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Takeaway special Tired of toiling in the kitchen for reunion dinner? Save the hassle of cooking with the Cantonese Poon Choy. This all-inclusive pot features a show-stopping assemblage of waxed duck, Chinese sausages, prawns, mushrooms and sea cucumbers rested on a bed of fluffy Thai fragrant rice.

Priced at $168 for 6 persons and $288 for 10 persons. Order at the hotel’s Prosperity House, which is opened from 11am to 8pm daily.

Prosperity Six Treasures Yu Sheng Toss to a prosperous new year with the newfangled Prosperity Six Treasures Yu Sheng. This perennial favourite is updated with Japanese influences with authentic ingredients, like Wakame, Tobiko and Wasabi. They pair spectacularly well with the usual morsels of raw salmon, scallops and jellyfish on the communal platter.

Priced at $48 for 4-5 persons, and $68 for 6-10 persons. Have a CNY buffet at Ellenborough Market Cafe, which includes dishes like waxed duck rice & braised oyster with Fatt Choy and Peranakan delights like Red Snapper simmered in Assam lemongrass broth and Sambal Petai Udang. Available from 2nd to 12th February.

Crowd pleasers No Chinese New Year celebration is complete without these addictive munchies. Nothing better to do at a celebration? Pop these bited-sized goodies into your mouth. They include Pineapple Shortcake, Shrimp rolls and Peranakanstyled Kueh Lapis. Prices start from $22.80.

Available at the hotel’s Prosperity House, open from 11am to 8pm daily.

Special thanks to Swissotel Merchant Court Singapore for their kind assistance and use of photos

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