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Cy Fair Swim Club “Home of the Fleet” September 2013

Fleet Swimming and Fleet FIRST Swim School

Cy Fair Swim Club

Red vs. Black Meet & Cookout Upcoming Events: • Red vs. Black Meet & Cookout at Fleet Sep 21 • Gulf Banquet at Marriott Westchase Sep 22 • DJ Sports - FAC, Sep 23, 5:00—7:00 - Arnold, Sep 24, 6:00—7:30 - Spillane, Sep 25, 5:30—7:30 - Blyle, Sep 26, 5:30—7:30

• Fleet IMX Meet Oct 4-5

Fleet will be hosting its 2nd annual Red vs Black swim meet on Saturday, September 21st. This is a great opportunity to bring our new and returning families together in a friendly competition. The meet is free and fun and a chance for everybody to get the first meet jitters out of the way. We would like to see a 100 percent participation out of the whole team for this meet. To indicate your intention to par-

ticipate in the meet, please go to the Fleet website. You will need to click on the tab "team functions" and then click on the edit commitment button. You will see your athlete's name, click on your child’s name and indicate your intention to compete. At the completion of the swim meet there will be a pool party from 11:00-3:00pm. The cost of the pool party is $10.00 a person and this

includes burgers and entertainment. You must sign up under the tab meets and events at the top of the page. We would love to have you attend the meet and the barbeque, but we understand it makes a long day. So please make it a priority to attend the meet. It will be quick and will provide the coaching staff a chance to assess their swimmers as they prepare for their next meet.

Coach Jack: Welcome Back, Swimmers!

• Tri-Meet (hosted by Fleet) Oct 26-27

Inside this issue: Red & Black meet & 2 Cookout signup Coach Alex


Congratulations Brandon Quinteros


Coach Ambar


Coach Morgan


Traffic Reminders


Coach Dustin


Coach Matt


Swim-a-Thon results 6 Coach Andy


Coach Dave


I want to personally welcome all new families and welcome back all returning families to Fleet. I’m proud of what we have achieved as a program over the last 9 months. I’m excited about what the lies in the future at Fleet. As Head Coach, I want you to feel that everybody is a part of our vision as we as a team try to climb that next mountain as a program. It doesn’t matter if you have a swimmer in the Copper group or the National group, my goal as Head Coach is to be accessible to everyone. One of the things that we do well here at Fleet is strive to make a big club feel a little bit smaller. We do this by sending out weekly e-mails and having individual athlete and parent meetings. Fleet has six full time coaches, and each coach has set office hours for you to contact them by phone or stop by the office. The month of September can be a little overwhelming for everybody as we all try to get

back to routines of school and swimming. This is a chance for the coaches at Fleet to hit the reset button, so they can start from scratch again. We spend this time to go back to the basics so we are ready to start training in October. We also use the first month to assess all of our swimmers to make sure that they are in the correct group. So be patient, trust the coach, and if you have a question, please feel free to reach out and contact your coach during office hours.

Pfeiff, Pfeiff our new Swim School director. Please take the time to read your group’s weekly announcements each week. As a staff we try to minimize the e-mails. Each Monday you will receive an e-mail from your primary coach to let you know what is going on that week, plus what is on the horizon. Be on the lookout and mark your calendars for the following items: parent meetings, Red vs Black intra-squad and the pool party that follows.

We as a staff did meet and discuss what we did well last Fleet is coming off a very sucyear and identified what we cessful long course season, and need to improve upon. It’s this we are looking to keep that ball process that allows us to get rolling in the upcoming short better. To quote the great Mothcourse season. I truly feel that er Goose: “Good Better, Best. there’s a big ceiling here, with a Never Rest Til Good is Better lot of room for Fleet to improve. and Better is Best." The staff This will be the first chance for here at Fleet will not rest until the whole staff to be together this has been achieved. from star t to finish. We also have two new additions with I look forward to meeting all of Morgan Cordle, Cordle Head Site you as we start another great Coach at Spillane, and Dave swim year at Fleet!

