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Packet Pick-Up and Fleet Feet Sports Memorial Day Sale

Fleet Feet Sports - Old Town | 1620 N. Wells St., Chicago Illinois Monday, May 20th - Friday, May 24th

10:00am - 8:00pm

Race Day Schedule at Soldier Field ­— Saturday, May 25th Waldron Garage and South Lot Open North Parking Garage Opens Gear Check Opens Purple & Blue Start Corrals Open (Museum Campus Drive) Orange & Green Start Corrals Open (Waldron Drive) Kids Blitz Assembly (Stadium Section 141/142) Purple & Blue Start Corrals Close Start Line Ceremony 10 Mile Race Start Orange Start Corrals Close Kids Blitz Start Green Start Corrals Close

3:30am 4:30am 5:15am 5:45am 6:15am 6:45am 6:45am 6:45am 7:00am 7:15am 7:15am 7:30am

Dominick’s Post-Race Tailgate Begins


Awards Ceremony


Live Music featuring Soul Asylum


Soul Asylum Concert Concludes


Gear Check Closes


Post-Race Party Ends


Gear Check

Gear Check will open at 5:15am and will close promptly at 11:00am. Gear Check is located inside the Stadium, enter at Gate 0, and exit at Gate 15. Please follow directional arrows and do not attempt to exit against the flow of foot traffic. For security purposes, you must have your bib number visible and pinned to the front of your torso to gain access to the Gear Check area. In addition, participants will only be allowed to bring one bag, no larger than 12in x 18in into the Gear Check area. Please be sure to check the event website and pay attention to event communications as Gear Check procedures may be updated based on the security needs of the event. To ensure a speedy drop off and retrieval process, attach your Gear Check Tag to your bag prior to drop off. Your Gear Check Tag is the tear-off tag on the top of your bib number. Beaded luggage ties are available at Packet Pick-Up to secure your tag. Please do not check any valuables as we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Friends & Family / Spectators

Friends and family can watch their favorite 10 Mile runners from the viewing area south of the start line, and crossing the 50-yard line from the Stadium stands inside Soldier Field. Enter the stadium at Gates 4 and 6 (red areas on the map, see pages 11 and 12). Please note, spectators will not be allowed in the start corral area or on the field, but can sit in the stadium stands. After the race, meet your runner in the Runner Reunite area on the Southwest Lawn. Friends and family are welcome to join the participants at the Dominick’s Post-Race Tailgate on the Stadium Green.


Race morning, restrooms can be found in the Waldron Parking Deck and on the mezzanine level at Soldier Field. Mezzanine level restrooms can be accessed through the Spectator Entrances at Gates 4 and 6. In addition, port-o-lets will be located outside of the Stadium between Gates 16 and 28 (en route to the Museum Campus Start Corrals), on the south side of Waldron Drive (in the Waldron Drive Start Corrals) and on the west side of the building across from the Gear Check exit. Port-o-lets are also located on the course at each Aid Station.

Kids Blitz

Kids Blitz Assembly: 6:45am – Stadium Section 141/142 | Kids Blitz Begins: 7:15am The SOLD OUT Kids Blitz 50-yard Dash takes place on the field before the first 10 Mile finishers cross the Finish Line. Family, friends and spectators are invited to watch this event from the stands prior to the 10 Mile finishers entering the Stadium.


B-Tag Timing System

The Soldier Field 10 Mile is using the Chronotrack B-Tag Timing System. The timing system provides each participant with an accurate time from the start to the finish lines. Individual timing tags are affixed to the back of each bib number. Leave the tags on the back of the bib number and wear the bib number on your front torso, so that it is clearly visible on the outside of your clothing. Please

ensure the following in order to receive an accurate time: • Race bib is clearly visible on the front of your torso • Race bib is unaltered and unmodified (Do not fold or wrinkle) • Race bib is pinned on all four corners • Race bib is not covered by jackets, runner belts, water bottles, etc.

Course Clocks and Mile Markers

Course clocks will be located at each mile marker along the course as well as at the Start and Finish Lines. Timing mats will be located at the Start Line, Mile 5 and Finish Line.


The Fleet Feet Sports Soldier Field 10 Mile is a USATF Sanctioned event as well as the 10Mile Championship event for the 2013 USATF Illinois Road Race Championship Series. For more information on the USATF Illinois Road Championship series and how to become a member, please visit:

Event Rules

All participants must follow the official event rules and guidelines of the Fleet Feet Sports Soldier Field 10 Mile, which are posted at Rules and guidelines should be reviewed in their entirety prior to race day.

