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#VOLVOSAFETYJACKET Group 1 // Jenny Merriman // ROO12355590


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CAR BRANDS _ INSPIRATION Inspiring images of cars - these made me consider brand, aesthetic and marketing


This is an interesting idea - showing the inside out. Allowing the consumer to see the mechanics and complete transparency. It conjures ideas of openness, honesty and having nothing to hide whilst being interesting, and visually appealing. It’s gets people thinking about what the car is made of and how it workssustainability.

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INITIAL THOUGHTS To begin the process, I created mind maps of my thoughts. These covered car brands, sustainability and marketing ideas

I started created this brainstorm of ideas with Hyundai in mind, but some of the points are still relevant to Volvo


This is a list of car brands, placed into categories ranging from dream cars to the less 'cool' brands. This is completely opinion based - my husband and I placed cars into categories according to our own feelings and associations. This has proved useful as it has given me an idea of where certain brands sit - however subconsciously - in the mind of a car lover and a person who doesn't know much about cars. From this, I could go on to analyse what it is about the 'cool' brands that puts them there in our consumer minds.

This brainstorm is about sustainable cars. It shows some initial ideas about themes and inspirations. It also starts to think about just a few of the many ways that companies brand and promote themselves

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MARKETING INSPIRATION This page shows various videos of advertisements that I found particularly successful in some way. Collating them altogether, I found that the most memorable to me were clever, moving, thought provoking or humorous. Some of them were a mixture of all three.

Great ad - not remotely about cars but it's one that a lot of people remembered for a long time. 'Tick follows toc, follows tick’.

Because who doesn’t love a drum playing gorilla? This just makes people smile - it’s a great example of a memorable ad campaign which doesn’t have a clear link to the product. It makes you think more about the emotion they have linked to the product (‘Glass and a Half Full of Joy’).

This car advert makes people smile and is a great cultural reference to the films which are hugely popular.

This advert is just genius! I remember it when it came out and everyone talked about it. It makes you watch it to the end instead of ignoring it as just another advert.

I loved the whole Nikon ad campaign. They have found a simple tag line - I Am - and they have had so many adverts to compile from just ‘moments.’ Something that people can relate to. Such a simple idea and one that could get people really involved with social media etc.

Now everyone associates the Gorilla and the Phil Collins track with Cadbury


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XC90 "Months of speculation ended today after Volvo Cars unveiled its all-new Volvo XC90, delivering on its promise to introduce a visually striking, premium quality seven-seat SUV with world leading safety features, new powertrain technologies, an unrivalled combination of power and fuel efficiency and a superlative interior finish." (Volvo [a], nd)

HERITAGE "The moment today becomes yesterday, it also becomes history. And the longer the story, the more to tell. 1927 marks the starting point of Volvo cars. Since then, a steady flow of Volvo models have left the different Volvo plants, making automotive history. All with their own story to tell. Volvo Cars Heritage is a site dedicated to these cars, to our company history and to the enthusiasts that help us keep the Volvo heritage alive." (Volvo b, nd) "The first series-produced Volvo car left the Lundby factory on April 14th 1927. ÖV4 was the designation for this old-fashioned open car with 4 cylinders. The body was built on an ash and beech frame, covered with sheet metal and was only available in one colour combination, dark blue with black wings. The ÖV4 was often nicknamed "Jakob". A small number of the ÖV4 cars were delivered as small vans or as bare chassis suitable for small commercial vehicles, vans, pick ups etc.The first series-produced Volvo car left the Lundby factory on April 14th 1927. ÖV4 was the designation for this old-fashioned open car with 4 cylinders. The body was built on an ash and beech frame, covered with sheet metal and was only available in one colour combination, dark blue with black wings. The ÖV4 was often nicknamed "Jakob"." (Volvo [d], nd)


VOLVO LOGO ‘The word Volvo closely resembles the Spanish word that means "I roll," symbolizing Volvo's desire to make transportation easier. The company's logo, a circle with an arrow pointing out, is an ancient chemical symbol for iron. It's one of the oldest ideograms in Western culture, and it's intended to depict modern design.’ (Business Insider, 2011)


"The Paris Motor Show was the setting for the public début of the all-new Volvo XC90. Surrounded by cameras, lights and a weather cube that simulates the seasons of the Swedish climate, the all-new XC90 was met with high anticipation and it didn't disappoint." This show is showing a blend of sustainability, nature and elements and mechanics and innovation. It's getting people involved and trying things out - similar to our 'pop up' idea. (Volvo [e], nd)

