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Iskin Transformation Kit: Specially Made for Asian Skin

We Filipinos are one of the world’s proudest races. We cringe and take arms at the slightest mention of anything defamatory about us and brag at just about any accomplishment that we, as a nation, or anyone connected to us (no matter how slim or faint that connection is) achieve.

Facing Your Dermal Fears Three Asian skin problems and how to deal with them

As proud citizens of a proud nation, we at Flawless, can’t help but throw in our support for the celebration of our beloved country’s 115th Independence Day (we are, after all, a homegrown company). However, as you all know, we at Flawless LOVE to do things differently. That’s why instead of the usual nationalistic story-telling and whatnot, we’re paying homage to our national flag by exposing our Asian skin to the rest of the world. Yes, we are Westerners, but we are, when stripped down to our bare essence, Asians, and it’s about time we become proud of it. In this issue of Flaunt, we asked one of our Flawless doctors to dish out the most effective ways to deal with the most common skin issues Asians face, but that’s not all. Since we’re talking about Asian beauty, we also featured here a very hot skincare brand that’s formulated to meet our skin type’s special needs —ISkin New York. Lastly, get to know more about our latest endorser, daughter of the country’s beloved Master Rapper, Maxene Magalona, as she bares all in an all-out feature interview—know about her beauty secrets, her latest undertakings and her goals in life.


Iskin Transformation Kit:

Specially Made for Asian Skin Is it true that beauty products formulated for Caucasians are not as effective when used by Asians? This is perhaps one of the most arguable subjects in the beauty industry today, and for good reasons. As more and more cosmeceutical companies (both local and abroad) look at our country as a viable market for their products,

it has become much easier for the rest of us, 21st century simpletons, to find ourselves trapped in the middle of a fierce marketing battlefield where messages with somewhat contradicting information are regularly thrown. “Some international cosmeceutical companies tend to apply the same science and principles that gave them success in western coun-

tries here in our region,” says Dr. Evelyn San Luis, a Medical Aesthetic Professional at Flawless Face and Body Center (Flawless). “Although not entirely a bad thing, this practice could pose major disadvantages for both these companies and their consumers primarily because of the fact that our skin is structured differently, and therefore, have dissimilar needs.”

Citing not only the difference between the composition of Asian and Caucasian skin, but also the external factors that affect our biggest organ’s condition, Dr. San Luis says that maintaining the optimum health and natural beauty of oriental skin calls for more specialized and thorough regimens. “There are several factors that greatly affect the health and appearance of our skin,” she explains. “Clearly,

beauty products that cater to our specific needs.” Well renowned and a favorite brand especially among celebrities, ISkin New York is a leading provider of premium skincare programs that deal with various skin issues through the process of cell renewal; that is to say, product lines that initiate a chain reaction of cell rebirth from deep into the skin. Even more impressive, they also offer products that

ISkin New York’s flagship program, the ISkin Transformation Kit, was designed with the Asian skin in mind. Its advanced formulation promises to increase the skin’s tolerance to environmental factors and diminish any visible sign of aging, including wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentations and rough skin.

we have a lot more on our plates. Compared to Caucasians, we have more sebaceous glands, larger melanin cells and a thicker epidermis. We are also more prone to darkening and pigmentation due to the fact that our skin has more melanocytes (mature, melaninforming cells). That’s why it’s really comforting to know that there are now companies like ISkin New York who are into formulating

contain specialized peptides —chains of amino acids that perform specific functions like anti-aging and skin lightening agents. These specialized peptides allow everyone to enjoy the brand’s benefits for longer periods of time and without subjecting themselves to harmful chemicals. ISkin New York’s flagship program, the ISkin Transformation Kit, is designed

with the Asian skin in mind. Its advanced formulation promises to increase the skin’s tolerance to environmental factors and diminish any visible sign of aging, including wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentations and rough skin. According to Dr. San Luis, the program is perfect for those who, due to their fast-paced lifestyle and constant exposure to free radicals, have skins that are aging faster than they should. “Each individual product included in the ISkin Transformation Kit has been carefully blended and tested several times to ensure quality. They work deep into the skin to stimulate new cell growth, improve circulation and help rebuild collagen.” ISkin’s Transformation Kit is composed of top-quality products that promise to bring out the best in your Asian skin. It includes: a mild plant-based deep cleanser that effectively removes dirt and other impurities without harming your skin; a balancing toner restores the skin’s pH balance—boosting its ability to absorb nutrients in preparation for the creams that will follow; a lightweight whitening moisturizer that targets pigmentations; a broad spectrum sunscreen that doesn’t leave a greasy feel on the skin; and two patented rejuvenating creams that effectively  stimulate cell activity and collagen and elastin formation.

Facing Your Dermal Fears Three Asian skin problems and how to deal with them by Dr. Jennifer Camat

Asians are known for having beautiful skin. This is especially true for us, Filipinos, who, by and large, have naturally smooth, clear and glowing complexion. Beautiful as we are, though, we also have our own sets of dermatological issues. From large pores to oily skin, acne and uneven skin tone, we list down the top three skin spoilers Asians face and how to properly deal with them.

