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Rosa, Maya, and Martin: The Power of Important People By Maya

Table of Contents Exposition – How the story begins (characters, setting, mood) Rising Action – Major conflicts in the story Climax – The action comes to its high point Falling Action – The solution to the conflict Resolution – How the story ends Appendix – Author’s notes Excerpts From the Book – Climax

Exposition "I am utterly impressed with her dedication to changing racial segregation. Never have I seen any one as brave as Rosa Parks, and when she was arrested I was petrified! However, when she was let out of jail within the course of a few weeks everyone was so relieved," I told Bertha. Maya Angelou was touched by Rosa's actions which led her to help both Rosa and Martin Luther King, Jr. with the bus boycott they were involved with. They tried as hard as they could to get the people of Montgomery, Alabama to join and support the boycott of 1955; however, it wasn't an easy process.

Rosa Parks was arrested in 1955 for refusing to give up her seat to a white man on a bus. That’s where segregation was at during this time. After she was released from jail she knew she was going to do something to impose on the buses, and a bus boycott was what she decided on. Through the good and the bad times, Rosa tried as hard as she can to make this boycott work.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was set on helping out with Rosa Park’s bus boycott. He, himself, was involved with the civil rights movement, and tried the best he could to get as many people as possible to join the bus boycott of Montgomery, Alabama. He was relieved when he knew he had Maya Angelou on his side.

First Conflict Rosa Parks is sitting on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama. She was sitting in the part of the bus where only whites were allowed, but she didn’t care. She was tired, she didn’t want to move, but the white man wanting to sit there had a completely different view on her actions. The police then took charge and arrested Rosa for her refusal to move.

Second Conflict Maya Angelou, also very involved with the civil rights movement, was touched by Rosa Park’s actions. She’d never seen someone so dedicated and brave. What surprised Maya the most was that Rosa was only trying to stand up for her rights, and now she is being arrested. One of Maya’s friends recommended that Maya tried her best to get Rosa out of jail by writing influential poems. Maya explained to the people that Rosa was only trying to stand up for her rights, and that the law was wrong to begin with. Maya began a protest, and soon later Rosa was let out of jail.

The Climax Through all the hard times, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr. tried their hardest to get as many people as possible to join their boycott. Maya Angelou noticed they weren’t making wonderful progress, which is what made her begin to recruit people. She made a speech to hundreds of people, but right as she was beginning to make progress, and the majority of people were understanding how important it was to support this boycott, the police showed up with beat red faces, yelling at everyone. They threatened to arrest every single person if no one backed out of the boycott.

Falling Action Maya was known for her inspirational stories, but most people wouldn’t think she was capable of changing police officers’ minds. The police were so close to arresting everyone until Maya made them think about what they were really doing wrong. “The law is the law, and we are not making anyone change it. We are standing up for how we feel, and it is our right to boycott the busses.” Maya explained to the officers, which made them understand they were misjudging the situation. The boycott went on, and no one was arrested.

Resolution The Montgomery bus boycott went on for 385 days, and Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr. were amazed with how powerful Maya Angelou was. Maya was proud of her work, but more proud to have helped Rosa who’d inspired her in the beginning. The police weren’t happy with the boycott, but they did understand the message Rosa, Maya, and Martin Luther King, Jr. were trying to get across.

Appendix The true aspects from my story are the setting. The Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott took place in 1955, and it was started by Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat. All three characters: Maya Angelou, Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King, Jr. were all involved with the civil rights movement around this time, but only Rosa and Martin were involved with the bus boycott. Maya Angelou also did not bail Rosa out of jail. The boycott did last 385 days; however, the police were not okay with it.

Scene From Book - Climax “Don’t step on that bus! Not a single one of you! Rosa Parks risked her life, she went to jail, she was known nationwide for what she did, and you repay her by not supporting her! I know you all have similar feelings about segregation, and the one person who stands up for every African American not treated fairly, you can’t support their actions.” I yelled furiously to the ignorant, stubborn crowd. I skim the group of people standing in front of me, and my eye lands on one timid looking woman. She has this look like she completely agrees with what I am saying, but she won’t show it. It’s as if she is too shy or scared of what people will think if she supports this boycott. “You, in the blue sweater. If you went to jail for not giving up your seat, and then you were dedicated to changing segregation, you would expect people to support you. How would you feel if not a single person did anything?” “I well uh would uh I would hate it,” she nearly whispered.

“So why is it that you will not support this? Why is it you will not support the woman trying to change your society? Why?” I asked her once more. She cleared her throat and began, “I am beyond amazed with Rosa’s actions but for me to stop riding the bus.” I straightened out my rough skirt and stated, “Was what she did not worth it? None of you are realizing how much you owe this woman! She took charge. Now it’s your turn to help her out.” I gazed out in front of my eyes and there were at least a few hundred people. The majority of everyone was African American, besides a few white folks strolling around trying to grasp the situation. Undecided looks covered everyone’s faces. Why was it so hard to just help someone out?

Ree-urr ree-urr. “Oh no!” I mumbled to myself. Before any of us could do anything three police cars flew around the corner into the parking lot where we all stood. So many thoughts raced my mind, but there was nothing I could do. I could feel sweat trickling down my back, sending chills down my spine. Everything felt like a blur while I was confused and in a daze, feeling on the verge of fainting. When I began the journey to help with this boycott I didn't expect it to end like this - ever. I should enjoy my last few minutes not standing in front of jail bars. The brisk air flowed through my nose reminding me of how nice it is to have the freedom that I do now. A tall, buff man dressed in a dark blue police uniform stepped out of the car, and projected, “Does anyone have an explanation for this? Rumors are spreading around town that there is talk of a bus boycott?” My stomach clenched and not a single person moved. We all knew this wasn't going to end happily, why even try? Frustrated, the police yelled, “CAN SOMEONE ANSWER ME?”

“We are taking a stand in our community. The racial segregation around here is absurd, and we are not putting up with it!” I yelled back nervously. I chewed on the sesame seed lingering in my teeth, trying to ease my nerves. The dryness making me crave water. More and more people slowly added more comments supporting me, which is what I’d expected and wanted from the start.“I’m counting down from three, and by the time I get to three I would like each and every one of you to be leaving,” the police demanded. “3! 2!” I could not believe he was really doing this, and he thought it would work. “1!” the police yelled. Not a single person moved, which made the police more furious. As scared as every one of us was, we were not going to give this up. “I said if you do not move I am arresting every single one of you, and do NOT doubt my power!” this time he was yelling louder, but still not a single person moved.