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ON THE COVER Photograph by Zetta of Playground Productions

EDITOR’S NOTE Hope you are all well and looking forward to Spring. Be blessed, Ursula

Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden 086 100 1278

Photograph Courtesy Willem Victor - 826 Lyster Avenue

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Dear Readers, I visited the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens on Sunday 3rd July 2011 to look for Sunbirds in the Aloes that are in full bloom. Attached is a photograph of the male Greater Double-collared Sunbird (Groot Rooibandsuikerbekkie). The following info is courtesy of Wikipedea: This sunbird is common in gardens, fynbos, forest edges and coastal scrub. The Greater Double-collared Sunbird breeds all year round, with a peak from July to November. The closed oval nest is constructed from grass, lichen and other plant material, bound together with spider webs. It has a side entrance which sometimes has a porch and is lined with feathers. The Greater Double-collared Sunbird is usually seen singly or in pairs. Its flight is fast and direct on short wings. It lives mainly on nectar from flowers, but takes some fruit, and, especially when feeding young, insects and spiders. It has the habit of hovering in front of webs to extract spiders. It can take nectar by hovering like a hummingbird, but it usually perches to feed. The call is a hard chut-chut-chut, and the song is a high pitched jumble of tweets and twitters. Regards, Willem Victor 826 Lyster Avenue

Featherbrooke Medical Services at Featherbrooke Business Park, Eagle Road

Please send your letters, notes and photographs to the Editor, Ursula Bekker (anonymously or not) to Letters will however be published and answered at the discretion of the Editor.

Congratulations to the FHA and its Management Team

Thank you ... The family of Fred Hunter would like to thank Featherbrooke security for the sympathy, respect and efficiency shown to them in the loss of their husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather. Shirley Snyman LM 78

The FHA and its management team must be congratulated on how they have dealt with Constantia Sectional Title Managers (CSTM). The FHA decided to terminate its relationship with CSTM and it was announced in a Newsletter dated October 2010, forwarded to the residents of Featherbrooke Estate via various emails and notes in subsequent Featherbrooke News, that as from March 2011 levy collections would be done “in house”. Debit order forms together with an explanatory letter, stating that the FHA would assume responsibility for the collection of levies from 1st March 2011, were then issued by Peet Coertzen on 4th February 2011.

Happy Birthday Madiba & Augustine

Approximately 39 residents failed to make the necessary changes to their payments and continued to pay their levy payments to CSTM after 1st March 2011. On 23rd June 2011 the Star News Paper’s Business Report published on their front page an article that reported the following under the headline “Millions” “lost in property fraud”: • “An estimated R20-R40 million has allegedly been misappropriated by Constantia Sectional Title Managers (CSTM), the managing agent for about 450 bodies corporate of residential complexes in Gauteng”. • “CSTM’s trust accounts have been placed under curatorship and frozen, an interdict was obtained to stop it trading, the business has been placed in provisional liquidation and a criminal investigation has been launched into its affairs by the Hawks”. • Alleged financial irregularities include:

On Monday 18th July, my maid, Augustine, celebrated her birthday and as everybody knows she shares that date with our great leader Nelson Mandela. Augustine has worked for me for 20 years or more and I can only say that she is the best maid anyone could ever have and I am most grateful to her for sticking to me through thick and thin as the years went swiftly by. Not only does she keep my home looking ship-shape and sparkling clean, she also cooks like a pro, is trustworthy and tee-total!! She has never missed a day’s work in all of these 20 years and loves my animals as much as I do. She looks after them with love and compassion, enabling me to go away on holiday with complete peace of mind. How wonderful it is to have someone like her in MY family. So to show her how grateful I am to her, I invited several of the maids in the street to join us for a sumptuous tee party to celebrate the birthdays of these two VERY SPECIAL and Unique people. The happy ladies all came along at 12 noon in fine spirit, and we all sang happy birthday to each celebrant in turn, and then got to know each other as we chatted, exchanged cell numbers and enjoyed cake and tea together.

“Some contractors were offered kickbacks to inflate their invoices to body corporate”.

“The trust funds of body corporates went into a general trust account and not into an individual trust account for each body corporate managed by CSTM”.

“Certain call accounts of bodies corporate were pledged by CSTM on an overdraft it had with Nedbank”.

“CSTM had put a number of transactions through its management system that were fraudulent”.

