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A historical fiction novel by Alec

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Exposition – How the story begins (characters, setting, mood) Rising Action – Major conflicts in the story Climax –The action comes to its high point Falling Action – The solution to the climax Resolution – How the story ends Excerpts from the book- Scene 2 and the Climax Appendix – Author’s notes

George Gay, a Hellcat fighter pilot, joined the navy during WW2 in 1941. He will be on an American aircraft carrier, the USS Enterprise. George will meet and become friends with pilot Edward O’Hare. While on the Enterprise, George will attack the enemy carrier Kaga. In this story of suspense, George Gay will be shot down and must survive in the water as the Japanese carrier Kaga is being attacked.

While George is on the USS Enterprise, he will meet Edward O’Hare. Edward is a flying ace and a master of the skies. Edward is a strong man with a cigarette in his mouth. This amazing pilot will have to risk it all to stay alive.

George will meet the best Japanese pilot of the war face to face in the sky. George will have to face Hiroyoshi Nishizawa. Nishizawa has clamed 87 kills and is looking for more. He will stop at nothing to defeat the Americans.

As a fighter pilot, George’s job is to protect the bomber planes from the Japanese Zero’s. In the middle of the pacific ocean the USS Enterprise detects the Japanese aircraft carrier Kaga. George and Edward will fly into battle against the dreaded Japanese. George knows that this might be his last flight, so he tries to have fun with it.

George is being chased down by the Japanese flying ace, Nishizawa. George will try every escape trick he knows, but can not get rid of his pursuer. George will be shot down by Nishizawa. George has to make a crash landing in the water to save himself.

George finds himself floating in the water, only 30 yards away from the Japanese carrier Kaga. He knows that if he is spotted by the Japanese, he would be caught, so he hides behind the seat cushion from his aircraft. As he looked into the sky, he noticed his best friend, Edward, being shot down by Nishizawa.

The Kaga burst into flames and sunk to the bottom of the ocean, almost pulling George in with it. Furied with his defeat, Nishizawa started toward the USS Enterprise. He was quickly shot down. George Gay was rescued spending almost 30 hours in the water.

Navy Cross

Air Medal

George received the Navy Cross and the Presidential Unit Citation for his actions. He also received the Air Medal. George will return home. He will go to Edward’s funereal. George was the only survivor of his squadron.

“Enemy spotted captain! It’s the Japanese carrier Kaga about 4 miles away!” shouted the radar man. The captain ran over to the speaker. “All men on deck! Pilots, prepare to attack!” announced the captain over the loud speaker. Pilots rushed into their cockpits as the crew prepared for them to takeoff. Some of the pilots where sitting at a table playing poker. “Getter dun!” Edward exclaimed to the men at the table. The men got quicker than usual and almost knocked George over who was leaning back in his chair. George and Edward lifted themselves into their cockpits with their strong arms. “I’ll buy you a pack if you get more kills than I do!” George yelled to Edward who had a plane right next to his.   “You’re on!” Edward replied with a cigarette in his mouth, which was starting to turn his teeth yellow. Just before he closed his cockpit, he threw his cigarette, or what was left of it, onto the ground at the foot of the plane. One after another, the USS Enterprise’s planes took off the carrier’s runway, some of them to never come back.

The pilots rushed toward the Japanese carrier Kaga as fast as they could in their Hellcats and bombers. George’s and Edward’s job was to protect the bombers from the enemy planes, the dreaded Japanese Zeros. George, who was in front of his squadron of fighters, was the first to see them coming. “Zeros, 12 o’clock!” George reported over the microphone attached to his helmet. His heart was throbbing as he dove down to meet his enemy with his companions right behind him.  

“I got your back,” Edward stated.

“Let’s kick some Japanese butt!” George called. The first shots were fired by a Japanese pilot at George but barely missed off his right wing. George fired at the pilot who shot at him and he burst into flames instantly. “That’s one for me,” George mocked. “Stop joking around and pay attention,” Edward warned, “or you will get us all killed.” “Sorry, just trying to have some fun,” George grunted. Edward screamed as he dodged an incoming Japanese plane, “We are in a war; it’s not supposed to be fun. Just do your job and get out of there. That’s all we are supposed to do.” “Fine,” hissed George as he shot down another Japanese Zero.

He came up from the salty ocean in a burst of bubbles. He burst out of the water in a gasp for air spitting out the salty water. He stayed there just long enough to catch his breath, for he was only 50 yards away from the enemy carrier Kaga. If they spot me, I’ll be caught, George thought. He scanned the battle ridden water for something that he could hide himself with. George spotted a rectangular object floating in the water. He swam with all of the strength he had left to the thing in the water, and to his surprise it was a black seat cushion from his plane that he had almost died in. He knew that he could not inflate his life raft that he had for he would be spotted and captured by the Japanese.

George picked up his newly found protection and put the soaking wet cushion in front of his face to help from having him spotted by the dreaded Japanese. He jerked his head back as the horrifying stench reached his nose. The smell reminded him of the bathroom on the Enterprise combined with rotten eggs and sea salt. While George was hiding behind the cushion, he looked up into the bright morning sky. What he saw he will never forget. Up in the sky, he saw the Japanese flying ace, Hiroyoshi Nishizawa, hunting down his best friend, Edward O’Hare. The American pilot swerved and weaved but could not shake of his enemy. After multiple misses by the Japanese ace, he finally hit his mark. The American Hellcat burst into flames spontaneous to the firing.

“Noooo!” yelled George as he watched his companion go down in a swirling fire ball from his tear filled eyes. George knew he had to stay calm to stay alive. He was so close to the Japanese carrier that he could hear the men yelling to each other. George didn’t talk from then on. He tried to preserve his strength while he was in the freezing cold water because he knew that it would be a long time until he is rescued, if he ever is rescued. He looked away from the blue and green ocean to the warzone in the sky. There were planes everywhere, getting shot down, bombing the carriers, firing bullets, and crashing into the water. George noticed that one of the enemy carriers was sinking into the water. Yes! Just two more! he thought. Two minutes later another Japanese carrier caught fire and sunk to the ocean’s dark abyss. Only one carrier left, the Kaga. George thought.

The three main characters are based on real people. George Gay was actually on the USS Hornet when they had the battle of Midway, not the USS Enterprise. George was actually a bomber pilot, not a fighter pilot. He was shot down and hid behind his seat cushion. He also was the only survivor from his squadron. He did actually obtain the Navy Cross, the Presidential Unit Citation, and the Air Medal. George lived to be 77 years old. George and Edward never met in real life. Edward was not in the battle of Midway, he was shot down while doing a nighttime fighter attack to protect his carrier from Japanese bombers. Hiroyoshi Nishizawa was the best Japanese ace of the war. He clamed 87 allied kills. He actually died when his transport plane was shot down.

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“Enemy spotted captain! It’s the Japanese carrier Kaga about 4 miles away!” shouted the radar man. “Let’s kick some Japanese butt!” George...