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What is the best pick up line for you? So you are out at a club with friends when across the room you see the girl of your dreams, what do you do? This is the point than many people freeze up or just give up. There is no reason for you not to walk over and just talk to her. Of course, it’s easy to make up reasons if you do not know what to say. This is where having a couple of sweet Funny pick up lines can really help you out. Knowing what you are going to say will help calm your nerves and give you the courage to go over and talk to her. I know many people associate those Pick up lines and flirt lines with being cheesy or corny but once you find one that fits your personality you may be surprised how well they work. If you are a shy or reserved person then try using a pickup line like; “Hi, I was never very good with pickup lines, I just wanted to know if I could buy you a drink?― may work out the best for you. On the other hand, if you can describe your personality as comical and upbeat try one of those pickup lines that is a little on the corny side. If she has a sense of humor she will be laughing with you, if not she may not be the girl for you anyway. Where to use Them When you are out at a club or a bar you only get a few moments to impress her and make yourself stand out from everyone else that has tried to talk to her. The old statement that you never get a second chance to make a first impression is very true. That’s why choosing sweet pick up lines and flirt lines that really express your individual personality is the best choice. Sure, that suave debonair line may pick up any girl you try it on but if it’s not you then chances are you won’t be compatible once you start talking. And being compatible of course is the most important part of picking someone up. So before you head out with your friends to the club next time do a little light reading for some lines that suit you. You never know that Flirt lines may get you the girl of your dreams.

What is the best pick up line for you  

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