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February 2009

Bayview Civic League Meets 2nd Tuesday of each month September through June 7:30 pm at 1601 E. Bayview Boulevard, Norfolk (Christ United Methodist Church)

February Guest Speaker Greg Underwood Our Mission: Neighbors helping neighbors for the good of our community. Together we make things better.

February 10th Meeting Agenda: • Police Officers visit • Greg Underwood • Upcoming events • Networking social

Currently running  unopposed  for  the   office   of  Commonwealth’s  A/orney  a5er  serving as  Norfolk’s  Senior Deputy Commonwealth’s  A?orney for several years, Greg   will share his goals  and feelings about what is important for  our city. Crime affects  the  quality  of  life  of  all   Norfolk  ciFzens,  regardless   of  the  neighborhood  or  community  in  which  we  live.  Greg  has  pledged  to  conFnue  his  office’s  focus  on  serious violent crimes  and to encourage proacFve  approaches  to fighFng crime. He  conFnues  to support  the Drug  Court,  Mental Health Court, and re‐entry  programs  for  those  returning from incarceraFon to the  community  in an a?empt  to reduce  recidivism.  He  also  feels   we  must  insFll  in  our  children  the  values   of  a   good  educaFon, the  piLalls  of criminal  behavior, and its  lasFng impact on their  lives. He  promises  full  interacFon with the  community  and schools in an effort  to reach our  children. Bring your own quesFons or concerns and come to meet Greg.

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, February 10th, at 7:30 pm. Bring a dish for the social if you want and don’t forget to bring a friend! INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Sheriff: Prevent Crime Suggestions Join our email Alert System “Green” tips and Tax Credits Join the COAT DRIVE!

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 Remember: Recycle, itʼs good for all of us  Volume 10 Issue 5

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February 2009

The purpose of the Bayview Bulletin is to communicate information to Bayview Civic League members, supporters, and neighbors. Front page artwork contributed by Jeannie Wilson. Bulletin contents are considered property of Bayview Civic League. Articles within the bulletin reflect personal viewpoints of the authors and are not necessarily the views of advertisers or the Bayview Civic League. The Bayview Civic League is apolitical and does not endorse any candidates for political office.

Civic League Board President Dranan Sparks 1st VP Ron Wilson 2nd VP Jimmy Hooper Corres Sec’y Susan Jones Rec Sec’y Sylvia Ross Treasurer Gena Goodnough Editor Jeannie Wilson Ways and Means - Advertising for Bulletin Susan Jones Communications - Bulletin Distribution Anita Unger

Membership Linda Lundquist 588-3960 Environment & Beautification Eileen Sparks 588-2456 Refreshments Pat Davidson 587-3219 Margie Hodges 587-9527 SACCC Community Awareness Coordinator Ron Wilson 588-3091 Zoning Benny Smith 718-9595 587-2203 587-9586 Area Preservation Claire Jones Youth & Recreation Sylvia Ross 583-4664 ANW Publications 588-8642 587-3405 Printer

588-2456 588-3091 587-6209 587-9586 583-4664 588-8131 588-3960

Local Contacts PUBLIC WORKS PHONE NUMBERS Curb and Sidewalk Repairs 823-4050 Norfolk CARES Assistance Center 644-6510 Damaged & Faded Signs 441-5818 website: Ditch Maintenance 823-4000 email: Potholes 823-4050 Ocean View Project Team 441-1784 Recycling 441-1347 8132 Shore Drive (Pretty Lake Permit Office) Refuse Collection 441-5813 Street Flooding 823-4000 Report these issues: Health: Pet area/yard not cleaned regularly, rodents, tall grass/ Street Light Outages 1-888-667-3000 weeds, biting or abused/neglected animals; Zoning: Parking on Keep Norfolk Beautiful 441-1347 grass in front yard area, commercial vehicles/equipment parked in

Clean and Safe Neighborhood

residential areas, boat or camper in front of house, inoperable vehicles; Waste Management: Dead animals, improper curbside disposal; Other Issues: Streets, lights, sidewalks, curbing, traffic signals or street signs, wetlands, dunes...

Non-emergency number 441-5610

for Police, Jail, Animal Control, and suspected criminal activity.

