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PROFILE: Confidential PARTNERSHIP: New partnership CONTACT DETAILS: For contact details please call Flexiform on 01274 706206.


CLIENT: Confidential LOCATION: Leeds PROJECT VALUE: Confidential PROJECT LEADS: Nick Saunders & Louise Fisher WE SUPPLIED: Pico Bench Desks, Height Adjustable Crank Kit, Desk Mounted Screens, On-Desk Electrics, Task Seating, Monitor Arm, Jot-Up Height Adjustable Desks, Freestor Side Filer, Encompass Booths, Soft Mobile Seating, Meeting Seating, Media Booths, Solo Quite Booths, Laptop Tables, Bespoke Metal Lockers with Sloping Top, Additions Pedestal Base Table, Stools, Modular Sofa Configurations, Coffee Tables, Lounge Chairs, Fyn Screens, Wilson Table, Wilson Ply Tables, Bespoke Additions 2 Tables, Additions 2 Tables, Workday Meeting Seating, Freestor Tambour Wardrobe.







After the success of our previous installations with Department of Health, we have recently completed an install in their Quarry House, Leeds offices. The install includes over 300 desks and screens. With a large open plan office to work with, the area has been split up to create ‘zones’. These zones include different workstations based on teams, a breakout and dining zone, informal meeting zones, team working zones and hot desking zones. To help divide the workspaces, we installed bespoke Metal Lockers. These personal lockers provide employees with a safe location to store all their personal belongings, reducing mess around the workstations. The lockers have built-in ventilation to keep belongings fresh, feature label holders for personalisation, 4-digit combination lock for security, and are finished with a bespoke Ferro clear coat lacquer carcass with contrasting white doors. Our Tambour storage units also aid in breaking up the zones, providing a storage solution for the company with a range of Tambours dedicated to employee coats. Our Jot-Up Sit/Stand Desks were placed alongside our Pico Desking range, encouraging employees to move around instead of staying


seated all day. Our height adjustable desks can connect to an app on the employees phone, allowing them to choose how long they would like to stand for, what height it should automatically be adjusted to and how many calories they’d like to burn a day. The Pico back-to-back office bench desks also featured crank height adjustable kits to adjust the worksurface upto 860mm (120mm of adjustment), this ensured more staff got the opportunity to adjust their workspace, improving comfort and employee wellbeing. Both Jot-Up and Pico desks were installed with monitor arms, power and data modules, and full cable management. Our 3 drawer Freestor Side Filers can be found at the end of each bank of desks, providing a storage solution for each department. Throughout the open plan office lies an array of soft seating, dedicated to informal meetings, 1-2-1’s, team meetings and breakout. The semi-private media booths in contrasting colours have high backs and built-in power and data for meetings, whilst the Encompass hexagon booths boast a ‘beehive’ style, allowing room for private working. This style of enclosed single booths with surrounding acoustic high backs reduces any distracting

noises. For a multi-functional workspace, our Wilson tables were installed with a range of stools and Fyn fabric desk screens on top, providing employees with a place to work away from their workstations. The Fyn wing desk screens provide privacy, and are easily adaptable and movable to suit staff needs, removing them completely for project working. The collaborative workspaces were also installed with a range of Away from the Desk (AftD) modular sofas, these sofa’s feature high backs to create a semi-private meeting space, and are installed with tables, power and data modules or teamed up with laptop tables. The AftD range is ideal for collaborative meetings, team meetings, private working, 1-2-1’s or simply to sit back and relax. The large dining area consists of our Wilson Ply table with power and data and full cable management, our poseur height Additions 2 table and Additions Pedestal Tables. These are surrounded by a collection of stools and chairs, providing different seating options. The meeting rooms house our Additions 2 meeting tables with built-in power and data and cable management. Surrounding these are a range of ergonomic Workday meeting chairs ensuring comfort.











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After the success of our previous installations with this Government Agen, we have recently completed an install in their Leeds offices. The...

Government Agency Case Study by Flexiform Business Furniture  

After the success of our previous installations with this Government Agen, we have recently completed an install in their Leeds offices. The...