The Star also reported that the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) had appointed Pasco Risk Management (PRM) to investigate the financial affairs of CSTM and Cindy Nicholls of PRM is quoted in the Star Newspaper as saying “ that CSTM “was involved in probably the biggest case of fraud “ ever faced by the EAAB”. In addition the Star reported that Marina Constas, a specialist sectional title attorney, said close to 100 000 people were affected but that there was “no magic wand” with money quickly coming to those affected. What has been set out in this article is only part of that reported in the Star Newspaper and I recommend that those wishing to read a fuller account of what has been published obtain a copy of the Star News Paper’s Business Report dated 23rd June 2011.

It was wonderful and I look forward to next year when I hope that all of these new friends and perhaps even a few more, will join us to sing again when Augustine turns 53 and our Dear Madiba turns 94. Wont that be wonderful?

In conclusion I believe that all the residents and owners of property on Featherbrooke Estate owe a great vote of thanks to the FHA Board, the Finance Director Francois Froneman and the management team, Peet Coertzen and Aletta Slot for their well timed action which prevented Featherbrooke Estate and its residents from becoming embroiled in what seems to be a very difficult, protracted and expensive situation which could have had dire consequences for the financial health of Featherbrooke Estate and its residents.

Sandra Williams

Roy Anderson Featherbrooke News  08 2011  6

Featherbrooke News  08 2011  7

Featherbrooke Estate


Walter Sisulu

Botanical Gardens THE BLACK EAGLE PROJECT ROODEKRANS proudly presents

June 2011


Clips from the Boardroom

An informative talk and documentary on the life and rehabilitation of “Bafana” the 2010 juvenile Black Eagle that won the hearts of all who cared for him in his struggle for freedom. Project Coordinator Libby Woodcock

& Guest Speaker: Dr. Brett Gardiner


Biometric access of owners in arrears with levies more than 2 months will be deactivated in July. These owners will have to use the preclearance code system to gain entry into the Estate. Owners who had paid levies into the CSTM account will have to lodge individual claims with the curator. Unfortunately these payments cannot be reflected as paid on FHA levy statements as these funds were not received by FHA and will remain outstanding on levy accounts and payable to FHA.

La Maison Site Development Plan (SDP):

An architect is in the process of compiling an SDP for La Maison. In terms of municipal bylaws only 30% of the total residential 2 zoned development area may be developed. Provisional calculations indicate 1080m² available for future alterations. Once these m² have been exhausted and built no further extension on ground floor level will be allowed. Owners submitting plans for approval to FHA will have to pay an additional SDP plan fee of R28/m² for approval of the intended extension. Owners will also have to submit an updated SDP plan with all applications.


Please visit our new “Featherbrooke Estate Social” Facebook page for information on social events.


Our website is updated on a monthly basis. Please visit the site for information. The estate rules will also be loaded onto the site.

of JHB Zoo Hospital

In conjunction with Wild Revolution of Lapalala Wilderness Date: Saturday 13 August 2011 Venue: Eagles’ Fare Restaurant Time: 10H30 FOR 11H00 Coffee and Tea will be served. Cost: Adults: R75.00 | Pensioners: R65.00 | Scholar/Student: R60.00 | No Children Under 6 Booking essential as space is limited. Libby Woodcock Cell: 0826677097 Email: Payment via EFT or direct deposit. On the day by cash only.

Featherbrooke Rules 4. SECURITY 4.1 In the interest of providing an effective security system, the security protocol shall be adhered to at all times;

To ensure that you receive all FHA communication please notify the estate office if your e-mail address or cell numbers are changed.

4.2 Members and contractors shall treat the security personnel in a co-operative and respectful manner. Abuse of the security personnel is strictly forbidden and residents who abuse the security personnel may be prosecuted by the security company;

Estate Matters: The post boxes will be relocated next year to the clubhouse area where more parking is available.

4.3 Every member shall request visitors to adhere to the security protocol, and shall advise security personnel in advance of pending arrivals of visitors, vehicle registration numbers and destinations;


4.4 Members shall report any suspicious actions or people to the security personnel;

It is again school holidays and historically vandalism follows two distinct patterns. The one is a specific person with a psychological streak to destruction moving around in one area or between point A and B. He is easy to detect and traceable. When he is caught his actions stop and if not apprehended the vandalism ceases the moment he moves off the Estate or he leaves school. The second scenario takes place in groups under peer pressure during school holidays. Security has been instructed to do constant control and confront children who seem to be up to mischief. Residents who see or suspect vandalism are requested to please call security immediately.


Three incidents of attempted intrusion through the security fence took place in one week. The fence alarms triggered in the control room. No entry was gained.