All Emergencies- call 911

Animal Protection Health Department Rabies Control Pretlow Library Voter Registrar Bayview Elementary School Oceanair Elementary School

664-7387 683-2700 683-2712 441-1750 664-4353 531-3030 531-3095

Bayview Civic League Goes Green Bayview Civic League believes that reducing any environmental impact is a worthy goal. To further this goal, the Bayview Bulletin is printed on recycled paper. Volume 10 Issue 5

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February 2009

From the President I’d like to start off by wishing everyone a Happy New Year. I’d next like to thank everyone who came out for our December Holiday Party. I think it was our best one yet. The attendance was large, the food (and lots of it) was delicious, the music from Amy and Charlie was great, and Santa made a surprise visit for the children (small and large.) Many thanks to everyone who contributed items to our silent auction. The bidding was active and sometimes fierce, and everyone who bought came away with fantastic deals. It was all tremendous fun. And most importantly, we raised over $470.00 for our scholarship fund! A very heartfelt and special thank you goes to Patsy Cartwright for donating a Washington Redskins Starter Jacket signed by former quarterback Joe Theismann. This one item accounted for a big piece of the funds raised at the silent auction. Patsy, you are a great member of the Bayview family, and your generosity will help a young student pursue college studies. Thank you! Before closing, I pose a question to the membership…There has been an off and on discussion for some time about changing the date of our BCL meetings. The current second Tuesday meeting night conflicts with PTA and some other organizations. And while we generally have good attendance, it could always be better. We’d like to attract new members from the community, including parents of school age children, and have better opportunity to interact with the schools and PTA. What are your thoughts on this? 2009 looks to be a year of ups and downs, and I am tempted talk here about the recession, budgets, and other woes that come with this economic downturn. But I’d rather not; we get enough of that bad news every day. Instead I prefer to talk about optimism and hope. Even with the struggles we face as a nation, a community, and a family; there is a lot to be optimistic about. We have a new President that appears to have the energy, drive, and fresh ideas to help us weather this storm, and become stronger and healthier. Let’s support this new administration with true American vitality and offer our prayers for wisdom and guidance.

Dranan Sparks Volume 10 Issue 5

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February 2009

Preventing Crime Saves Money The financial, physical, and psychological costs of crime are enormous. Effective crime prevention saves money and builds a sense of security in a neighborhood. The Norfolk Sheriff’s Office Community Affairs division provides free crime prevention services to the community. Here are a few cost cutting, crime prevention guidelines any concerned citizen can follow. For more cost-cutting, crime prevention tips, contact the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office Community Affairs division at (757) 664-4979. 1. Home Security a) b) c) d) e)

Consider installing a professional, monitored alarm system. “Beware of Dog” signs are a great deterrent - so is an actual dog. Proper lighting around your house is crucial to preventing a break-in. Landscape under first-floor windows using thorny plants such as rose and holly bushes. While out of town: i. Have a neighbor park in your driveway to appear as if someone is there. ii. Postpone your mail and newspaper delivery or ask a neighbor to pick it up in your absence. iii. Put inside lights/stereos on an automatic on/off timer system. 2. Shredding – Shred documents with your personal information to prevent a thief from stealing your identity and running up your bills. At the least, tear up mail with any relevant data on it. 3. Online Shopping - Most well known and established websites have secure methods to purchase products using a credit card, but thousands of other sites may not be as reliable. Only provide personal information on websites that you trust completely. Never give out credit card or other details on the phone. A caller claiming to be from a bank or online store, who asks for your information to complete a transaction, may actually be a hacker who got your private data online. 4. Email safety - Phishing is one of the most common methods of online identity theft. The concept is simple: a thief will send you an email telling you to log on to a well known website for an important reason, for example to confirm or deny a transaction or to review a private message. A convenient link is provided for you to go directly to the log in page. Once you arrive, you type in your name and password like always. Trouble is, the site you just logged on to is a fake. It’s designed to look exactly like the real thing, but it’s under the control of the criminals who created it. Now they have your log in information and can use it to get your credit card numbers and other private details from the genuine website. You have just been phished. 5. Parenting/Mentoring - Research shows that quality time with a caring adult can improve a child’s academic performance, behavior, relationships, and self-concept. Mentoring significantly reduces a child’s chances of committing crime in the future. Talk so kids will listen & listen so kids will talk. Provide productive activities and programs which engage children, build self esteem, improve success in school and reduce the risk of substance abuse.

Volume 10 Issue 5

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February 2009

Honorable W. Randy Wright Cordially Invites You to a

TOWN HALL MEETING Saturday February 28, 2009 at the

Azalea Inn 2344 East Little Creek Road Meeting will begin at 8:30 a.m. Topics to include but not limited to: 1. SPSA 2. Light Rail 3. Real Estate Assessments 4. Courthouse costs



EMAIL AND THE BAYVIEW CIVIC LEAGUE The Bayview Civic League offers an email alert system to provide reminder notices for meetings, and emergency, or otherwise interesting information directly to you in a timely manner. Unfortunately, out of our several hundred members, only about 50 members have signed up. If you have not signed up and would like to, you can email Ron Wilson at, or signup at a meeting. It’s free. It is private. It’s timely. You will not receive junk mail. Everything sent is approved by the civic league board and will be directly related to our meetings, your safety, or an item of general neighborhood interest. You can even use the email system to quickly send your comments or questions to the officers and board of our civic league. Members without email should find a neighbor who will pass on any important email alerts or send in your comments or questions. With all the positive, and no negative, why not sign on?