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Cy Fair Swim Club “Home of the Fleet”


Fleet Aquatic Center September 21st, 2013 11:0011:00-3:00 pm Entertainment by Billy Jack Burgers brought to you by our own Fleet Grilling Crew “To catch the reader's attention, place an interesting sentence or quote from the story here.”

We will have a short 30 minute break at the end of meet t o clear the lane lines and set up. Those planning to stay for the cookout, must purchase tickets and will be given wristbands

Cost: $10.00 per person – Advance Purchase $12.00 per person – At The Door Please register on the website by Monday, September 16th!! Go To: Team Functions > Red and Black Cookout > Job Sign Up

(Includes burger, drink, chips, dessert and entertainment) Any overage will be donated to Fleet Fundraising Bring your chairs and blankets. The pool will be open for the kids to play after the meet!

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Cy Fair Swim Club “Home of the Fleet”

Coach Alex I hope that you have all thoroughly enjoyed your time away from the pool and are ready to get back into the swing of things. Personally, I have been on the road for 39 out of the last 50 days and I’m excited to reclaim some normalcy in my life and start working with all of you this season. As you are all aware of, there have been some major structural changes with the various groups going forward here at Fleet. I hope that you are as excited to be a part of Fleet’s new track of competitive groups as I am to be those respective group’s coach on deck, and I’m eager to get this new short course season underway. The long course season was a success, culminating in several impressive meets not only from an individual standpoint, but

(and more importantly) from a team standpoint as well. The one factor that continues to make or break an athlete’s season is practice, practice, practice. I encourage each and every one of you to provide yourself with the greatest opportunity to perform at your optimum level by attending the highest percentage of practices as possible over the course of this season. In addition to your attendance, I hope to persuade you to see the day to day as part of your bigger picture, and to allow yourself success on all levels. This starts with our Red vs. Black meet on Saturday, Sep-

tember 21st. This is a time to get to know your new teammates, swim a few races, eat some good food, and have some fun! For those of you that have been with me over the past year, I look forward to continue working with you on accomplishing the goals that we have set out for. For those of you who are new to my groups or new to senior training entirely, I am really excited to get to know each of you better and look forward to helping you reach your potential in this sport. We will work hard and spend a great detail of time training, but at the end of the day my goal is for you to improve your strokes, to swim fast, and to have fun in the process. See you all at the pool and Go Fleet!

“Good Better, Best. Never Rest Til Good is Better and

Brandon Quinteros Sets Team Record for 50 Yard Butterfly The coaching staff would like to recognize Brandon Quinteros as a current team record holder in the 50 yard Butterfly for the 11-12 age group. Brandon swam the 50 yard butterfly at the 2012 Gulf Age Group Championship Meet, clocking a time of 26.16 seconds. This AAAA time knocked off the previous record held for the past 23 years. Congratulations, Brandon!

Coach Ambar Hi everybody I hope you all had a great summer. My name is Ambar Fernandez and I will be coaching your kids this season. I’m very excited and happy to start working with you all. Our first couple of weeks we will be working only on

stroke technique to refresh their memory a little bit, with some drills and smooth swimming and will be progressing through all the strokes until we finally start working on speed and endurance. Athletes will be working on drills to help them with their balance, posture and

body rotation. They will also be kicking a lot. During practice, it is very important that kids keep themselves hydrated, even if the workouts aren’t intense. I want to see every athlete with a water bottle. Have a great swimming season everybody and let’s keep up the hard work.

Better is Best."

