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FLESH AND BONE In pursuit of art and music VOL. 2

TEN SECOND EPIC Brandynn L. Pope



CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: Sara Almlah, Christina Kelley, Donald Kimber, & Brandynn L. Pope. CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS: Angela Butler, Morgan Fraser, Christina Kelley, Brandynn L. Pope, & Sami Wideberg.



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JULY, 2014 | VOL. 2

July Playlist These are some tracks that we have not been able to stop listening to over the last month. Some are brand new, some are older, but all of them have been on our playlist.

THE READY SET Higher WE ARE THE IN CROWD Come Back Home BEAN Cops And Robbers MICHAEL JACKSON Love Never Felt So Good (ft. Allen Stone) THE ZOLAS Invisible BEING AS AN OCEAN L’exquisite Douleur BORN RUFFIANS Needle MEMPHIS MAY FIRE Prove Me Right ED SHEERAN I See Fire THE PARLOR MOB The Day You Were Born



Brandynn L. Pope


& COUNTERPARTS As to be expected, word of Counterparts and Comeback Kid returning to the city of Calgary created a buzz. Posters were all around the vicinity of the venue, both in and out, months before hand. This had to of been one of the most energetic shows at the Gateway that I had ever


witnessed. A large portion of the floor was used for moshing and hardcore-dancing. The only time the space was used for much else was in between sets. Counterparts had people crawling over one another for their chance to share the microphone with front

man, Brendan Murphy. While the crowd remained energetic on the floor, all the band mates were also able to move across the stage for their own delivery. Their final track, “The Disconnect� featured a mountain of people climbing on stage to circle around Brendan yelling out lyrics. The performance


as a total seemed to be like some sort of collaboration between the crowd and Counterparts. People found their way around the entire stage before Comeback Kid to lock in a space. Much like that of Counterparts, the actual show consisted of bodies rolling forward to yell out their favorite lyrics. Floods of people would climb up onto the stage, run from one end to the other, and dive back into sea of bodies. Fans were able to match the energy of the musicians moving around on the stage. Andrew Neufeld, Comeback Kid frontman, yelled out into the crowd that tonight they could do anything. With the energy of the crowd, there was evidence of the infinite feeling rolling around. Hardly any person was stagnant from beginning to the end of the show. This is the guarantee of the Comeback Kid, high energy from kids who sincerely enjoy the time spent.




SAMI WIDEBERG Sami Wideberg is a twenty year old artist of multiple mediums who can be found in either Boston or Nashville depending on the time. Her work focuses on photography, acrylic and water color painting, as well as pen and pink. She is able to find inspiration wherever she can in the world and use it in what ever medium she feels appropriate to.


My mother has always been artistic and she would always be painting around the house so I picked it up from watching her at a young age. I would say it wasn’t until high school where I started taking it more seriously and started getting more recognition. When I was just a Junior I had three paintings featured in an art show at Monserrat College of Art which I thought was pretty cool. That’s also when I got my first camera and started taking classes at school. Now I’m going to be a junior in college.


I get most excited when I get a photography job, such as shooting a concert and working with artists, cause that kind of work attracts the most people. It also doesn’t hurt if I am a fan of the artist! Painting is how I relax and calm any anxiety or stress I might have, so that is close to my heart as well.

DO YOU HAVE ANY STRANGE HABITS OR QUIRKS? Hmm, one thing that comes to mind that drives everyone crazy is that whenever I have a piece of fruit that has those produce stickers on them, I peel them off and stick them under

[...]HOW DO PEOPLE MOST “OFTEN SEE THIS SUBJECT & TRY TO CREATE SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. counter tops or tables. I have no idea why, but hey at least it’s not gum!


Music, movies, books, nature. I would say that words inspire me the most. I keep a journal where I write down things that I find inspiring. Whether it’s a quote, lyric, idea, or something someone said in a conversation that I really liked… or didn’t like. Also, other artists are a huge influence on me. I love being surrounded by so many great artists who are so supportive and collaborative.


My phone, ipod and sunglasses go with me everywhere.


