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Iceland Iceland is a Nordic island country between the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. It has a population of 329,100 and an area of 103,000 km2 (40,000 sq miles), making it the most sparsely populated country in Europe. The capital and largest city is ReykjavĂ­k. ReykjavĂ­k and the surrounding areas in the southwest of the country are home to over two-thirds of the population. Iceland is volcanically and geologically active. The interior consists of a plateau characterised by sand and lava fields, mountains and glaciers, while many glacial rivers flow to the sea through the lowlands. Iceland is warmed by the Gulf Stream and has a temperate climate, despite a high latitude just outside the Arctic Circle. Its high latitude and marine influence still keeps summers chilly, with most of the archipelago having a tundra climate.

Northern Lights Mystery TOUR From £46 per person If you’re an adventurous traveller, chances are the Northern Lights have a spot on your bucket list. Known as the Aurora Borealis, the phenomenon of the Northern lights are actually collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere. The lights are seen above the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemispheres. A natural wonder, the lights dance and cascade through the night sky in spectacular shades of pink, green, yellow, blue, violet, and occasionally orange and white. What’s included: - Bus fare - Guided tour - Pick up from the hotel is up to 30 minutes before departure

What causes the Northern Lights? The Northern Lights are the result of collisions between gaseous particles in the Earth’s atmosphere with charged particles

released from the sun’s atmosphere. Variations in colour are due to the type of gas particles that are colliding. The most common auroral colour, a pale yellowishgreen, is produced by oxygen molecules located about 60 miles above the earth. Rare, all-red auroras are produced by highaltitude oxygen, at heights of up to 200 miles. Nitrogen produces blue or purplishred aurora.

When is the best time to watch the Northern Lights? Guaranteed darkness is the first important factor. The best season to see the northern lights in Iceland is from September to midApril - these are the months where there are full dark nights. It is also not unheard of to see the lights as early as mid-August, once the final traces of the midnight sun summer are gone. Please note: The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon and rely on weather conditions, whilst every effort will be made, we are unable to guarantee sightings

Whale Watching TOUR From £101 per person On this fantastic whale watching tour you will observe the whales in their native environment which is an unforgettable experience. You will sail on Faxaflói bay, home of a unique variety of Minke whales, the Humpback, Harbor Porpoise and the White-beaked Dolphins, which are all common sights on this tour. The local bird life is also diverse, including birds such as the Puffin, Arctic Tern, Gannet and many varieties of Gull. After the tour you can explore the Whale Exhibition Centre that enables you to witness the mysteries of the ocean. It is situated in an old capelin-fishing vessel “Fífill” which has been transformed into an exhibition and information centre on whales and seabirds. The entrance to the Whale Exhibition Room is free of charge for whale watching passengers. A return transfer is not included in the tour price. The harbour is just a “stones throw” away from the city centre, so it will only take you a few minutes to reach the city centre on foot after your tour. Local buses, taxis and a shuttle service (offered by the whale watching company Elding), are available for those who do not want to go downtown (extra charge). Winter whale watching is scheduled daily from 1 October to 31 March at 13:00. The most

common whales in the winter are dolphins, humpback whales and killer whales, hardly any minke whales have been seen from November through March. For your comfort and warmth, we have special suits on board we can lend you, but we do advise you to wear warm clothes. We also offer hot drinks and light refreshments in our onboard café. Alternatively, you can sit inside the boat in the warmth, where you can enjoy the view from large windows. There are excellent guides on all tours who tell you about your trip and describe what you can see and where to look, together with an introduction and safety guide. We tell you about the seabirds and nature in the Faxafloi bay. How much we see depends on the sea conditions and season, but our qualified guides are happy to try to answer all your questions. No two whale watching trips are the same, we need to be flexible and organize your trip taking sea conditions, weather and seasons into account. We rarely have to go further than 15 nautical miles from the harbour. Please note that some excursions may be subject to weather conditions.

