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Foundation Report Spring 2012

The Royal Military Colleges Club of Canada Foundation Inc.


Message From the Chair of Fundraising

Our Mission


2011 New 18 Society


Donor Profile – 6513 John Bart


Donor Profile – 8788 Geoff Bennett

The mission of the RMC Foundation is to secure and deliver the funds necessary to Enhance Excellence in the attraction, education and training of the students of the Royal Military Colleges. In Enhancing Excellence it will be our goal to ensure that no opportunity is missed, through lack of funding, to broaden the academic, athletic, leadership and bilingual prowess of the students of the Royal Military


2011 Financial Highlights


Donor Profile – H24263 John Cowan


Donor Profile – 7076 John van Haastrecht

Class of 1967 – 45th Anniversary Old Brigade Entry Class for 2012

Colleges as they prepare to become the future leaders of Canada. We all believe that the graduates of RMC should be the best they can possibly be! We seek to fund Opportunities to Enhance Excellence that are outside of the College curriculum and training programs and hence may not be funded through Government budgets.

Foundation Facts •S  ince being formed in 1966 the Foundation has received over $15 million in support for the Colleges from over 7,100 donors. •A  ll members of the RMC Club are automatically members of the Foundation; about two-thirds of donors are RMC Club members

Class of 1972 – 40th Anniversary

•F  oundation revenues currently average about $1.4 million per annum. •T  he Foundation has over $7 million in financial assets of which $5 million is held in an investment portfolio and $2 million represents research grants held in trust. •O  ver the past eight years the Foundation has provided over $4 million in direct financial and other support to the Colleges. •D  uring 2011 the Foundation processed over 2,300 individual donations from 922 donors, ranging in amounts from $2 to over $500 thousand and totaling over $1.4 million.

RMC Kingston Class of 1982 30th Anniversary

Truth Duty Valour

Class of 1977 – 35th Anniversary

Message From the Chair of Fundraising

The New Eighteen Society

As one becomes older one enters what I like to refer to as “the Reflective Years.” This is the stage

We would like to acknowledge our top 18 donors for 2011. We greatly appreciate their generosity, commitment and support.

of life where there is no longer a continual involvement in organized work and there is the ability to look back over the years and review what has transpired, what events shaped one’s life and what could have been done differently.

2424 George & Jean Spencer

In a way I have reached that stage. I still have some involvement in various professional activities

2652 Britton Smith

but these are more to ensure that I am not called upon by my spouse to perform any household chores. Many of my reflections have dealt with my years at Royal Roads, The Royal Military

3346 Joseph Howard

College and my short military service. Over the years I have come to realize how profound an

3387 Jeffery Upton

impact those years were on my future life and my subsequent involvement in my civilian

3646 Fred Simpkin

professional career. After my departure from the Fleet Air Arm, I chose a career in the Real Estate Development Industry, not a pursuit for the weak of heart. Stress, sometimes panic, long

5045 Ralph Awrey

strenuous hours, perseverance, professionalism, stamina, courage, quick thinking, ability to make

5586 Ian Mottershead

decisions, accountability, fear of failure, all came into play. In dealing with all the issues, and the

6513 John Bart

fact that in those years I directed many employees and interfaced with many partners, the one overriding principal that carried the day was exercising the principals of professional leadership,

6757 Mike Potter

especially leadership by example. Never did I ask anyone to perform a task I couldn’t undertake

6778 Jacques Gagnon

and complete myself and if a task was beyond the individual, I undertook that task to provide the

7076 John van Haastrecht

learning experience. Bottom line; I received the grounding, education, and training to persevere and be successful in my professional career from the Royal Military Colleges and my Navy experience. Should I be grateful? I

7924 Robert Bradshaw 8401 Robert Cockram

should say so. Therefore in my “Reflective Years” I am once again leading by example by giving back

9660 Cameron Diggon

to the College’s so that future generations of College students can benefit likewise.

