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Welcome to my world!


Music & Art have always been the biggest passions of my life. It is my source of energy which I can not live without.  I start with a fresh blank sheet of paper, and I begin to express myself in that very moment. I capture whatever feelings come through me. It’s meditation for me.  I have always preferred to draw with ink since it cannot be erased. You basically need to correct your mistakes, and make something good out of it.  By receiving overwhelming requests from wonderful people around the world, following me on my social media, I have decided to put together this Coloring Artbook for adults. Behind each illustration, I have included uplifting quotes to give this book an extra dimension. My love for writing poems was the start of my music career. This is the first time that I have put them together in the same frame.  I hope that you will love this Artbook as much as I loved making it for you. Big hug, Julia Westlin

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