The Game of Thrones TOUR From £92 per person The Game of Thrones tour will take you to some of the locations in the south of Iceland where many scenes of the fabulous Game of Throne TV series were shot. Cover the gorge of Thingvellir, the stomping ground of the White Walkers and the trail of the Wildlings coming from “North of the Wall”. You will experience the dramatic atmosphere provided by the magnificent nature of Thingvellir and get to know the symbolic significance of that location in context with the story line. You will also visit Thjorsárdalur and the “Settlement Era Viking lodge”, the site of the greatest massacre of the series so far, were the hamlet of peaceful farmers was destroyed in the third episode of the fourth series. On the route you will also recall some of the scenery from “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and other movies recently made in Iceland. The tour is scheduled for eight hours. Please note that some excursions may be subject to weather conditions.

The Golden Circle CLASSIC TOUR From £67 per person This popular excursion introduces you to some of the best known historical sites and natural phenomena in Iceland. Start by visiting Nesjavellir, a high temperature geothermal area in the scenic landscape of Lake Þingvallavatn. FThe tour takes you to the to the Þingvellir National Park, where the Icelandic parliament Alþingi was founded in the year 930 AD. Þingvellir is geologically remarkable and the tectonic plate boundaries form breathtaking scenery. The beautiful waterfall Gullfoss is next, where you will walk so close to the edge that you will feel the mists of the glacial water on your face. Lunch break is at the Gullfoss Cafe. Sometimes, the tour stops for lunch at the information centre at the geothermal area around Geysir. From there, journey towards the geothermalarea around the incredible spouting hot springs of Geysir and Strokkur. Next we visit Skalholt Church, the ancient seat of the Icelandic bishops. From there travel towards Hveragerði, a small and charming horticultural village. Due to weather and road conditions we cannot guarantee visits to Nesjavellir in the winter season. Approx duration: 8 hours

The Golden Circle & Fontana Geothermal Baths TOUR From £102 per person This amazing day tour takes you around the Golden Circle to see three of Iceland’s highlights: - Gullfoss waterfall, Geysir geothermal area - Fontana’s natural steam baths - Þingvellir national park. The original sauna was built in the 1920s and was little more than a shack with two compartments, built above the hot spring that bubbles and gurgles below the ground. Today, a modern complex welcomes you to relax with various hot tubs and steam baths naturally heated by Icelandic hot springs. Included: - Bus fare - Guided tour - Admission to the Fontana Wellness - Pick up is 45 Minutes before departure Tour duration 10.30 – 19.00

Inside the Glacier From £214 per person Depart from Reykjavik, enjoy the scenery along the way and explore around, on and within, the giant glacier. Experience the awesome ice cap glacial environment. Ride in a monster 8 wheel drive glacier truck. Whilst there are a few man-made Ice Tunnels and Ice Caves in various places around the world, there is nothing quite like Into the glacier, either high up in a remote area of an Ice Cap Glacier, or on such a scale. Never before has anyone been able to see the beautiful blue ice at the heart of an Ice Cap Glacier; it is not quite a Jules Verne journey to the centre of the earth, or even to the absolute centre of the glacier, but it feels like an exciting and magical journey, deep within the glacier, and it is deep enough to reach another world, a world of magnificent, stunning blue ice. Departure: 8.30 (pick up from hotel approx. 45mins prior) - Duration: 10 hours Bring with you: Warm clothes, including a waterproof / warm coat and suitable footwear (even in summer), sunglasses Included: Hotel pickup and guided bus tour Reykjavik, Deildartunguhver(Hot geothermal spring), Hraunfossar (Spectacular waterfall), Husafell (Lunch stop), Langjökull (Ice cap glacier), Reykjavik. 8 Wheel Drive, Monster Glacier Truck tour to “Inside the Glacier” on Langjokull glacier, entrance to the Ice Cave English speaking driver / guide / audio guidance.

South Coast & Waterfalls From £92 per person On this tour you will journey through south Iceland that features many of Iceland‘s most awe-inspiring destinations, including the iconic Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss waterfalls, Dyrhólaey promontory and Reynisfjara volcanic beach to name but a few. Travelling across the lush farmlands

that cut between the coast and the mountain ranges and glaciers of the interior highlands you‘ll enjoy breathtaking panoramic views, visit the main natural attractions and get to know the fascinating history of the region.

