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In order to keep residents who are unable to access the web or wheel informed, we are posting the air times for recent Federation Meetings and other pertinent information:

BRIGHTHOUSE 436436-2182 COA OFFICE: 633-1710 FEDERATION OFFICE: 633633-2083 FRONT GATE: 634-2063 BOX OFFICE: 387-3447

1/21/11 Membership Mtg: 1am, 5:30am, 10am, 2:30pm, 7pm 2/4/11 Federation Board Mtg: 2am, 6:30am, 11am, 3:30pm, 8pm



LOST & FOUND: 387-3471 MASTER ASSOC.: 633633-6291

**Schedule subject to change bi-weekly


Health & Fitness

For the latest updates to the schedule!

PALM COURT CAFÉ: 387387-3482 SOUTH GATE: 645-9355 CONTINENTAL MGT: 642-8990 TRANSPORTATION OFFICE: 387-3470 MINTO: 634-6400


Purchase Bus Trip Tickets for April, May, June!!! WC/H tickets available Feb. 28th, March 1st. General seating tickets available March 2nd. Bus Book on shelves the last week of February in both clubhouses. Check your new Bus Book for a NEW NO CANCELLATION policy and NEW TRANSFERABLE bus seat guidelines.

Find out what Bus Trips are available in the Bus Book— NOW OFFERED ONLINE! Just click on the Transportation Tab!

Recently we have received questions regarding the roles of the many entities and groups that serve Kings Point, and how they all fit together to provide the many services for the residents. Following is a summary of those organizations—each month we will provide a more in-depth profile of each.

Eileen Peco Pres., Federation Board

For information about Kings Point: • • • Watch Channels 95 and 96 on TV

Condominium and Homeowner Associations (The Associations): Each of the 109 condominium and homeowner associations in Kings Point is a separate corporation governed by its Board of Directors elected by its unit owners, and managed according to its condominium or homeowner documents. The Federation of Kings Point Associations, Inc. (The Federation) is a corporation that is responsible for services and bulk contracts used by all the Associations and their members, including cable, lawn & landscape, pest control, building insurance and recreational facilities, etc. • Continental Group, Inc. is the management company that provides professional property management services to the Federation and the Associations, including operations support, accounting, etc. • Vesta Property Services, Inc. is the management company responsible to professionally manage the recreational facilities, transportation, and security at the direction of the Federation Board of Directors, and according to the Land Trust, and the Loan Agreement. Sun City Center West Master Association (The Master) is a corporation with responsibility for maintenance of infrastructure that is used by all of Kings Point, including roads and sidewalks, 36th Street fence-line, storm water drainage systems, irrigation pumps and pipes, some lakes, etc. Minto controls the Master Association with a threemember board of directors. Condominium Owners’ Association (COA) is a corporation managed by a board of directors and operated by resident volunteers who provide a variety of services to the Kings Point Community, including free notary, fax machine service, blood pressure screening, wheelchairs and walkers, etc. They also sponsor the Kings Point Library, copy machines for resident use in both clubhouses, and bulletin boards in both clubhouses. Kings Point West Recreation Facility Rules Association, Inc. (KPWRFRA) is the corporation that develops rules and regulations concerning the use of the Kings Point Recreational Facilities. Vesta Property Services administers these rules and regulations as developed and modified by KPWRFRA. KPW Service Association, Inc. (KPW) offers service contracts for appliances for residents of Kings Point. Minto Group, Inc. (Minto) is the developer that purchased the remaining undeveloped land in Kings Point from WCI. Minto is the exclusive builder of new homes within the community. ClubLink is the new owner of the golf courses in Kings Point and in Sun City Center.


