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Customer profiling

Fleur Robinson

- Women's mass market, ‘Rapid fashion’ - “Equip millennial women with the fashions they need for all elements of life” - 1000 new styles released weekly - 2 standalone stores & concessions in Selfridges Manchester and London (Missguided, 2019)

Figure 2

Figure 3


- A global multiplatform brand established in 2009

Figure 1

Figure 4

- ACNE – Ambition to create novel expressions - Stockholm based fashion house founded in 1996 - Multidisciplinary approach; ready to wear, magazines, books and furniture - Preference of off- center store locations - Tailoring, eclectic use of materials with custom developed fabrics

- Primary research, gathering background information on target market. Use of online source to analyse website traffic – customer geographic. - Production of a 26 question survey using Google forms – Qualitative and Quantitive research - Store visit & analysis. Interviews with consumers, developing understanding of demographics and psychographics


- Use of store website and online articles; Guardian and Independent as primary research; background information and brand positioning - In store interview with shop floor worker and online surveys were conducted to help with Quantitative Primary Research.

Figure 6



Figure 8


“The IT girls you need on your radar’ Figure 9

Students Live in the City Centre No Dependents

Figure 10 Figure 11

Figures 13, 14, 15



Student Employed - full time Employed - part time


Figure 12


Younger than 18



DEMOGRAPHICS 26 – 35 Mostly Female Generation Y - Brand consciousness Single Figure 16

Live in the City Centre

Figure 18

Highly Educated



What is your degree level

Figure 17

Figure 19



Figure 20, 21, 22


26 - 35


Below degree Degree

Undergraduate Maters

#BABESOFMISSGUIDED Missguided state their consumers are ‘Believers, dreamers and doers’. Outgoing independent, and free-spirited the Missguided customer is fashion forward, social media OBSESSED and likes to spend her Friday night out on the town. She enjoys shopping, catching up with friends and eating out – but the restaurant must be 100% Insta-Grammable!

Figure 23

Figure 24


Figure 26

Figure 25


Figure 27

Figure 28

The ACNE studios customer describes themselves as Creative, outgoing and ambitious. In her free time she enjoys reading magazines & books and visiting art galleries, cinemas, travelling and of course - shopping. Come Friday evening, her successful job allows her to treat herself to a meal and cocktails with the girls. She lives a fast paced city life, with no dependents and only herself to think about. A high quality lifestyle.

Figure 29

2 Stand-a-lone stores 2 Concessions in Selfridges stores (UK) Opened first US concession store in Nordstrom in 2015 Consumers live in the City Centre Ship to 150 countries Partnership with fellow E-tailer, ASOS

Figure 30

Website traffic analysis: 75 % of visitors located in the UK 4.09% located in the US 1.21% located in the Netherlands 1.11% located in France (SimilarWeb. 2019)


Website traffic analysis:

59 Stores (ACNE, 2019)

27.93 % of visitors located in the US

Located in 23 countries

10.11% located in the UK Preference for off-center locations of stores (Cochrane, L. 2013)

9.38% located in France 7.35% located in Germany (SimilarWeb. 2019)

Figure 32

ACNE’s flagship store is located on Dover Street Gallery, London. This is in the wealthy area of Mayfair, situated next to Alexandra McQueen and surrounded by other high end stores such as; Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Stella McCartney and Celine. The luxuriousness of this street is reflected in store, whereby the location curates a footfall of wealthy clientele.

First Paris store is in a converted garage that Johansson admits is "hard to find” Stockholm flagship is in the former bank where hostages were taken in 1973 and the phrase Stockholm Syndrome was coined. Mayfair store is a converted 5 floor gallery – Appeals to ’creative’ clientele

Figure 33


The ‘Babes of Missguided’ enjoy shopping as a past time They have high purchase loyalty, with over ¾ of consumers making a purchase at least once a month

The Missguided consumer also enjoys shopping at similar E-tailers such as BOOHOO and PLT. Their favorite brick and mortar store is Topshop.

Being social media OBSESSED! The Missguided girls spending habits are heavily affected by social media influencers:

Have you ever purchased something because you saw a Social Media influencer wearing it?




Figure 39

Figure 35

Figure 38

Figure 37

Figure 36

Although its highly unlikely that she’ll be making a purchase without any form of discount

Would you buy form Missguided without any form of discount

Figure 40



Maybe Figure 34


Where else do you like to shop (Open Question)

Figure 42

Stella Mccartney




Off White


The ACNE customer enjoys shopping at similar ready to wear luxury labels: Stella McCartney, Balenciaga and PRADA. As well as High street brands such as COS. These stores fulfil her desire for minimalistic high quality luxe clothing. She spends over £150 on clothes a month and purchases from ACNE Studios at least once a year

Figure 41

Their purchases at ACNE are not impulsive and are more considered. With 60% stating that purchases are 70% considered, with 0% being being completely impulsive.

