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Leadership Enrichment and Development

The Dr. Terry R. Bacon Leadership Center presents:

Leadership Enrichment and Development (LEAD) is a non-credit progressive certificate program designed to engage studentleaders through workshops, civic engagement, peer-support, diversity appreciation, and an application of skills and knowledge. This free program personalizes the leadership development of each student and allows them to connect to Fort Lewis College community members and students that can aid in their success.

For more information: Benefits of the LEAD Program 

Personalize your own development

Set your own pace on completion

Excellent résumé builder

Focuses on your individual strengths

Network with experienced professionals

Certificate and recognition upon completion of each level

FREE program!

Patrick Fredricks Leadership Programs Coordinator Student Union 171 Phone: 970-247-7517 E-mail:

Leadership Enrichment And Development A leadership development program available to all FLC students.

The LEAD program is comprised of four levels starting with Bronze, advancing to Silver then Gold, and concluding with Platinum. Each level has workshops, civic engagement hours, and team meetings. You are encouraged to personalize your learning and development.

The Bronze level is focused on the selfawareness and the development of essential skills and knowledge for you to be successful in college and beyond. Workshops Include:  StrengthsQuest 101  Résumé Building  Time Management or Stress Management  Identity Awareness  Two extra workshops of your choosing! Civic Engagement You will be asked to serve in the community for five hours to emphasize that leadership is a service and to connect to the surrounding Durango area. Continued Achievement Team (CAT) You must attend eight CAT meetings. These meetings allow you to meet other student leaders while also creating action plans and goals for success in your academics, career preparation, and personal life.

The Silver level is centered on building stronger teams while training you how to effectively lead a group of individuals to reach a common goal. Workshops Include:  StrengthsQuest: The Sequel or LoveQuest  Interview Techniques or Networking  Conflict Management or Event Planning  Diversity Appreciation  Two extra workshops of your choosing! Civic Engagement 

10 Hours

CAT Meetings 

5 Meetings

The Gold level is built on the societal impact of leadership and how you can be a valuable member of your communities. Workshops Include:  Leadership Theory or Ethical Leadership  Etiquette Dinner  Customer Service or Global Leadership  Power & Privilege  Two extra workshops of your choosing! Civic Engagement 

15 Hours

CAT Meetings 

3 Meetings

The final level, Platinum, is focused on gained from the previous levels. This experience will be advised by the Leadership Programs Coordinator for extra support and guidance. Personal Leadership Philosophy Paper 

Write a reflection on your journey in the program referencing leadership theory, personal growth, and how you will serve in the future.

Mock Job Application Process 

Find a job in your career field, then create a cover letter, resume, and reference list. Submit those materials to FLC Career Services and participate in an interview in order to receive feedback on the entire process.

Project/Event 

Plan an event or create a project to educate, raise awareness or money, or create a social environment for a local community.

Issue Presentation 

Research, prepare, practice, and that you are passionate about.

Civic Engagement 

20 Hours

Leadership Enrichment and Development Brochure  

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