4.5 Members are advised to inform the Security Manager when going on holiday; 4.6 Members, domestic workers and gardeners shall gain access by registering on the biometric access control system at a prescribed fee. No resident, their dependants or staff will be permitted access to or from the property without valid registration. In the event of residents not being registered on the biometric access system, residents will be required to adhere to “visitor” requirements; 4.7 It is recommended that members install alarm systems, linked to the security main gate.

Important Notice: Please see NEW RULES for the Classifieds - page 13 Featherbrooke News  08 2011  8


Accredited Estate Agents 2011 Eden Estates

011 662 2695 (f) 086 510 4501 | • Riaan Joubert 082 441 5319 • Maritza Joubert 071 637 0001

Galacticus Property Group

011 662 2429 (f) 011 662 2429 | • Eve McLuckie 073 150 9021

Global Estates

011 662 2401 (f) 011 662 1895 |; • Hentie Crous 083 377 6624 • Lelanie Booysen 083 271 1469 • Annette Marx 082 857 0292

Rawsons 011 958 0105 (f) 011 958 2343 • Joy Pienaar • Elize Christie • Jaco van Tonder

083 653 1517 082 499 0777 079 962 3040

Remax Masters

011 795 1032 (f) 011 795 1033 | • Suzette von Benecke 083 459 3279 • Paul Smulders 076 748 0586 • Rosalie Cresswell 078 052 3142


011 662 2006 (f) 011 662 2009 | • Allison Airey-Spengler 082 491 1621 • Marina Pienaar 082 802 0032


011 662 1810 (f) 011 662 1344 | (f) 086 659 0482 • Brian Franklin 082 888 2621 • Antoinette Carstens 082 349 6882 • Shirley Collins 083 645 7097

Sign and Seal Trading 011 662 1219 (f) 011 662 1219 | • Marieta Kotze 082 337 0977 • Philip Kotze 082 876 9358 Splendid Living Properties

011 795 2402 (f) 086 660 0779 | • Laura de Bastos 082 388 3278 • Mary de Bastos 084 410 0107 • Meagan du Plessis 071 887 4371

Verna Herbst Properties

011 662 2770 (f) 011 662 1093 | • Verna Herbst 082 555 2631 • Stan Herbst • Claire van Deventer Featherbrooke News  08 2011  10


COMMUNITY CLASSIFIEDS Terms & Conditions as per FHA: • • • • •

The Classifieds are free to residents only. Only 2 classified per resident. Classifieds should be submitted strictly by the 8th of each month Please keep classifieds to a maximum of 30 words only. Classifieds will not be carried over monthly and should be mailed every month if you wish them to be repeated. • Only Classifieds with a stand number will be used. • Residents may advertise their business in the classified as long as the business premises are within the Estate. • If a resident owns his business but the offices are not on the estate grounds, classifieds do not apply. To advertise, email Jaco on

ACCOMMODATION Self-service Flatlet - Off road parking, private entrance with security door. Double bedroom area, full bathroom and user friendly kitchenette. Peaceful garden atmosphere. Ideal for visiting relatives or friends of Featherbrooke residents for short stays. Contact Leraine or Mike 011 662 2923. SMS 084 693 9973 - Stand 2609 Luxury Guest Suite - Well-appointed en-suite dbl-bedroom, spacious lounge, dining room, DSTV, enclosed braai patio, lockup garage, private entrance. Bookings a prerequisite - Ria 082 530 8562 or email – Stand 340 Plettenberg Bay – At River Club, on the lagoon, next to Beacon Isle, walk to Central Beach, shops and shul. 2xBedrooms,2x Bathrooms. Sleeps 4-6. Swimming pool, Tennis, Squash.Contact Cedric 083 2511262 or - Stand 997