Just start talking pickleball and feel the energy level hit an all time high! Louann Dubendorf and Nadine Powers have definitely been bitten by the pickle ball bug. As we sat down to talk they were coming down from playing in a tournament at Wauchula winning a blue ribbon and making more happy memories which included lots of laughs. These two friends and pickleball partners met on the pickleball courts at the South Clubhouse here in Kings Point. They met through a shared curiosity, for both Louann and Nadine wanted to see what was going on and how this crazy game was played. Nadine, who lives in Radison, watched the pickleball courts being built, where as Louann was drawn to the courts after moving into the Maplewood area of Kings Point from Orlando six years ago. These two have gone from being curious about the sport to playing in approximately seven tournaments per year. They have won enough ribbons to cover the walls of their condos. The most recent one played in Wauchula was a fund raiser for the local animal shelter and raised $500. That’s a lot of pickleball! Their curiosity was contagious, so I inquired about pickleball. What is it? How did it get started? It was invented in 1965 by a Congressman who wanted a family oriented sport to play with his own family. So they came up with pickleball, a combination of tennis and badminton using an overgrown ping pong paddle. It got its name, not because you must eat pickles, but because of the dog. The dog’s name was Pickles and that dog loved to run into the playing area, grab the ball, then take off like a shot. The family was always yelling, “Pickles, ball!” And so the name of this new sport was born. Louann has become quite the pickleball historian. Not only does she know her history, she has used her creativity to promote the sport she has learned to love. It is the fastest growing sport in the public school PE programs. (Another Louann fact.) She has designed t-shirt graphics which have evolved into an online store for pickleball merchandise--including the Lucky Pickle. She has instigated many tournaments here at Kings Point, and has conjured themes to add fun and laughs to the play. Before becoming a pickleball enthusiast, Louann was in computer management and was an ultrasound technician. She currently has some great roofmates--her 90 year old mother and her brother. Louann is also a dog enthusiast and now has two mini schnauzers, Dusty and Dixie. Nadine grew up in Florida, but also spent time in Kentucky and Georgia where she still has family. Her eyes light up when she talks about how she and her daughter Melanie fostered children. They watched over 4 to 8 year olds, although she fondly recalled when they cared for a 24 month old and how heart broken she was when the little one was adopted. That’s when Nadine decided no more babies--it was just too difficult to say goodbye. One Christmas she had 8 children. She just couldn’t say no to a kid in need. Nadine enjoys traveling with her husband, Mike, who was also a pickleball player until he had to ease off the play. Both Nadine and Louann spoke of the camaraderie through pickleball and how this community of players has become close, both on and off the courts--helping each other through tough times and celebrating the good time. They laughed as they told stories of sons, daughters and grandchildren reluctantly coming to the courts to play, thinking they can beat these “old guys”, then staggering off the court sweaty, with a new appreciation of these “old guys” and hooked on the sport. Drop by the courts any morning between 8-12 to see and learn about the fun of pickleball. And they do mean ANY morning. Christmas, Thanksgiving, hurricane warnings? It doesn’t matter. They will be there.


Hud Richard Security

Right now, many of us are going through the Annual Meeting process for our associations. I was thinking of several occasions while I was working at the South Club when I would talk with visitors about all the amenities we get. Many of them commented that we get a considerable amount for the monthly dues that we pay.

In fact, I remember discussing this with a number of people from, for example, West Palm Beach who would say that we get twice as much as they do for half the price. I was also reflecting on how much “bang for the buck” we as residents get from our security department. If you’ve been following the series of articles entitled The Different Faces of Security, you will know that our job is quite varied. (NO this is not a commercial/ push for a pay raise.) It just so happens that we have finished gathering our statistics for the previous year and I thought I would present a few to you. On the top of the list is the welfare checks. Briefly, this is when we get a call of concern from a neighbor, family or friend regarding the well-being or welfare of a particular resident. Security then goes out and checks on them. There were 91 such calls and checks in 2010. There were also 54 calls for open doors/windows. Thirdly there were 40 calls for water problems of various sorts starting from sprinklers to broken pipes in unoccupied homes. In fact, there are 30 different categories that we keep numbers for and all of them have at least 1 incident including scams, illegal dumping and criminal mischief. On the bottom of the list, but not in numbers, is the ‘other’ category which numbers 116. In total there were 411 calls for 2010. One more note of interest is that every night when most of us are fast asleep and there is little traffic at the gate we are hardly taking it easy. There are 2 security guards out patrolling all of Kings Point to maintain our safety and security. Finally, as was mentioned in the above paragraph, we hardly sit back as we are always looking for ways to improve our service with new and innovative ideas. The first is available parking spaces when you have guests and no room at your house for parking. Both clubhouses have a procedure where you request a parking permit for your guest for up to a week. These forms can be found in the respective security offices. Secondly, if you are a walker, runner or cyclist, we now have reflective strips available for your safety to be applied to clothing and cycle. They too can be obtained at the security offices of either clubhouse. Hope this helps keep you safe.


Michigan Club “Beer and Pizza Party” Sat., Feb. 26th 5 p.m. KPCH Banquet Room Entertainment by Salvina Members: $8/Guests$10 Tickets: Feb. 1,8,15,22 KPCH 9-12 p.m. Batter Up! Detroit Tigers v. New York Yankees Mon., Feb. 28th 10:45 a.m. Tickets: $45 pp Includes bus, box lunch, premium seating

Ticket Sales: 2/1,8,15,22 9am-12pm Krafter’s Spring Sale Wed., March 2nd 9-12 p.m. KPCH Craft Room KP Pennsylvania Club St. Patrick’s Day Event Mon., March 7th Irish Food & Entertainment by Robert Keyth Call Gloria Rice for info: 634-6111 Jameson Greens Mardi Gras Golf Cart Parade Tues., March 8th starts at 1:30 p.m. Watch for: MUSIC-BEADS-CANDY-FUN! Route: Jameson-Lyndhurst-MaplewoodPortsmith-Grantham-Corinth-AcadiaWorthingtonSouth Club (2:30 p.m.)-Kensington


