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PLAY Created by FLEXA

PLAY created by FLEXA is a Danish award winning design, with the highest standards of quality and safety. This new collection of toys The Doll bed, The Kitchen, The Workbench and The Shop will put a smile on your kids’ faces while they develop their fine motor skills, and inspire them to expand the bounds of their creativity and social skills. The collection is made of high quality birch wood, plywood and MDF.

CONTENT 06 The Doll bed 10

The Kitchen


The Workbench


The Shop

THE DOLL BED Give your favorite doll some special attention by tucking it into the cute and cozy little doll bed. The soft bed linen makes it an excellent place for a little nap!


Doll bed Set of 2 pcs / 82-70192-26

Duvet and pillow Set of 2 pcs / 83-90262


Dinner is served! The new FLEXA Kitchen is the perfect place for little chefs to experiment with new dishes and invite friends and family over for dinner.


The Kitchen H:74,3 W:60 D:35,5 incl. textile curtain / 82-70147-27

Pot & Pan


Set of 4 pcs / 82-70148

Set of 10 pcs / 82-70149

Chef’s costume Set of 3 pcs / 83-90224

Fish & Meat package Set of 16 pcs / 82-70189

Birthday cake Set of 25 pcs / 82-70190

THE WORKBENCH Put on the apron and cap, and start building! Anything is possible when you have a hammer and a screwdriver at hand.


The Workbench H:74,3 W:60 D:35,5 / 82-70150-49

Construction set


Set of 36 pcs / 82-70153

Set of 4 pcs / 82-70152

Builder’s costume


Set of 2 pcs / 83-90225

Set of 8 pcs / 82-70151

THE SHOP Welcome to the Shop - what would you like to buy today? The young shopkeeper is always ready with an offer you can’t resist.


The Shop H:112,5 W:60 D:35,5 / 82-70154-15

Cash register


Set of 12 pcs / 82-70158

Set of 8 pcs / 82-70156



Set of 8 pcs / 82-70157

Set of 6 pcs / 82-70155

Shopkeeper’s costume. Set of 2 pcs / 83-90226

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DOTS table

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PLAY Collection The Kitchen

Item no: 82-70147-27 H:74,3 W:60 D:35,5

Item no: 82-70149 Set of 10 psc.

Item no: 82-70148 Set of 4 psc.

Item no: 82-70189 Set of 16 psc.

Item no: 82-70190 Set of 25 psc.

Item no: 83-90224 Set of 3 psc.

The Workbench

Item no: 82-70150-49 H:74,3 W:60 D:35,5

Item no: 82-70151 Set of 8 psc.

Item no: 82-70152 Set of 4 psc.

Item no: 82-70156 Set of 8 psc.

Item no: 83-90225 Set of 2 psc.

The Doll Bed

The Shop

Item no: 82-70154-15 H:112,5 W:60 D:35,5

Item no: 82-70153 Set of 36 psc.

Item no: 82-70158 Set of 12 psc.

Item no: 82-70157 Set of 6 psc.

Item no: 82-70155 Set of 6 psc.

Item no: 83-90226 Set of 2 psc.

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Item no: 82-70192-26 H:30 W:33 L:50

Item no: 83-90262 Set of 2 psc.

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