BEAUTY, HEALTH & FITNESS Beat winter cold and flu. Vit C and Nutrient Drips to boost your system. Ph 011 662 2216 Dr Trevor Venter - Stand 80 Ultimate Pilates - Professional modern studio next to clubhouse. One of few studios in S.A. with new Avalon Pilates equipment. Individual /duet /trio /group classes available. Instructors internationally qualified. Madelein 082 904 8352 - Stand 36/965 Annique Products - Skincare, Healthcare, Cellulite, Face Facts (Teenagers), Baby Care, Slimming, Zerotox (Heavy metal remover) all containing Rooibos extract. Become part of the successful Annique team? Contact Dalena Stulting, Tel. 011 662 2256 Mobile 082 416 2351 - Stand 1159 Plover’s Nest Be Balanced Pilates – Professional Studio in a tranquil setting offering several small group classes. Private classes for individuals on equipment. Strengthen your core while improving your flexibility and stamina with body definition. Ebeneze 082 804 1556 – Stand 1247 Honey 4 Africa - 100% pure choice grade Highveld honey. Not irradiated. Excellent health food, highly nutritious and good for allergies and ailments. R35 / 500g squeeze bottle. Contact Ken on 072 387 2346 - Stand 46 EXCELLENT Bootcamp classes presented at the Clubhouse on Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings @ 7:30am. UNBEATABLE RESULTS! Very affordable. GREAT FUN! Contact Carmen 072 390 0931 or - Stand 1154 @Shyleens - Ladies book now! Waxing, tinting, Bio Sculpture overlays and tips, parrafin treatments, pedicures, manicures, gift vouchers and Bio Sculpture products for sale. Monthly specials! For appointments please phone Shyleen 083 381 4722 - Stand 312 Houtkapper Crescent.

EDUCATIONAL Playgroup, Little Explorers - Toddlers,18mnths to 3yrs, learn together through play in a stimulating, fun, relaxed environment. Mon to Thurs, 9am-12pm. Small group for individual attention. Please contact Samantha 082 972 1845 /011 662 1439 - Stand 48 LM Private Maths/Physics/Chemistry tuition up to and including matric/A-level/varsity. Tutor holds a B.Sc.(Chemistry and Applied Chemistry) as well as a B.Sc.(Hons)Chemical Engineering from Wits University. Please Call 072 669 1303 - Stand 728

EMPLOYMENT Admin clerk required in Featherbrooke Estate, R3500 for 8am to 3pm. Send CV to - Stand 1142 I would love to watch your children, any ages. I am a reliable, children loving student and always available. Please contact Angela on 083 268 2843 or 082 322 5253 – Stand 74

Featherbrooke News  08 2011  13

COMMUNITY CLASSIFIEDS [2] EMPLOYMENT (continued) Weet van n bediende wat werk soek Dinsdae en Donderdae. Het bewys van goeie verwysings, skakel Willie by 082 333 7499 – Stand 393 Exceptional and hardworking domestic worker and seamstress urgently requires work due to the relocation of her current employer! Hilda Gaeke 072 864 8861 is available Mondays to Fridays. References - John Bredenhann 083 600 9183 - Stand 1140 Domestic worker Evidence is seeking employment in the estate on a Tuesday. Highly recommended. Please contact: E Burger on 011 662 2924 or 082 9312 188 – Stand 61 La Maison We require a reliable maid for 1 to 2 days a week. Must have good references and live on the Estate. Very pleasant working conditions. Please phone Melanie on 084 293 1574 - Stand 424 Aggi, a trustworthy and hardworking domestic worker is seeking employment Monday to Friday in the estate. Worked for previous employer for nine years. For reference and more information Gina on 082 896 0440 - Stand 153 My reliable, hardworking gardener, Remember, is looking for work on Tuesdays and Saturdays. His number is 073 107 0052. For reference please phone Peggy 082 374 2282 – Stand 2608 Sandpiper Turn