Figure 44

How much do you spend on clothes a month

£50 - £100


£100 - £150

£150 - £300

£300 +

Figure 43

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Overview Missguided is a ‘global multiplatform brand’ established in 2009 by Nitin Passi (Missguided, 2019). As stated on their website, Missguided does not just utilize fast fashion practices, but those that can be described as ‘rapid fashion’, with over 1000 new styles launched each week. Missguided ship to a total of 150 different countries with stores in the UK and concessions in the US, enabling the brand to fulfil its mission statement of ‘empowering females globally to be confident and who they want to be. As a habitual shopper at Missguided, I believed it’d be interesting to gain a greater insight into the core customer of the fashion giant, and who it is that has helped to fuel the rapid growth the company has experienced in its 10 years of operations. When the website was first set up in March 2009, it had made a £100,000 turnover by November the same year (Drapers. 2018). Missguided first expanded to Brick and Mortar stores in the US through Nordstrom concessions in May 2015 and in the UK through Selfridges concessions in June 2015 (Hounslea, T. 2016). Passi swears that it is this multichannel approach that is paramount to the success of the business; ‘our customer does not just shop at one channel or retailer… it’d be stupid not to be where our customer wants us to be’. ACNE Studios; founded in 1996, is a well-established Stockholm based fashion house which adopts a multi-disciplinary approach. Not only is ACNE a well-respected creator of ready-to-wear garments and accessories, but also of magazines, furniture, books and exhibitions. Creative director of the brand; Jonny Johansson has established a one of a kind design house with a ‘cult following’ through this vast offering. ACNE, an abbreviation of Ambition to create novel expressions state; ‘Our brand is about product. If you start from there everything else falls into place’ (Guardian. 2013), it is this focus on quality designs and eclectic use of custom-made fabrics that have enabled the brand to gain the high end, luxury ready-towear status it holds today. When speaking on celebrity endorsement of the ACNE brand, Johansson states, ACNE Studios has ‘never paid anyone to wear the brand, and we don’t want to’, making the brand an interesting case study for whom it is in this ‘real world’ that purchases from the label ACNE Studios and how they came about the ‘hippiest brand in fashion’ (Cochrane, L. 2013). High Price

Similarly to the brand values and mission of Missguided, ACNE Studios aims to design pieces that encourage self confidence, focusing on the empowerment of the customer “I want to design a garment that makes you feel stronger and more self-confident.” (Walker, H. 2010). These similar values of the two brands, despite their juxtaposing market levels, makes them both interesting case studies.




Low Price

Figure 1: This Study

Research Methods For both brands, I wanted to focus my research on a mix of qualitative and quantitative data, to gain an understanding of exactly how and why the customer shops with each label. Before visiting the Missguided and ACNE store, I wanted to develop a basic understanding of the consumer of each of the brands. I began this process by initially conducting secondary research through the use of each Brands own website: and were both useful resources for establishing the background information of each brand and its values similarly Drapers and BoF were also useful.

Findings Before visiting the Missguided concession store in Selfridges, Manchester, I produced an online survey which consisted of 26 questions; 3 of which were open questions as shown in figure 2. This questionnaire was completed by 50 people. The survey was shared on each of my social media sites as I felt this was the best platform to reach the correct demographic, and those who Missguided aim to target. This questionnaire enabled me to develop an understanding of the Missguided customer; the demographic, psychographic and behavioral segmentation. When visiting the store, I was able to ask several customers questions that related to their demographic, including their age, where they live, ethnicity and occupation. I was also able to ask questions such as how often do you shop at Missguided, do you prefer to shop online or in-store, what are your hobbies/interests and how do you enjoy spending your Friday evening, generating an understanding of behavioral and psychographic aspects too. It was from this combination of results from the in-store visit and consumer questionnaire that I was able produce a consumer profile for the Missguided customer.

Figure 3: In store visit: This Study

Figure 2: This Study

The Missguided shopper is a female student aged 18-25 whom lives in the City Centre and have therefore travelled to visit the out-of-town store (Figures 4, 5 & 6). The majority of girls I spoke to in store were students in the city and enjoyed browsing the new styles found in the store. Those who shop at Missguided enjoy spending their Fridays Nights out on the town, hold great interest in; shopping, fashion and eating out and spend much of their disposable income on clothing and accessories. These habits were all established from the customer survey and were further cemented through in store interviews before being combined to produce each chart.


Figure 4: This Study



Figure 6: This Study

Figure 5: This Study


Younger than 18



Student Employed - part time

Employed - full time

When speaking to the customers of the Missguided store, I found that many preferred to shop online rather in-store as there was much more variety, this is confirmed by my questionnaire results (Figure 7). Just under 50% of Missguideds customers make a purchase at least once a month, with over Âź purchasing twice a month (Figure 8), this repeat custom could be driven by the vast array of styles at cheap prices. Finally, it is interesting to note that over 1/3rd of people would not buy from Missguided without any form of discount, this may be due to the student status of many of the shoppers.

How do you prefer to shop at Missguided

Figure 8: This Study

Figure 7: This Study

In Store

How often do you make a purchase at Missguided?


