Page 1 What is MARIJUANA?

•Marijuana is psychoactive product of the plant cannabis sativa. it is a green, brown, or gray mixture of dried, shredded leaves, stems, seeds, and flowers of the hemp plant. Marijuana is also called cannabis. •The other name of Marijuana is pot, grass, reefer, weed, herb and Mary Jane. Marijuana Addiction Rehab •Marijuana addiction is a disease that affects human body it comes when the body adapts to the drug. it has the same characteristics as any other addiction to other drugs including alcohol, tobacco or even caffeine. • Addiction

is very harmful and dangerous for human, it spoil the whole life of people. •Side effects of Marijuana consists of physical problems like breathing difficulties and memory deterioration . How is Marijuana used? •Marijuana is used into a cigarette (called a joint or nail) or smoke it in a pipe or a bong. •Many peoples mix Marijuana into foods or use it to brew a tea. •Another way is to slice open a cigar and replace the tobacco with marijuana, making what’s called a blunt. •Marijuana blunts often contain crack cocaine, a mixture known by various street names, such as “primos” or “woolies.” Effects of Marijuana Rehabs •Marijuana is harmful for human body. it causes Euphoria, thirst, hunger, distorted perception and lung cancer. •There are many side effects of marijuana such as depression, psychosis, bronchitis, high blood stream and schizophrenia also. •Other side effects may include increased heart rate, lung cancer, heart attacks and problems with memory. Marijuana Addiction Symptoms •Marijuana addiction symptoms are loss of appetite, headache, depression, craving for the drug again, irritability, anger and restlessness. •Marijuana side effects come from smoking or consuming the drug. •Lack of concentration and co-ordination, forgetfulness in conversation, inflammation in whites of eyes are also symptoms of Marijuana addiction. Marijuana Rehabs Treatment

•Marijuana rehabs centers offers twelve steps recovery programs to treat them for their addiction. •Detoxification programs and twelve step recovery is one of the best option for treatment programs. • Marijuana rehabs center provides inpatient, outpatient and residential treatment programs for addicted patient. Information about Marijuana Rehabs •Marijuana drug is a psychoactive drug which is a chemical substance. This drug directly affect on central nervous system. •By the help of this site you can get accurate information on drug treatment, addiction treatment and recovery centers of various addictions. •Get more information on marijuana rehabs, cocaine drug rehab, visit this site for detailed information arijuana-AddictionTreatments/Rehabs/index.html

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