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By: Tyler Rex

Exposition- How the story begins (Character, Setting, Mood) Rising Action- Major conflicts in the story Climax- The action comes to a high point Falling Action- The solution to the conflict Resolution- How the story ends Appendix- Author’s notes

Daniel “Chappie” James

Daniel “Chappie� James will go to Jacksonville Florida after he returned home from the war in Korea. While there, he will run into a young man named Clifford Sims who has just received news that his mother died.

Clifford Chester Sims

Clifford Sims receives news that his mother passed away. He will go to Jacksonville Florida where he runs into Daniel James. He notices that James is wearing his Air Force outfit and approaches him. He tells him his story and James suggests he sign up to go to war. The next day Sims signs up and by the next week is on his way to Vietnam.

Colin Powell

Colin Powell will go to Vietnam as a four star general and run into young Clifford Sims, and Daniel James. Daniel James was also a four star general and he helped place Sims in a squadron. James had seen the confidence and bravery in Sims and made him leader of a squad that was going to the Hue Republic of Vietnam.

Sims, James, and Powell are sent in different directions. Since James and Powell are 4 star generals, they will work closely together and make hard decisions. They are told them and there crew need to go to the Hue Republic of Vietnam. So they go there and then they are captured by Vietnamese soldiers.

Sims and the squad he is assigned to are sent to rescue James and Powell near the Hue Republic. While Sims and his squad are on their way to save them, they realize they have been traveling for about a day and need to stop for a nights rest.

The squad hear a loud explosion and one of them must go see what it was. Sims decides to be a hero and he grabs his gun and slowly goes out of their tent. He is walking and he sees a grenade fall in front of his feet. Sims must think fast and decide what to do.

Sims thinking fast, makes a brave decision and saves the rest of his squad by throwing himself on the grenade. It contains the explosion leaving the tent unharmed. When the squad goes out to check what happened, Sims was already gone.

Sims’ squad went on and rescued James and Powell, then returned safely to the United States. When they returned, Clifford Chester Sims, although deceased, received the Medal of Honor for his bravery on that day in Vietnam and saving his squad.

All the three main characters in my story were based on real people. Daniel James was really in Jacksonville Florida after he returned from Korea, but he did not meet up with Clifford Sims that day. He also was in the air force and went to Vietnam, but never was captured with Colin Powell. Clifford Sims really did go to Jacksonville to sign up for the Army when he was 18, however his parents did not both die, and he did not meet with Daniel James. However, he did go to Vietnam and threw himself on a booby trap and saved his squad. He really received the Medal of Honor for this as well. Colin Powell really went to Vietnam and was a four star general, however he never met up with Clifford Sims and he was never captured by the Vietnamese with Daniel James.

The Tale of a Soldier