Medical Support

There are three medical support stations located in the Stadium: one on the field/Finish Line level, one in the South Concourse and the First Aid room in the Runner Refresh area at Gate 17. In addition, there will be medical spotters and roving medical support team members in outdoor race site areas. If you are in need of medical attention at any time before, during or after the race, please look for personnel in red medical vests.

Aid Stations

There are 5 Aid Stations located along the 10 Mile course. Each Aid Station includes: Water, Gatorade Endurance Formula, port-o-lets and medical support. See the Course Map on page 9 for more information.


Corral Staging

The color of your bib corresponds to your assigned start corral entrance gate. Your bib number corresponds to the corral you are assigned to for the 10 Mile race start. Museum Campus Drive Corrals


Bib Numbers

Purple Bib Numbers



Blue Bib Numbers




Bib Numbers

Orange Bib Numbers



Green Bib Numbers



Waldron Drive Start Corrals

Examples of corral placement: Bib Number 3,495 will be in the 3rd corral and in the Purple Start Corral on Museum Campus Drive. Bib Number 15,334 will be in the 15th corral and in the Green Start Corral on Waldron Drive. Participants can move back (higher numbers) within their designated corral color, but they cannot move forward (lower numbers) or move to a different colored corral. For those who have qualified for the Elite Start Corral, you will receive separate instructions in your Bib Confirmation e-mail and when you pick-up your packet.

Race Start

Those with Purple or Blue bib numbers must be in their assigned corrals by 6:45am, those with an Orange bib number must be in their assigned corrals by 7:15am and those with a Green bib number must be in their assigned corrals by 7:30am. The closure times of start corrals will be strictly adhered to, if you miss entering your assigned start corral, you will be directed to a higher number corral and potentially to a different color start corral entrance gate. The start line will close once all participants from the Waldron Drive Corrals have crossed the Start Line. To ensure all runners’ safety, runners arriving late to the start area will not be allowed to participate. Spectators are not allowed in the corral areas. Please see Site Map on pages 11 and 12.


The course features include five staffed aid stations. Approximate locations are: Mile 1.4

Aid Station 1

Mile 3.3

Aid Station 2

Mile 5.2

Aid Station 3

Mile 7*

Aid Station 4

Mile 8.7

Aid Station 5

What’s at each station? • • • • •

(Course is subject to change)

Water Gatorade Endurance Formula Port-o-lets Medical Tent *Clif Shot Energy Zone

Course Closure Timing Requirement

The course will remain open for 2.5 hours (approximately 15 minutes/mile) from the time the last group of runners has crossed the start line. Each participant’s bib number must be clearly visible on front of the torso at all times and is required for entrance into the Stadium for the on field finish. Those participants who are unable to pass the 31st Street check point/entrance to Lake Shore Drive (approximately mile 1.5) by 8:40am will not be permitted to continue on the course and will be redirected back to the Stadium. Those participants who are unable to reach the turnaround point/exit from Lake Shore Drive (approximately mile 4.8) by 9:30am will be redirected to the adjacent lakefront path and permitted to continue from that point on the course back to the Stadium.

Timing Updates and Results

Preliminary timing updates will be posted online at throughout the race. All race day timing updates and results are preliminary. Complete results will be posted after the race.


The top five male and female finishers will be recognized at the awards ceremony at approximately 9:20am on the main stage in the Stadium Green. All age group awards will be mailed following the event upon verification of the final results.

Race Photos

Tom Craig Photography will be on site to capture the events of the day and spectacular finishes on Soldier Field. For great participant photos, make sure your bib number is easily visible and SMILE! Participants will be notified via e-mail when pictures are available for viewing and purchase.

Runner Reunite

Avoid searching for your friends and family after the race, pre-determine a meeting location in the Runner Reunite area. See Site Map on pages 11 and 12. Alphabet signs corresponding to the first letter of your last name will be posted to ease the process. It is on the way from the Stadium exit to the Dominick’s Post-Race Tailgate!


After you Finish on the 50

Follow the flow so you don’t miss anything. Once you exit the Runner Refresh area, you may not re-enter.

• Rehydrate on the field with Dominick’s Refreshe bottled water • Gatorade Endurance Formula in the South Concourse • 10th Anniversary Finisher medals – South Concourse between Gates 1 and 3 • Gear Check retrieval between Gates 5 and 15 • Runner Refresh Tailgate Bag pick-up in the Bears Den between Gates 17-21 • Exit Stadium • Reunite with family and friends on the Southwest Lawn

Post-Race Tailgate

The Dominick’s Post-Race Tailgate will be held on the Stadium Green outside of Soldier Field immediately following the race from 8:30am–11:30am. The Post-Race Tailgate will feature live music from Soul Asylum. 10 Mile race participants (21 years or older) will receive a drink ticket attached to their bib number that can be redeemed for one (1) Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale. IDs will be checked at the beer serving stations. Be sure you have your ID with you before entering the beer service stations for easy and efficient service. Additional beer tickets as well as stadium concessions will be available for purchase during the Dominick’s PostRace Tailgate.