KP Quilters Quilt Exhibit and Sale Fri., March 11th KPCH Banquet Room Artistic creations in fabric, new & antique quilts FREE ADMISSION Country Dance Mar. 12th 5:00-8:00 p.m. KPSC Palm Court Café KP SCC Travel Club Sun., Mar. 13th 2 p.m. KPCH Card Room Jewish Club of KP Purim Celebration Tues., March 15th 6:30 p.m. KPCH Banquet Rm. Enjoy a fun filled evening with friends to welcome in Purim. Be entertained by well known Mike Eistenstadt Duo Menu: Gourment Sandwiches, Salads, Desserts, Coffee, Iced Tea $25 Members/$28 Guests RSVP: Joan Green 642-0784 Judy Abrams 633-9835 New Englanders Club A Stage Performance Troy Coman & The Swing Sisters Thurs., March 17th 7pm KPCH Borini Theatre Members: $8/Guests: $10 Ticket Sales KPCH Lobby: March 7th & 9th 9-11am

KP Canadian Club Sock Hop & Potluck Dinner Thurs., March 24th 5 p.m. Borini Theatre DJ music & Elvis performer! Tickets: $8 Meat provided Bring dish to serve 8-10 Tickets: KPCH Lobby 2/15 & 22 10-1 p.m.

KP Amateur Radio Club 2nd Monday of every month 2 p.m. KPCH Craft Room KP Buckeye Club 2nd Tuesday of Month 11am KPCH West Social Rm. Submit Clubs and Organization notices to:

Sun., April 10th 7:00 p.m. Borini Theatre Tickets: $5

FREE INCOME TAX PREPARATION: By IRS trained counselors February 2nd through April 15th KPCH Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9am-3pm For Appointments: 813-938-8959 Sponsored by COA, AARP and the IRS Table Tennis Club KPSC Jubilee II & III Tuesdays & Thursday evenings Sportsman’s Club KPSC Jubilee I 3rd Wed., of Month 3 p.m. Country Hoe Down Dance April 9th 5:00-8:00 p.m. KPSC Jubilee II & III

“Patriotic Theme” Directed by: Chuck Wirick

@KPCH Box Office 7

All Dinners Served in KPSC Palm Court Café

Plated Dinner

Tuesday, March 1st 5:00-7:00 pm $7.50 plus tax Tickets @ Concierge Desk

Wine Station Available

Garden Salad Chicken & Yellow Rice Casserole Warm rolls with butter Chocolate pudding w/ whipped cream Coffee

Borini Theatre Back by Popular Demand!!

Tuesday, March 8th Doors Open at 5:00 p.m.

Garden Salad Egg Plant Parmesan on a bed of Pasta $7.50 plus tax Garlic Baked Bread Tickets @ Concierge Desk Wine Station Available Iced tea Plated Dinner Wed., March 16th 5:00-6:30 pm

Tossed Salad Friday 8 oz Ribeye Steak March 25th Baked Potato 5:00-7:00 pm Iced Tea $11.50 plus tax Tickets @ Concierge Desk Wine Station Available

Free Tickets Available @ KPSC Concierge Desk Main Clubhouse Concierge or Business Office Donations for Hospice at the door. Draft Beer and Wine Available Pre-Order your $27 --5ft. American or Italian Sub by March 4, at 4 p.m. Call Nanette at 387-3449 St. Patrick’s Day Lunch KPSC Palm Court Café

Thurs., March 17th 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Menu Rueben Sandwich Shamrock Cookies Soft Drink/ $7.00 plus tax

March 29th 5:00-8:00 pm KPSC

Join us on Tuesdays for Music, Singing and Dancing! Grab the mic and sing away! Sit back and watch the excitement!

*Dinner tickets can be purchased up until the Friday before the function



Thursday, March 17th

Lucky Leprechaun

5:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. KPSC Palm Court Café

Trivia Irish Music Drink Specials Wear Green Think Green Most Green

St. Patrick’s Dinner Menu Corned Beef & Cabbage Oven Roasted Red Potatoes Irish Soda Bread $8.50 plus tax Tickets Available: KPSC Concierge Desk Get Your Tickets Early!!


Live! KPSC Pool Deck Easy Street Band


u F ! un

un F ! n


Tues., March 22nd 5:30-8:30 p.m.

Music/Cash Bar/Cookout $5.00 Cover Charge Gets 12 oz Draft or Glass of Wine 9

MARCH SHOWS The Barbary Coast Dixieland Show Band Wednesday, March 9th 7:30 PM Tickets: $25 plus tax KPCH Borini Theatre

This group of versatile musicians has played everywhere from the Mississippi paddlewheel boats to Nagasaki, Japan. Their masterfully paced show features variety, humor, instrumentals and singing to keep your feet tapping from the very start.