FOR SALE / TO LET 10th share in property syndicate - Luxurious condo on Oubaai Golf Estate (Ernie Els golf course), 5 minutes’ drive from George Airport. 2 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, sleeping 6 persons. Includes Golf membership, Golf cart, motor vehicle. 2 shares available @ R425, 000. Contact Francois on 082 923 2796 – Stand 187 Luxurious holiday apartments in Blaauwbergstrand - 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, sleep four, on beachfront. Available all year round. 25 minutes from Cape Town International Airport, 25 minutes from Waterfront, with DSTV and 24 hour security – capetownthebay. Contact Francois on 082 923 2796 – Stand 187 Zinkwazi - Kzn North Coast - this beach home offers four bedrooms, an open-plan living area with spacious enclosed braai patio, lockup garage, and complex swimming pool. Priced at R90 000. Contact Frank on 082 331 9517 - Stand 667 BMW 320 d (A) 2006, one owner, 79500 km, R170,000, with full service history, motor plan excellent condition. Exclusive model, sunroof, leather seats etc., silver titanium. Please phone Mr Hartman 082 550 9101 – Stand 251 Lyster Eagle Canyon Golf Estate – Immediate occupation - Lakeside Village 2 x Bedroom flat, 2 x Bathroom, Lock-up garage and parking bay. Contact Cedric 083 251 1262 or – Stand 997 Sleeper Furniture for Sale - 3-seater settee, single chairs, coffee table and floor lamp all in excellent condition. Phone for prices. Will sell separately. Alan 083 268 8918 - Stand 19 Gumpole Furniture for Sale - single bed inc. Sealy matress, single chair, and coffee table all in excellent condition. Phone for prices. Will sell separately. Alan 083 268 8918 - Stand 19 “Green Genie” – Tuiskomposmaker. R555 elk. Goedkoopste in Gauteng – Beslis ‘n winskoop. Tersia @ 082 825 8892 of 011 662 1643. Gratis aflewering binne 10km - Erf 134 Fibreglass rowing boat/ life jacket and oars for sale – R500. New 5yr old Quad Bike gear for sale (Top, bottoms, gloves and pads for knees and elbows) – R500. HP Laser Jet 15A Printer (NEW) for sale – R500. Contact Charmaine on 082 971 8098 or Charmaine@ – 10 L’Aquilla Karoo Lamb - Free Range, Organic. Farm Fresh Chicken. Directly from the farmer. Delivered monthly for collection at 42 Toscana. Contact Omar 071 352 9334 or omar1@ - Stand 668, 42 Toscana BAKOS BROTHERS dining room suite, Maple wood, herring bone colour, gold leaf finishes. 10 chairs seats 14, large sideboard.Contact 082 374 2292 - Stand 90

PETS Pets @ Heart - Need your pets fed, cared for and walked? Lights & curtains alternated, freezer checked & indoor plants watered by a personalised, experienced & reliable animal lover? Kobie 076 268 0191 / 011 662 1248 / – Stand 1135 Plover`s Nest

RECREATION Yeshua’s Children’s Ministry is needing a carpet (3X4m) for the nursery school, plastic scooters, playground equipment and old toys, please contact me on 082 971 8098, Charmaine – Stand 10 L’Aquila

SERVICES Professional Freelance Photographer - Therese van Greunen. Sunday – Thursday. Weddings and any other Functions. Please Contact me for quotes on different packages. Cell: 072 269 2633 or Email: – Stand 1133 Appliance Repairs – Est 1963 M & F Washing Machines. Repairs to all makes of washing machines, fridges, tumble dryers and dishwashers. Speed Queen specialists. Cedric/Shirley 011 664 6204 or 011 955 1558 -- Stand 78 Aleandro’s Convenience Store - Cater for all your basic daily needs. Shop 011 662 1186 or Sandra 083 459 0269. Open 7to9for6days - Stand 64