-Mother Goose

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Cy Fair Swim Club “Home of the Fleet”

Coach Morgan For those that have not met me my name is Morgan Cordle, and I’m coaching Senior 1 and two Bronze 1 groups at Spillane. I recently moved from Virginia to Texas, in order to come on staff at Fleet. I am beyond ecstatic to be on to be a part of Fleet. It’s an exciting time to be a part of this team. The Bronze 1 groups will be “laying the foundation of the house,” or one could say “technique, technique, technique!” Swimmers will be learning the skills that they will con-

tinue to build upon year after year. I can’t wait to see swimmers continually improve during practice, and develop positive habits that will pay off in and out of the pool. Swim meets with be very exciting for swimmers in the Bronze 1 groups, as they begin to experience a new level of competition. I’m looking forward to seeing EVERY swimmer at the Red vs. Black meet! The Senior 1 group will be focusing on tweaking some of their stroke mechanics, becoming goal oriented, and expand-

ing upon their previous training. I look forward to challenging these swimmers, while still having the fun. The high school swimmers in Senior 1 will find a balanced atmosphere between high school and year round swimming. I look forward to discussing individual goals for each of these swimmers, and doing everything possible to help them achieve them. I am looking forward to building memories with swimmers and their families around the pool deck.

Key Reminders on Parking and Traffic at CFSC 1.

The 2 rows of angled parking on the asphalt parking lot closest to the CFSC Office Complex building are dedicated for FLEET FIRST customers only.


No Parking or Waiting in your car to pick up your child(ren) is allowed in the open general asphalt area (and where the curved section is located) facing our black iron gated pedestrian entrance. Please park your car in a designated parking space on our asphalt parking lot or in our gravel and back lot areas. After your child(ren) have concluded its swim practice, have them walk to where your car is parked to pick them up. No parking is allowed on either side along our asphalt driveway entrance from Spring Cypress road to the pedestrian gated entrance of our pool complex.


Those with large vehicles such as Suburbans, Trucks and SUV’s, we ask for you to park those vehicles in the Gravel parking area or the grassy area north of the asphalt parking lot.


All High School age kids who drive their own cars need to park in the area north of the 50 meter outdoor pool located in the back. We have installed 2 new lights in the back area for improved safety.


If you are parking in a designated spot on the asphalt parking lot that is not dedicated to FLEET First parking, please pull your car all the way up to the wheel stop to help with our traffic flow in our asphalt parking lot.


Regarding Handicapped parking, please remember to leave our handicapped spaces open only for those who have registered parking permits for those designated spaces.


We ask for everyone to drive slowly, observe our speed bumps and cross walks for the safety of our children and patrons involved. Please avoid using your cell phone when driving in and out of Cy Fair Swim club property.

WELCOME, Coach Morgan, to the Fleet coaching staff!

Note: CFSC has created a small parking area at our front entrance off Spring Cypress Road that will be used by our FLEET Coaching staff and FLEET First staff / instructors very soon. We kindly ask that you do not park there since there is limited parking space available at this lot.

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Cy Fair Swim Club “Home of the Fleet”

Coach Dustin Welcome back Fleet! School is back in session and a new season is upon us. I’m very excited about the new crop of kids I have and I’m looking forward to working with them and watching their progress throughout this upcoming season. Whenever we enter a new season, we always reflect back on the previous season, reminiscing on the good times and the happy memories we formed, but also remembering the not-so-good times, so that we may learn and grow. This past summer our program saw a lot of success. We improved our short-axis strokes and our IM’s, we got better at kicking, and we started to train harder more consistently. We had some of our

younger swimmers learn how to properly race a 200. We also had kids make finals for the first time. Several athletes picked up first time TAGS and Sectional cuts, and we saw 8 Fleet records go down. Looking back across all the swimmers who had success, we saw patterns emerging. All of them had a consistently high attendance record, focused on their drills, and worked hard on a daily basis. All of this prep work allowed them to step up to the blocks with a confident racing attitude. Look back at your season, did you do all these things? Maybe you only did a few of them. Maybe we did them but we were only good, we weren’t great. Analyze this past summer and figure out what you did

well and what could use improvement. As we move forward into this new season, make it a point to work extra hard at your weaknesses. The beginning of the season is always an exciting time. For many it’s a fresh start after a disappointing season. For them it’s a chance recreate who they are as an athlete, a swimmer or a person. For others it’s an opportunity to build upon the success they had last summer, taking them another step closer to reaching their long term goals. Whatever is motivating you, start this season off in the right way. Do what you know needs to be done, encourage your teammates to join you in your journey, and Fleet will have an amazing season!