 The Real Estate Corner  Realtor Man Says… Each year the wise prepare for a hurricane by gathering food and sundries to wait out the storm. The Food Bank of Southeastern Virginia provides food for many organizations and individuals in need. Since we are getting close to the end of Hurricane Season, why not take these items to the Food Bank. You know you will just make a new Survival Kit next year. We have all heard the “panic” in the news. Wait and you will see that the market will stabilize. History has proven that even with short-term instability, Real Estate is the best investment. Hasty action taken in the midst of a “crisis” cannot be undone. A purchase now would be a wise move as prices and interest rates are low.

It’s your home; it’s your money.

Your Neighborhood Realtors!!

Ben Fuller, ABR, GRI & Kelly Thompson, ABR, GRI Realtors, Lic in VA

Ben Direct (757) 675-9383 Kelly Direct (757) 286-5355 Volume 10 Issue 5 Page 5

February 2009

February Calendar of Events 2 12 10 14 16 22 24 25 4,18 11,25

Groundhog Day Lincoln’s Birthday Bayview Civic League meets St. Valentine’s Day President’s Day Washington’s Birthday Mardi Gras Ash Wednesday Recycling Pickup Week 2 Recycling Pickup Week 1

Happy Anniversary!

Bayview Notes Some parts of bayview were “treated” to two floats loaded with adults and children Christmas caroling on Saturday evening before Christmas. Thank you Joyce, Rosie and the Cole family. Keep up the good work! The Bayview community has suffered the loss of three great ladies in the last three months. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of Joan Gifford, Doris Balanga and Ruth Fisher. On a happier note, our Margie seems to be on the road to recovery. Hurry back, we miss you. Amy did a wonderful job with the music at our Christmas Gala– Well Done! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. See you soon– Pat Davidson

January Refreshment Thanks

Married–50 years Sam and Jean Maddox were married on January 17, 1959 in Epworth UMC in Norfolk. They celebrated their 50th anniversary on an Eastern Caribbean cruise.

We had a brave “twenty seven” to show up for our January meeting. Thanks to Terry Chandler, Shirley Hooper, Karen Hooper & Pat for sharing cookies, cheese & crackers, sandwiches along with our “five alive” punch. Thanks also to Anita Unger for her help in the kitchen. Hope to see everyone in February! Pat Davidson 587-3219 Remember, “Bayview is the Place To Be.”

Keep America Beautiful…and Norfolk…and Bayview

By Eileen Sparks, Chair: Environment and Beautification Committee March will be the national effort for neighbors to join forces and clean up their neighborhoods. We have noticed an increase in litter in Bayview and would like to encourage parents, kids, and schools to get involved in the cleanup. Cleanups are great, but they are a temporary solution to an ongoing problem. More is needed to be done by adults to teach kids of all ages not to litter. They are the best ones to put pressure on their peers to not litter. For every kid that is thoughtful and picks up litter they show their friends how easy it is and, we hope this has a snowball effect. The date, time and place for Bayview Cleanup: Saturday, March 28th, 9:00 a.m. – Noon, place to be announced later. Refreshments will be served. All supplies are furnished. Get your children, neighbors and friends and come on out! President Obama is calling on all American’s to do something for their community. This is a wonderful chance to help your community and show pride in your neighborhood!

✫✫✫SACCC ENROLLMENT FORM✫✫✫ Senior Watch, Animal Watch, Child Watch, Code Watch, and Crime Watch Be a part of Bayview Civic Leagueʼs community watch program and help improve our neighborhood. Enrollment in SACCC automatically enrolls you in our email alert system which provides reminder notices for meetings as well as emergency, or otherwise interesting information, directly to you in a timely manner. You do not have to participate in all elements of the program, but we hope you will. Name ______________________________________________ Phone ____________________________ Email __________________________________________________________________________________ Address ________________________________________________________________________________ Comments ______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ Contact: Call: Ron Wilson, Program coordinator at 588-3091 or email at Mail to: SACCC Watch Program; PO Box 8707, Norfolk, VA 23503 Volume 10 Issue 5