Highlights - Strikingly contrasted landscape of south Iceland - Views of glaciers and volcanoes - Getting up close to the iconic Skรณgafoss waterfall - Exploring Reynisfjara volcanic pebble beach - The towering rock stacks of Reynisdrangar - Walking behind the picturesque Seljalandsfoss waterfall

Secret Lagoon & Northern Lights Hunt From £121 per person Secret Lagoon natural hot springs are located in the small village called Fludir and are in the Golden Circle area. It’s natural and unique so visitors can get the true sense of Icelandic mother nature. The pool’s natural surroundings and steam rising into the air gives the place a magical feeling. The warm water stays at 38-40 Celsius all year. In the whole area there are several geothermal spots and a little Geysir which erupts every 5 minutes, showing off for the guests relaxing in the hot spring. During winter, the northern lights often give a great lightshow above Secret Lagoon. What better way to view the spectacular light show overhead than relaxing in the pool’s warm water? Facilities: There are brand new facilities next to the hot spring with showers, a bar and an eating area. Please note that they do not serve food daily, but we offer snacks and drinks for purchase. Availability: between September 2017 – April 2018 Departure: 18:00 Arrival at the Secret Lagoon at 19:30 Dinner with local style buffet at 21:00 After dinner guests will embark on the Northern Lights Mystery tour

Sightseeing Tour REYKJAVIK From £42 per person TOUR HIGHLIGHTS Hallgrmskirkja church - a gothic masterpiece Perlan dome - 360 view of Reykjavik area Reykjavik’s Old town centre Höfði house - The location of “Reykjavik Summit” Laugardalur recreation area Presidential residence at Bessastaðir Hafnarfjörður suburb - town of Elves and hidden people Reykjavik sightseeing tour includes Reykjavik’s top attractions, interesting facts and stories that relate to history and culture in Iceland. The tour travels the greater Reykjavik area including surrounding municipalities which provides an excellent opportunity to discover various things to see or to do in Reykjavik during your stay in Iceland. On this tour you will visit Perlan glass dome where a 360 viewing platform provides some of the best places for sightseeing in Reykjavik. After enjoying the spectacular view over Reykjavik city and its surroundings the tour proceeds to go to Reykjavik’s seafront to the old Höfði house where the all-important summit between former U.S. President Ronald Reagan and former U.S.S.R. Secretary General Mikhail Gorbachev took place in 1986. Next stop is Hallgrmskirkja

church whos design was inspired by basalt lava columns, a common volcanic rock formation in Icelandic nature. From allgrimskirkja church the tour explores Reykjavik city centre in and around the Parliament building by sturvöllur which sometime is referred to as “the Old town”. Tour details: Year round Duration: 2,5 hours Departures: Daily at 09:00 from the bus terminal / tour office in Lækjartorg (city centre) Pick-up: at hotel or guesthouses 30 minutes prior to tour departure Please wait outside your hotel or guesthouse close the entrance where you’ll be visible to our drivers. Included: Bus and guidance

BREWERY TOUR Taste the Saga From £54 per person Come take a look at the brewery, dive into the drinking habits and experience the Icelandic spirit, all in this one entertaining stop at Ölgerðin, their new and stylish headquarters in Reykjavk. What You Can Expect We’ll introduce you to our idea of mead, what the Vikings brewed, give you a taste of beer substitute, what Icelanders drank during the prohibition years and also pour you a shot of Brennivn, produced in our very own distillery, among other extraordinary Icelandic beverages. We’ll serve you our Gull beer, Malt & Appelsn, different kinds of spirits and history, all in this 60 minute visit that will surely make your day brighter and we promise that you will leave with a smile on your face. And so, if you haven’t experienced Icelandic alcoholic beverages you are in for a treat! This tour is available both as an add-on trip and as a stand-alone. The legal drinking age in Iceland is 20 years, those who have not reached the legal age will not be served alcohol.

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2018 Iceland Tour Description - UK prices  

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