Featherbrooke News  08 2011  14

SERVICES (continued) I provide the following services in the Estate - Rubble removing, tree pruning, tree felling, and once off cleaning. Moves inside the Estate from one property to another, furniture removal anywhere! God bless. Please contact Willie 082 333 7499 – Stand 393 I pick up stuff for less privileged people. They appreciate anything that we give them! I give all donations to a charity called Jam. Please phone Willie at stand 393 for free collections on 082 333 7499. God bless – Stand 393 Featherbrooke Dance Academy - Professional dance studio with proper wooden sprung floors, bars, etc. We offer S.A.D.T.A. Modern and R.A.D. Ballet. Qualified teachers. Owner is Madelein 082 904 8352, Ballet - Shannon 083 235 5523, Modern - Berdine 072 330 8078 - Stand 457 New to the estate - Private Chef available for dinner parties, household shopping and cooking. International experience. Please call Jessica 079 193 4256 or e mail jessica_botha@yahoo. com - Stand 667/16 Video Productions - For weddings, school productions, promotions, video to DVD, editing and training contact Chris Stulting, 011 662 2256 Mobile 082 695 9435 - Stand 1159 Plover’s Nest Gas - All prices include delivery. 9kg = R160.00, 19kg = R350.00, 48kg = R800.00. Hout @ R15 per bag. Deon 076 015 6722 - Sand 1193 Phone@69c/minute – to any cellphone network and any landline number nationally. No contract, pay as you go, once off cost for the phone. Contact Mariette 084 850 0095 - Stand 738 Katlagter ESKOM bill on your Down Lights alone can be reduced by 90%. Change your globes to LED. Please come see my ESKOM bill, the lowest in the country. Solar Geysers and pool heaters. T Wright 083 379 7041 or – Stand 1142 MILK – Baby and Toddler Skin Care Range – Proudly South African and gentle on your child’s skin, free of parabens and sodium lauryl sulphates! Full range of products. For more info call Jennifer on 082 821 0723 – Stand 52 Architectural plans neatly drawn and submitted for approval. Best rates. Contact Adrian Davids 082 774 5207 – Stand 87 La Maison Accounting and Tax Services - Companies, Closed Corporations, Sole Proprietors. Professional accounting services and software support. Taxation and SARS issues. Business Plans and financial advice. Financial Statements and management accounts. Company formations. Phone M Hartman 082 550 9101 – Stand 251 Lyster Flowers@1014 - Fresh cut flowers and mixed bouquets made up daily. Contact Carien 082 668 5096 - Stand 1014 SandArt – improves kids’ sensory, imagination, fine motor and colour recognition skills. Plus, it’s a Confidence Booster filled with FUN. Ideal for any day of the week! Contact: Samantha 072 904 7844 - Stand 25/1177 LP - Gas Refills. Delivered in Featherbrooke. 9kg , 19kg , 48kg. Contact Arno on 082 553 9822 - Stand 1194 FC Party Service - having a party? Let us cater to your every need! From invites, decor, party packs, cakes and platters, to helium balloons, jumping castles and entertainment delivered to your door! You name it we do it contact Jacqui 082 698 7448 - Stand 26/17 Sugar Shak - Celebration cakes 4 all occasions. Kids, 3D, edible print, wedding, novelty, character cakes and cupcakes. In your choice of choc / vanilla sponge. Home baked with a professional finish. Contact Laura 082 253 6609 - Stand 334 Miglio Jewellery Need a gift urgently? You’re welcome to pop in any time to browse or just enjoy a cup of tea and have a look at the latest in Miglio jewellery. There is always something on sale, so you can pick up a bargain! I would love to meet you. Contact Estella on 011 662 2270 or cell 082 954 4439. Open 8am - 7pm Monday to Saturday - Stand 385 Coucals Nest Scrapbooking and Cardmaking Classes - LADIES! Do you need ‘’ME” time? Join a class, relax and de-stress whilst creating lasting memories. Beginners and advanced welcome. Contact Heather 082 371 1070 - Stand 997 Party Pinatas - Make birthday parties and events a real hit. Beautiful piñatas custom made to order (filled with sweets and sparkles) in your choice of colours from R200. Shona 082 332 7900 - Stand 1196 Mister Maker Craft Group - Classes for children (age approx. 3-9) who love to create art projects they can proudly display. R250 for 4 lessons. Holiday programme happening. Shona 082 332 7900 - Stand 1196 Arbeidsverhoudinge - Advies en hulp. Kontrakte, Basiese diensvoorwaardes, Dissipline, verhore en ontslag. Arbeidswetgewing. Omri Bestuursontwikkeling. Tinus Rautenbach E-pos: of 083 259 0591 / 011 662 1643 – Erf 134 Girls! - Choose your fabric and we will create your dream outfit for that memorable occasion. Specialising in custom, made-to-order clothes for that designer fit. Advice and fitting service offered. Charmaine on 083 352 6648 - Stand 852 The Sunshine Kitchen – Home cooked meals in Featherbrooke, cooked daily on order. Main meals, vegetables and salads. Mon - Thu, pick up on your way home. New menus e-mailed every week. Call or sms Amanda 082 854 2821 or - Stand 981 Computer and IT Support – I repair all computer hardware, software, printing and networking problems. I’m a qualified IT professional, with more than 13 years’ experience, who can assist with all your IT requirements. Contact Heinrich 072 042 3452 - Stand 1222 Clothing Alterations - Hems, seams and general tailoring etc. All work gladly undertaken. Contact Bernice on 011 662 2524 or 072 523 8136 - Stand 87 Cuckoo’s Nest Featherbrooke Art Studio - We offer Kids’ Parties, Mosaic Workshops, Mosaic Supplies, Unique Gifts, Art Classes for adults and kids (Newly appointed artist with Fine Arts degree) Book Now! Contact Barbie 083 351 6683 – Stand 21 New to the estate - Private Chef available for dinner parties, household shopping and cooking. International experience. Please call Jessica 079 193 4256 or e-mail - Stand 667/16

Featherbrooke News  08 2011  15

Featherbrooke Events Featherbrooke Social Committee REPORT BACK:

Fora (Friends of Rescued Animals) Talk by FORA on 13th July. What a bright and sunny day. We were lucky enough to be given several bags of Royal Canin dog and cat food which totally filled a bakkie. Thank you Bone Appetit for your more than generous donation of beds, blankets, toys and grooming products. You guys were overwhelming in your generosity. (Visit them, they are just outside the gate and they care!) Thank you to the folk of Featherbrooke for your gifts of food and blankets. There is an open invitation to all of our Residents to visit and see the amazing work that FORA does for our four legged friends. They also need volunteers, remember FORA does not practice euthanasia. These are very special and dedicated people. Congratulations to Amone and Aiden for your wonderful drawings. Thank you Samantha from SandArt for the wonderful prizes that you graciously donated - 072 904 7844.