Without getting too heavy, my dad and I hiked a mountain in New Hampshire when I was nine years old. When we got to the top my dad fell off a rock and tore his patella tendon, basically he couldn’t walk. Going against my dad’s word, I hiked down the mountain by myself in search of help. When I got to the bottom there was a guy on a motorcycle at a stop sign, so I waved him over to me and told him what happened. He then told me he

was an off-duty officer just out for a I would really love to tour with a band Sunday ride. He went back to his as a photographer someday. That is station and got help. That was pretty definitely at the top of my list. crazy!


I definitely think about my subjects differently for both mediums. With photography I tend to approach the situation with the thought, how do people most often see this subject, and then I try to create something completely different. With acrylic painting I tend to lean towards making things that are aesthetically pleasing and adventurous. With watercolor’s I like to just experiment and have fun with it.



In 2005 I received the American Red Cross Youth Hero Award for saving my dad on that mountain I mentioned earlier.

@samiwideberg @samiwphotography @samiwideberg you can buy her prints at:


Based out of Russia, Natalia Drepina has created hauntingly beautiful imagery through photography. She is only twenty four years old and has worked mostly in Lipetsk. Her images are able to portray a trademark style of vivid imagery as she is able to create new, refreshing, art consistently.


I began to photograph in 2008 or 2009. Fundamental line in my life is creativity. And one day I just realized that I want to try myself in a visual self-expression. And then I began to photograph. My 16

first shots were self-portraits, then I started taking pictures of other people, realizing my ideas through them.

WHAT ARE SOME THEMES YOU LIKE TO PURSUE? I think I’ve found my favorite themes and I will continue

to display them in my work. Loneliness and melancholy, selfcontradictory, self-knowledge, dreams, playing with the subconscious and repressed fears... All this can be seen in my pictures. I can make out the pieces of my soul and the souls of my muses. I love portrait photography, expression, bones, hands, fragile and painful girls and sad landscapes.


Yes, the dark side of the human essence and the world around me has always attracted and inspired. from early childhood I loved scary sad stories, books where the main characters die, where the personality comes through pain and sorrow. Dark shades is my state of comfort. On the fracture the darkness I find inspiration. Grief always inspired poets and artists more than happiness. This is an endless way of research own soul.


I started making video not so long ago. And I still have much to learn.

DARK SHADES IS MY STATE OF COMFORT. ON THE FRACTURE THE DARKNESS I FIND INSPIRATION. Now I’m experimenting. This is a visual addition to my musical project Your Schizophrenia.

like to draw... Or I play with my cats their names Athena and Hamlet)

HOW DO YOU LIKE TO WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO IN APPROACH YOUR WORK? It all starts with the emergence of YOUR FREE TIME? I love long walks alone in the park, listening to music, love to cook, reading books (especially poetry), I

ideas. Thoughts and images can come to my mind when I walk or at bedtime or even during sleep. Many of my photo story based


on my dreams. At the head of my bed I keep a diary where I write down all of the most interesting and unusual things, that I would like to shoot in the future. Sometimes I also do sketches. Then I’m looking for models (if it is not a self-portrait), working out the details of shooting, I think over the clothes and props and place.



I would like to know how to learn

There are numerous places where I would like to visit. I hope one day I can completely surrender to travel.


to manage time. I don’t always have the time to do all that I want.

WHAT WOULD YOU DEFINE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY AS? Art for fragile wounded souls.

@nataliadrepinaphotography @nataliadrepina

V G 20

VINCE GEIGER The face behind Mazz festival

Since 2009, Mazzfest has offered Saskatoon, Saskatchewan the opportunity to have bands come together and deliver a fantastic show. It brings new talent and old, as well as uniting the music scene within the smaller, less recognized bands. Canada has always had difficulty with its cities being included on tours. If there is a band touring in Canada, they often only see the larger, more populated cities, visiting Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver. Often even the inland tours Saskatchewan will be skipped over. Mazzfest has become a musical community that brings life into central Canada.