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Praciticality Following the the briefing with with the ad agency, I made a note of the key words I took from the class. I thought that these would give us an idea of the mood and emotion that they are hoping for us to capture in our project. The key words I particularly focussed on were Simplicity, Human, Natural, Sustainable, Lifestyle, Reliability and Safety. I brainstormed each word, partially in relation to Volvo, but also just what I felt the word itself portrayed. I created moodboards in response to some of the ideas. The main themes to come out for me were surrounding nurture and protection, maternal/paternal instincts - caring for people's safety rather than just ticking the 'safety' boxes. I'm not sure where this would lead but I think it is a strong mood/aspiration that we could turn to become powerful (like they used the air to make a beautiful ad campaign).

Solid Purpose Built


A super human theme is another idea which could work well in film and an event (some sort of games / celebration of human strength / will power etc?

Always there

I think that simplicity is also key and that it would be good to try and capture that calm, simple mood in whatever we end up doing.

VOLVO Simplicity Human Swedish Heritage A ‘Natural’ Experience Lifestyle Safety Reliability Sustainability

Reliability Volvo





What you see is what you get


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Minimalist Understated


Stripped back

Muted Straght forward Fresh



Clean Clean cut

Contemporary Calm Glass / perspex / chrome / wood

Shapes /Lines

s i m p l i c i t y

> >

c a l m



08/02/2015 21:05

Reassurance Imperative Priority Essential Reliable


Road Safety Unit No compromise



Air bags

Embrace nuturing


Instinct Seatbelts Brake system

Common Sense

Animal Maternal / paternal

High standards


pro t ective >> instinctive

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Every day life Enjoyment

Instinct Ergonomic


“Normal” Will power

h u m a n



n a t u r e


w i l l




p o w e r

a t h l e t e




s t r e n g t h


s u p e r

> >

h u m a n

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Sustainability Vulnerable


Swedish landsscape

Natural Sources Landscape

Fire Rain



Elements Earth

Non-chemical Lush Green Wind

Not man made


s we d i s h

> >

l a n d s c a p e 08/02/2015 21:05

Rebecca and I worked on the Consumer Profile, using Rebecca’s development of the Rural Vogue consumer.

RURAL VOGUE There are currently ‘490,000 people’ in the Rural Vogue consumer group, however this is expected to rise as the cost of living in the city rises (Thompson, D., 2014).

• 35 year old man • University graduate; creative professional; business owner • Expanding consumer group; desirable lifestyle • High disposable income • Moved to countryside for better quality of life • Strong link to city for work & leisure; commuter • Family values • Culture, arts • Use of online and traditional media (online shopping, catalogues)

• Married for 10 years with 2 children • Detached home in Surrey • Comfortable yet not extravagant lifestyle • Shops online and in store at Habitat and Joules; standing order at Ocado • Daily commute to London; benefits of both city and country life • Outdoor activities with the family, cycling in the North Downs • Regular trips to art events in city


CONSUMER PROFILE 08/02/2015 21:05

Research into an inital idea for a pop up playground.



i n d o o r s outdoors

And the outdoors in

This concept is an amalgamation of fun, artistry and heritage. It combine’s Volvo’s Swedish roots, playing with the classic materials and use of craft in Volvo’s cars the beauty of Aurora with a fun yet artistic installation. Playing not only with the sense of space in the XC90 but also the idea of your car becoming a part of the home, a part of play, an extension of everything you need.

This would be a pop-up-style children’s playground made entirely of car parts. It would be initially installed in Trafalgar Square, London, to later be taken across the country where people all over the UK could join in the fun. The polished car parts would be suspended from a polished scafolding structure and from these, swings, tunnels, slides and climbing aparatus would extend. At the top of the structure would be a tree house functioning as a bar / cafe. Inside, tents and lights would create an intimate outdoor feel to enjoy hot chocolote, mulled wine and beautiful Swedish food. The playground would be aimed at aduls and children alike - fun for all the family. The artistry of the design makes this a beautiful thing to look at, enticing people to stand back and look as well as to take part in the interactive elements. By climbing in and out of the ‘exploded’ car, customers would get the feeling of space_a never ending maze of fun_where the outdoors and indoors meet_where does the car stop and the fun begin?

