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Public School  Teen  Energizes  Hundreds  with  Her  Story  of  Growth  


Rena,  congratulations   on  your  new  role,  and  thank  you  for  all  you  are  doing  for  your  peers  and  the  Jewish  Future.     Tell  us,  and  our  investors,  what  being     a  leader  means  to  you?   I  believe  an  NCSY  leader  should  be  a  role  model  for  teens  and  to  the  people  around  them.  I’ve  got  to  be  confident  but   willing  to  learn,  able  to  speak  and  relate  to  anyone  and  know  how  to  get  others  m otivated  for  our  common  goal.      

Exclusive Inside  Information  for  Southern  NCSY  Investors  and  Friends  

Before you  share  your  visions  with  us,  tell  us  a  bit  about  how  NCSY  has  affected  you?   NCSY  is  m y  family,  my  second  home,  my  inspiration,  and  my  Jewish  anchor.  It's  weird  to   look  back  now  and  see  that  not  even  two  years  ago,  I  was  a  completely  estranged.    The   past  two  years  I’ve  been  involved  with  N CSY  have  changed  my  life.  NCSY  has  had  such  a   positive  impact  on  my  life  that  I  only  wish  to  share  this  same  feeling  with  everyone   around  me.      

Rena, we  heard  you  had  an  exciting  summer  with  NCSY  in  Israel.  Tell  us  about  it.   I  chose  to  attend  Michlelet,  hoping  this  "intense  learning"  program  would  fill  the  gaps  in  my  Judaic   knowledge  and  provide  me  with  the  Jewish  education  I  lack  during  the  year.  And  I  came  away  with     so  much  more!  I  now  have  a  newfound  love  for  my  Jewish  homeland,  a  stronger  sense  of  Jewish     values,  friends  that  will  last  a  lifetime,  an  intense  love  for  the  learning  of  Torah  and  a  clear  picture     of  what  I'd  like  to  do  with  my  post-­‐high  school  future.     What  are  your  big  plans  for  this  year?   In  a  word,  “Recruitment!”  We’ll  do  three  things.  First,  we’ll  advertise  more  in  the  local  Jewish  shopping  centers,   synagogues,  Jewish  meeting  places  and  newspapers,  next,  we’ve  got  to  social  network  more  efficiently.  Finally,  we’ll  

Our local  teens  are  lucky  to  have  Bernie  and  Melanie  Kaminetsky  as  Jewish  communal   leaders.    The  Kaminetskys  support  everything  from  Israel  Advocacy  to  Jewish  education  and   outreach.    In  fact,  Bernie  is  currently  an  AIPAC  National  Board  Member,  and  Melanie  is  a   longtime  Executive  Board  Member  of  the  Weinbaum  Yeshiva  High  School  of  Boca  Raton.        

empower our  best  asset  –  the  teens  themselves!  Maybe  we’ll  even  have  sessions  during  our  shabbatonim  on  how  we   can  spread  the  word  and  get  our  friends  involved!  

Q.  What  do  you  think  are  the  most  successful  engagement  programs  for  Jewish  teens?   A.    Israel  programs!    We  MUST  get  teens  excited  and  passionate  about  Israel  and  teach  them  all   we  can  about  our  country  and  heritage.      That’s  why  we  were  thrilled  to  sponsor  NCSYers   traveling  to  Israel  this  summer  on  TJJ.  

Any last  messages?   Sure  –  I  want  to  make  sure  our  donors  know  how  much  we  love  them.    Although  we,  the  teens,  get  to  have  all  the  fun,   THEY  get  all  the  credit!    

To follow  Rena  and  her  friend’s  growth,  visit  us  at    

And They’re  Off…RegBo  Grabs  the  Reigns   Even  b efore  last  year's  school  session  let  out,  your  investments  inspired  a  new   generation  of  leaders  to  take  the  helm.  On  June  13th,  Shaani  and  Dr.  Adam   Splaver  of  Hollywood,  FL,  hosted  the  first  2012-­‐13  Southern  NCSY  Regional   Board  (RegBo)  meeting.  It  was  there  that  outgoing  officers  passed  the  baton  to   incoming  leaders  and  even  participated  in  peer-­‐to-­‐peer  mentoring.  Fifteen   teens  gathered  together  with  seven  more  video  and  phone  conferencing  in   from  remote  locations  all  around  our  nine  state  district.   Regbo  members  discussed  their  roles  and  responsibilities,  what  it  m eans  to  be   leaders  amongst  their  peers  and  how  to  become  Jewish  activists.     They  began  their  strategic  planning  for  the  upcoming  school  year  and  presented  programming  ideas  in  front  of  their   fellow  officers  for  consideration.  Teens  were  divided  into  four  committees,  and  made  commitments  to  themselves  and   each  other  to  take  active  roles  in  the  arenas  of  Publicity,  Recruitment,  Finance  or  Social  Action/Education.    

Q.  You’ve  raised  your  own  teens  and  been  involved  with  their  peers.  What  trends  do  you   see?   A.    Teenagers  are  a  critical  demographic,  but  we  see  them  growing  less  enthusiastic  about  Judaism.  Fewer  and  fewer  are   spending  a  year  in  Israel  studying  and  that’s  a  shame,  as  it  was  the  absolute  norm  for  our  kids  and  their  friends  a  few  years   ago.    It’s  our  conviction  that  by  sending  NCSYers  to  Israel,  we’ll  start  to  reverse  that  downward  trend.      

