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Education BACHELORS OF SCIENCE | MAY 2013 | REDACTED · Major: Physics · Minor: Mechanical Engineering · Related coursework: Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Advanced Laboratory Techniques, BACHELORS OF SCIENCE | JUNE 2005 | REDACTED · Major: Business Communications · Related coursework: Technical Writing, Video Production Engineering

Experience TECHNICAL SHIFT LEAD | REDACTED | AUGUST 2013 - PRESENT · Oversee the migration of business‍users’‍computers‍to Windows7 · First point of contact for all problems and issues on site with technicians and managers · Generate accurate metrics and daily reports on time for management review ALOGRITH SUPPORT INTERN | REDACTED; LLC | AUGUST 2011 – JULY 2013 · Groundtruth all new test cases and generate data and reports for further regression testing · Create scripts for parsing data sets collected onsite and perform statistical analysis of data · Develop test procedures for collecting and analyzing data from competitor equipment · Provide front and back end development for existing software used for evaluating full screen object tracking · Work with senior level engineers to solve issues reported in the field ADJUNCT LAB INSTRUCTOR | REDACTED | JUNE 2013 – AUGUST 2013 · Develop and design lab experiments that reinforce material covered in class lectures · Work with and assist students in understanding core principles at the general physics level · Evaluate individual student performance and provide constructive feedback for improvement

Academic Achievements Dean’s‍List, Academic Achievement Scholarship, Alumni Academic Scholarship, Alumni Research Scholarship

Software Experience MATLAB, Python, Mathematica, SQL, Microsoft Office, Eclipse, LabView, TortoiseSVN, SolidWorks, VirtualBox, NetBeans, Git, Java, Ubuntu, MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android


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