Materials: Polished scaffolding Glass Wood Treated Leather


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CYCLE SAFETY RESEARCH Having established that the Cycle Jacket was the best idea to focus on, I conducted some research into Cycle Safety Overview My research showed that over the last 8 or 9 years, the number of cyclist KSIs has risen fairly steadily, although the amount of cycle traffic is only up by a small amount. Although it is not clear what the main cause of the problem is, it seems clear that increased visibility of cyclists on the roads and awareness from both drivers and cyclists are both essential in bringing this number down. There is a lot of information about campaigns to raise awareness, asking cyclists and motorists to think of each other and to look out for each other. Our jacket fits in very easily with this mentality, speaking directly to the motorist, helping them to remember that they are there. Key quotes / stats from my research: • ‘The number of cyclists killed increased by 10% from 107 in 2011 to 118 in 2012’ (Think! Cycling, 2015) • 92% of these accidents involved another vehicle. (Think! Cycling, 2015) • Pedal cyclist levels are estimated to have risen by 1.2% over the same period. (Think! Cycling, 2015) • Pedal Cyclists KSIs (Killed, Seriously Injured) are up by 40% in the year ending June 2014 compared to the 2005-2009 average whilst all casualties for pedal cyclists are up 29%. (Department for Transport, 2014) • 43% of the population owns or has access to a bicycle (from National Travel Survey) (CTC [a], 2015). Only 8% use their bike 3 times a week and 34% cycle more than once a year. • CTC suggest that there is a fear in UK cyclists which must be addressed to get more people cycling (CTC [a], 2015). This report even suggests that specialist clothing can in fact put off people as ‘even well intentioned efforts to promote cycling may actually discourage people by playing on people’s fears’ (CTC [a], 2015).


The THINK! Campaign There is a THINK! partnership campaign which promotes cyclists and drivers looking out for each other. Their core audience is ‘all drivers and cyclists, but with a skew towards men (aged 16- 49), those in urban areas, and those travelling at peak rush hour times ... evidence shows that these groups, at this time, are more at risk of being in an accident.’ (Direct Gov [b], 2015) The aim behind the campaign is to ‘help to build a culture of mutual respect and shared responsibility on the road.’ (Direct Gov [b], 2015). A toolkit for stakeholders can be found here government/uploads/system/uploads/ attachment_data/file/299851/think-cyclisttoolkit.pdf which gives more information on how to promote the campaign in different areas.

Road Accident Report According to the estimates in the Road by Department for Transport, the UK motor traffic levels ‘rose by 1.7 per cent compared with the 12 month period ending June 2013. The overall casualty rate per vehicle mile increased by 2 per cent for the same period.’ (Department for Transport, 2014). The report states that Pedal Cyclists KSIs are up by 40% in the year ending June 2014 compared to the 2005-2009 average and that all casualties for pedal cyclists are up 29%. This is in comparison to, for example the motor cycle user where the KSIs are down 13% and all casualties are down 12%. (Department for Transport, 2014) There were 3,530 pedal cyclist KSIs in the year ending June 2014 and ‘Across all road user types, car users and pedestrians account for the largest proportion of KSIs (nearly three fifths).’ (Department for Transport, 2014) The report states that Pedal Cyclists KSIs are up by 40% in the year ending June 2014 compared to the 2005-2009 average and that all casualties for pedal cyclists are up 29%. This is in comparison to, for example the motor cycle user where the KSIs are down 13% and all casualties are down 12%. (Department for Transport, 2014) The graph to the below shows the levels of accidents on the road, across all main levels of road users. It shows that while KSI accidents involving all other (motor cyclists, pedestrian and car users) are down in comparison to 2006, the KSIs for cyclists is steadily increasing. It is also up by 10% on last year. (Department for Transport, 2014) Cycle Statistics / Encouraging Cycling The CTC’s Report about Safety in Numbers suggests that the more people cycling on the roads, the more safe it will be. They suggest that: ‘The emphasis must now be on tackling the fears that prevent people from cycling more or not cycling at all. This can be done by: improving driver behaviour, creating more welcoming and cycle-friendly streets and giving people the confidence to cycle more.This will be good not only for our health, but also for streets, communities and the environment.’ (CTC [b], 2015)

