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Carbon Emission Reduction for BSF Project FlexiDry Global Ltd is committed to reduce carbon emissions.

525,300 420,240

Cement and CO2 savings using FlexiDry (FlexiDry spec compared with original BSF spec)

The Building Schools for the Future (BSF) project is running over 20 years and to enable the reduction in the CO2 emissions associated with the screeding of this project we have recommended a different specification using FlexiDry floor screeds.

105,060 656,625 525,300 131,325

Total weight of cement (tonnes)

0 100,000 200,000 300,000 400,000

Total CO2 emissions (tonnes)

The BSF project involves over 4,000 schools with completion scheduled for 2029.

500,000 600,000


The project started in 2009 and currently involves 2,367 schools. On average we estimate completing the screeding of 200 schools a year with the average job size per school of 5,000 square meters. For 1 tonne of cement the carbon emission is 1.25 tonne

CO2 emission savings

131,325 tonnes CO2 not emitted into the air

Single school example – Barnfield South School

(the total height of the cylinder is the CO2 emission for the original spec)

This project is within Luton BSF – total area 11,800sm 525,300 tonnes reduced emissions

CO2 emissions comparison in tonnes 400


Original specification of cement 525,300 tonnes


300 200

Original spec FlexiDry spec


Total cement savings in tonnes

77.5 Total CO2 savings


Cement and CO2 emissions, showing savings in tonnes 400

387.4 309.9


309.9 247.9

200 100






62.0 Cement


105,060 tonnes saving

Original specification

Version 001, November 2009 ⒸFlexiDry Global Ltd

Revised specification


Total savings

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Building Schools for the Future Project  

Document showing the carbon footprint reduction FlexiDry is having on the Building Schools for the Future Project

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