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Flawless Introduces Lipaddict: Magic Wands for Luscious Lips

12@12 A Better Cinderella Story Online

Anti-aging Weapons: Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides

Join us as we celebrate our 12th anniversary! We, at Flawless, want to play the role of fairy godmother to all beauty treatment fans out there. Experience your own fairytale with our anniversary specials that will allow you to stay flawless for the rest of 2014. That’s the best thing about this year’s celebration. This month, we’re also introducing the latest from Iskin New York: Lipaddict Voluptuous Lip Plumper. With 12 sexy shades to choose from, get your smoochers ready and healthy for 2014!




Flawless Introduces

Lipaddict: Magic Wands for Luscious Lips

Wish you could have pouty lips a la Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johansson without going under the knife? Can’t take the stinging sensation brought about by over-the-counter lip plumpers? Looking for a product that can bring back the youthful suppleness of your puckers using 100% safe and effective ingredients? Then why not try ISkin New York’s latest breakthrough product? Lipaddict Voluptuous Lip Plumper. Lipaddict Voluptuous Lip Plumper is one of the many treats the country’s preferred clinic for face, body and medical aesthetic services, Flawless, is dishing out for its 12th anniversary. This premium lip plumper-slashshimmer uses marine collagen and hyaluronic acid to deliver its promise of naturally sexy pouty lips without any sort of pain or unnecessary sting. Think you’ve seen similar products before? Think again. Unlike any other product in the market today, Lipaddict Voluptuous Lip Plumper contains peptides. These are short chains of amino acids that penetrate the top layer of the skin and trigger the formation of new collagen—delivering optimal cellular nutrition and support. Simply put, regular use of Lipaddict Voluptuous Lip Plumper results not only to fuller and moist puckers, it also makes your lips more youthful and suppler, with visibly less lines and cracks. And as if that’s not enough, this all-in-one creamy volumizer also provides long lasting hydrating action and a minty cool effect. It is safe for use even for pregnant women and comes in 12 shades. Choose the one that fits your personality best or buy the entire set so you can switch between shades depending on your mood. Get those sexy, seductive lips that you’ve always wanted. Head over to a Flawless clinic near you and ask them about ISkin New York’s Lipaddict Voluptuous Lip Plumper today.

12@12 A Better Cinderella Story Online

Imagine if Cinderella had internet. Would she still need fairy godmother’s help? Everyone knows Cinderella’s story. Encouraged to attend a royal ball by her seamstress animal friends, her two step sisters tore her dress apart in fear of being outshined. Then came her fairy godmother who—until the night of the royal ball —kept mum and ignored all the sufferings imposed by her step family. Fairy godmother gave Cinderella everything she needed to catch Prince Charming’s eyes: a dazzling gown, glass slippers, a carriage, horses, even an entourage. However, fairy godmother can only do so much. Or is it better to say ‘chose to do only so much for Cinderella’ (see: painful and potentially dangerous glass slippers)? Years of absence and she finally decided to lend her goddaughter a helping wand with the catch that her presents expire at midnight. Talk about a tight deadline. Admit it or not, even with the midnight expiration, having a fairy godmother is still pretty cool. However, truth is, this is real life and here fairies don’t exist. Luckily, the country’s preferred clinic for face, body and medical aesthetic services, Flawless, is here to help.

On its 12th year anniversary, Flawless, the famed beauty clinic favored by most celebrities, marks another milestone by being the first aesthetic brand to hold a promo exclusive to its online shop—the 12@12 Blowout. Much like the rest of Flawless’ other anniversary treats, the mechanics for this promo is simple. First 12 customers to make any purchase via Flawless’ online shop at the stroke of midnight and noon each gets an e-voucher that entitles them to a Classic facial at 50% off, redeemable at any Flawless clinic nationwide and no minimum value required. May it be a single soap or a Laser Hair Removal lifetime package, as long as you’re one of the first lucky 12 to check your cart out, you win. Didn’t make the cut today? Don’t fret. There’s always tomorrow! It’s National Flawless Month anyway, so you’ve got up to the end of January to be one of the first 12. In addition, 8+4 offers are also available online. Beauty shopping during lunch break and while enjoying your midnight snack? It’s possible and more rewarding with Flawless!

