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Tracey McIntyre - Manager of Professional Development & Attorney Recruiting (NY) | ext. 26614 Carrie Milliken - Manager of Professional Development & Attorney Recruiting (DC) | ext. 12770 Christina Feeney - Professional Development & Attorney Recruiting Coordinator (DC) | ext. 13572 Eileen Haight - Professional Development & Attorney Recruiting Assistant (CA) | ext. 38381 Mary Beth Fleury - Professional Development & Attorney Recruiting Assistant (DC) | ext. 13318

EXCELLENCE We value excellence. This high standard enables us to promise and deliver excellence to our clients. LOYALTY We value loyalty to our clients, to each other, and to the firm. RESPECT We value the law and respect its importance in society. We respect our clients, our attorneys, and our staff and believe in an environment that offers equal opportunity for all.


INTEGRITY We value moral and ethical dedication, personal responsibility, and honorable, principled actions.





*All programming is subject to change.

We value innovative problem solving and entrepreneurial energy to advance the interests of our clients and the business of the firm.

The Professional Development Department is excited to share with you our comprehensive training program for the upcoming year.


INITIATIVE All programs are video conferenced to all offices. Most programs will be recorded and available on demand.



Andy Col贸n - Director of Professional Development & Attorney Recruiting (DC) | ext.13605


Professional Development Department

To provide the highest quality representation to our clients in an environment that is professionally and personally rewarding.

Professional Development and Training



Please register through the DSU Calendar found on The Loop. Dates and times will be advertised in the DSU Bulletin.

February Trends in e-Discovery Attorneys will be updated on the latest cases, techniques, and challenges they are likely to face when conducting discovery of electronically-stored information. This presentation will be based off the 2012 Developments Memorandum. Speakers: Members of Practice Solutions Legal Writing Skills: Winning Feedback This interactive workshop will discuss techniques for giving more effective feedback, assigning projects to avoid common misunderstandings, and guiding attorneys’ writing development over the long-term. Participants will also create practice checklists that will help them give assignments, review projects, and mentor attorneys.

April Practical Guidelines for Managing the e-Discovery Processes A comprehensive review of important tips to consider when budgeting for litigation. Presenters will also discuss how to limit discovery costs through planning and negotiation. Speakers: Members of Practice Solutions

Speakers: Members of Litigation Support

Speakers: Panel of Partners and Firm Clients

Trial Skills: Preparing Expert Reports

Speakers: Panel of Partners

Technology Assisted Review (“TAR”) 101 An overall presentation on TAR – the process, types of review, cases in which the use of TAR is appropriate, and the advantages and disadvantages of this important review module. Speakers: Members of Practice Solutions General Litigation Skills: How to Effectively Manage Litigation The discussion will focus on managing large document reviews, partner expectations, and how best to troubleshoot issues as they arise. In addition, the presentation will discuss how to anticipate litigation expenses to reduce costs and properly and ethically bill clients. Speakers: Panel of Partners and Associates


A review of the firm’s e-Discovery tools and how they can be leveraged in day-to-day practice.

Effective Use of Dickstein’s e-Discovery Tools

General Litigation Skills: Truth or Dare? Identifying and Developing Critical Facts


Speaker: Ben Opipari, Ph.D., Persuasive Matters

This interactive discussion will cover the primary factors in-house counsel take into consideration when selecting a law firm. The program will feature firm clients who will provide tips on how to “stand out” when making a business development pitch.


This program will discuss the different types of expert reports under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

Speakers: Panel of Partners and Associates

This engaging seminar will show you how to make your writing more concise, direct, and persuasive.

Business Development Skills: Art of the Pitch

Speaker: Ross Guberman, Esq., Legal Writing Pro

Panelists will discuss how to quickly and effectively identify the critical facts of a case, deal with “bad” facts, and determine how facts should be used to support the underlying legal claims of a case.

Legal Writing Skills: Trimming the Fat in Your Writing

June FRCP 26 This presentation will provide an in-depth review of FRCP 26 focusing specifically on the ‘meet and confer’ requirement, ESI, strategies for negotiation, and potential pitfalls. Speakers: Members of Practice Solutions

July Expert Depositions: From Preparing the Witness to Taking and Defending the Deposition With a focus on consulting as opposed to testifying experts, the program will discuss the effective use of an expert report, how to make and defend Daubert challenges, and how to prepare an expert to both “teach” and testify. Speaker: Mark McCurdy, Esq., Former NITA Consultant

November The Partnership Track - What Does It Take to Make Partner at Dickstein Shapiro? This panel discussion will highlight the factors that are considered (both general and practical) in determining who should make partner at the firm. Speakers: Panel of Partners Business Development Skills: Client Service This comprehensive training program will include a multitude of issues relevant to client service such as: meeting prospective clients, active listening, managing client expectations, requesting retainer fees, handling accounts exceeding estimates, handling client complaints, building client rapport, and presenting advice. Speakers: Panel of Partners

Additional Resources Legal Writing Skills: Writing Clinics The firm offers individualized coaching for associates to hone their legal writing skills. If needed, please contact the Professional Development Department. Speakers: Legal Writing Consultants

September Trial Skills: Use of Electronic Evidence This program will focus on the various approaches to e-Discovery at trial, including strategy, use of demonstratives, rules, and juries. Speakers: Panel of Partners

Training Classes Schedule  

Training Classes Schedule