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DESIGN RATIONALE Safety Following Volvo’s safety pledge ‘That no one will be seriously injured or killed in a new Volvo by 2020,’ (Volvo, 2014) this project aims to build on existing Volvo technology to develop an innovative piece of sportswear keeping cyclists more safe on the roads. Consumer research shows that cyclists across the UK feel unsafe on the roads and the rising KSI statistics make it clear that a solution is needed. Statistics highlight that visibility is a major contributor to the rising number of incidents seen on the road today, and an issue that is answered by the #VOLVOSAFETYJACKET, whilst also ensuring that in the unfortunate event of an incident, the cyclist remains safe in a cocoon of protection.


Three Consumers Aware that every consumer has a different aesthetic need, three jackets have been created to ensure that the range answers every eventuality. It is essential to create a garment that will be worn in every day life. The range comprises of three functional designs – a tailored-style blazer; a clean-cut directional bomber; and a sportier all-round jacket, all tied into a cohesive line of outerwear relevant to the different needs, lifestyles and aspirations of cycling enthusiasts alike. • A growing consumer is the commuter cyclist. This jacket is designed to be worn into the office, eliminating the choice between style and safety. This jacket reflects classic heritage, giving a nod to the old whilst developing the new. • The clean-cut directional bomber is designed for a less corporate need, inspired by progressive Swedish luxury. • A close fitting stretch cycling jacket is developed for the competitive sports consumer. This jacket is fully reflective and designed for comfort and function to suit the athlete’s needs.



Technology • Each jacket comprises the same features: • An auto sensor lighting system - illuminates when natural light drops to a specified level • Auto indication - for cyclists wishing to turn. These are motion activated when the cyclist raises their arm. • Anti collision warning lights - work simultaneously with Volvo’s anti-collision connected helmet. Warning lights on each sleeve inform the cyclist about the direction of the collision to aid them in steering to safety • A Volvo group tracker - alerts the front cyclist when a member of the cycling group drops back or stops. • Armouring - a flexible layer offering effective protection to the vital parts of the body • Internal airbag - offering further protection to the cyclist on impact Design Inspirations The range is designed with Volvo’s key aspirations in mind: Heritage, Progressive Luxury and Simpilicity Maintaining Volvo’s reputation for durability and dependability, it blends classic designs with progressive technology. Ensuring that each feature serves a necessary purpose, the design inspirations were Swedish thinking and design features found in the XC90 itself, including the car’s head lights, front grating and the Volvo logo. The fabrics used in each jacket aim to fit the consumer’s needs, including an engineered reflective wool, reflective panels, and airtex breathable mesh.



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A corporate tailored jacket that could be worn to a business meeting. It doesn't look like a typical cycling jacket, allowing the city worker to cycle around London or to meetings with less need for changing clothes. It offers ease of planning and life flexibility.

A more casual design which still doesn’t look like a cycling jacket. It is a smart but cool jacket influenced by Scandinavian design. Suitable for fashion conscious creative or casual workers, those who ride in their spare time with or without others.

A sportier jacket still encorporating a progressive design. High visibility is key, with breathable fabrics and safety in mind. Suitable for dedicated cyclists, competition specialist and sports teams

Wool/Tailored Look

Waterproof, casual style

Hi-tec visibility, breathable textiles

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Initial design ideas. These are an example of some of the initial sketches, taking into account each consumer need


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COMMUTER Cuff and shoulder tabs open to reveal warning / indicator lights when needed


Auto Lights Indicator lights with airtex mesh covering

Reflective Undercollar


08/02/2015 21:06


Auto Lights Indicator lights with airtex mesh covering

Reflectice panel with air tex mesh covering

Cuff and shoulder tabs open to reveal warning / indicator lights when needed


08/02/2015 21:06


Auto Lights Fully reflective extra strecth sports lycra

Warning lights


Indicator lights on shoulders

Indicator lights with airtex mesh covering

08/02/2015 21:06

PROPOSED FABRICS REFLECTIVE FIBRES A reflective tweed would be created, using a blend of wool and reflective yarn. By weaving threads of reflective yarn through the fabric, the jacket would take on reflective properties, whilst maintaining the classic, heritage feel of tailored clothing. This technique has been used by companies such as Dashing Tweeds: ‘One of the key elements of Dashing Tweeds is the fusion of heritage and technology. This first came to the fore when they created ‘Lumatwill’ Reflective Tweed by weaving 3M retro reflective yarns in the weft with fine quality Merino warps.’ (Dashing Tweed, 2015) This links well with the reflective LIGHT PAINT which Volvo are already working on.