By the end of the season, you should be very well pleased and possibly even amazed at how much they’ve improved with

Coach Matt We are all very excited to start the new season! For our copper swimmers, the first few weeks or so are dedicated to getting the groups structured. Because most of the kids are new to year round swimming, we are mostly focused on getting the kids organized and getting them used to the

everything. rules. Once the kids understand what is expected of them in practice, things go much smoother and lots more gets done. Regarding practice intensity, we certainly do not move fast with our youngest group. However, we do move at a steady pace and each week our goal is to continue perfecting strokes and progressing little by little every practice. By the end of the season, you should be

very well pleased and possibly even amazed, as I often am, at how much they’ve improved with everything. Teaching strokes the correct way from the very beginning is so important and something that I have embraced as a coach. With a better foundation of technique at this young age, your swimmers will have a much more successful future in the sport and develop a love for swimming for the rest of their life!

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Cy Fair Swim Club “Home of the Fleet”

Every Drop Counted! Most Successful Swim-a-Thon Ever! Swim-a-Thon 2013 was the most successful swim-a-thon EVER in FLEET history! With swim-a-thon donations, lane sponsorships and auction proceeds, we brought in $40,406 and exceeded our modest goal by a little over $10,000. WOW! Thank you to everyone who participated by bringing in donations, securing lane sponsorships, donating auction items, purchasing an auction basket,

attending the letter writing party and swim-a-thon day, volunteering, and just being a part of this awesome event. The final numbers have been tallied, donations moved for swimmers that changed groups after short course, and everything double and triple checked. The winners are..... top group bringing in the most donations is the GOLD group. This group wins a pizza

Top 5 Families

Top 5 Groups Gold Silver II

party. The top family that brought in the most donations is the Stanford Family with $1,865. They win the Apple IPad Mini. :o) A final and complete listing of total donations by swimmer and group is now posted to the FLEET website. You can access the Swima-Thon webpage and pictures from all Swim-a-Thon events by clicking on the Site Map tab at the top left corner of the team website.

$5,918.24 4,986.65

Stanford Family - Sydney/Savannah Le Family - Alyssa/Angel/Nicholas

$1,865 1,060

Bronze II 4,540.21

Jaco Family - Reagan


Silver I


DiMiceli Family - Luke




Ervin Family - Aaron/Anna


Swim-a-Thon 2013: “We exceeded our modest goal by a little over $10,000.”

Congratulations to all of our swimmers and families for helping FLEET have the most successful Swim-a-Thon ever!! If your family brought in over $200 in donations (not including lane sponsorships), then you are eligible for a prize. The prize listing is on the Swim-aThon webpage. Prizes will be in by the end of June/first week of July and an email notice will be sent out alerting you to when they are available for pickup. Certificates and pins from USA Swimming for all laps swam on Swim-a-Thon day as well as any USA Swimming prizes that were earned will be distributed once received from USA Swimming (most likely in July).

Thank you my wonderful Swima-Thon committee members: Valerie Johnson, Zorka Kaufmann, Kim Crook and Robin Ervin. Thanks also to Paula Mulvihill and Karen Eckhart for all of their help with the FLEET admin side of the event and making sure updates were posted to the website timely. A big part of our success is also due to our new head coach Jack Maddan's enthusiasm for the Swim-a-Thon and all of the coaches spreading the word, updates and enthusiasm to the swimmers as well as donations of lessons for the auction. Planning will begin for the 2014 Swim-a-Thon later this summer. Coach Jack has chal-

lenged us to $45,000 this next year so we will need your help! :o) Since some of us have high school seniors and juniors this coming year, it is imperative to have a couple of new parent volunteers on our committee to learn the ropes. If you would like to help (yes, you receive some volunteer service hours), please let Gretta know at THANK YOU for making EVERY DROP COUNT!!! Gretta Karker Swim-a-Thon Coordinator

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Cy Fair Swim Club “Home of the Fleet”

