bed and a medical section for checkups so you know right away if you are doing things the right way or not.

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the least bit surprisingly, weather is not only the sort of conversation material that is capable of breaking the most awkward silence,

gül baba’s tomb Gül Baba (The Father of Roses) was an Ottoman Bektashi dervish poet and Sultan Suleiman’s companion. Details about his life have faded into the past, but it is known that he was a well-respected figure. Gül Baba died in Buda in 1541, and, according to the legend, the Sultan himself was among his coffin bearers. After his death, he was declared the patron saint of Budapest, and his tomb, the northernmost site of Islamic pilgrimage in the world, was erected on today’s Rózsadomb (Hill of Roses), nearMargit híd (Margaret Bridge) and Széll Kálmán tér (Széll Kálmán Square). Gazing at the illuminated cityscape from Gül Baba’s Tomb is a great way to kick off a romantic night, and now that you’ve read this segment, you can also impress your lucky date with your knowledge of Gül Baba’ life.

mansfeld péter park Mansfeld Péter Park, named after Péter Mansfeld, an iconic figure of the Revolution of 1956, is situated on Rózsadomb, in the vicinity of Margit híd (Margaret Bridge) and formerly mentioned Gül Baba’s Tomb. The long sets of stairs leading up to the gravelly terrace would be a challange for Lance Armstrong on top of his game, but you know what they say – no pain, no gain. Péter Mansfeld’s statue stands as a reminder of bravery, while the view on the Parliament, the Citadel, Buda Castle, and Chain Bridge – especially at night - might be more mesmerizing than your date, so remember, eye contact is vital.

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it’s also a determining factor when choosing a location for a date. we’ve collected the best spring date spots budapest has to offer, check them out!

elizabeth lookout tower Hold on tight, we’re going higher and higher. Standing atop 527-metre-high János Hill, Elizabeth Lookout Tower – named after Empress Elizabeth of Austria – offers the queen of panoramas and free entry all year long. But let’s not be so material, because, as The Beatles would say, money can’t buy you love. The wonders of flora and fauna, the fresh air, and the beautiful scenery will surely impress your date, and even the bus ride that starts on Széll Kálmán tér and ends on János Hill is as romantic as Pretty Woman played backwards.

normafa Normafa, located in the luxorious wilderness of Buda’s hills, is one of the most popular excursion destinations in Budapest. You can tune out the city’s noise and forget the everyday stress of urban life while wandering around the forest and listening to bird songs - in the company of your date, that is. Normafa’s surroundings are sprinkled with spectacular villas and narrow, silent streets, so it couldn’t be more romantic even if Hugh Grant was walking behind you playing Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You on a mandolin.

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we fell in love with the city

A trendy, cutting-edge online tourist guide for everybody who wants to see the city from a different angle. Discover and personalize Budapest via the site, check out our thematic lists, ratings, and WLB tips. Whether you are an attractionconscious type or an underground explorer, WeLoveBudapest can point you to the best must-sees in the Hungarian capital.

the city firsthand.

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