WHY WOOL? Wool based fabrics were chosen as the main fabric for the tailored coat. The benefits of wool in a cycle jacket are outlined below: • Resistant to sunlight and provides a higher UV filter than many other fibres. • Its durability and strength comes from the fact that the fibres can be bent back on themselves 20,000 times before breaking (to put this into context cotton breaks after 3,200 bends and rayon fibres only last 75 times!) • With dozens of manmade fibres available on the market today, textile industry experts, manufacturers and fashion designers still believe that you can’t beat wool for elegance, endurance and value. (The Wool Company, 2010)

WATERPROOFING In order to ensure waterproofing of the garment, the tailored wool jacket will have been treated with a waterproofing spray.

A breathable fabric, Wool regulates to body temperature, making it warm in the cold and cool in summer weather. It is becoming increasingly popular in sportswear, competing ‘very successfully with high tech manmade fibres in sports wear’ and ‘In fact merino wool is generally accepted as the “Rolls Royce” 13 OZ PURE WOOL option for high performance base layer £45 per metre // clothing.’ (The Wool Company, 2010) 150cm (Scotweb, nd)


08/02/2015 21:06


REFLECTIVE PANELS Reflective panels are placed in all three jacket styles, in varying amounts according to the style needs. In normal light the fabric has a fairly matt, muted finish and under lights it is highly reflective

h"p://­‐Scotchlite-­‐Retro-­‐Reflec3ve-­‐ Material-­‐Visibility/dp/B00EED01L2/ref=sr_1_1? ie=UTF8&qid=1420995323&sr=8-­‐1&keywords=3m+reflec3ve+fabric

Photo taken without flash Photo taken with Flash (£45pm - 3M Scotchlite Retro-Reflective Material. 3M 8910)

£3.99 per metre // 160 cm wide (UK Fabrics Online (c), 2010)

AIRTEX MESH FABRIC ‘Airtex is a thin, lightweight and stretchy fabric that has a large number of closely spaced holes for breathability. It is also strong, versatile and a perfect lining fabric choice for sportswear garments such as basketball tops, football shirts and swimwear. When used as a lining fabric, this mesh material acts as a barrier between synthetic fabrics and the wearers skin, providing a comfortable feeling even to delicate skin. Airtex mesh fabric is also becoming increasing common in fashion garments such as jackets, dresses, tops and skirts.’ (UK Fabrics Online, 2010) £4.50 per metre // 150cm wide (UK Fabrics Online 201)


TECHNICAL OUTDOOR NYLON FABRIC This fabric has a number of features, making it a good choice for the recreational cyclist: • ‘Ultra Lightweight • Water Resistance: Water will just flow off, keeping you dry. • Downproof: This fabric has been treated to repel water. The treatment also makes less noisy in the wind. • Windproof: Helps protect from the harsh effects of the wind. • Breathable: Helps prevent sweating and stops you getting too warm. • Quickdry: Dries quickly, no need for tumble dry. • Colour Fastness 4-5: Prevents the colour from fading in the sun. • High Washing Temperature: Can be washed in temperatures of up to 90°C, for use in sterilising. • Durable: This fabric is hard-wearing.’ (UK Fabrics Online (c), 2010)

REFLECTIVE SPANDEX Reflective spandex features ‘high elasticity, high reflective intensity grade’ as well as 4-way stretch ability and ‘excellent durability ‘ (Global Sources, n.d) This fabric would work well on the competitive cyclist, ensuring visibility is maximised. Price on Enquiry // variable widths (Global Sources, nd)

08/02/2015 21:06


The design team spent time with the College sample room technicians to create patterns for the prototype.

The proto type created gives a good representation of the suggested aesthetic.

Starting with a basic block, we created the pattern for a double breasted jacket, adding epaulets and cuff tabs.

The Harris Tweed represents the fabric weight and feel, and reflective piping represents the lights in the seams.

The patterns needed to be created to industry standard as they needed to communicate our ideas to Guy, who was constructing the jacket for us.

A half toile of the jacket was also created, to demonstrate the working technology to the industry panel.

