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About Us The Flinders Investment Club is currently the only university club of its kind within South Australia. Established in October 2011, it is a student-driven venture that strives to create a community of members with advanced skills, knowledge, and networks, relating to finance and investments. ‘To invest successfully over a lifetime does not require a stratospheric IQ, unusual business insights, or inside information. What’s needed is a sound intellectual framework for making decisions’ —Warren E. Buffett By engaging like-minded peers, in collaboration with both industry and academics, the club aims to provide a forum in which the highest standard of learning is fostered and sound intellectual frameworks are both developed and applied. Our group-learning environment encourages informed decision making, while promoting individual growth of tomorrows industry leaders.

Do I need to be an expert? ‘An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest’ —Benjamin Franklin. There are no prerequisite knowledge requirements, and membership is not limited to students or those affiliated with Flinders University. We encourage involvement of anyone with a genuine interest in finance and investing!

FIC will benefit those: ⇒Managing personal savings ⇒Looking to distinguish their résumé ⇒Interested in socialising with like-minded people ⇒Seeking to improve their presentation skills ⇒Interested in running a business ⇒Pursuing a career in a related area

Why Investing? Investing involves a range of fundamental skills that extend across multiple disciplines. In exploring the underlying concepts, investments serve as a lens through which we can better understand business, markets, finance, and competitive strategy.

Initiatives Fortnightly Educational Seminars The fortnightly seminars are founded on promoting collaboration, presentation, and investing knowledge. At each session, a member educates the group on their area of specialty. Docendo discimus’ (by teaching, we learn) —Seneca the Younger. By adopting a democratic process for selecting speakers and topics, we ensure that our core focus is group learning. Participation as both speaker and listener are strongly encouraged, but we do not expect student speakers to become overnight experts. Ultimately, the role of the speaker is to provide a roadmap of the content, a synopsis of key sources, and references for each of these. The process aims to fast track the understanding of listeners, and allow speakers to advance through teaching.

Industry Speakers The Investment Club seeks to provide members with presentations from industry speakers, enabling us to learn investing content directly from practicing experts. Furthermore, by hearing from traders, analysts, brokers, consultants, and prominent business people, we gain insights into the challenges and lifestyles of business and finance careers. This exposure allows us to tailor our competitions and workshops to give members the best possible preparation for their selected careers, in addition to forging strong club networks with professional organisations.

Social Events

Group Managed Fund

The thread that ties all Investment Club initiatives together is the social collaboration and commitment of members. Internal social events provide an excellent opportunity to strengthen the foundations of the club, and create more effective group-learning project.

A long-term goal of the club is to open a club-managed fund, which will involve money raised by the club being used exclusively for the club’s benefit. In aligning with our central themes, investment decisions will always be made as a group.

Some proposed events include: ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ ⇒

Club fair day/Careers fair Movie night Wine tour Golf day

In addition to this, the Investment Club aims to host some external events, which involve industry and other university organisations. As well as providing a lot of fun, FIC social events aim to foster working relationships.

We believe that this will provide invaluable experience to members in exposing the real consequences and emotional impact of investing; something that is unattainable through virtual trading games. Whilst we acknowledge that this is an ambitious objective, we believe that it is achievable and note that some Australian university clubs have already implemented similar schemes.

Career Programs The Investment Club has three main initiatives focused on developing members’ career prospects: Industry Updates By issuing regular newsletters and electronic updates that highlight and summarise key financial news, members are able to seamlessly maintain an up-to-date commercial awareness. In addition to this, the club will privately provide members with relevant job and internship postings. Competitions Competitions mirror the challenges set by industry recruiters and by actual employment. Such exercises greatly benefit members in their transition from student to employee—some proposed competitions include: ⇒ Investment Banking M&A competition; ⇒ Management Consulting Strategy case studies; ⇒ CFA Research Project Team.

Workshops We aim not to just help members to differentiate themselves during the application process, but to also differentiate themselves on the job. The Flinders Investment Club hopes to provide workshops in: ⇒ MS Excel; ⇒ Stock Chart analysis; ⇒ Psychometric testing; ⇒ In/E-tray exercises; ⇒ Behavioural interview training.

Virtual Trading Games

Publications: Newsletters & Pod/Vod Casts

The investment club encourages all members to participate in virtual trading games; we current utilise the DCM BlueLake, ASX, MarketWatch and CNBC platforms. It is crucial that members familiarise themselves with trading tools and strategies in a risk free environment before managing a real portfolio. These competitions will allow members to actually implement the knowledge and skills gained from seminars and workshops, turning theory into practice within a simulated global economy.

In addition to enriching members’ understanding of the topic content, in creating publications we are able to build presentational skills in both interviewing and writing, with an emphasis on learning to be “client-friendly”. Some of the proposed publications include:

‘Formal education will make you a living; self education will make you a fortune’ —Jim Rohn.

Subscription Service Access In promoting a high quality of learning, it is critical that our members have access to high quality resources. As such we aim to provide members with access to publications such as: The Intelligent Investor, The Economist, and AFR.

⇒ Newsletters–providing a synopsis of key financial news, and detailed thought pieces from members. ⇒ Podcasts–interviewing industry personnel, a format similar to MoneyTalk by David Kuo. ⇒ Vodcasts–providing videos on core investing concepts; allowing new members to understand the foundations before getting involved in technical seminars. Given online hosting, these publications have the potential to give the Flinders Investment Club exposure well beyond our membership base, allowing us to further develop our brand and organisation.


Website and Social Media A strong online presence within both social media and our website allows members to socially connect and bring the collaborative learning process home. Through our Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages, we are able to provide members with financial news as it’s released and participate in real time conversations.

In opting for a SharePoint 2010 website solution, we have the capability to seamlessly manage internal documents and provide members with personal access to rich collaborative tools.

Leadership The Committee President Vice President & Treasurer Secretary Academic Chair First Year Representative

Ashley Lambert. Richard Dunn. Philippa Ewens. Simon Cottrell. Currently recruiting.

Advisory Principal Advisor

Sarath Delpachitra.

Leadership Positions Public Officer Marketing & Recruitment Publications Social Media Social Events Career and Development Sponsorship and Grants Website

Maximilian Inglis.

Currently recruiting.

Student Testimonials “Thanks for the intro seminar today. You guys were absolutely impressive, almost scary.“ - Adam Jaedi. “I am so excited about FIC, you should feel very proud for all the effort and great outcomes so far.” - Alexandra Brown.  

Join Us Students A once off $15 joining fee applies to every member. Membership requires a simple three-step process: 1. Visit our website and follow the “Join Us” link. 2. Complete the Joining FIC application form and ‘Submit’. 3. FIC will contact you to organise payment. Once this process is complete your confidential details will be added to the official members register.

Professionals FIC actively promotes involvement from professionals and industry members in the relevant disciplines. Professionals can be involved with FIC without holding membership, through various avenues including presentations, training days, networking events, cross-marketing projects and financial sponsorship. If this interests you, please contact President Ashley Lambert for further information:

Contact Us Flinders Investment Club, Flinders Campus Community Services Inc. GPO Box 2100, Adelaide, SA 5000 (Philippa Ewens, Secretary) +614332216924 (Ashley Lambert, President)!/FlindersInvest

Flinders Investment Club Brochure  
Flinders Investment Club Brochure  

A summary of the Flinders Investment Club as at March 2012.