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Enrichment Clusters Enrichment Clusters are opportunities for students to choose areas of interest that will provide them with real-world, hands-on experiences. Whether it is puppetry, geology, improvisation, or robotics, students in Grades TK-4 become involved in authentic, active learning. To begin the process of Enrichment Clusters, Lower School students are surveyed for their interests, and are then placed in multi-age affinity groups – one for Grades TK-1, the other for Grades 2-4. Teachers and outside experts act as facilitators for the groups, but students take the lead in exploring each topic. They decide whether the group would like to create a product or presentation, provide a service related to their topic of study, or write a blog about their experience. Another key component of the program is allowing students to reflect at the end of each cluster meeting so they can see what worked, what did not, and what they might change. Some of the Cluster topics students have explored in the past include: Grades TK-1 ● Building with Legos ● Cooking and Baking ● Dogs ● Genealogy ● Horses ● Olympics ● Painting ● Police Officers and Firefighters ● Puppetry ● Science Lab Explorations ● Sculpting Grades 2-4 ● Architecture ● Birds ● Civil War History ● Entrepreneurs ● Jewelry Making ● Literature Alive ● Movie Making ● National Treasures ● Opera ● Promising Poets ● Scottish Country Dance ● Service ● Sewing ● Star Search


Enrichment Clusters