Upcoming Events August - September 2011

g n i n e v E Quiz with JOSH HARROP

Our very first

SATURDAY 13th AUGUST at the Clubhouse Welcoming Glass of Sherry at 19h15

Eat as much pizza as you can - Answer as many questions as you can! No cellphones with internet access however well hidden! Prizes to be won, laughter and fun guaranteed

Join us to Donate Blood

Tickets On Sale From Aletta - Cost R55.00

On Friday 12th August In Kingfisher at the Clubhouse 16h00 - 19h00

Thursday 1st September Kingfisher Room 19h00 meet

AGAIN EVERY DROP COUNTS Previously on 9th June we donated 11 Units let’s beat that this time!!!!

Trevor from USN. He will give a product talk and information to all you athletes and people in training Product give aways to be distributed.

Thursday 25th August, Kingfisher Room at 19h00

Vitality Vitamins

Chief Nutritionist Sue Arbetter will inform and dispel myths such as:

“expensive urine”, “What should your children be taking”, “I eat properly - I exercise - I do not need any supplements!”. Two lucky people will go home with product hampers. Come and learn about the true world of vitamins.

Ladies Day


Another fun and informative day with lovely gifts to be given away cost will include welcome tea/coffee and a light luncheon talk by Dr Anushka Reddy and also Dirk Booysen (Optometrist) will talk on specialised eye suncare for children and adults

Please go to: and follow the line to our new Facebook for information regarding our UPCOMING EVENTS Until next month - Love yourself in order to love others MICHELLE Social Director

PS. If you have any bright ideas, or spare time and would like to get involved please contact her on or on 011 662 1521 Featherbrooke News  08 2011  16

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Fast Facts about Mt Kilimanjaro

Social Climbers invited to Uhuru Peak Nataniël and Simon Gear have done it. So have actress Jessica Biel and football star David Beckham. Bill Clinton plans to do it. What’s stopping you from climbing Mt Kilimanjaro? If everything goes according to plan, the Featherbrooke Estate flag will fly on top of Africa’s highest peak in March 2012. And you can be there too!

• The mountain is located in Tanzania, close to the Kenyan border and accessed from the towns of Moshi and Arusha. • At 5 895 metres, Mt Kilimanjaro is the highest free standing mountain (and volcano) in the world. • Several airlines fly daily to Kilimanjaro airport (located between Moshi and Arusha) from destinations in Africa (including Nairobi). • All expeditions must be guided by accredited Tanzanian mountain guides, the majority of whom belong to the Chagga tribe living at the base of the mountain. • Treks on Mt Kilimanjaro are ‘portered’, so the trekker carries just a day-pack. • The ‘ice-cap’ on Mt Kilimanjaro is a subject of much consternation for conservationists and it’s expected to disappear by 2020.

As an activity of the Featherbrooke Estate Social Committee, we are arranging an expedition to Mount Kilimanjaro and are inviting all Featherbrooke residents so inclined to join the team and undertake the necessary preparation with the aim of summiting this beautiful mountain at Uhuru (Freedom) Peak in late March 2012.

Our Tanzanian mountain and safari guides are equipped to arrange tours for your spouse to the Serengeti or Zanzibar if they would like to share some of the experience without actually climbing the mountain. Arrangements can also be made for those wanting to be part of the fun but only partially trek the mountain.

As the fourth highest of the ‘Seven Summits’, considered one of the most climbable due to the fact that it requires no technical skill, Kilimanjaro is a name that appears on the bucket lists of thousands of people around the world. But it’s more than a name. in fact it’s more than a mountain. It’s an unforgettable experience that celebrates the mental and physical strength of ordinary people.

Call Taryn van Olden on 082 779 1314 to book your spot on the expedition, or watch this space as we provide updates on the team’s progress.

So if this sounds like the kind of challenge you’d enjoy, or you are keen to start ticking off those bucket list items, join the team and begin your preparation, as we use Featherbrooke Estate as our expedition headquarters.