Page 6

February 2009

Tax Credits for Energy Savings High costs of energy got you down? Annoyed with your tax bill? Tired of drafty windows? You can take advantage of tax credits while tackling pressing needs. The table below shows some of the options available under current tax codes. For more information, visit or consult your tax professional. Here is how much you could save on your taxes if you took advantage of some of these tax credits. But remember that your energy savings each year may be greater than the one-time tax savings:

Selected Tax Credits Purchase Hybrid car or SUV Central AC or heat pump Furnace or boiler Windows Insulation and sealing Ground-source heat pump

Tax Savings $250 to $3150 $300* $150* Up to $200* Up to $500* Up to $2000

Notes Credit depends on fuel economy and weight. Only some Energy Star products qualify. Only some Energy Star products qualify. All Energy Star windows qualify. Must meet model building code as installed. Only Energy Star products qualify.

* Maximum of $500 total for home improvements.

Thoughts from my New Green Calendar By Eileen Sparks “A Better Buzz” – Resolve to never drink coffee out of a paper cup. Get a reusable coffee mug & lid (better 2-3 as extras.) That way you can take coffee from home and buy more for your container during or after work. “A Greener Clean” – Try to eliminate all commercially manufactured chemical laden cleaning products from your home. Buy a big box of baking soda which can be used to scrub almost everything. It can even be diluted with water for a cleansing spray. A short list of other non-toxic products will make your home sparkle with zero threat to the environment. Google “green cleaning” or check out “Better Water” – Yikes! Did you know it takes 1.5 million barrels of oil to make the water bottles we use? 77% of those go to a landfill or as litter. Water is free, get your own containers, a big jug for the fridge and you have all the clean water you want! P.S. A lot of those “plastic bottles” we buy have harmful chemicals >yuk> who wants that?

Volume 10 Issue 5

January BCL Meeting By Dranan Sparks January’s meeting saw a smaller than usual turnout. But those who braved the cold evening were treated to a very good and informative speaker from Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia. A private, not-for-profit organization, Senior Services supports and enriches the lives of older Virginians and their families through advocacy, education, information and comprehensive services for citizens in Norfolk, Chesapeake, Franklin, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Virginia Beach and Isle of Wight and Southampton counties. Its headquarters and satellite offices offer everything from home-delivered meals for qualifying seniors to counseling for Medicare, Medicaid and longterm care insurance. Their services also include transportation, caregiving, in-home care, wellness programs, legal aid, and prescription drug services. All at very low cost on a sliding scale based on income. Do you need help for yourself or someone you know? Call SSSEVA at (757) 461-9481, where someone is available to assist you from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Or visit them on the web at

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February 2009

Keep somebody warm! Bring a new or gently used coat to the meeting! Hope to see you there!

Volume 10 Issue 5

Page 8

February 2009

I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who participated in our Silent Auction at December’s Holiday Party. From the variety of items available for bidding to the enthusiasm of the bidders a great time was had by all. With the generous donations of our local business we were able to raise the funding necessary to provide this scholarship again this year. Please if you are out doing shopping be sure to thank Pam Favor at Treasures, Feathers, and Fins for once again pulling through for us with wonderful donations. I would also like to thank each one of the members that provided items for bidding as well. From our autographed Redskin jacket to the lighted glass seahorse lamp a great time was had by every one at our silent auction event in December. Thanks to everyone who participated and to those who donated. The even better news is that along with the raffle money, we can very proudly offer the Bayview Civic League Scholarship for Civic Leadership at an amount we can all be proud of. So everyone needs to be on the look out for a graduating senior near you who can participate and sending them to see any board member. The requirements are as follows: ‐ Applicant or immediate family member must live within the Civic League’s jurisdiction. ‐ Applicant or immediate family member must be a current member of the Civic League. ‐ Applicant must demonstrate a history of volunteerism or community service. ‐ Applicant must have a 2.5 grade point average ‐ If chosen, the successful applicant must be available to attend the June Bayview Civic League meeting to receive the award Once again thank you to everyone who has made this possible for another year. In today’s struggling economy any amount of funding to a student is helpful. Having this scholarship gives us another wonderful point at which to hang our hat and be proud to live in Bayview. – Gena Goodnough

Thank You…Treasures, Feathers & Fins Great thanks go to Pam Favor and Treasures, Feathers & Fins (your one stop gift shop) for donating many items for our December silent auction. Pam continues to be a big supporter of Ocean View and of the Bayview Civic League. Her generosity and support helps the BCL provide our many services. Please visit Pam in her wonderful shop at 943 East Ocean View Ave. and thank her for supporting us. Volume 10 Issue 5

Page 9

February 2009

BIZZY "B" LAWN CARE & LANDSCAPING (We'll treat your yard like it's our own!)