11623 John Carswell

7076 John van Haastrecht Chair of Fundraising RMC Foundation

15622 Jason Donville

“I call upon all my fellow alumni and their families to also be reflective and assess how important the Military Colleges and Armed Forces experience were on their career and their current life style. If in any way your assessment is similar to mine then please join me in ensuring in a meaningful way a comparable and possibly enhanced experience for our future cadets and students.”

H24263 John Cowan Ruth M. Watson

— 7076 John van Haastrecht, Chair of Fundraising



• Class of 1965 • Degree in Chemical Engineering • Leadership Award • Teamwork Award

Donor Profile – 6513 John Bart I believe that early opportunities to experience leadership and teamwork at RMC provide the groundwork for success of many of the ex-cadets who have gone through these institutions, whether that success is evident in military service, public service or civilian enterprise. It was in 2000 that my wife Mary and I were attending a Reunion Weekend and watched the cadets during the obstacle course competition. During that event we witnessed many standout examples of teamwork and individual leadership. We decided it would be appropriate to recognize those qualities early in a cadet’s time at the College.

of RMC with funding to conduct activities which in his/her mind assist in developing leadership amongst cadets. I firmly believe that the money raised by the RMC Foundation has, and continues to be invested in worthwhile projects in support of “enhancing excellence” at the Colleges. Although both institutions have gone through significant change since my days at RMC, those changes, in my mind, have allowed the college to continue to be attractive both as an institution and a living environment. I understand that federal funding for college programs and activities will not always satisfy the requirement, so there will always be a need for private funding to assist in the Colleges achieving their mandate and in order to take their output to the next level.

There is no doubt in my mind Through the Royal Military “I believe that RMC started me down the path that the military colleges Colleges Foundation I created develop outstanding leaders. I two endowments. The first was to the rest of my life where I have been also see the need for continued to recognize the outstanding fortunate enough to be able to say ‘thank you’ philanthropic financial support teamwork displayed by the in a special way. I hope that others feel the through the RMC Foundation to winning team during the annual permit opportunities to Obstacle Course Competition. same and will support the Colleges through “enhance excellence” at the The second, based on the RMC Foundation.” — 6513 John Bart colleges. I believe that RMC judgement by their peers, was started me down the path to the to recognize a cadet from each rest of my life where I have been fortunate enough to be able to of the competing teams who was determined to display say ‘thank you’ in a special way. I hope that others feel the same outstanding leadership during their particular competition. In and will support the Colleges through the RMC Foundation. conjunction with these awards, I annually provide the Commandant


• Class of 1971 Co-Secretary • Danny McLeod Athletics Endowment Fund • Preceded at RMC by his father, cousin, and two uncles • 2000, 2001, 2006, 2011 Chasse-Galerie Canoe Trips

Donor Profile – 8788 Geoff Bennett I would be the first to say that, compared to my illustrious forebears, my athletic achievements were less than stellar. Nevertheless, RMC challenged me to do things I never thought possible and instilled in me a life-long appreciation for physical fitness.

I believe that philanthropic support through the RMC Foundation has provided many worthwhile projects over the years that have improved the quality of the graduates. In my mind this is how excellence will be achieved: by strengthening each of the four components, academics, military leadership, athletics and bilingualism – and to support Foundation projects that will benefit cadets.

My focus on giving back to the colleges through the RMC Foundation came in the form of Class giving rather than individual donations. Most classmates, like myself, could relate to the athletic challenges at RMC. For the 1999 reunion I decided to paddle a canoe solo from Ottawa to Kingston to meet up with Acknowledging that there my classmates. During the “The intense shared experience of an RMC have been numerous changes to week-long trip I realized it the colleges since my day, I could provide an excellent education forges life-long friendships, promotes strongly believe that the fundraising opportunity for esprit de corps and emphasizes the virtues of admission of women to the athletics. And so in 2000 the leadership. Though few in number, their colleges was the best thing that first Chasse-Galerie canoe ever happened to the system. In trip was launched by graduates surely “punch above their weight.” conclusion I feel that, while the members of the class and — 8788 Geoff Bennett federal government has a other ex-cadets. Donations responsibility to attend to the basic needs of the cadets and flooded in from many different sources including the paddlers, infrastructure, it is only through private funding and the RMC classmates, family, friends and other ex-cadets. This event was so Foundation that the slim margin of excellence can be achieved. It successful that future trips would follow and the Danny McLeod is through this process that I believe we can produce better Fund was born. graduates than the public has a right to expect.