Monday, March 14th 7:30 PM Tickets: $25 plus tax KPCH Borini Theatre

Colcannon performances have been described as “fresh and exciting... a mix of polish and passion with poignant

vocals as mighty as a spring storm.” Enjoy a VIP St. Patrick’s Day celebration before the show featuring green beer, mini Reuben’s, roasted red potatoes and Shamrock cookies! $7.50 plus tax 6:30 pm KPCH Banquet Rm.

The Tokens

Nights on Broadway

Monday, March 21st 7:30 PM Tickets: $25 plus tax KPCH Borini Theatre

Wednesday March 23rd 7:30 PM Tickets: $25 plus tax KPCH Borini Theatre

Their blend of showmanship, humor and excellent musicianship has made these talented boys from Brooklyn favorite headliners all over the world. True rock pioneers, The Tokens recording of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” has sold 15 millions copies throughout the world. 10


This dynamic production promises beautiful voices, dazzling costumes, and an evening filled with showstoppers from the Great Classic American Musicals and the latest sounds from Broadway today!

Friday, March 11th 10 a.m. (9:30 a.m. Registration) COME DRESSED IN YOUR FLORIDA LIFESTYLE BEST

$1.00 per dog entry fee


“ Garden of Quilts” 2nd Bi-Annual Quilt Show and Sale

March 11, 2011 9 a.m.a.m.-3 p.m. KPCH Banquet Room FREE admission •

Contemporary Quilts (large and small) • Quilting Demonstrations • Wearables display • Antique Quilts


Eagle Audubon Presents: The Norman G. Duke Commemorative Outdoor Adventure Film Series Saturday, Feb. 19th- “South African Safari” by John Wilson

Go wild and explore the world in one country! From deserts to jungle, and everything in-between, South Africa’s biodiversity is amazing for a nation its size. Sat., Mar. 19th- “Bhutan, The Cloud Kingdom” by Tom Sterling

You will be charmed by a culture unlike any other in the world. Extraordinary architecture, remarkable wildlife and near pristine landscape make this the last Shangri-la. **All shows start at 7:30 pm KPCH Borini Theatre TICKETS ON SALE NOW @ KPCH Box Office Series Tickets: $18 or Individual tickets: $7.50

Give Blood! Florida Blood Services Wed., March 30th 9-Noon & 1-3PM KPCH Portico

All lifesaving donors will receive a vintage style baseball cap, a wellness checkup including a cholesterol screening and a chance to save 3 lives!


Have You Visited the NEW Kings Point Website?

What you will find: find: Transportation Schedules

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Blood Pressure Screening: 10-12 pm (KPCH Lobby)

We dne sday

2 Krafters Spring Sale:

9 am-12 pm (KPCH-Craft Pool Deck Cookout: 12pm-2pm (KPCH)

COA Board & Gen. Home Cooked Dinner: 5pm (KPSC) Palm Court Cafe Membership Meeting: 7pm (KPCH-Banquet Room) 6



Newcomers Coffee: 9am KPCH Banquet Rm.

Pool Deck Cookout: 12pm-3pm (KPSC) *weather permitting


Pool Deck Cookout: 12pm-3pm (KPSC) *weather permitting 27


Pool Deck Cookout: Safety & Security Seminar: 12pm-2pm (KPCH) 1pm (KPCH-East Social ) (PS) Barbary Coast Lip Sync: 5pm (BT) Dixieland Show Band: 7:30pm (BT) Tickets: $25

Pool Deck Cookout: 12pm-3pm (KPSC) *weather permitting 13

9 Queen’s Luncheon: 12pm


Tickets On Sale

(CS) Colcannon: 7:30pm (BT) Tickets: $25 VIP Reception: 6:30pm Tickets: $7.50 21

(BS) The Tokens: 7:30pm (BT) Tickets: $25



RFEC Meeting: 9:30am (KPCH-Card Room)

Pool Deck Cookout: 12pm-2pm (KPCH) Pasta Night: 5pm (KPSC) Line Dance: 7pm (BT)


Sunset Celebration: 5:308:30pm (KPSC Pool Deck)

23Blood Pressure Screening:

10-12 pm (KPSC Palm Court Café) Pool Deck Cookout: 12pm-2pm (KPCH) (AS) Nights on Broadway: 7:30pm (BT) Tickets: $25




Florida Blood Service: 9-12 & 1-3PM (KPCH) Portico Pool Deck Cookout: 12pm-3pm (KPSC) *weather permitting


Karaoke Night: 5-8pm (KPSC-Palm Court Café)

Pool Deck Cookout: 12pm-2pm (KPCH)

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12pm System Maintenance

Rockin’ Rendezvous: 4pm (KPSC)

Fun Friday’s: 12-2pm (KPCH Pool Deck)

St. Patrick’s Day Lunch: 11-3pm (KPSC) St. Patrick’s Day Dinner and Party: 5-8pm (KPSC)

Pool Deck Cookout: 12pm (KPSC) *weather permitting Let’s Dance Party! 5-8pm KPSC

Line Dance: 5:00 pm (KPSC Palm Court Café) 11


April Pointers Available

Spring Fling: 10-2pm KPCH Front Lawn 18 Federation Membership Meeting: 9:30 am (BT)


To Do


Federation Board Meeting 9:30 am (KPCH Card Rm.)