BBQ Pulled Chicken with Chips


Boneless Rib Sandwich with Chips


Super Polish with Chips


Hot Dog with Chips


Hamburger with Chips


Soda & Water


Additional Beer Tickets



Have a question, looking for the latest status updates, winner’s announcement, race results, and more? Follow us at and Tweet with us @FleetFeetChgo. Our official race hashtag is #SF10 and for the 10th Anniversary celebration we are using #10for10! After your finish on the 50, be sure to tell or show us how you went 10 for 10 at this year’s race! 15

As an added benefit to the participants of the Fleet Feet Sports Soldier Field 10 Mile, there will be event pace groups lead by the experienced Chicago Endurance Sports Pace Team. Visit and click on “Training” to learn more about the pace groups and to download the Pace Team FAQ. The Pace Team provides even splits and camaraderie amongst runners striving to reach similar goals. These pacers support a wide range of runners, from those finishing their first 10 mile race to those who are looking for a new PR. To learn more about Chicago Endurance Sports and the wide variety of training programs they offer, visit

The Event Alert System (EAS) communicates the status of course conditions to participants leading up to and on race day via e-mail updates, color coded signs and flags. Alert levels range from Low (green) to Moderate (yellow) to High (red) to Extreme (black) based primarily on weather conditions, as well as other factors. All participants should familiarize themselves with the Event Alert System prior to the race, remain alert for directions from race officials throughout the event and take precautions to prepare properly for varying weather conditions on race day. For more information about the Event Alert System, visit

Event Alert System Table: ALERT LEVEL
















Local/Lake Shore Drive

Northbound Lake Shore Drive will be closed starting at 6am from 57th Street to 31st Street. The 31st Street entrance ramp as well as ramps from I-55 and I-90/I-94 will remain open to permit Stadium access. Exit northbound Lake Shore Drive at 18th Drive exit. Southbound Lake Shore Drive exit at 18th Drive exit.

Driving from I-55

Take I-55, the Stevenson Expressway, northbound to Lake Shore Drive/Highway 41 North. Take LSD north to the 18th Drive exit.

Driving from I-290

Take I-290, the Eisenhower Expressway, east to Congress Parkway. Take Congress Parkway to Columbus Drive. Turn right and take Columbus Drive south to the 18th Drive exit.

Driving from I-90/94

Take I-90/94, the Dan Ryan Expressway, north to the Lake Shore Drive/22nd street exit. Stay to the right and exit to LSD. Take LSD/Highway 41 north to the 18th Drive exit.

Driving from I-94

Take I-94, the Kennedy Expressway, south to the Congress Parkway exit. Follow Congress Parkway to Columbus Drive. Turn right on Columbus Drive and follow Columbus south to the 18th Drive exit.

Taxi / Drop-Off Locations

All taxis and vehicles dropping off participants will be directed by traffic officials to the main museum campus visitor entrance on McFetridge Drive or at the18th Street Metra Drop Off. Vehicles should exit Lake Shore Drive at McFetridge Drive or 18th Street then proceed to the drop off point indicated on parking map on page 20.


Participants are highly encouraged to ride their bicycles to this event. Bicycle parking will be available at the race site. (See exact location on site map on pages 11 and 12)

Public Transportation

The RTA Travel Information Center provides scheduling information for all CTA, Metra and PACE services. For information, please call 312.836.7000 or visit



Participants and spectators can park in the Waldron Garage and South Lot starting at 3:30am or the North Garage, starting at 4:30am. Entrances are marked on the map below. Follow the direction of parking officials. Parking is complimentary until 7:30am or once the lots are full, whichever occurs first. Should lots fill before 7:30am, vehicles will be directed to remote parking locations. After 7:30am, normal parking rates apply. Payment is required as you enter.

Official Sponsors

Supporting Sponsors

Community Sponsors


The Fleet Feet Sports Soldier Field 10 Mile benefits SALUTE, INC. SALUTE

Thank you to all participants of the Fleet Feet Sports Soldier Field 10 Mile Charity Programs.


2013 Soldier Field 10 Mile Participant Guide  

This guide provides every participant key details to ensure every one has a positive experience from Packet Pick-up to race day!

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