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Perth- An Introduction • With a poised, laid back lifestyle and spectacular natural landscapes, the capital city of Western Australia Perth presents a unique amalgamation of sophisticated living in a relaxed ambiance. The city boasts an engraving climate just perfect for a much needed break from the city buzz. This soothing atmosphere is coupled superbly with an impressive range of diversion and attractions. • From prestige parklands and coastline to most swanky bars and restaurants, Perth has it all what you can ask for on a holiday trip with travel deals. • Along with these countless popular attraction, the city houses several offbeat locations that often remain unexplored by the visitors. Here’s a quick look at some of these untapped locations that pur worth a visit on a trip to Perth.

Top 5 Offbeat Destinations in Path lakE thEtis • There’s an astounding reservoir located at a short distance from the popular tourist spot of Perth, Pinnacles to Cervantes. A short drive to 1 ½ km distance from the Pinnacles to Cervantes leads you to this unique or little weird lake, Lake Thetis, situated on a dreadful landscape. This lake is home one of the oldest living organism on earth called stromatolites, which are believed to be approx. 2000 to 3000 year old. Moving all around the lake, these stromatolites look like rocky molehills.

Feed The Dolphins At Monkey Mia

To explore one of the most exotic locations around Perth head to Monkey Mia in North for a stimulating time with dolphins in the clear blue waters of the island. Make sure you spend a day or two to capture the serene atmosphere of the place and have an absolutly personal time with the adorable mammals feeding and playing with them. The effect is simply marvelous.

Wine Tasting at Margaret River • A visit to Perth with cheap flights deals can reach to another level with a drive to one of the best wineries in the capital. Voyager Estate located in the premium wine producing precinct of Margaret River, is home to some finest wines dating back to 1978, just over 10 years after vines were first planted here.

Wave Rock

• An incredible site for the wanderers keen to experience something truly out of the world, Wave Rock offers a distinctive rock formation worth giving a shot. Not all travelers visiting the town with last minute flights to Perth from London Heathrow explore this fascinating attraction that gets better with ever step taken. You’ll love taking a stroll underneath the rock and looking up. Wave Rock is located at Hyden that lies between Perth and Esperance, and is soemthing you cannot miss on a journey to the bottom half of Australia.

Rottnest Island

• If you plan to spend a relaxing day at a secluded, calm place in the most scenic natural surrounding, find your way to the Rottnest Island. Leave all the hassles of life behind and unwind yourself along the adorable sandflies and quokkas on this tiny island.

Explore the Hidden Treasures of Perth with Cheap Travel Deals  

There are innumerable other unique places in the district that can be considered for a an extra dose of excitement before leaving the Perth...

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