Via the App

More than once a week Once a week Twice a month Once a month Once every few months

Would you buy form Missguided without any form of discount

Figure 9: This Study




I visited the Acne Studios store on Dover Street Gallery, London on the 21st February (Figure 10). During this visit I was able to analyse customers and speak to the store assistant who was very helpful in developing an understanding of those who visit the store. Following this visit, I created a survey consisting of 20 questions that was filled out by 15 people and again furthered my understanding of the ACNE consumer (Figure 11).

Figure 10: This Study

Figure 11: This Study

From this, it was established that 90% of those who have shopped at ACNE are female (Figure 12) aged 26 - 35, this was also apparent instore whereby I didn’t notice a single male shopper. The ACNE customer also lives in the City Centre (Figure 13), she is in full time employment (Figure 14), often in a creative job role and she is highly educated; with over half of those surveyed having a degree (Figure 15). As the store assistant stated, many of the customers whom visit the store live in and around the area, often visiting the store as a past time.


Female Figure 12: This Study


Where do you live?

City Centre


Figure 13: This Study Figure 13: This Study






Employed (Full time)

Employed (Part time)



Figure 14: This Study

What is your degree level

Below degree




Figure 15: This Study

Come Friday night, the ACNE consumer enjoys a takeaway with friends or cocktails (Figure 16), she eats out once a week and has great interest in both fashion and art. She can best be described as creative, outgoing and ambitious (Figure 17) and describes her style as on-trend, quirky but classic (Figure 18). This perfectly matches the style of ACNEs designs; ‘The label’s trademark of quiet quirk is inherently Scandinavian’ (Walker, H. 2010). When speaking to the in-store assistant she stated that those who enter the store with the intention of purchasing, often know what it is they desire, whilst also stating that it seems purchases are heavily considered rather than impulsive. 55% of those who shop at ACNE state they spend over £150 a month on clothes (Figure 19), and 50% stated they make a purchase at ACNE once a year. In comparison to the Missguided consumer this repeat purchase figure seems very low, however, ACNE state their pieces are made to be worn; lasting investment pieces, which is further cemented by the statistic that over 60% of customers shop with ACNE for the high quality they receive, meaning repeat purchase is not necessary as often.

How do you prefer to spend your Friday night

What word best describes you

How would you best describe your style

How much do you spend on clothes a month

Night out Figure 16: This Study

Cocktails with friends







Figure 17: This Study


Takeaway with friends

Tr en Fa d sh io Qu i n Fo rk y rw F e ar m d en in St Cla e re et ssic M Sty in le im /… ali sti c

6 5 4 3 2 1 0

Figure 18: This Study

Less than £50 £100 - £150 £300 + Figure 20: This Study

£50 - £100 £150 - £300

Conclusion It can be concluded that through this work I have been able to successfully classify the consumer for both Missguided and ACNE Studios by the analysis and segmentation of demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavioural aspects. Whilst the customers of Missguided and ACNE share some similar psychological attributes such as similar interests; fashion, shopping and the cinema, they are in fact, rather different demographically; in age, occupation and thus income. Furthermore, they can be deemed different in their behavioural attributes, including; shopping and spending habits as well as the drive and reasoning behind shopping with each brand. The Missguided customer is likely to be more interested in throw-away fast fashion; temporary trends/styles and value for money, whereas the ACNE customer is likely to be interested in investment pieces that last, through staple trends/garment. Overall, I am satisfied with my finding of this assignment. I believe the methods used to conduct research such as the two customer surveys and store visits enabled me to develop an accurate understanding of both the ACNE and Missguided customer. With this being said, in the future when conducting customer profiling reports involving store visits, I believe it would be beneficial to visit the store on more than one occasion in order to develop a greater understanding on the different consumers depending on variables such as the day of the week and time of day. Despite this, I do feel that the information I gathered from my visit was sufficient and beneficial in my final presentation.

REFERENCES ACNE Studios. 2018. About. [Online] Accessed 3/4/18. Available at: Cochrane, L. 2013. Acne: 10 things you should know about the hot fashion brand. [Online] Accessed 3/4/18. Available at: Drapers, 2018. Nitin Passi, founder and group CEO, Missguided. [Online] Accessed: 5/3/18. Available at: tin+passi Hounslea, T. 2016. Timeline: Charting the meteoric rise of Missguided. [Online] Accessed 3/3/18. Available at: Missguided, 2019. About Missguided – Forward thinking online fashion. [Online] Accessed 3/3/18. Available at: Walker, H. 2010. The hot spot for cool customers: Swedish label acne. [online] accessed 4/3/18. Available at:

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Missguided and Acne Customer profiling report  

A presentation, created to analyse the consumer of Acne and Missguided. This presentation was completed as part of the 'Fashion Marketing' m...

Missguided and Acne Customer profiling report  

A presentation, created to analyse the consumer of Acne and Missguided. This presentation was completed as part of the 'Fashion Marketing' m...