The Featherbrooke Estate Kilimanjaro Expedition at a glance: • This will be a seven-day, tented expedition via the Rongai route. • Residents between the ages of 18 and 80 in reasonable health are invited to take part. • This is a non-sponsored expedition, so all costs will be for the individual’s account. • Participants will be responsible for their own medical and insurance cover. • Briefings and preparation activities will be coordinated from within the Estate. • A training itinerary, all necessary information, as well as ongoing motivation is available from the expedition leader, a Featherbrooke resident and Mt Kilimanjaro summiteer.

“In 2009 I set myself a goal of trekking Mt Kilimanjaro. Other than a bit of rock climbing, I hadn’t done anything of the kind before. I joined a hiking club and started the physical and mental preparation, in the process meeting wonderful, likeminded people, including the companion who would eventually join me on the Mt Kilimanjaro journey. It was physically and mentally tough but from the moment I set foot in Tanzania, I loved every minute… the sights, the sounds, the people, the immense beauty of the mountain. After several days and a long and exhausting ‘summit night’, I finally reached the sign board at the top of Africa, to an awesome view and an immense feeling of accomplishment – forever changed, in a good way. The mountain bug had bitten, and over the following year I completed three more summits over 4000 metres, including Mt Meru, Mt Kenya and Pollux in the Swiss Alps. Ordinary people can climb these mountains. It’s an unforgettable experience and one I hope to share with my neighbours in Featherbrooke Estate.” Taryn van Olden

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What is a butterfly? But•ter•fly (bùt-er-flì´) noun. Any of various insects of the order Lepidoptera, characteristically having slender bodies, knobbed antennae, and four broad, usually colorful, wings. The word Lepidoptera comes from the Greek words lepis meaning scale and pteron meaning wing. Butterfly wings are made of hardened membrane, strengthened by veins and covered by tiny scales, each a single colour. The intricate designs of butterfly wings are produced by thousands of scales, arrayed in complex patterns and overlapping one another like shingles on a roof.

Butterfly Life Cycle Butterfly




“... Why couldn’t the butterfly come to the dance? Because it was a moth ball!”

Make a butterfly ring One of the stars of the butterfly species is the exotic Blue Morpho. This large, shiny blue butterfly is usually found in the forests of Central and South America. But you can find it on your finger, too!

Colour me, and draw my suroundings!!

1.Print this page and carefully cut out the Blue Morpho. Colour it to match the marking of the Blue Morpho (or design your own butterfly). 2. Punch two holes on the yellow circles on its body.


3.Take a 4-inch pipe cleaner and bend it into a “U” shape. Push the ends up through the holes, leaving enough room underneath for your index finger. 4.Twist the ends sticking out the top, to create the antennae. Gently wave your hand up and down, and your Blue will flutter gracefully on your finger.

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Chef Daniel Chapat ... I was born in a small town in a fairly central area of France – Bonny Sur Loire. My grandparents farmed in this area and the closest town was Annay. When I came to South Africa in October 1966, I had the impression that the farmers of the rural areas and the Boers of South Africa were one and the same people. Meaning that the food that the two communities ate and enjoyed was very similar. Hence my interest in the South African culinary traditions. I have used this recipe many times and it came from a recipe book named South African Culinary Tradition.

Lamb Sosaties It takes a few days to prepare these sosaties but they are well worth the effort, they are tender and moist.


Lamb Cubed - Recipe recommends Leg of Lamb - 1.5kg Garlic, Lemon Leaves, Onion, Rock Salt, Crushed Black Pepper, Brown Sugar and Milk


Place lamb cubes in a fairly deep dish – Now sprinkle with some crushed garlic, salt and pepper – Cover with sliced onion and a few washed lemon leaves – Sprinkle over 150gr brown sugar Now cover with milk and place in the fridge for 24 hours.

Marinade Sauce

Make the same day and refrigerate so that taste develops. Vinegar 125ml Apricot Jam 30gr Curry Powder (Good Quality) 60gr Brown Sugar 25gr Bay Leaf, Thyme Chopped chilli (optional) Boil all ingredients together – refrigerate When the cubed lamb has been in the milk mixture for 24 hours,. drain and discard the milk mixture – Now pour the Marinade over the lamb cubes and leave to marinade for a further 24 hours. Soak sosatie skewers for a few hours before using (to prevent wooden skewers from burning on the grill) Remove meat from the marinade and spear cubes of meat on sosatie skewers – Grill on your braai. Serve with creamy potatoes, a green salad and delicious red wine.

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