2011 Donations By Size of Annual Gift

How Donors Directed Their Donations From 2008 – 2011

Below $1K Over $100K



How Funds Were Used to Support the Colleges during 2011

How Funds Were Used From 2008 – 2011


771 Donors

Learning Centre


1 Donor


$1K to $5K





124 Donors




$800 $600 $500 Athletics



$300 $200

$10K to $25K


7 Donors $25K to $50K $50K to $100K


$1,000 $500 $0 -$500 -$1,000

$100 $0



15 Donors


$5K to $9K


2008 Unrestricted


2010 Restricted











Fund Growth




3 Donors

1 Donor

2011 Financial Highlights While the audit work has yet to be completed, preliminary results indicate that 2011 was a reasonably successful year for the RMC Foundation in meeting its mission. Excluding the $2 million in research funds held in trust for RMCC Kingston, your Foundation’s assets grew by almost $200 thousand in 2011. Total benefactions in 2011 reached approximately $850 thousand, an increase of $575 thousand over the benefactions in 2010. $500 thousand of this increase reflects a generous art donation during the 2011 Reunion Weekend for the future RMCC Learning Centre. Unfortunately, due to the performance of world equity markets, the overall investment performance was negative for 2011. The RMC Foundation Balanced Fund, the investment option currently selected by all Endowments and Non-Endowed Accumulating


Funds, lost 2.5% for the year. Interest from bonds and dividends from equity holdings were insufficient to offset the approximately $200 thousand in realized and unrealized capital losses. Even with negative investment income, the RMC Foundation’s total revenues still exceeded $1.5 million for 2011. More individuals donated in 2011 than in either of the last three years and the amount raised from those that donated less than $10 thousand was higher. These increases were primarily the result of special fundraising initiatives by La Chasse-Galerie for the Danny McLeod Athletics Endowment, the Class of 1966 Bike Ride and 141 individual donors for the Michelle Mendes Memorial Fund. The number of donors contributing over $10 thousand was lower in 2011, likely attributable to the poor investment markets.

The one significant area where donations were lower in 2011 was in unrestricted donations. These are the donations that are available to support the discretionary needs of the Colleges that cannot be funded from a suitable Restricted Fund or Endowment. Examples of discretionary items planned for 2012 include International and Multicultural events as well as Varsity Sports for cadets at RMC St Jean. Unrestricted donations are also used for cadet participation in European Battlefield Tours as well as Model NATO Competitions at RMCC Kingston. Both colleges have identified a number of worthwhile projects that could be supported if additional unrestricted donations are received.

2011 is expected to be almost identical to the figures for the last two years and well below the 20 percent level recommended by the Canada Revenue Agency for charities.

The RMC Foundation continues to keep operating expenses under tight control. The net cost of fundraising and administration for

12141 Bryn Weadon Treasurer RMC Foundation

The 2011 audited financial statements will be posted to the RMC Foundation website once the audit is complete and they have been blessed by the RMC Foundation Board. After two years as the Treasurer of the RMC Foundation, I am pleased to see the level of financial engagement by all those involved in supporting and operating the Foundation. With the fine efforts of Nancy Marr and others, we are in good shape.


• Government nominee to the Arbitration Board that settled disputed parts of the contract for the faculty at the military colleges • Member of the Wither’s Study Group • Principal of RMC from 1999 to 2008 and Principal Emeritus • Member of Foundation Board of Directors • Chair of the Defence Science Advisory Board • Honourary Lieutenant-Colonel of the Princess of Wales Own Regiment

Donor Profile – H24263 John Cowan I am not an ex-cadet! However, I am an honourary member of the Class of 1965 and I have had significant affiliation with the Colleges.

excellence in research, contributions to a new library and bursaries for both aboriginal RETP students and graduate students. Secondly I have given in the unrestricted category, allowing the RMC Foundation to utilize this donation in the form best determined by them.