Coach Andy I would like to take this moment to welcome all the Gold swimmers as well as the Junior swimmers to the fleet family. I am very excited to get to work with each and every one of you all and I believe we will have a great season as a team. Last season ended with a bang. Fleet swimmers from all groups

swam fast, had fun, broke team records, and made the top ten lists in USA swimming. The top ten list is the faster ten swimmers in each age group in each event in the nation. Why that was exciting and fun, I believe we can do more and become even better. To do this, we will spend some time working on swimming smarter not harder, aka technique. Next we will build

the aerobic base and finally work on speed. Our goal should be to be the faster swimmers in the water at the end of the season. For those that I coached last year, you all already know what to except and how the season will go. For the new swimmers and parents, please ask questions if you have any, trust the system, and let’s have some fun and swim fast!

WELCOME, Coach Dave, to

Coach Dave Hi y’all! I’m Dave Pfeiff and I just moved to Cypress from Santa Rosa, California (about 45 miles north of San Francisco) to become the new Program Director at Fleet First. Before moving out here I have been a competitive swim coach for the past 12 years coaching at the age group and senior level on a year round team and also the head swim coach at a local high school. I have also managed numerous pools and swim lesson programs out in California. As for my education background, I earned my single subject teaching credential in Social Science and English back in December 2011. I am very excited to be here, not

the Fleet just to start a new chapter in my life, but a new chapter and direction with Fleet First. We have just adopted SwimAmerica to Fleet First which brings professionalism, organization, goal-driven and technique oriented swim lessons to this facility. SwimAmerica was put together by competitive swim coaches and is a learn-to-swim curriculum that is a part of American Swimming Coaches Association. As we have just completed the first week of the first session of swim lessons I can clearly see the positive changes that have been put in place. Last Saturday we hosted our first open house where we invit-

ed the public in for free swim lessons which was a great success. We introduced our facility, our instructors, and our new SwimAmerica program to the parents, whom I will express with full confidence, were deeply impressed. Our next open house is this Saturday from 1-3 pm and I am looking forward to meeting and showing off our new criteria to the public.

I look forward to growing our new program here at Fleet First, meeting more of the members of Fleet Swimming, and exploring my new home of Texas. See you on deck!

coaching staff!

Cy Fair Swim Club Street Address 14654 Spring Cypress Rd. Cypress, TX 77429 Mailing Address 11659 Jones Rd., PMB #351 Phone: 281-376-2372 Fax: 281-251-6160

“Home of the Fleet”

Mission Statement To provide members and residents of the NW Houston area with the best quality swim programs that develop the physical, athle!c and personal poten!al for all ages and levels. This is accomplished through the following principles: • Provide an environment where swimmers of all ages can reach their desired poten!al based on a philosophy of “longer range development”. • To teach all of our members the value, rewards and poten!al that aqua!c ac!vi!es provide. • To provide a safe aqua!c environment for members of the team and the community. • Provide coaches who are good role models for the purpose of goal se'ng, mo!va!on, a'tude, enthusiasm, morals and maturity. • Provide an environment where coaches and athletes may establish realis!c goals and objec!ves and measure their progress against established standards as benchmarks for improvement. • Provide a link to the local community that improves the value of both to their members.

• Con!nued growth of the membership and as well as facili!es for training and development.

Coaching Staff Jack Maddan, Head Coach & Elite Team Coach Andrew Korda, Head Age Group, Senior & Gold Coach Matt Hone, Lead Developmental Coach Dustin Myers, Elite Team Asst. Coach, Silver II Coach Maryanne Svoboda, Bronze II and Silver Teams Coach Camilo Orellana, Bronze I & Competitive Prep Coach Alex Rayner, Junior Team & Competitive Prep Team Ambar Fernandez, Bronze Team Coach Jeff Carder, Copper Team & Pre-Competitive Team Chris Woolsey, High School Prep Coach Morgan Cordle, Head Site Coach Dave Pfeiff, Swim School Director

Submit ar!cles and photos by the 25th of the month to Fleet Communica!ons Coordinator for considera!on in the next month’s newsle1er.

2013 september newsletter  
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