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5 Reasons Why Business Fleet Insurance May Benefit Your Business In most instances a business will have two or more vehicles that belong to the company and each will be insured through a separate policy. What many business owners don’t realise is that this costs them more money in the long run. If they were to combine the vehicles and place them under one business fleet insurance policy, they could enjoy a host of benefits that could help them save time, money and effort. Having only one policy is very advantageous. With a number of policies you have to remember when each policy is due for renewal, you need to remember which company to call if there is an accident and you have a number of premiums to pay each year. This can end up confusing, often resulting in policies lapsing and wasting valuable time searching through mountains of paperwork to find which vehicle is insured by which company so you can make a claim. The biggest advantage to having a business fleet insurance policy in place is the premium payable. Having separate policies for different vehicles is an expensive exercise and as a business owner, you should be working to reduce costs wherever possible to maximise profits. Being able to put all your vehicles under one policy can save you money in the long run. By including all the vehicles under one cover the cost is dramatically reduced. Another reason why every company should choose business fleet insurance when they have more than two vehicles is that it’s versatile, enabling you to add and remove vehicles as and when needed. Having to add another vehicle to your fleet isn’t an issue, all you do is call your broker and add the vehicle for immediate cover. These policies are designed for companies that need that essential cover for their vehicles on the road. Whether you’re updating your current vehicles or adding a number of new vehicles to your business, this level of cover is an easy way to ensure each vehicle has the legal cover required. This also means that having a business fleet insurance policy you only have to go through one simple claims process. You aren’t left working your way through mountains of paperwork to determine which insurer has covered what vehicle. Have this type of policy can save you so much time, you know exactly when the policy is due for renewal, you can pay one simple premium and you know what number to phone in the event of an accident. Over and above saving money on an annual basis, you can give all your drivers or staff that have the advantage of a company vehicle the same insurance information. There is only one policy and phone number you need for all the vehicles, which means should they be involved in an accident, they have all the information they need on hand.

It is risky letting staff drive company vehicles on the road and you need to ensure you have the right level of business fleet insurance cover to keep all the vehicles safe at all times. In order to meet legal requirements, your vehicles must have a good level of cover to drive on the roads. In most cases the accident is not the staff members fault, but without the right level of cover, repair or replacement costs can be through the roof. Always ensure the company you choose for your business fleet insurance cover has the experience needed to understand your requirements and tailor the policy to suit your specific requirements. It’s also essential to ensure that you have immediate cover so the vehicles can go out on the road without any fuss. About Us: Evans and Lewis work with a number of underwriters to tailor insurance packages to suit any business. Evans and Lewis have a team of dedicated customer advisors and financial packages to suit any budget. Evans and Lewis can be contacted online or via the phone for low excess policies and instant cover. Contact US:

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5 reasons why business fleet insurance may benefit your business