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A remembrance of our classmate, William Bradley Thompson, from the Class of 1990 He was a warm, caring, and energetic classmate, who loved life and all its adventures. “His grin, his bright eyes, his mischievousness, and ruefulness always brought joy to me,” one classmate wrote. “He listened well, he invited confidences. … We would all be talking in a group, William would laugh at something, and then we would all laugh just because his laughter was gleeful, sometimes silly, and always infectious. Was it a snort? A honk? Whatever – it had the power to shape my day.” Another classmate told William that he laughed like a sea lion, which only made William laugh more. In a world that often seems to be a sea of troubles, he was optimistic and determined – devoted to humanitarian work around the globe and to improving the lives of those in need. “If there was ever a pure heart, it was William’s. He was a force for good, and did so in the most Fletcher way possible,” one classmate wrote. Another classmate recalled the Blakely Hall suite that William occupied with two other classmates who each seemed to suggest different parts of the world: “Ivan (smoking, writing, over-analyzing), covering Europe; Ignacio (relaxed, knowing, welcoming), the face of South America; and, William, technically an American but one who was unbounded and seemed vaguely of Asia, emerging from his room, deep in thought, clad in some bright piece of cloth from Fiji [where he had served in the Peace Corps], a person who took the world seriously.” But as serious as he was in his professional endeavors, William had his playful side. One classmate recalled an evening when he and William “went to Ignacio’s room while he was having dinner in town, and we took his bottle of whisky, drank quite a lot, and put some water in it to replace the missing liquid. We laughed the next weekend when Ignacio offered us a glass of whisky and talked about how good it was.” William also is remembered as a loyal friend who “touched us all in so many ways with his kind heart and soul.” He was a voracious reader, one classmate noted, “and I could always depend on him for broadening my horizons and giving me good recommendations on books to read.” He was passionate about everything he did, another classmate wrote. “He loved music, arts, culture, and had exquisite taste in all he chose.” Another classmate added that “he composed his own music and was such a gifted and wonderful piano player – I would be in a trance listening to him play in the Blakely Lounge.” And yet another classmate wrote: “In our group house during our second year at Fletcher, he would liven up the house with his stories, dreams, and hopes for the future. We would be up at all hours talking about politics, development conflicts, injustices, and

our potential to make a difference in the world – sometimes hopeful and sometimes not!" William was much loved, and he is sorely missed. Our deepest sympathies to the love of his life, his husband Doug Ereon; to his family; and to his friends and the many lives he touched.

William Bradley Thompson (F90) Tribute  
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