There is no doubt in my mind that the RMC Foundation aids significantly to “enhance excellence” at the Colleges. I, more than anyone, can attest to the lack of public funding to take cadets and students to the “There is no bigger impact on Canada for a I would encourage all to next level of development as contribute in the manner that Officers and leaders. In many dollar of payback than putting into an you can. Those of us who have cases the funding is barely important nation-building institution like the been fortunate in our lives need enough to deliver their two Colleges.” to pay back. I have seen mission. I firmly believe that remarkable progress in all four the Colleges are the centre— H24263 John Cowan point for developing the components of the Colleges, progress made through hard work, dialogue and negotiation. I culture and ethos of the CF and I can assure you that, while not also know that a portion of this progress has come as a result of having much say in the culture in the other 100+ universities philanthropic giving by ex-cadets and others who fully realize the across Canada, we do at the military colleges and it is critical to value of the Colleges in developing the leaders of the future. The setting the values and the tone for the officer corps. sum of the accomplishments of ex-cadets and other RMC graduates in other aspects of Canadian life is hugely My financial contributions have come in two forms, first in disproportionate to our output. support of many academic programs such as a prize for


• Class of ’66 • Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Canadian Navy • Member Foundation Board of Directors, Chair of Fundraising, Chair Nominating Committee, Audit Committee

Donor Profile – 7076 John van Haastrecht It was during a Class Reunion that my class decided to raise funds for our class gift to the Colleges. I was selected to head up fundraising. Through dealings with the Foundation for ideas, I was recommended to join the Foundation Board and did so in 2003. I am a staunch supporter of the RMC Foundation and the RMC Club. I have directed donations to both specific activities through endowments and restricted funds, but I have also contributed to the unrestricted fund, giving the Foundation maximum flexibility in supporting the Colleges.

that the quality of the individuals entering the Colleges continues to be of a similar, or higher standard than of the past (especially when using my seniors as an example). I see the need for a new Learning Centre as the key significant requirement to ensure the continued high level of teaching standards and as such will require levels of philanthropic funding unmatched to date by past donors. As the Chair of the Fundraising Committee, I see this as a great opportunity for ex-cadets to give back in a profound and meaningful way and in doing so can create a lasting legacy for themselves. I challenge all ex-cadets to attend parades, sports events and meet the cadets. I believe this will not only produce memory flashbacks but will instill a confidence in the current generation which will provide the incentive to give back.

I think that one only has to take an inventory of all the great Political, Military and Business leaders “I was just an ordinary cadet but I think the that, to date, have graduated Leadership training at the Colleges from the Colleges to Colleges experience was a life changing event.” understand the irreplaceable — 7076 John van Haastrecht has instilled in me the extremely important principal of leading by contribution The Royal Military example, hopefully my actions to date being a clear and definitive Colleges have made to Canadian Society. In my heart every day I feel example of just that. I ask every individual who spent time at the privileged to have had the benefit of attending and receiving the Military Colleges to take a retrospective analysis of your College quality education and training at the Colleges and the Navy; a experience and the benefits that you have accrued as a result of that phenomenal opportunity for a first generation Canadian. experience to establish if perhaps there is also a need to give back. The Alumni of the Colleges stand as vigilant guardians ensuring always that As I look back over my time at the Colleges, I often reflect that my Government, in respect to the Colleges, always does what is right and own experience at the institutions was fraught with more difficulty proper allowing the Colleges to continue to thrive and stand amongst than is now being experienced by the current cadet population, (a the best of the best of all Canadian institutions of higher learning. common disease inflicted upon the aging), however I do firmly believe


Truth Duty Valour

RMC Kingston Class of 1972 40 th Anniversary

Inquiries can be directed to: | 613-541-6000 ext 6807 |

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