10 Box Office Closed:

March 2011

Saturda y


Rockin’ Rendezvous: 4pm (KPSC)

6 7 13 14 20 21 27 28

Monthly Dinner: 5:15 (KPCH– Banquet Room) MOVIE: Nanny McPhee 2pm &7:30pm (BT)

Pool Deck Cookout: 12pm (KPSC) *weather permitting

Let’s Dance Party! 5-8pm KPSC 19

Pool Deck Cookout: 12pm(KPSC) *weather permitting Eagle Audubon Film: “Bhutan, The Cloud Kingdom 7:30 (BT)

Rockin’ Rendezvous: 4pm (KPSC)

Fun Friday’s: 12-2pm

Let’s Dance Party! 5-8pm KPSC




Pool Deck Cookout: 12pm Fun Friday’s: 12-2pm KPSC (KPSC)*weather permitting Rockin’ Rendezvous: 4pm (KPSC) 31


Steak Night: 5:00pm (KPSC) LOCATION

KPCH Borini Theatre Kings Point Main Clubhouse Kings Point South Club Summer Series Show Fitness Center Wheel Chair/Handicapped

Let’s Dance Party! 5-8pm KPSC



Bandstand Series Show Celebrity Series Show Presenters Series Show Artists Series Show


Line Dance Wed., March 9th 12:00 pm KPCH Borini Theatre

Wednesday, March 16th 7:00-10:00 pm KPCH Borini Theatre

$5.15 (plus tax)

Catered by: Sun Coast Catering

1/2 sandwich of Ham & “Salvina in Concert” Cheese and Chicken With The Silver Notes Salad along with Orange Pineapple Jello Chef’s Choice Dessert Decaf Coffee Iced Tea $7.05 plus tax

Theme: St. Patrick’s Day BYOB & Setups Instructor & DJ Jan Ulics

Deadline to purchase tickets is Fri., Mar. 4th @ 4 pm

Friday, March 18th Borini Theatre 5:15 pm KPCH Banquet Room Catered by: Sun Coast Catering Family Style Salad Warm bread and butter Ham Steak Parsley Potatoes Creamed cabbage Chef’s Choice Dessert Decaf coffee Iced tea

$9.50 plus tax * Deadline to purchase tickets: Mar. 16th 4pm


General seating tickets $1.40 plus tax Available at the KPCH Box Office

Showtimes: 2:00 & 7:30 pm Nanny McPhee arrives to help a harried young mother who is trying to run the family farm while her husband is away at war, though she uses her magic to teach the woman’s children and their two spoiled cousins five new lessons. Directed: Susanna White; Stars: Maggie Gyllenhaal, Emma Thompson; Universal Pictures; Runtime: 109 min. PG.

Get gorgeous nails that resist chipping and have beautiful, long lasting shine.

Receive10% off the full price of a Shellac manicure in the month of March! Spa Serenity is thrilled to introduce Shellac! Shellac is a hybrid nail polish that wears beautifully for up to 14 days with no smudging and is easily removed in minutes. This revolutionary polish is hypohypo-allergenic and contains no formaldehyde, toluene or DBP. In addition, Shellac is cured with a UV light so the polish is completely dry immediately!

Call to book your appointment! (813) 387387-3475 **Saturday appointments available


From the Desk of... Nanette Leggett Director of Resident Services Vesta Facilities Management (813) 387-3449

Located at the South Clubhouse Menu of Services • • • •

• • •

Transportation reservations to and from the airport or seaport. Sell advertisement space in the Pointer. Referral suggestions for services needed. Ask a nurse program for residents with medical questions and blood pressure screenings, hearing specialist to check ears & hearing aids. Every Fri. 10-11 am in the KPCH Lobby. Free travel directions. Setup in-service seminars and events. Free Notary Service



Upcoming Special Programs Tues., Mar. 1st 9 a.m.-noon Atrium Rm. Meet & Greet our own resident new author Brenda Wiseman. Celebrate with her the publication of her book “Are All My Buttons Red”? Thoughts from A Caregiver Thurs., Mar. 17th 10 a.m. Atrium Rm. In service with USF Sun Coast Gerontology Sponsored by Right At Home Watch for more info. coming

Spring Fling 2011 We are looking for volunteers to help out at the upcoming Spring Fling 2011. If you have some spare time to offer, we would love to have you. Please call Nanette at 387-3449


Super Bowl XLV KPSC Party!

ea Go T


! o G k c Go Pa



Black & Yell o w!


aning Pool Cle Fr o m onth $4 9 a m

Licensed & Insured. Bond. Workmen’s Comp

Cleaning Services − − −

Free Estimates No Contracts Weekly Bi-weekly Monthly


$30 OFF $15 Off the First 2 cleans New Customers Only

Turning Houses Into Homes Since 1992 For The Best Royal Treatment


Homebound and in Need of a Haircut?