Previous to the existence of Mazzfest, the creator Vince Geiger had his hand in the music scene. “Before, I was in a band for many years [...] The whole point of getting into promoting when I was fifteen was to get in contact when we were out on tour, after that I decided to start up Mazzfest when I was seventeen, which was crazy.” Now at 23, Vince is still young and working consistently to bring something into Saskatoon. For him


it “has to happen no matter what.” Right at the brink of building towards Mazzfest, he was still only seventeen and attempting to find stability in his life. “I was actually living on my own at the time and I had been growing up in and out of foster homes. I got put into this sweet program called the John Howards Society, Independent Living. My foster parents retired and moved to Ontario, I got put into the program that the program offered.

I was seventeen, still had a year of school left. I was given an apartment and given a small allowance. I was able to work and go to school. Basically I lived on my own, but decided to put Mazzfest together [...] It’s crazy how it’s held itself together and how I’ve held it together as far as funds go.” Rather than making a profit from the festival, he is investing his money, hoping that he will be able to break even. While ticket sales do have their

place, it is rare in any festival that they support the event as a whole. Instead, the only other viable financial help is through the sponsors that take interest in the festival. Every year, Vince is still able to put on the festival and make something out of it for the bands as well as the kids who attend it. He has every intention to keep up the momentum and is often helped by friends who drive him around, work merchandising, and help him out at the doors for the festival. “I can’t even list them all off, but one of my other side kicks is Joey Shots.” Part of figuring out what can be done within the budget, is getting different bands to come into the festival, as well as selecting from submitted applications. The larger the band, the


equivalent the deposit. There is also the venue, marketing, and smaller bands that need to be considered. “A lot of the bands come out for free, which is also really hard.” For many though, it is not about the money or getting paid, but rather the experience of Mazzfest. Bands both familiar to the festival as well as new groups come together to support one another. They buy one another’s merchandise, will feature on one another’s songs, and often will give shout outs of one another’s performances or set times. It’s a humbling experience to see such a large group of people get along and work together.

“It’s crazy to see how bands have come along since Mazzfest started,” Vince stated, thinking back to bands such as Slumlord and Fall City Fall, who have participated in the festival several years. These would be considered the veterans of the festival; the bands that have continuously progressed and come back to the festival. Even the veterans welcome new bands to the scene. This is one of the beautiful parts of the festival itself, how accepting people are of “local” bands from different regions and bring them into a community. “Everyone supports each other, this is the place where everyone meets. It’s like a big family reunion and introducing new people to add to the family.”

It’s like a big family reunion & introducing new people to add to the family

During the interview with Vince, several guys from different bands walked into the room together, ready to start up a recreational drum session. This included musicians who were new to the festival as well as musicians who had been attending for years from different cities. Their gathering to share one another’s work and ideas was an undeniable indicator for the sense of acceptance and community that Mazzfest has created. While support and community is one of the most vital parts of the festival, there are downsides as well. Every year large sums of bands send in applications in hopes to be able to play one of the stages. Behind the scenes, Vince is reviewing the

applications. “I review them to the nines. I review every single part of them and see if there is room for them [...] The biggest thing I hate about the application process is telling bands that I cannot book them.” His eyes looked down to the floor, frustrated to even think about having to reject a bands request. “I hate rejecting... I’m always scared I’m going to get that message back from a band where they’re like, ‘we hate you.’ That actually happened this year. I got two bands that sent me hate mail and it’s like ‘I’m really sorry that I cannot put you on but it’s not like this is what is going to make me put you on’. You got to be patient.” It is not a matter of seniority. It is just as important to highlight people who are new as it is to bring in older bands,


“and bands that have played before too, they sometimes are turned down to give new bands the opportunity to play, and then they can return the next year, bigger and better.” There is a reason for the saying that if at first you do not succeed, try, try again. The application process this year will be receiving changes in comparison to previous years, one of which includes the application process starting earlier. The latest that they should be ready for submission will be September or October. Along with the change in application process, there is expected to be a lot more coming for Mazzfest’s future. “I’ll be taking classes for Event Planning, so at least I’ll be able to

work out the small details about how certain budgeting works and who I can talk to for marketing strategies,” Vince said, explaining how he will be heading back to school to make the best of his situation. All of this is to help Mazzfest push forward and