The fast turn around meant that quick decisions needed to be made and was a very good learning experience


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AUTUMN TERM Mid Term Group: After a few weeks of working in our Collaborative teams, I think the group is working well and we are getting to know each other. We have divided up the research according to our individual strengths which is working successfully. Meeting each week is helpful as we are able to focus on our individual research for a specific amount of time helping us to stick to deadlines. Sharing our findings with the group each week means that we utilise our time effectively to gain as much information as possible. Individual: I find group work challenging as there are so many viewpoints to take into account, however I feel that our group works well together. We listen to each other’s ideas and it is a safe environment where we can speak our minds. This is helps me to be more confident than I have been in past group work, although I am often concerned that I take over too much. This balance is an area I would like to improve on whilst I am working on the Collaborative project. The team management class was useful to me as it encouraged us to think in detail about what we need to complete in order to do this project. The management log is a tool I would use in future and it is a useful resource for the whole team to reference as needed.


SPRING TERM End of Term Group: Following the end of term presentation to Rob, Jessica and the Volvo panel, I feel that we have made good progress with our ideas. We were able to present our ideas clearly and we felt a sense of achievement to have reached this milestone in the process. The group worked well in listening to and responding to the feedback and although we will now be focussing on one of our secondary ideas, I think this is a very positive change. We have a clear direction of where our project is going and everyone has adapted quickly and positively to the changes Individual: In the weeks running up to the presentation, I found pitching ideas the most challenging task. Having done my research I had a good idea of what I wanted to feed-back to my Rob, Jessica and my team, but because I was nervous, I wasn’t able to translate it as I wanted to. I found this very frustrating and I did not feel confident in my abilities. I was worried about letting the group down and I found that this became an obstacle in doing the work I needed to do. I learnt as we got further into the process that in group work, you can work to each person’s strengths and that it is a very effective way of dividing up roles, ensuring the best outcome.

Mid Term Group: This term has been very fast paced due to the ear;y hand in. Having a team meeting before the start of term proved very helpful in focussing after the Christmas break. We found splitting off into smaller teams early on in the term useful as we could focus on specific areas and ensure that nothing was left unattended. Each subgroup feeds back to the team about their progress so we remain updated in all areas. It has been challenging for everyone to work so intensively on this project whilst keeping up with their other units and full time jobs. We have overcome this where possible by setting deadlines which everyone agrees to according to their schedule. We have found it important to manage our time effectively and by having small deadlines, we can ensure we are keeping up to date step by step. The team work tutorial was particularly useful as Karen encouraged us to look at the positives within our group. We are very lucky to be part of a team who works hard and is considerate of each member. This boosted the team’s spirits and has shown me how important it is to step back at different stages and focus on the positives as well as the things that worry us or need to be completed. Individual: I found the team work class very interesting and felt I would take a lot from it, both in my college work and in my future career. The list of team roles was eye opening. It considers personality traits, particularly how a person can be very skilled in one area but may struggle in another area. It is important to consider this in group work as individuals react differently and need encouragement in different areas to the next person. I think I am closest to the ‘Completer, Finisher’. This person can be a perfectionist who works hard to get the details right but is prone to worrying, reluctant to delegate and needs reassurance throughout the process which is something I need to work on in the future.

End of Term Group: We are very close to the hand in and the team are working hard but are under pressure to get everything ready. Each subgroup has had a lot of work to complete and where possible, we are helping out in other areas when we are able to. Time management is essential and we are working hard to stick to deadlines where possible. We have had to replan our schedule a number of times, to account for external influences, such as print deadlines and having the prototype completed. We have had the opportunity to outsource the construction of our prototype which has been invaluable. This was a very fast turn around and we have learnt a lot about how much you can get done in a short time. We have also learnt some very important industry techniques in communicating through a paper pattern and technical drawings which is something we can use in the future. Individual: I have found it challenging throughout this process to work as a team on things as I am used to getting on and doing it myself. My instinct is to take on as much as possible and then I tend to struggle to get it done. I find it difficult to let go of control of things but the collaborative project has taught me to trust other people to do a good job. They will be likely to pick out things I wouldn’t have thought of and I have learnt a lot from each of member of my team. It has been interesting to work with a group from such different disciplines and backgrounds and learn about the different aspects of working towards an industry project.

08/02/2015 21:06




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