Call Cindy Quiroz (941) 345-5013

Sandy and Ginny Sanford Your Neighborhood Agents 25 years of residential experience HOW MUCH CAN YOU SAVE?



“The Leasing Lady” Properties in all price ranges. Long and short terms available. Furnished and unfurnished. Cell: 813-244-3179 Fax: 813-677-4417 Barb Balmenti

In KPCH Lobby Tues.-Fri. 10am-2pm


Healthy Hints: March 2011 National Nutrition Month A Healthy Eating Plan: • Emphasizes fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat or fat-free milk, and milk products. • Includes lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs, and nuts. • Is low in saturated fats, trans fats, cholesterol, salt (sodium) and added sugars. Make Your Calories Count: • Choose nutrient rich foods packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber—and lower in calories. • Most older adults need fewer calories than they did in their younger years. • Making smart food choices and staying physically active can help you stay healthy and prevent weight gain. Focus on Variety: • Eat a variety of foods from all the food groups each day. • Fruits and vegetables can be fresh, frozen, or canned. • Include dark green vegetables like broccoli and leafy greens and orange vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes. • Vary your protein choices with more fish, beans, and peas. • Eat at least three ounces of whole grain cereals, breads, crackers, rice or pasta, every day. Know Your Fats: • To help reduce the risk of heart disease, choose foods low in saturated fats, trans fats, and cholesterol. • Eat mostly polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. • Check your food labels for saturated fat and total fat. Add Physical Activity for Fitness and Health: • Set a goal to be physically active at least 30 minutes every day. • You can break up the 30 minutes into three ten minute sessions during the day. • If you are currently inactive, start with a few minutes of activity such as walking, and gradually increase the minutes as you become stronger. • A healthful diet balanced with physical activity, is your best recipe for managing weight and overall health and fitness.

Brain Exercise–

(*Answers on back.*) 1. When I point up it’s bright, when I point down it’s dark. What am I? 2. I start with the letter “e” and end with the letter “e” and I usually contain one letter, but I am not the letter “e.” What am I?


Power Up with Breakfast Breakfast gives you the energy you need to start the day. Everyone should eat a healthy breakfast. Here are some “quick breakfast” ideas to get the morning nutrition you need. ►Prepare instant oatmeal with milk instead of water. Try adding raisins, cranberries, or topping with chopped walnuts. ►Try layering yogurt with your favorite cereal, topped with sliced fruit or berries. ►Make a breakfast smoothie with low-fat milk, frozen strawberries, and a banana. ►Top a bowl of whole-grain cereal with your favorite fruit. Add low-fat or fat-free milk. ►Have a toaster waffle topped with low-fat yogurt and fruit. ►Spread peanut butter on a flour tortilla. Add a whole banana and roll it up. ►Stuff a whole-wheat pita with a sliced hard cooked egg and low-fat shredded cheese.

Vitamin and Mineral Recommendations for People over 50 According to the National Academy of Sciences men and women over 50 need: Vitamin B12 -2.4 mcg each day. (If you are taking medicine for acid reflux, you might need a different form, which your healthcare provider can give you.) Vitamin B12 helps keep your red blood cells and nerves healthy. Calcium -1200 mg, but not more than 2500 mg per day. Calcium works with vitamin D to keep bones strong. Vitamin D - 400 IU for people age 51-70 and 600 IU for people over 70; but not more than 2000 IU each day. As you get older, you may not get the 10 to 15 minutes of sunlight twice a week needed to get enough Vitamin D. Vitamin B6 -1.7 mg for men and 1.5 mg for women each day. This vitamin is needed to form red blood cells.

*When thinking about whether you need more of a vitamin or mineral, think about how much of each nutrient you get from food and drinks, as well as

Menu terms that can mean more fat and calories: batter-fried, pan-fried, buttered, creamed, crispy, and breaded. Choose these foods only occasionally and in small portions. Brain Exercise Answers: 1. A light switch. 2. An envelope.