It’s crazy how it’s held itself together & how I’ve held it together as far as funds go grow every single year into the best experience that it possibly can be. While he has been successful in previous years, it is important to him that it can expand into something more. “It’s all out of my own pocket right now, so when I have the

money, I’ll book even bigger bands.” Vince has big dreams about the festival, possibly bringing it into more locations or even to “make it big enough to get shuttle buses, sell the tickets with the bus passes to get people here.” While these are only hopes and ideas, they are enough to help push his ambition. “A lot of places have stamps, and why don’t we give Saskatoon a stamp, which is Mazzfest. It turned into not even [just] a stamp for Saskatoon anymore, it’s become a stamp for Canada.”

@mazzfestival @mazfest


Brandynn L. Pope

ALBUM REVIEWS 5 Seconds Of Summer 5 Seconds Of Summer– a pop rock band from Australia are slowly stealing teen (and adult) hearts everywhere. In mid-May, they released there first official EP that shares the title of their hit single “She Looks So Perfect.”

ALBUM: She’s So Perfect EP RELEASE: May 14th, 2014 STAND OUT: She Looks So Perfect AUTHOR: Sara Almlah

I don’t think they could have picked a better selection of songs to release as their debut. The whole EP sums up what “5SOS” is all about. Rock, a little pop, and some heartfelt lyrics, everything a girl could possibly look for in a band. My personal favorite is their cover of “What I Like About You”.They put an

edgy Rock ‘n’ Roll feel to the song and add their own sense of originality to it. “The Only Reason” has a slower tempo to it, but it still remains to have a rock genre feel. Over all, this EP may be short but it’s filled with songs that have killer vocals! Quality over quantity definitely applies to this album. 5SOS have blown up the passed few months and I expect the big things in their future. The EP leaves em excited for their upcoming debut full-length album that drops July 22nd. Go pick up their EP “She Looks So Perfect” on Itunes now!


ALBUM: Disgusting RELEASE: June 10th, 2014 STAND OUT: In Between AUTHOR: Brandynn L. Pope

The first word that comes to mind when listening to the album is “morale”. Lyrically, Beartooth creates songs that are more akin to anthems, especially tracks such as “Beaten In Lips.” What stands out most on this record is the chilling honesty. Fans may know something of head vocalist Caleb Shomo’s vices and story through his previous band Attack Attack! He speaks to these issues, drawing inspiration from his own experiences, as well as those he has witnessed. Tracks such as “Body Bag,” or their closing track “Sick & Disgusting”, are chief examples of this. “One More” and “In Between” stand out as travks that provide good


hooks for those who might not typically listen to punk or hardcore. Nevertheless, they manage not to “dull” the overall album. There’s something to be said for an album that makes itself accessible enough for the casual listener, while still maintaining its hard-rock shell. Beartooth has released a thoughtprovoking and insightful album that finds success by pairing the latter with strength of delivery. There is not a track on Disgusting that is not worth taking the time to listen to.


ALBUM: Lazaretto RELEASE: June 10, 2014 STAND OUT: Lazaretto AUTHOR: Christina Kelley

When mentally preparing oneself for Jack White’s newest material, it would be wise to expect only the utterly unexpected. Released June 10, 2014, White’s album Lazaretto takes his listeners on an impassioned poetic journey against the mainstream in which he characteristically invites his audience to explore the pros and cons of his thirst for sinful love. “Lazaretto”, the first single dropped from this second solo album, is an infectious concoction of wired beats and bold wordplay. Not only does White stimulate ears with savoury guitar licks we all know and love, (as demonstrated in “High Ball Stepper”),

but he also adds a tasteful hint of both the blues and country music along the way. The refreshing, soft, southern feel of “Temporary Ground” is unexpected, but nothing shy of delightful. Despite the varying messages and vibes delivered by each track, there’s no doubt that the album’s “soul” is delicately pieced together start to finish. Musicgoers with an appetite for creativity will find themselves well satisfied by Lazaretto. If diversity is what you’re after, this is an album you should absolutely consider picking up this summer.