Pores, pores, pores For those who—for some unknown reason—don’t know what pores are, they’re the small openings in your skin that allow your body to regulate its temperature, flush out toxins and moisturize dry skin. Useful as they are, one cannot deny the fact that large pores are downright unsightly. Why would anyone want to look like a trypophobic’s worst nightmare when you can do something to reduce the size of those small craters?

What to do: Large pores can be reduced by using an exfoliating cleanser once a week and with regular application of a topical retinoid solution. These two lessen the appearance of pores by removing dead skin cells that could be clogging them and dissolving bacteria that cause acne. In addition, doing these can also help treat sun damage (another major factor that can cause pores to look larger than they actually are).

Important: Sun damage can increase the appearance of pores on your skin, so be sure to always wear a sunscreen even when not directly exposed to the sun.

Darker by the day Compared to Caucasians, Asians are more prone to darkening and other forms of pigmentations due to the fact that we have larger melanin cells and melanocytes (mature, melaninforming cells). Because of this, Asians have a higher possibility of suffering from severe acne marks and patchy and uneven skin tone.

What to do: The best way to address pigmentations and other forms of skin discoloration is to use skin whitening products that contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids (mandelic acid, glycolic acids, lactic acid, malic acid, tartaric acid and citric acid). These agents work to stop the skin darkening process and lighten the skin through gentle exfoliation.

Read this: Doctors recommend combining skin whitening products with those that provide peeling action. However, this can pose certain dangers and should be done with utmost caution, nay, under the supervision of a dermatologist.

Too much oil It is not unknown to the rest of the world that Asian skin tends to produce more oil compared to most other races (if only we can use this oil to power up our cars, yeah?). This is primarily due to the fact that we have more sebaceous glands.

What to do: Maintaining a shine-free skin is hard work, but it can be done. Of course, maintaining a clean face through regular washing (two to three times a day is enough) is the first step. You can also products that contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids (such as glycolic acid, citric acid or lactic acid) or Beta Hydroxy Acids (like salicylic acid or enzymes from pineapple or milk) to improve your skin’s circulation and oxygen exchange as well as to remove dead skin cells, which in turn, will help brighten your skin’s overall appearance.

Warning: Don’t overdo it! Using too much of any of these stuff can send the wrong signal to your skin and trigger an even worse oil spill.

Want to know more about ISkin New York’s newest brand ambassador? To welcome Maxene Magalona to the Flawless family, we asked her fans to send in their questions for the Kapuso star. From her latest projects and celebrity crushes to her beauty secrets and weird Hello Kitty obsession, this showbiz royalty answers ten of her fans’ most asked questions in this exclusive tell-all interview.


Do you think you look more like your mom or your dad? Most people say I look a lot like my dad but I personally think that I look like both of them! It really depends on the kind of facial expressions I make. What are some of the characteristics (physical and non-physical) that you got from your dad? Your mom? I got my fair skin and wide-toothed smile from my mom, while my nose and my eyes, I got from my dad. As for the traits, I got my witty and creative humor and cheerful disposition from my dad while I got my mom’s awesome social skills as well as her good taste in fashion! The way I look at things and handle situations, I learned from both of them. They taught me how to always look at the bright side of life, no matter how tough life gets. What are the things that are keeping you busy these days? I am currently doing a very dramatic afternoon soap opera for GMA-7 called “Mga Basang Sisiw.” This is the very first time I’m playing the role of an antagonist. It’s very difficult because it’s totally outside of my comfort zone. I’ve been so used to crying and being “kawawa” on my TV shows that this is definitely going to be a challenge for me. So far, I am loving it. I love challenges. I love pushing myself to my limit. Can you give us at least 3 quirky trivia about you? I don’t eat onions, I seriously believe that I am the real-life version of Hello Kitty and I am obsessed with the show “Friends.” I’ve seen it more than 20 times, all 10 seasons of it.

Name three men you think have really sexy bods. Robert Downey, Jr., Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling. How about three women that you think are really pretty? Kate Beckinsale, my three sisters Unna, Saab and Clara and of course, my mom. I got it from my mama. What part of your body do you like best? I love my legs because they’re really long! They make me walk tall, proud and sexy. How do you relax, cope with stress (meditation, massage, music, etc.)? Ooh… I love getting massages! I get massages on a weekly basis. I listen to relaxing music while getting massages. I also love to travel. I like getting away every once in a while just to relax. What are your top five beauty secrets? Drink lots of water, always remove your makeup before going to bed at night, LOVE do not HATE, always be yourself and choose to be HAPPY… and of course, use ISkin New York! What is your ultimate goal in life? To become the best version of myself in all aspects. I want to be an amazing and versatile actress who is immensely passionate about her craft, a loving mother and wife with a family of her own someday and the happiest person alive with no regrets. A person with a good head on her shoulders and a happy heart that will never stop beating.

FLAUNT (June/July 2013) Real Asian Beauty  
FLAUNT (June/July 2013) Real Asian Beauty  

Asian skin takes center stage in this issue of Flaunt.