• Landscape/Hardscape Design & Installation • Aeration/Seeding & Fertilization • Yard Clean Ups • Lawn & Shrub Maintenance • Mulching

Phil Buns Owner

Mike Strader Supervisor



Licensed & Insured

December Refreshment Thanks Some people “Decked the Halls!” Our people “Decked the Tables” with wonderful delicious food for our Christmas Party. What a party it was complete with “The Jolly Old Man in the Jolly Red Suit.” He was a real “delight” for young and old alike. As a matter of fact, I think we were all “young” that wonderful evening. Once again so many wonderful items for our silent auction. Thanks to everyone for all of the great items donated. Hopefully everyone signed in, so they can be thanked. If I missed anyone, please accept my Thank You! Carol Boston Mr. Williams Ron Wilson Jimmy, Shirley & Karen Hooper Shirley New Jeannie, Linda,Lita & Jay Patsy Cartwright Bob & Gena Goodnough Marie Wallace Max & JoAnn Jacobs John Duff Eileen & Dranan Sparks Sylvia Ross Ike & Ann Powell Amy Ferebee Susan & Harvie Jones Benny Smith Janet & Mike Hayden The Iverson Family The Ellis Family Pat Davidson Fresh Pride did an outstanding job on the Meat & Cheese tray plus the Wing tray. Thanks to Gloria in the Deli! Thanks also to Carol, Barbara, & Karen for you help in the kitchen. Call me if you have any ideas or suggestions. Pat Davidson 587-3219 Remember, “Bayview is the Place To Be.” Volume 10 Issue 5

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February 2009

Pansies planted last fall would benefit from some water soluble fertilizer now. If you buy plants by mail, be sure to use well established, reputable companies. Avoid pruning roses and other shrubs if they are growing ahead of schedule because of warm weather. A freeze could severely damage the pruned plants. Do prune hydrangeas but avoid any large buds on stalks as these will produce flowers and foliage for the summer.

Gardening Corner Tips for February by Susan Jones It’s cold. Curl up in a comfortable chair, get out your bulb and seed catalogs and start planning your garden. Focus on being green by using native plants. Avoid trying to transplant natives from their habitat. Instead check at your local nursery for cultivated natives which survive better in a garden. Shear liriope before new growth begins but don’t cut too deep. If you like to grow plants from seed, mid February is the time to start. They usually require 4-6 weeks to grow large enough to transplant outdoors but check the back of the seed package.

Volume 10 Issue 5

Walk your property and pick up any sticks, branches or stones scattered by winter storms. If you are planning a butterfly garden ( a wildflower meadow, perennial garden or clumps of flowers that attract butterflies) take these steps: Avoid using poisonous chemicals. Locate the garden in a sunny protected area. Plant nectar producing flowers that butterflies like. They prefer single tubular blossoms that are easy to land on and favorite colors are yellow, blue, purple, pink, and orange. Plan for large splashes of color and continuous bloom. Include caterpillar food plants.

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February 2009

Coming Soon: A BRAND NEW WEBSITE! (sneak peek: Look for more information in the next issue of the Bayview Bulletin!

See you at the meeting!

Visit our offices online at: or reach Susan online at: Volume 10 Issue 5

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February 2009

✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩ COAT DRIVE Bayview Wants to Help! As you know the state of our economy will probably lead to many more families in need of assistance. This young man, Preston Marquis, is joining with the Norfolk Police Department’s Crime Prevention Unit to gather and distribute warm clothing for the hard times ahead. Join with the Bayview Civic League and others to keep a neighbor warm. Bring your gently used coats or any other warm clothing to our February meeting so we can proudly take part in this city wide event. The coats will be distributed at “project Homeless Connect” which will be held on February 18th at Scope. Questions? Contact Preston at 757-618-6429 or email


Volume 10 Issue 5

Page 13

February 2009

Announcement: Special RAFFLE Tickets! The owner of “eat Bistro� in VA Beach donated $100 gift certificate as the prize! Tickets are $5. Drawing at March meeting! Look for more information in the next issue of the Bayview Bulletin!

Benny and Sharon Smith, The Team that Lives and Works in Bayview Want to know all about homes for sale in Bayview? Sign up for automatic email notification of homes for sale, price changes, or sales on your street or any other. To get this free service go to and select "Free Home Updates."

If you have a brokerage relationship with another agency, this is not intended as a solicitation.

Volume 10 Issue 5

757-718-9595 or 757-334-4218 Page 14

February 2009 - Bayview Bulletin  

The Bayview Bulletin is the monthly neighborhood newsletter for the Bayview Civic League in Norfolk, VA . Volume 10 Issue 5

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