Native Wildlife, Glass Lungs, Killing Thing, and Aviator have teamed up to produce an excellent split album. Each band has put forward a track displaying their own unique expression of beauty and aggression. Native Wildlife’s “Most Accidents Happen Close to Home” boasts warbling wasteland longing that sets a tone for the rest of the album. Its lyrics reflect on heavy guilt, doubt, and anger. The shocking line “let us not be found until our sun-bleached bones say, ‘we are at peace’” mixes the tranquility in the bones with the violence of the image. Glass Lungs “Tiltawhirl” is another beautiful song that oozes agonizing doubt and desperation. This song is an unassuming one that sneaks up

on you. Killing Thing’s “Weathered” fits into the album least, breaking the overall decorum and flow of the albums “beauty” aspect in favor of coming in as all aggression. It should be commended for its ghostly wailing guitar riffs that weigh a ton. Aviator’s “So I Says to Her I Says This (I Says)” is another strong showing that deals with balancing personal torments with turmoil. The song boast a healthy dose of self-reflexivity.The line “what else do I have to offer if not repetition?” playfully jabs at the song’s own chorus. In the lines “guess I’ll just write about all the above” and the lines immediately following it that ponder truth and lie, we see some seriously deep talent in Aviator’s lyrical pool.

NW, GL, KT, Aviator

ALBUM: NW / GL / KT / AV Split 7” RELEASE: June 13th, 2014 STAND OUT: Most Accidents Happen Close to Home AUTHOR: Donald Kimber


ALBUM: Through Art We Are All Equals RELEASE: June 24th, 2014 STAND OUT: Starving For Friends


AUTHOR: Donald Kimber


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I’ll start by saying that I’ve been in love with Jonny Craig for quite some time. I had been introduced to Dance Gavin Dance shortly after the release of their first album [Where Craig acted as frontman] and I fell headover-heels for Craig’s powerhouse voice. Naturally, I also checked out his solo work, which impressed me considerably less. With this in mind, I loved the balance this new offering strikes somewhere between the two aforementioned musical forays. Slaves blends the harder musical stylings of DGD with the impassioned vocals of Craig’s solo career to create something respectable. Many of Craig’s favorite topics also migrate to Slaves, including relationships in turmoil, alienation, and a heavy focus on guilt. As a whole, the album takes

Everytime I Die The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Aaron West & The Roaring 20s ‘68 Suicide Silence Morissey Pennywise Rise Against Anberlin Common Crown The Empire

the listener to an emotional dystopia on the back of Craig’s brooding lyrics. While the album’s totalizing pedestrian nightmare atmosphere is somewhat admirable for its stubborn unity, the repetitive sounds and themes of each song are too much. Midway through the album I found myself wishing for something fresh, and possibly even upbeat. Thus, while Slaves initially impressed me, my awe was relatively short lived. Slower songs especially are plagued by mediocre lyrics and the album’s one-notedness. The exception to this is “There Is Only One God and His Name Is Death”, which feels sincere. Nevertheless, the album is far from poor. Features by Vic Fuentes and Craig’s sister Natalie Craig are particularly charming.

From Parts Unknown 4 We Don’t Have Each Other In Humor And Saddness You Can’t Stop Me World Peace Is None Of Your Business Yesterdays The Black Market Low Born Nobody Smiling The Resistance: Rise Of The Runaways

Staff Gallery The mission of Flesh & Bone Magazine is to show off the passionate people of the world. Our team all have collectively agreed on the importance of art and music in our life. Each member has their own specialization in the field of art and would like to share their work with you outside of work in the magazine.

ANGELA BUTLER Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication Photography


MORGAN FRASER Untitled Photography

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Flesh & Bone Vol. 2  

Reviews: Counterparts and Comeback Kid. Interviews: Sami Wideberg, Natalia Drepina, & Vince Geiger

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