Got a fitness question or motivational tip to share with your neighbors? Email Ann Stewart, KP Fitness Coordinator, at 23

*Class Schedule Subject to Change* Kings Point Clubhouse (KPCH) 813-387-3439 Kings Point South Club (KPSC) 813-387-3469 Monday


Wednesday Thursday

8:00 KPCH Aquacize

8:00 KPCH Aquacize

8:30 KPSC Stretch & Sculpt

8:30 KPSC Stretch & Sculpt

9:00 KPCH Deep H20 Power

9:00 KPCH Deep H20

10:00 KPCH In Sync

10:00 KPCH Joint Effort

10:00 KPCH In Sync

11:15 KPSC Water Power Hour

11:15 KPSC Water Walk (Outside)

11:15 KPSC Double Noodle Wednesday

11:15 KPSC Water Walk (Inside)

11:15 KPSC Water Walk (Inside)

12:30 KPCH Water Power Hour

12:30 KPCH Water Power Hour

9:00 KPCH Deep H20 10:00 KPCH Joint Effort

1:30 KPCH Joint Effort


11:15 KPSC Aqua Fun Friday

1:30 KPCH Joint Effort


8:00 KPCH Total Body

Spring Fling!




8:00 KPCH Total Body

Friday, 3/11 10-2 KPCH Lawn *Zumba troop performing at 11.

► Special Yin Yang Yoga class– Fri 3/11 8:10am KPSC Jubilee 3.



8:00 KPCH Total Body

KPCH=Studio KPSC=Jubilee 3 9:00 KPSC Flexibility/ Jazz Dance 90min

9:00 KPSC Bums & Tums

9:00 KPSC Flex & Flow

8:30 KPSC Sunrise Yoga

9:00 KPSC Bums & Tums

8:10 KPSC Circuit

10:00 KPSC Total Body

10:00 KPSC Zumba

10:00 KPSC Total Body

10:00 KPSC Zumba

9:00 KPSC Pilates

11:15 KPSC Flexibility 60 min

11:15 KPSC Flexibility 90 min

11:15 KPSC Flexibility 90 min

10:00 KPSC Total Body

11:30 KPCH Sit & Get Fit

11:30 KPCH Sit & Get Fit

11:15 KPSC Rejuvenation Yoga

1:00 KPCH BodyPump 2:30 KPSC Rejuvenation Yoga


1:00 KPCH BodyPump 2:00 KPSC Fit4Golf

CLASS DESCRIPTIONS– March 2011 **Please bring your KP Badge with you to every class**

Indoor TOTAL BODY–A full body strengthening class that utilizes hand weights and other equipment. 60 Min CIRCUIT–Not for the faint of heart! Strength and Cardio exercises in which an exercise is performed for a period of time and then one rotates to the next station until the whole circuit is completed. 45 Min. Inter - Adv. BUMS & TUMS–A short and intense class that isolates the core and gluteus muscles. 45 Min

SIT & GET FIT–Train the entire body using various pieces of equipment while remaining seated. Great class for beginners and those with ailments! 50 Min BODY PUMP-An hour of power working all areas of the body to increase muscular strength and endurance. Please be aware this is an intermediate to advanced class. ZUMBA–A 50 Min Latin inspired cardio class filled with fun dance moves that guarantee a good time and a great workout! FLEXIBILITY–This class is designed to improve joint flexibility and muscle tone. Various range-of-motion, stretching, and breathing exercises are performed. 90 Min *Saturday’s class concludes with 30 minutes of Jazz dance.* SUNRISE YOGA-Whatever level you aspire to with the practice of yoga this class will help you obtain your goals, whether it is to gain physical poise, stamina, flexibility or relaxation. Intermediate 1hr 15min REJUVENATION YOGA-This class is for all levels. It will create a strong yoga foundation by using modifications, principles of alignment and relaxations techniques. 1 hr YOGA 101– review of Yoga fundamentals FLEX & FLOW- A combination of tai chi, yoga & Pilates style movements set to a variety of music to work your core, challenge your range of motion, strength & balance. 50 Min FIT4GOLF– 45 Min class that will improve balance and flexibility as well as increase core strength.

Water *Please shower before entering the pool.* *Please also refrain from wearing water shoes in the parking lot.* WATER POWER HOUR–Total body workout using water weights for resistance to the upper body and a noodle for resistance to the lower body. This class will stretch, strengthen, and raise your heart rate. 50 Min AQUA FUN FRIDAYS–A 40 Min aqua resistance workout to music utilizing a noodle and water weights. This class concludes with 15 Min of tummy toning using one noodle. AQUACIZE–This indoor class focuses on using the major muscle groups and conditioning of the heart. 50 Min IN-SYNC–Shallow water exercises in synchronization to music at 130-140 BPM. 50 Min