Q.  What’s  new  and  exciting  on  the  horizon,  in  your  view,  for  Jewish  kids  out  there?   A.    Last  year,  I  [Bernie]  attended  N CSY’s  YouthCon  –  the  Informal  and  Experiential  Jewish  Educators  Convention.  It’s  the   common  ground  for  Jewish  Educators  to  network,  inspire  and  learn  from  one  another’s  accomplishments.    I  had  a  complete   paradigm  shift  in  my  understanding  of  what’s  going  on  in  the  outreach  world  and  all  the  creative  solutions  being   implemented  for  our  teens.    What’s  new  and  exciting?  Ask  them!  But  for  us,  it  will  always  be  getting  more  kids  to  Israel  to   learn  and  to  grow!      

Thanks to  the  Kaminetskys  and  donors  like  you,  teens  are  falling  in  love  with  Israel.   Visit  to  learn  more.              

7200 Camino Real, Suite #104 ~ Boca Raton, FL 33433 ~

A New  Generation  of  Leaders  Tackles  Challenges  Facing  the  Jewish  Future   The  leaders  you  are  creating  are  taking  Rosh  Hashanah  and  the  New  Year  very  seriously.    In  fact,  we've  invited  our  new  Southern  NCSY  Regional  Board  members  to  do  a  bit  of     introspection.    Here  are  a  few  of  the  most  revealing  quotes  from  tomorrow's  leaders  -­‐-­‐  not  only  reflections  from  their  pasts,  but  their  commitments  to  our  Jewish  Future.       Make  your  gift  today  and  empower  our  teens  to  live  out  their  dreams.     “Over  the  last  few  years,  NCSY  built  my  confidence  while  introducing  me  to  friends   I've  kept  throughout  high  school.  This  year,  I  want  others  to  also  use  this   “When  I  walk  into  a  shabbaton,  I  see  a  room  of  people  I  can’t  wait  to   opportunity  to  find  themselves  and  a  solid  group  of  friends.”   meet!    This  year,  I  want  to  get  everyone  in  the  room  more  involved  with   Dean  Tansman  (right),  Weinbaum  Yeshiva  High  School,  Boca  Raton   chesed/social  learning  events.”       -­‐  Sarita  Weltman  (center),  Wolfson  High  School,  Jacksonville   “My  friends  at  school  live  univolved  Jewish  lives.    After  my  summer  experience   with  NCSY  this  year,    I  want  to  give  everyone  in  my  JSU  club  the  chance  to   spend  a  summer  in  Israel.”     -­‐  Jesse  Salver  (center),  Miami  Arts  Charter  School,  Bal  Harbour   NCSY  is  my  home  away  from  home  where  I  feel  comfortable  to  live  and  act   Jewish.  I'm  only  a  year  away  from  college  and  I  want  to  make  sure  this   year  we  involve  new,  younger  freshmen  so  that  after  I  graduate,  they'll  lead   Jewish  teens  into  the  future.   -­‐  Joseph  Ginzburg,  Dr.  Michael  Krop  Senior  High  School,  Aventura  

Everyone knows  that  your  first  shabbaton  stays  with  you  forever.       That’s  why  I  want  to  help  raise  enough  funds  this  year  to  help     EVERYONE  I  know  enjoy  their  first  shabbatons.”     -­‐  Eli  Barrocos  (second  from  right),  Weinbaum  Yeshiva  High  School,  Boca  Raton  

“I enjoy  the  mix  of  different  places,  backgrounds  and  religious  involvement   NCSYers  represent.    This  year,  I  am  going  to  help  others  appreciate  the   diversity  in  our  Jewish  community.”     -­‐  Jacob  Epstein  (left),  Weinbaum  Yeshiva  High  School,  Boca  Raton  

“NCSY  has  inspired  me  to  become  passionate  about  my  Jewish  identity,   heritage  and  religion.    This  year  on  Regional  Board,  I  want  to  learn   how  to  plan  and  execute  events  and  programs  like  the  ones  I’ve  been   involved  with  since  my  freshman  year.”     -­‐  Avi  Colonomos  (right),  The  Weber  School,  Atlanta  

“Southern NCSY  has  provided  me  with  abundant  learning  opportunities,   introduced  me  to  inspirational  friends  and  advisors  and  has  helped  me  grow   in  my  appreciation  for  Judaism.  This  year,  I  want  to  help  NCSY  increase   their  social  media  presence  and  affect  hundreds  more  teens  through  the   Internet.”   -­‐  Jackie  Farber  (right),  Huntsville  High  School,  Huntsville  

“Learning  about  different  topics  in  NCSY  gives  me  an  understanding  of   who  I  really  am.    This  year,  I  want  to  give  that  to  others,  so  they  can  see   themselves  in  different  ways  as  well.”     -­‐  Rachel  Altfield  (left),  Palmetto  Senior  High,  Kendall  

NCSY is  the  premier  organization  dedicated  to  connecting,  inspiring  and  empowering  Jewish  teens  and  encouraging  passionate  Judaism  through  Torah  and  Tradition.  

iNCSYder - Rosh Hashanah Edition  

Get to know Southern NCSY's Regional Board and investors and friends Bernie and Melanie Kaminetsky!

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