12 years have passed since Flawless appeared on the scene and shook up what used to be an elitist local beauty industry. Starting as a lone clinic in SM Megamall, we now have 37 branches nationwide—each providing Filipinos easier access to medically-sound beauty solutions. From our humble beginnings to our current stature as the country’s preferred clinic for face, body and medical aesthetic services, here are a few of the milestones marking Flawless’ incredible journey to success…so far.

The first Flawless (then Forever Flawless) clinic opened in SM Megamall.

SM Dasmarinas, the first clinic outside Metro Manila opened its doors to its first customers. Lorna Tolentino becomesFlawless’ first celebrity endorser. Reality hit artista search, Starstruck’s ultimate male survivor, Mark Herras joins Flawless’ roster of endorsers. Joining him is the reality show’s first princess, Yasmien Kurdi.

SM Iloilo becomes the first Flawless clinic outside Luzon.

Flawless receives its first major business award, Outstanding Filipino Retailer, 2009 (Philippine Retailers Award Medium Category- Services) Flawless launches the Flawless Access to Beauty (FAB) card. A loyalty card that allows clients to use reward points to purchase products and services.

Flawless’ Facebook page hits 30,000 likes. Flawless introduces the country’s first affordable stem cell-based beauty line—Cell Booster Kit.

Jasmine Curtis-Smith is introduced as the newest face of Flawless.

Maxene Magalona becomes the face of ISkin New York, a premium skin transformation line exclusively offered by Flawless.

Flawless becomes the first ever beauty clinic to have an online store.

Swearing by Shape and Sculpt’s efficacy, Divine Lee joins the Flawless family.

Rubby Sy, Flawless’ CEO, wins a CEO Excel Award

Outstanding Filipino Retailer Hall of Fame, 2010 (Philippine Retailers Award Medium Category - Services) Flawless introduces Shape and Sculpt, a slimming and body toning treatment that combines cavitation with two types of radio frequency.

Anti-aging Weapons:

Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides By: Vieng San Luis, M.D.

In a time when people are given all the tools they need to stay young, has aging really become an option? I’ve recently had an encounter with a client who wanted to know what the best cream she could use to bring back the younger appearance of her skin. She was no stranger to cosmeceutical products. In fact when she went to see me at Flawless in Greenhills, she specifically wanted to learn which among collagen, hyaluronic acid and peptides was best suited for her. Hyaluronic Acid Found in almost every part of the human body, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a gel-like substance that functions mainly as a space filler and cushioning agent. Although discovered in 1934 by Karl Meyer, it wasn’t until 30 years later when scientists learned that HA actually plays an important role in maintaining the youthful appearance of the skin. Unlike any other biological substance out there, HA has the ability to bind water over 1000 times its weight. This makes HA an excellent moisturizer that helps increase the skin’s smoothness, softness, and decreases wrinkles. Additionally, it also has the ability to remove waste matters from cells, including those where there is little blood circulation —helping stimulate the production of collagen and serving as a powerful antioxidant.

Collagen Collagen is a group of naturally occurring proteins found in both humans and animals. It makes up the main component of our body’s connective tissues and has two main functions: 1. It gives the skin its firmness; 2. It gives cartilages their strength. When our skin loses collagen, the small networks of structures that keep it held tight together crumble, causing the skin to lose its plumpness, thin out and sag. Naturally, when our body is stimulated to produce more collagen, the skin is kept firm, healthy and properly toned. Peptides One of the latest beauty discoveries of the past decade, peptides are short chains of amino acids that

are the building blocks of proteins in the skin. Their use is considered as a highly sophisticated approach to fighting the signs of aging as peptides—being smaller molecules—have the ability to penetrate the top layer of the skin and send signals to the body to start building, repairing and restoring damaged tissues. Systemically, peptides are like managers. They have the ability to tell cells how to function with different peptides targeting different cell groups. Many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies spend millions of dollars to develop specific peptides to communicate with cells and direct a variety of repair functions including collagen production.

Flaunt - Flawless at 12! (December 2013)