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Megan Philipp 11 years as a Jostens rep—works for Dustin. 2013 ntnl yearbook program of excellence. TO DO: 1. Submit Cover by Friday! Competition: 1. most business ads—iPad 2. Increase in yearbook sales—iPad 3. Fall frenzy—Yearbook sales by Christmas (NA). Baystone—would like a full page ad this year—contact them  Themes: Choose a phrase, choose a graphic, repeat throughout the book. Catch Phrase: “We Are” Graphic: Seen on the cover—carried throughout the book (colors/blurred photos?). Perhaps carry quotes throughout the inside of the book: we are…with adjectives/quotes from students). *month by month? *One color—using different gradients. *Check on spring lawn concert date for yearbook distribution *go to staff—view all activity—and it will tell you who worked, from where, for how long, and when. *Create—survey—create a survey to send out to students/classes/etc. *Create—index flow—you can create pages at the end of the book (index) where you can look up your name and find the pics you’re in. *Digital Classroom—instructional for different yearbook skills. *Story Starters—interview questions and picture ideas for different pages. *Status—summary report—gives info on submitted pages, ship dates, etc *hidden categories, only I see—senior ads for yearbook staff *When uploading photo from photoshop—cutouts—make sure it’s a tiff file, otherwise it will have a white background. *If you click on a photo with a green check (been used in yb), if you click to tag photo, click details, it will tell you what pages that photo has been used on. *You should be able to go back to last years yb and take pics/ads and transfer them to new yb.

Tips for designers: 1. Different sizes/orientations on each page—some text large, some small. 2. Specialty spreads: designed by students—periodically through the book. 3. Eye lines— 4. Bulls-eye—Pictures at the center, text is secondary, captions/sidebars, add background at the END, right before page submittal. 5. Font size consistency(captions b/w 7-8) (9-10 body copy) 6. Only have to submit 2 page spreads together—not sets of 16.

7. Go to gallery on the home page, drag and drop to your page. Might only want one module—just get it onto your page, then highlight that module, save as a click n go. 8. When designing, check the level of your lines by grabbing the ruler and dragging down 9. Select boxes, go to formatting, click “align top� and it will evenly align them. 10.