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FLEXMAIL SMART BUILDER Email design made easy

Designing an email message has never been easier! With Flexmail’s drag & drop Smart Builder, all problems associated with designing an email message will be a thing of the past. This unique tool reduces the design of an email message to a matter of dragging and manipulating 3 simple building blocks: a text block, an image block and an editor block. Simply drag the desired content blocks with pixel precision on the canvas. Every block has a list of properties, allowing you to shape the content exactly the way you like. While designing your message, you can see the impact of every change in real time. When your design is finished, Flexmail jumps into action. Based on your design, Flexmail generates the optimal HTML code for your message, completely compatible with the specific requirements of all the major email clients. This way you are guaranteed your email message is correctly displayed at all times.

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New technology for creating Drag & drop The Flexmail Drag & Drop message tool allows you to place the elements exactly where you want them by dragging them on the canvas. Thanks to the grid, the elements can be positioned with pixel precision. The extra snapping option causes the elements to be pulled by the grid.

Default layout for your message To help you layout the text and the images, you can

Lay-outing made easy! Immediately set a default font for your entire message. Also the layout of the links in your message can easily be selected.

Simply by dragging the desired blocks on the canvas you design your email message step by step.

Since you are not working in an HTML environment, it is very easy to already determine a large part of your layout via the settings. Easily determine the background colours, the alignment, the width of the canvas, etc.

In order to make things even easier, you can use guides. Activate the grid to easily drop the element in the right place on the canvas. When you also switch on the snapping, the grid will become magnetic as it were and will pull all elements towards it.

Text settings

choose from a wide selection of properties. Your message layout can be customized with a few simple clicks.

Images are optimised automatically Adding images is also child’s play using the Smart Builder. You can have the image adopt the size of the block automatically. The block can also adopt the size of the image. Depending on your design, you choose the best option.

email messages Easily duplicate one or more elements

The true power of the Flexmail Smart Builder

When you have finished designing a text block, you can duplicate it with one push of a button. This way the new element immediately has the same layout of the first block. Would you like to put several articles in your message? Compose your first article using the desired content blocks. Next, select the different blocks and duplicate your entire article with a single click.

Are you done designing your message? Then the Flexmail Smart Builder jumps into action. In a unique way and taking into account all the requirements of the various email clients, the intuitive builder generates the perfect HTML code for your email message. This way you are sure that your email message is displayed correctly in every email client and on every smartphone.

Based on the properties of each block you can determine exactly what the content of the block should look like. Simply select fonts, hyperlinks, alignment and margins from the menu.

Image block settings

Images are optimised automatically. You can choose whether your image takes on the size of the block, or the other way around.

Would you like to put an element between other parts? Select all desired elements together and simply drag them to the right location on the canvas.

There is also a handy image and file manager. You can upload images and files to your own library in Flexmail in order to subsequently use them in your email message.



By dragging the bottom of the canvas the desired height of your message is set. When new elements are added, the canvas will be enlarged automatically.

Design your email message exactly the way you want it With the Flexmail Smart Builder designing an email message is child’s play. Using the three basic elements, you can design the perfect email message on your own. Only until you are totally satisfied with your design, the Smart Builder will generate the optimal HTML code for your email message. You no longer need to be an HTML expert in order to design beautiful email messages. Thanks to the Flexmail Smart Builder you can design a professional email message in no time which is guaranteed to be displayed perfectly in every email client, in every webmail client and on every smartphone. Interested? Find out more on

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