WATER WALKING–Walking in the indoor pool doing various movements with the body to get a great cardiovascular and toning workout. 45 Min DEEP H2O–This water class offers a workout designed for the avid exerciser. The participant must be able to swim. The class will include treading, stroking, paddling, pedaling, etc. 45 Min DEEP H2O POWER–Lively water exercises using gloves (or weights), noodles, or belts; involves swimming for aerobic benefit. 45 Min STRETCH-N-SCULPT– Class designed to help improve flexibility and increase range-of-motion while toning all muscle groups. 50 Min JOINT EFFORT–A water exercise program emphasizing range-of-motion activities that include gentle strengthening and fitness exercises. Suitable for those limited by impaired joint ability. (Always indoor pool.) 50 Min DOUBLE NOODLE WEDNESDAYS–A total body workout incorporating two noodles simultaneously and ending using only one noodle. 50 Min ► When engaging in any form of exercise, including fitness classes, please take the class at your own pace and work at an exertion level that is comfortable for you. It is also recommended to speak with your doctor before beginning any exercise routine. ► In the case of inclement weather, a water class that normally occurs outside may be held indoors. If the weather is severe enough, all pools will be closed and classes will be cancelled.




Saturday, March 26th 10 AM KPCH Card Room


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Keller Williams Realty 1603 Sun City Center Plaza - 813813-633633-4200 Address List Price 101 CAMBRIDGE TRL # 210 21,000 1802 BEDFORD LN # H179 27,000 2202 CLUBHOUSE DR # 177 29,000 205 KINGS BLVD # 66 29,900 1801 BEDFORD LN # B45 32,800 401 DORCHESTER PL # 51 35,000 402 S DORCHESTER PL # 46 36,900 1902 DANDRIDGE ST # D14 39,000 1906 CANTERBURY LN # 20 41,000 1811 BEDFORD LN # G165 41,500 1804 FOXHUNT DR B 44,500 1802 FOXHUNT DR A 45,900 312 GLOUCESTER BLVD 47,900 124 GLOUCESTER BLVD 48,900 2240 GRENADIER DR 49,900 2008 HALMROCK PL 60,000 2207 GREENHAVEN DR 62,000 2515 LAMBDIN DR 64,900

SQ FT Year Built Beds Bath Garage/Carport 800 1973 1 1.5 1 Car Carport 800 1973 1 1.5 1 Car Carport 984 1974 2 2 800 1973 1 1.5 1 Car Carport 960 1973 2 2 1 Car Carport 984 1979 2 2 1 Car Carport 960 1979 2 2 1 Car Carport 960 1979 1 1.5 1 Car Carport 984 1978 2 2 1 Car Carport 960 1973 2 2 984 1979 2 2 1 Car Carport 984 1979 2 2 1 Car Carport 800 1979 1 1.5 1 Car Carport 928 1979 1 1.5 2 Car Carport 1120 1979 2 2 1 Car Carport 1000 1983 2 2 1 Car Carport 1107 1979 2 2 2 Car Carport 1394 1987 2 2 2 Car Garage

Address List Price 1255 RADISON AVE # 32 77,900 2110 HARLESTON PL # 216 78,900 2151 HAILSTONE CIR # 392 79,900 2018 NANTUCKET DR # 31 81,600 1533 INGRAM DR # 1533 86,900 1534 INGRAM DR # 84 89,000 1324 IDLEWOOD DR # 63 89,900 755 MCDANIEL ST # 755 98,000 808 MANCHESTER WOODS DR 99,900 2038 INVERNESS GREENS DR 110,000 2042 SIFIELD GREENS WAY 110,000 2015 SIFIELD GREENS WAY 115,000 1142 MCDANIEL ST 115,900 633 MASTERPIECE DR 119,900 527 PRINCETON GREENS CT 125,000 2345 NANTUCKET DR 125,000 1012 BRISTOL GREENS CT 129,500 1257 CORINTH GREENS DR 149,900

Neal Shaffer, Debi Tourangeau, Judi Brogden, Jerry Clifton, Kathy McGartland, Carole Wettach, Lexie Hagman, Mardell Williamson, Bob Totero, Angie Cole, Susie Collins, Charley Collins, Larry Bruni, Karen Sellers, Pam Reno, Colleen Schmeiser, Travis Bunn Gail Green, Sharon Van Loan, Sam Provan, Linda McCown, Al Martinsky, Nora Nelson, Nicki Kaukonen, JR Del Castillo, LaVerne Calhoun, Tom Zuidema, Marianne Crowe, Judie McFarland, Tom McFarland,

Thanks again for a successful grand opening in December. In response to the continuing high volume of visitors to the models, Minto is now staffing the Siena and Oakley Green models during the following hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10AM to 3PM Sunday 11AM to 4 PM Monday Models not staffed but Welcome Center open

All residents are welcome to tour the models and please bring your friends and family. Look for additional landscape improvements to be completed throughout the community over the next 60 days.

Pointer MARCH 2011  

March 2011, The Pointer from Kings Point in Sun City Center, FL.

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